Giraffe Purchases a Sports Car

16 dec 2020
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Cleetus McFarland
12961 44th St N. Ste B
Clearwater, FL 33762
United States of AmericaThe first time we've ever been pulled over in either of these cars...
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    Cleetus McFarlandCleetus McFarlandMånad sedan
    • This is the secret to getting sideways Brother:

      drdelarondrdelaron28 dagar sedan
    • No Cleetus this wasnt the longest burnout ever. Ron Buckholz has the longest burnout.

      Bob DBob DMånad sedan
    • Come to England and have a go at the BRSCC Mazda mx5 series .. it’s a shit show

      Shoots trueShoots trueMånad sedan

      Justin ignizioJustin ignizioMånad sedan
    • @SLEDGE HAMMER SimpliSafe DOES suck. You can defeat the entire system with a $1 RF transmitter. Check out the Lockpicking Lawyer's video on it.

      Studio23 MediaStudio23 MediaMånad sedan
  • Can I get the old desoto speedway sign ? 😍🙏

    Fuel and FreedomFuel and Freedom10 dagar sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Darrin MurleyDarrin Murley11 dagar sedan
  • You do know they use a taller ramp right.... Lol ... You can do it at slower speed you just need to taller ramp

    VdubSPAZVdubSPAZ19 dagar sedan
  • Ok, during that shot when y’all first lifted the “top” off, I got strong sn95 mustang vert vibes. And I used to own a 95gt so I would know...

    SwordCymbal79SwordCymbal7920 dagar sedan
  • i have a 1991 crown vic like what james is talking about . open headers burnout machine . check it out on instagram @ socastee_5.0

    Socastee_5.0Socastee_5.021 dag sedan
  • At 13:28 I wanted him to say “weight reduction bro”

    Porpuseful DolphinPorpuseful Dolphin21 dag sedan
  • Clickbait, there is only a giraffe, no sports car ;)

    Tre FunkTre Funk23 dagar sedan
  • Miata is always the answer

    Jacob SelveyJacob Selvey23 dagar sedan
  • Is this how they make mustangs

    Clinton CashClinton Cash24 dagar sedan
  • Make sure you're firmly belted in, because that steel above the windshield would peel your scalp back or worse.

    John CarrollJohn Carroll24 dagar sedan
  • Liked simply because of freedom frank. 😂

    Nolan's ProjectsNolan's Projects26 dagar sedan
  • $15 wifi jammer and any wifi connected security system is defeated.

    Das GoofinhiemerDas Goofinhiemer27 dagar sedan
  • thank god for freedom frank

    Adin OsmicAdin Osmic27 dagar sedan
  • It looks like an rc car with a majestic giraffe driving. Sounded like some angry pandas though...

    Kevin HensdillKevin Hensdill28 dagar sedan
  • We just did the same thing you did to the vic on our channel, gatta say though your vert is alot less sketchy 😂😂

    Cool N StuffCool N Stuff28 dagar sedan
  • Get sideways the only way how:

    drdelarondrdelaron28 dagar sedan
  • I think you should try to learn two wheel the whole track with a crown vic.

    Hannes HietsaloHannes Hietsalo29 dagar sedan
  • U should turn the miata into a legit drift car cleeter!

    Keith KelleyKeith Kelley29 dagar sedan
  • Cleet you gotta check out the lock picking lawyer's channel. He by passed the simply safe cheap and easy. If might not be as safe as they make it out to be. Just wanted to let you know brother.🤘

    Josh SanchezJosh Sanchez29 dagar sedan
  • Miata got about 60,000 miles of use in 10 minutes.

    Lifted_AboveLifted_Above29 dagar sedan
  • Quit trespassing on our boy's land!

    GlycerinGlycerinMånad sedan
  • *hangs out with whistlindiesel once*

    Austin HaganderAustin HaganderMånad sedan
  • Don’t know if you saw it there cleeter but hooligans went to another country to film these stunt guys that not only were crazy good at two wheels but did low speed burn outs on two. Later, Mitch

    Mitch LanceMitch LanceMånad sedan
  • James laugh sounded so high then u see cleets face n ur like yuup right after u see James finish a krispy treat haha

    BigDipper907BigDipper907Månad sedan
  • Heck yeah!! Gotta go wit the oversized tire width to rim width ratio in a Vic! Fk those Curbs! 🤘😎🤘

    Scooter FPVScooter FPVMånad sedan
  • Screw safety glasses 😂😩

    Ryne Dean SmithRyne Dean SmithMånad sedan
  • @cleetus

    GhostGhostMånad sedan

    Justin ignizioJustin ignizioMånad sedan
  • Cleetus has singlehandedly doubled the value of Crown Victorias at auctions. Police and Sheriff offices around the country are grateful.

