We Got Some MASSIVE TURBSKIES For Our 2000+Hp El Camino Project!!! (freedom whistlers)

12 jul 2020
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Finally back to see the Elco at our boy Kevin's shop KSR Performance and Fabrication!
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  • Does Texas Speed only make 427s or? Lol

    jooka2010jooka2010Månad sedan
  • If this car isn’t named El’Kevin I’ll be disappointed.....

    SIDSIDMånad sedan
  • My dream is to see Kevin and Brent both have a shop built at the freedom factory 🤞🤞🤞🤞

    Luke SimonLuke Simon2 månader sedan
  • Nice to see COOP in your Video!

    aaah texaaah tex3 månader sedan
  • I don't know if someone already said it but I really wished they were mirror-image turbos... would have looked so much better and also better for plumbing if you can place the turbos in similar locations and have kind of the same obstacles to clear on both sides...

    Fabio BolognaFabio Bologna3 månader sedan
  • put toast engine in it

    mellender0mellender03 månader sedan
  • Any updates? I thought I recalled Kevin thinking they would have an update a week or so after RMRW / FL2K

    Darion ScardDarion Scard3 månader sedan
  • 3 months later and still not a word on this project!!! Update plz

    CarTrekCarTrek3 månader sedan
  • Hey cleetus, go checkout Matt's el chromeno

    Sam HughesSam Hughes3 månader sedan
  • Want MORE of the EL CAMINO!!!!!! Just saying...

    JamesJames3 månader sedan
  • Cleetus, we need El Camino updates soon

    Toni KiemaToni Kiema4 månader sedan
  • Hope that frame is reinforced 😎🤔

    Trent CardwellTrent Cardwell4 månader sedan
  • Check out Larry Larson's doorslammer. He mounted his turbos as close to the header collector for fastest spool up. The closer to the collector the better. Since air compresses, the further away from the motor the higher the chance of lag. All of the Audi's and Mercedes, to name a few, do the same thing.

    Steve SoloSteve Solo4 månader sedan
  • The "Hellcamino"!!! Would be the best name ever!!! Beast mode!!!

    Glen CalhounGlen Calhoun4 månader sedan
  • What happened to the Joe dirt dodge charger daytona

    Sue WhitworthSue Whitworth5 månader sedan
  • I feel like we will never see the El Camino race or be finished

    Kenneth PatrickKenneth Patrick5 månader sedan
  • Love JH

    DumbOhioFarmboyDumbOhioFarmboy5 månader sedan
  • What they should require at race week competitions (and what Cletus should do) is run a setup where no street to strip changes exist at all, other than tires - including no mechanical valves to switch fuels, no software setting changes, etc. The best teams would run dual fuel tanks, dual (at least) high volume electric fuel pumps, etc. Most would run dual sets of injectors too. Throttle up to about ⅔ would run on street fuel, throttle between about ⅔ and ¾ would probably run a mix of street and race fuel, and throttle above about ¾ would run 100% race fuel.

    Slider68Slider685 månader sedan
  • Mirror turbos

    Steven LynchSteven Lynch5 månader sedan
  • 0:21 bushes

    PsychosisPsychosis5 månader sedan
  • JH Whoooooooo!

    c_alrightc_alright5 månader sedan
  • I need to see that dually in the background get rowdy

    John ParkerJohn Parker5 månader sedan
  • I wish they done both left and right handed turbos, A symetrical pair would look so cool!

    Chris BradleyChris Bradley5 månader sedan
  • LOL the first 5.99.8 at 250.46 - the first 5 second pass in Drag Week History. Tom Bailey went all the hell out and then some. That better turn into the HELL-CAMINO ON ALCOHOL!!!! 3-4 Second fast - I'm waiting for them to do Leroys daddy - the same body style - but rear engine - so electric motors and batteries can fit in the front! - electric motors and 4 second 1/4 miles - Or huge ass quad turbo - and electric motors on both front wheels - to get that instant torque off the get with no wheel spin giving the turbos that bit of time to spool and take over with an auto cut off of the electric motors - Could you FRICKEN IMAGINE IT?! Honestly I don't think I've ever heard of this happening with any vehicle - unless maybe formula 1 in some one off test car type deal! #DOITFORDALE !

    AEONAEON5 månader sedan
  • #coop is a puppet

    scottscott5 månader sedan
  • Diesels are for Weasels

    TheRallySlag600TheRallySlag6005 månader sedan
  • Kevin is quite the knowledgeable guy I'd want to have in my corner. However he decides to hook up those turbskis it will be nothing short of sick, and I'm certain it will run like hell, and that'll be good. Can't wait to hear it run and see how fast she'll go.We know that the frame was built to handle whatever you throw at it. 😎

    Rick ScottRick Scott5 månader sedan
  • I cant help but notice how neat that dually squarebody is...

