Finally Getting Leroy the Roof He Deserves!!! Jet Ski Shopping w/1,500hp Corvette Kart!

15 jul 2020
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Scooping up Mike Finnegan's new stand up Jet Ski was TOO EASY for Leroy!
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Cleetus McFarland
12961 44th St N. Ste B
Clearwater, FL 33762
United States of AmericaThe first time we've ever been pulled over in either of these cars...
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  • CLEET: Straps a jet ski to his not-very-road legal-looking car Cops follow CLEET surprisedpikachu.jpg

    Mod NagantMod Nagant5 månader sedan
  • You need a LS twin turbski jet boat Cleetus..Imagine Leroy towing that!! Better yet a racing Sprint boat..they are fully caged..if you have never seen or heard of sprint boat racing,check it out thy're sick.

    Jeff PerraultJeff Perrault5 månader sedan
  • I had to watch this whole vid again.... cop part is great I would of gave guys at jet ski shop and cop a lil 2 step

    Blaznmax 88Blaznmax 885 månader sedan
  • A set of carbon fiber front clip, roof, trunk and maybe even doors that could easily be removed and reinstalled would be killer.

    JakeJake5 månader sedan
  • Whats with the Nebraska plates on Leroy?

    Trey BennettTrey Bennett5 månader sedan
  • This is exactly the kinda stuff I love about this channel😂🤘🏽🦅

    A KA K5 månader sedan
  • Cleetus! Let me get those shades yo,dog, son, dog yo!!

    Terrell ChapmanTerrell Chapman5 månader sedan
  • I drive across the bridge at 10:25 all the time hopefully i can see one of your badass cars one day

    MikeMHMikeMH5 månader sedan
  • Kayak, Jet Ski, next a small boat...

    Cranky MotorSportsCranky MotorSports5 månader sedan
  • I think Would you Drive a Thing like this in germany you will Go into jail😂

    Fynn AhldenFynn Ahlden5 månader sedan
  • everyone loves Leroy!

    M. NicholsM. Nichols5 månader sedan
  • LOL they prolly thought the exo-cage was purpose built for the jet-ski...

    Alpha-CTS-VAlpha-CTS-V5 månader sedan
  • Missed opportunity...should've mounted it on top of a SXS on top of a crown vic!!

    Tim WagnerTim Wagner5 månader sedan
  • This vid wouldve went crazy if you guys tried to hold the super jet in place! Omg lol.. Fiberglass explosion on first turn

    Nicholas LeeNicholas Lee5 månader sedan
  • Mike searches the world for the last brand new stand up jet ski and finds the only one in existence. Cleetus and James strap it to the roof of a 1500hp corvette cart to bring it home.

    Charles's OutdoorCharles's Outdoor5 månader sedan
  • "Got that dad strength" lol

    DillonDillon5 månader sedan
  • You guys are the greatest man 😂

    Conner EnglishConner English5 månader sedan
  • So nice ! Regards frome Germany, the Police here will heav an heart attack ive they see somthing like that ! ;)

    Stephan PlümerStephan Plümer5 månader sedan
  • Should have used some pool noodles

    Wisconsin WaterfowlerWisconsin Waterfowler5 månader sedan
  • Remember when Cleetus drove the "import".....

    Faheem AbbasFaheem Abbas5 månader sedan
  • you know that officer is a subscriber.

    Cody CottinghamCody Cottingham5 månader sedan
  • Damn that's a sharp 1970-1973 Camaro Within the first 100 yards of the drive they saw a sheriff

    Zach TZach T5 månader sedan
  • Now that is.... different

    Rafal HalickiRafal Halicki5 månader sedan
  • Need some footage of you guys breaking in that Superjet !!

    Bryan SissellBryan Sissell5 månader sedan
  • Maaaaaan you did that in Australia you'd be on the news and have your license taken for 12 months in court hahaha dammit give me some freeeeeedom!!!

    lukeslayerlukeslayer5 månader sedan
  • What brand sunglasses??