    HighMXHubbyHighMXHubbyMånad sedan
  • Cleetus went full Phil Swift on that crown Vic. “I sawed this car in half!”

    Nate WardaNate WardaMånad sedan
  • Tow strap on the Miata looking like a tongue hanging out 😜

    RollinRollinMånad sedan
  • Why don’t you watch some other people driving on two wheels first before you just blindly try it. Doofus.

    dogalmighty1dogalmighty1Månad sedan
  • The terrible clam optionally camp because church reciprocally coach minus a early xylophone. limping, lame rifle

    Justin WhalenJustin WhalenMånad sedan
  • Watches Dubai drivers once

    LegitElf123LegitElf123Månad sedan
  • Doing it large.❤

    DADVidsDADVidsMånad sedan
  • how tall is cleetus

    Marc NordstromMarc NordstromMånad sedan
    • He's 6' 6". (198cm)

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 2Månad sedan
  • When are you cutting neighbors roof?

    Kyle MorrisKyle MorrisMånad sedan
  • I'm surprised Barbie let you drive her car.

    Carl BCarl BMånad sedan
  • Just shoot people who get in past the gate.

    Hops And LeadHops And LeadMånad sedan
  • sorry you still have to put up with these idiots

    ShinyHunterCharizardShinyHunterCharizardMånad sedan
  • If you really wanna make something awesome turn a crown vic in to a el camino. Imagine the usefulness.

    mee1492mee1492Månad sedan
  • If the price of crown vic's rocket, the world will have cleet to blame. I tried to avoid these cars at all cost prior to this channel, now I spend hours on market place trying to buy one!

    Tony DerocheTony DerocheMånad sedan
  • I think @ricermiata should try to top it 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Matthew HamelMatthew HamelMånad sedan
  • Did i see a 240 sweden edition in the background🤩

    William SeljesethWilliam SeljesethMånad sedan
  • wants a miata but is too tall. I guess a topless crown vic is just a bigger version of that

    WolfemancolaWolfemancolaMånad sedan
  • Have you ever thought to see how fast you could get a crown vic to run in the 1/4 mile by just removing weight? Could make for a fun afternoon lol.

    Matt NeaderhiserMatt NeaderhiserMånad sedan
  • That was fun!!!

    JupitermustangmikeJupitermustangmikeMånad sedan
  • Cut out the fire wall from trunk to cab and sheet metal the floor and tops to make it a truck bed now!!!!

    Kyle BynumKyle BynumMånad sedan
  • Nah cuz, my boy Fipsy lit up a single wheeler from dingy to mazos, back in the day. Datto 180B power.

    Sam BlackSam BlackMånad sedan
  • Sounds like my neighbor's cutting his grass!

    Dave RDave RMånad sedan
  • The miata looks like a go cart.

    JimInAuburnJimInAuburnMånad sedan
  • I literally laughed when she said supra of our generation

    DcDcMånad sedan
  • 1:06 Giraffe hunting

    Something ElseSomething ElseMånad sedan
  • 14:38 you should look into the massive gaps around that unit, you will save tons of energy xD

    O MatloO MatloMånad sedan
  • I hate it when the tires squeal louder than the car sounds tbh

    ChainZChainZMånad sedan
  • Speed around 37 MPH, suspension needs to be changed.

    Ken SmithKen SmithMånad sedan
  • Do you have plans for the old Desoto Sign?

    Boo BooBoo BooMånad sedan
  • got to smash a beer can hopping off the ramp.....

    Jpm KingJpm KingMånad sedan
  • Time to make a crown vic into a ranchero....

    Phillip ChristensenPhillip ChristensenMånad sedan
  • im a fan of the convertible vic

    L BL BMånad sedan
  • He makes that thing look like one of those little electric Barbie cars

    HondaLoyal85HondaLoyal85Månad sedan
  • That shot at 13:15 was F***ing glorious, with the sun at the back

    Louis-Philippe ChiassonLouis-Philippe ChiassonMånad sedan
  • Sometimes, you just gotta bring in the cavalry 🤘🤘😎

    Kody LodovicoKody LodovicoMånad sedan
  • Get Taylor ray to help you build it with a LS

    Brian ProffittBrian ProffittMånad sedan

    Casey RonsonCasey RonsonMånad sedan
  • next make a crown vic cart

    Justin StevensJustin StevensMånad sedan
  • When the movie Cars meets Mario Kart

    Roost SquidRoost SquidMånad sedan
  • New name for the crown vic, "The decapitator"

    Dave DavisDave DavisMånad sedan
  • Question about the rollbar in the crown vic, isn't that kinda far back? It seems that that would really offer little to no protection with the angle involved. Be careful.