    Shanes ShedShanes Shed5 månader sedan
  • 7:48 i heard meep meep meep meep

    INHALE MEMES 665 XBOXINHALE MEMES 665 XBOX6 månader sedan
  • I have a REAL 67 Elco that I have to put up for sale. It's 4 linked with everything !! Check out my Facebook page "Steve Solo" It's built for a monster big block. I speared no expense on the fabrication. It's all NHRA. Cancer forces sale.

    Steve SoloSteve Solo6 månader sedan
  • Fuck yeah JH IS A SAVAGE 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅

    TheCow 1903TheCow 19036 månader sedan
  • How do u run short deck with big cam and have no problems of piston skirts coming out of the bottom and getting wore?

    Jo BoJo Bo6 månader sedan
  • Just an idea for ur radiator how about twin lambo radiators in the wheel wells

    Katheran Ann MicucciKatheran Ann Micucci6 månader sedan
  • Cleeter, I noticed you have AFCO shocks. I build shocks at AFCO in Boonville,IN. If you have any issues with them or want to make any changes, please let me know! I got you brother!

    Brantley HooverBrantley Hoover6 månader sedan
  • Was hoping to see mirror image turbos.

    Carolyn AldridgeCarolyn Aldridge6 månader sedan
  • Cleetus, I have a tech question for you. That overdrive unit that you have on the back of your powergliude. I'm trying to find out if they make one for a TH400. Do you have a link on where you get the OD at?

    Jay VogJay Vog6 månader sedan
    • gearvendors.com/hrgm3s.html

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 26 månader sedan
  • Whats up with the galaxy

    John SmithJohn Smith6 månader sedan
  • put the turbos as far back as you can.(for weight distribution) bring the exhaust out in front of the doors point up to keep the nose down

    chuck lyonschuck lyons6 månader sedan
  • How much for the Dart?

    Tom PTom P6 månader sedan
  • waitin for the Double Dual turbo (quad turbo) set up next.

    James Irwin-McConnellJames Irwin-McConnell6 månader sedan
  • Lmao Kevin looks high asf😂

    Jesse PeedJesse Peed6 månader sedan
  • I can see the ol Racing Giraffe running a 5 second pass on drag week 2021

    Walter JoyWalter Joy6 månader sedan
  • Best to put them on the roof hahaha!

    Zdenko TijanićZdenko Tijanić6 månader sedan
  • Have you thought about the class you'll be driving it in outside of race week / drag week? At first I thought X275 but I believe you're not allowed to have 2 power adders. Or wil it be a race week / drag week only car?

    Martin van WeperenMartin van Weperen6 månader sedan
  • Why not add holes to the intake, and run 2 injectors per cylinder, and only have to clip/unclip to swap from street/race modes?

    YBSMikeYBSMike6 månader sedan
  • Hey Cleeter, you and Emilia Hartford should race Leroy and her g-body. Then again when you slap Twinkies on your C-8, as well.

    Joshua BradshawJoshua Bradshaw6 månader sedan
  • I’m a little late at posting this but I love my father’s day gift! My Cams Hears & Cold Beers!! Hell yeah brother!! Merica

    Ed ChurchillEd Churchill6 månader sedan
  • Hellcat headlights with the turbskis breathing through... Its the only way my guy

    Om's NomsOm's Noms6 månader sedan
  • Best intro to a Cleeter video yet.

    Chips NeesonChips Neeson6 månader sedan
  • Jh and coop look like they could be brothers

    750brutelg750brutelg6 månader sedan
  • My question is would you run with the tailgate down or up?

    Alden DarrAlden Darr6 månader sedan
  • Looks like I’m going to go into retirement waiting to see this thing go down the drag strip

    Shiny KnifeShiny Knife6 månader sedan
  • Do Halo style headlights! With the open hole in center for Turbo inlets!! Kevin can make em! I believe 🙏

    Curt MCurt M6 månader sedan
  • Jesse the El Camino

    mark o'flynnmark o'flynn6 månader sedan
  • When did JH run the monster truck into the trees? I must’ve missed that video.

    brandon65678brandon656786 månader sedan
  • bit sad that they dont build their own cars anymore now the videos are just seeing them use them...

    Ruben_526Ruben_5266 månader sedan
  • Too bad drag week was canceled this year.They heard you were coming. lol. Get a set up from the big boy eng builders. For Drag week. Steve Morrice is the guy to talk too!!!!

    andrew paulandrew paul6 månader sedan
  • The smaller the turbo the quicker the spool up

    Vaughn HillVaughn Hill6 månader sedan
  • me: woah my subaru will make 160 kw once i boost it cleetus: yeah 1000 hp sounds good

    Chris ReardonChris Reardon6 månader sedan
  • Bravo Kevin!

  • Best intro ever. JH is the shit!

    Joshua BradshawJoshua Bradshaw6 månader sedan
  • This contents crazy!!!

    JAG 247JAG 2476 månader sedan
  • Damn she is going to be a beast..

    Dean ThompsonDean Thompson6 månader sedan
  • damn bro thats gonna be sick

    Cnoevo Auto AdventuresCnoevo Auto Adventures6 månader sedan
  • 2k ponies. yeah thats gonna be an El ca-MEAN-o!!