    _OHMZ_ Electrical_OHMZ_ Electrical5 månader sedan

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 25 månader sedan
  • hahaha epic!!! this one had me in stitches LOL

    RC RevelationRC Revelation5 månader sedan
  • Goes to show not all cops are bad

    ' DaveyB' DaveyB5 månader sedan
  • Imagine a sheriff riding alongside Leroy he defo looking for an excuse to pull you 9ver

    ' DaveyB' DaveyB5 månader sedan
  • Australia is a joke. We'd be thrown before a judge, car confiscated and crushed, licence lost for 5years+ and thousands upon thousands in fines with a good chance of jail time. I need to move to the states!!!!!

    Mr BallyMr Bally5 månader sedan
  • whooooooo! white privilege benefit of doubt WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Wade PoolWade Pool5 månader sedan
  • I wonder how Leroy would look like with the body panels on

    Jayden ColonJayden Colon6 månader sedan
  • I bet they know who you are. Give you a little space since you bought a track for fun And well its Florida

    Zach KelleyZach Kelley6 månader sedan
  • IV now seen Leroy 3 times on the street by my house lol gotta love living in fl lmao

    bigmike 249bigmike 2496 månader sedan
  • I seen him leroy ole boy he needs to rip

    Blake MccoolBlake Mccool6 månader sedan
  • I'm looking forward to this Michigan video.

    Michael ThielMichael Thiel6 månader sedan
  • The cop was polite, but you guys are also responsible, and don't Eff around on the street, street-racing or being d!cks. You keep it on the dragstrip, and even bought your very own track for hooning. I gotta give YOU guys props for doing the right thing, as well as the cops for being cool.

    Chris GleetonChris Gleeton6 månader sedan
  • "That's an easy fix, just zip-tie it and you're good" xD

  • Throwout bearing grinding?

    Brad ElswickBrad Elswick6 månader sedan
  • What's with you guys - mounting vehicles on other faster vehicles? If the sheriff loves it, who am I to argue? Love it!!

    the cheeky wetathe cheeky weta6 månader sedan
  • James and Cletus, vs finnegan and fryburger build off

    Bobby__hill500Bobby__hill5006 månader sedan
  • Hauling a jet sky on your 1500 horsepower drag vette cart because roadkill

    Bobby__hill500Bobby__hill5006 månader sedan
  • where did you go in Michigan? I live up here.

    rwl1065rwl10656 månader sedan
  • I thought I seen you in this car at lead foot in brooksville fl. to day . but it hand a shute on the back and the owner of the car said he gets that all the time and it was not you guys lol . You two need to race he built his 2 years before yours and i think it has a ls engine in it . I dont no what Gen.

    BILL LEITZBILL LEITZ6 månader sedan
  • You guys should get Leroy a legit roof for race week next year.

    Kurtis KlunderKurtis Klunder6 månader sedan
  • It ain’t goin’ anywhere. - dadscience

    edgey8Dedgey8D6 månader sedan
  • Love ur vids

    ynw mellyynw melly6 månader sedan
  • Man this channel is the mofkin shit, it sucks when he doesnt post for days.

    William JerichoWilliam Jericho6 månader sedan
  • Screw your nasty baja blast. I challenge you to try the new mountain dew southern shock only at bojangles. Damn tasty.

    Mnt ManMnt Man6 månader sedan
  • Heyyy I’m from the 727, makes me miss home.

    Steven BradlSteven Bradl6 månader sedan
  • One of the most Florida man things I’ve ever seen! 🤣

    Jonathan HumanJonathan Human6 månader sedan
  • Where was getting Leroy the roof

    Riley HupeRiley Hupe6 månader sedan
  • Content is getting stupid

    Brently HimselfBrently Himself6 månader sedan
  • Rumours going around some people in cleetus' crew have been exposed to corona, can anyone confirm? would hate to see new videos be held up or go on hiatus in any way.

    VatesyVatesy6 månader sedan
  • Florida man does Florida moving.... friggin awesome.