    Dave DavisDave DavisMånad sedan
  • I think we just found the next pay per view race... Let's get the crew some old miatas... LOL

    Leland FordLeland FordMånad sedan
  • Nice Volvo in the bakgrund.

    Mattias97 S08Mattias97 S08Månad sedan
  • Why do I absolutely love how the convertible crown vic looks?

    Logan DeljanovanLogan DeljanovanMånad sedan
  • Go put the hoonicorn to rest, cleet.

    Jack of this TradeJack of this TradeMånad sedan
  • gonna have to take the seat out and sit on the floor

    Scotties LitScotties LitMånad sedan
  • James: That was a Spicy one! Cleetus: Not the method! 😅🤣😂😅🤣😂😅🤣😂😅

    Ice7eroIce7eroMånad sedan
  • The ramp isn’t long enough, both wheels need to be on the ramp at the same time

    rudy415rudy415Månad sedan
    • Your right it kicks the front down when the rear hits

      Nicholas ColaNicholas ColaMånad sedan
  • Ok, you wanted a convertible. So you removed the top. Now CONVERT it back.

    Desert FreshDesert FreshMånad sedan
  • Is this you guys a few years back??? "(42) Insane Jump by a Buick La sabre - SEworld" I've been watching this for years ...."It's clear man Keep goin' LOL LMAO

    James KiesingerJames KiesingerMånad sedan
  • Love watching James Laugh while you are stepping it up. Just like me and my buddies!!

    James KiesingerJames KiesingerMånad sedan
  • Ten bucks says i can jump the gate tho....

    Alec CrosbyAlec CrosbyMånad sedan
  • Uhhh ohhhh ITS SKETCHY VIC!!!

    Garrett VaughnGarrett VaughnMånad sedan
  • Build a nasty 5.3 budget junkyard engine for the miata!

    andrew whyteandrew whyteMånad sedan
  • Really? A paintball gun? Get that man a real gun. Asswipes that try to get in won`t try if they know lethal force will be involved! Protect your investment!!

    Jeff JankiewiczJeff JankiewiczMånad sedan

    Cory LloydCory LloydMånad sedan
  • Lmao he looks like a child in a go-cart. ..... H-E double hokey sticks yea brother

    Andrew HillAndrew HillMånad sedan
  • Your A/C isn’t sealed correctly

    FoolgazyFoolgazyMånad sedan
  • James? JACKSTAND JIMMY!? ford had Crown Victorias in the 50s

    ronald grahamronald grahamMånad sedan
  • Make a 2door crown vic

    Cameron HendleyCameron HendleyMånad sedan
  • Broooo I feel so bad that mfs keep trying to bust in to your race track. Some people have no respect 😤

    The AggThe AggMånad sedan
  • I think my neighbor is using his leaf blower again 🤔

    Jacob GardnerJacob GardnerMånad sedan
  • What ever happened to the lifted x3 roof rack Vic??

    mattm73mattm73Månad sedan
  • If you're having security issues, maybe stop using SimpliSafe 👀 They're junk

    Studio23 MediaStudio23 MediaMånad sedan
  • 10:40 Duck Juinor are you're going to be talking out of yo ass!!

    Rhett KrecicRhett KrecicMånad sedan
  • You should keep the destoto sign

    J TJ TMånad sedan
  • Didn’t Jim lahey just drive it off a cliff?

    Chris TannerChris TannerMånad sedan
  • Does Bradenton Dragway over there ever report an active volcano at the FF?

    General DisorderGeneral DisorderMånad sedan
  • I want pop ups

    justo avenajusto avenaMånad sedan
  • HELL YEAH BROTHER. CLEETUS finally upgraded the security should of done it a long time ago

    NickNickMånad sedan
  • Ummmm.... James, sorry to bust your bubble, but there is like 3 or 4 generations of the crown vic..... mind you it was known as the LTD for a while

    Jason lyteJason lyteMånad sedan