    MakeIt PunkMakeIt Punk6 månader sedan
  • Garrett never gets distracted. C'mon.

    wbball15wbball156 månader sedan
  • Thank you for giving Kevin the shout out!! What he say single father of 4 girls?? Beast!!

    James GJames G6 månader sedan
  • Kevin is the itchiest person I’ve ever seen

    Kale SinnerKale Sinner6 månader sedan

    Edgar John SalvadoEdgar John Salvado6 månader sedan
  • My 2 sense would be to mount the turbos as close to the firewall as possible. Weight distribution.

    Danny ClayDanny Clay6 månader sedan
  • Put the turbos in the headlights. And put a light bar on it..lol

    Dawn HaleDawn Hale6 månader sedan
  • James might b the master builder But Kevin is the wizard builder!!!! Much like Brent is the wizard of hondas lol

    Dawn HaleDawn Hale6 månader sedan
  • Maybe boostedboiz can help you out with the original idea for the El Camino. After all they have plenty of experience.lol

    mike demascolimike demascoli6 månader sedan
  • Still should have put a jet engine in it.

    SteveSteve6 månader sedan
  • Why didn't you get mirror image turbos? 🤔🤔

    sanramondriftsanramondrift6 månader sedan
  • Them snails looks good

    unkown- xXx-unkown- xXx-6 månader sedan
  • Leave some boost for the rest of us. Jeez

    Jacob10000Jacob100006 månader sedan
  • Its funny to watch Cooper be Cooper and chime into a conversation about building a 6 sec car. It would be surprising if he could even find the door handle to get into the car.

    David YackleDavid Yackle6 månader sedan
  • Kevin is the type of guy that makes things not because he can’t afford to buy them, but because he knows you can’t buy things better than he can make them

    John TrageserJohn Trageser6 månader sedan
  • Play this at my funeral 👌

    gweedo 357gweedo 3576 månader sedan
  • I feel like it’s a given we all got buddy’s that you just sign your life away anytime you hangout with them lol 😂 we all got that one buddy 🤘 that only knows how to live one way “Just Send It”

    Dr. RobDr. Rob6 månader sedan
  • That's what I'mmmm talkin' bout ! ! !

    ThePeopleVerseThePeopleVerse6 månader sedan
  • Travis pastrama would be proud of you

    Adrian ABGAdrian ABG6 månader sedan
  • JH must have been hitting the sauce.

    The RodFatherThe RodFather6 månader sedan
  • I bet Cleeter got one file cabinet per person filled with waivers for 6 month of filming only 😂. This JH intro was freaking gold.

    DxCBuGDxCBuG6 månader sedan
  • Why isn't this done yet? :P

    easyBob100easyBob1006 månader sedan
  • Where'abouts in Michigan you goin riding at?

    Jking 0.oJking 0.o6 månader sedan
  • So wheres the vid of the truck hitting the trees?

    Jeffrey WilliamsonJeffrey Williamson6 månader sedan
  • Now hear me out this may sound crazy but wide body el Camino

    Ethan RislovEthan Rislov6 månader sedan
  • Say it with me everyone, FOUR FIFTY-FOUR Thank you for your time

    Owen KrisnitskiOwen Krisnitski6 månader sedan
  • Why can't turbo makers make turbos a left and a right hand turbo so the look symmetrical when you use a pair so one compressor housing goes one way and the other goes the other way, i think my OCD kicks in when ever i see Leyroys turbos 😂

    Mark MawsonMark Mawson6 månader sedan
  • Kevin is such a Boss

    Steve NagelSteve Nagel6 månader sedan
  • Damn spell check

    Richard JohnsonRichard Johnson6 månader sedan
  • Scooter last post I really do want to see the freedom Factory

    Richard JohnsonRichard Johnson6 månader sedan
  • Hey Cletus I'm from Fort Worth want to know what I got to do is get down and have some fun with you guys man I really don't want to see the funeral Factory it will be a miracle for me man cuz I can't drive no more hope you get it and let me know something Richardson Fort Worth Texas

    Richard JohnsonRichard Johnson6 månader sedan
  • Would look cool with a triple turbo in the grill

    Troy DeRoin jrTroy DeRoin jr6 månader sedan
  • Are you going to run methanol? I hope!

    Douglas P.Douglas P.6 månader sedan
  • Are you guys doing anything in michigan or just a personal trip?

    and4moreableand4moreable6 månader sedan
    • They're going to Hot Rod Drag Week in September: www.motortrendgroup.com/hot-rod-drag-week-returns-to-midwest-in-2020-to-crown-fastest-street-car-in-america/

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 26 månader sedan
  • What was on the back of that guys neck?

    Ethan LevinEthan Levin6 månader sedan
  • After seeing the new bronco I'm going to need a cleeter and coop review please!!!!

    Frank HawkinsFrank Hawkins6 månader sedan