    413xxx86413xxx866 månader sedan
  • I would love to see you guys build a 94 buick roadmaster for a burnout car not the wagon. Keep the motor a secret can't tell ya too much power. It would just be cool as could be. I know you guys are busy but if you could fit that in there. Maybe even have you and the boostedboiz build one. then have some judges.

    captain Dcaptain D6 månader sedan
  • Happy birthday to me and Leroy. July 19th💪🏼

    abraheem aljaberyabraheem aljabery6 månader sedan
  • This is a “hold my beer” moment. The Deputy didn’t want to have to explain to the judge “I couldn’t read the tag on the go cart because the jet ski was in the way”. Lol

    William DuhamelWilliam Duhamel6 månader sedan
  • Passengers arms must be sleeping from holding them up so long.

    ϯհε_C L I N Tϯհε_C L I N T6 månader sedan
  • I miss your daily content

    rhadiemrhadiem6 månader sedan
  • Dude where do I get your sunglasses? I have searched and can't find those bad boys?

    Paden SutterbyPaden Sutterby6 månader sedan
    • They're currently unavailable. If they're ever available again, they'll be on You can find other styles on the manufacturer's website:

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 26 månader sedan
  • Been with this channel for 3 years and I'm un subbing . 1 video a week MAYBE that's 12 minutes long about someone else's crap is pretty lame.

    D KriegerD Krieger6 månader sedan
  • 🤣🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣 you dont need no trailer .

    Jared THISDELLEJared THISDELLE6 månader sedan
  • How often do you replace tires on leroy and ruby?

    rocky96731LUCASrocky96731LUCAS6 månader sedan
  • Hey Cleeter / Jackstand Jimmy!!! At 2:40 I hear that Leroy cranks for a little bit before firing, do you have something in Leroy's tune that cranks him over for a little bit to build oil pressure before it starts? if so how did you set that up? My dry sump LS will thank you. Keep up the good work.

    Cousin EddieCousin Eddie6 månader sedan

    David CanalesDavid Canales6 månader sedan
  • This is the most “only in Florida” thing I have ever seen. Love it.

    N TeslaN Tesla6 månader sedan
  • Anybody have an email or contact information for Cleatus? I have been wanting to do a joint video with him and his Crown Vic. against our turbocharged Crown Vic.

    BOBTheEngineBUILDERBOBTheEngineBUILDER6 månader sedan
    • You may also try the social media links in the description.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 26 månader sedan
  • As a veteran of many sketchy loads in my life, I have one tip. If you would have crossed two of the straps, (ie: the middle one to the rear, and the rear to the middle), you can prevent/slow down forward or aft movement. With no straps crossed, an emergency stop may send the load right over the hood, onto the payment. Do NOT ask how I know this... LOL

    George DennisonGeorge Dennison6 månader sedan
  • That was a very nice officer. I would have been pulled over for sure.

    bmh67wabmh67wa6 månader sedan
  • whereabouts in michigan? Yall can stay at my property for free if ya need a spot its near cadillac

    Micah YakesMicah Yakes6 månader sedan
  • Did cleet fix the bodywork on his side by side ?

    Frankhaines1Frankhaines16 månader sedan
  • How do I get those sunglasses Cleet has on? I don't see it on the website

    Brett ABA-DBrett ABA-D6 månader sedan
    • They're currently unavailable. Keep checking back to see if the ever become available again. Or, you can get other designs at The company that manufactures them, and sponsors Cleetus.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 26 månader sedan
  • fellas get a removable carbon roof already please .

    Sovereign SentienceSovereign Sentience6 månader sedan
  • Hyped for another Michigan dune video!!! Was just up by silver lake the other day!

    MrBetaKiller100MrBetaKiller1006 månader sedan
  • Save that thrust bearing for a trophy topper =]9¬_D

    Philip RowneyPhilip Rowney6 månader sedan
  • Now that's a jetski nothing like the shitboxes they ride nowdays

    Jason OckersJason Ockers6 månader sedan
  • Love these guys 👍👍👍👍

    Carl TranoCarl Trano6 månader sedan
  • I need me a james

    allen aguilarallen aguilar6 månader sedan
  • Where is the boosted civic with a new dog box, it's been months

    Lane LuhrsenLane Luhrsen6 månader sedan
  • Garetteed coop's women runs that lil I-tie sausigeeg

    Johnny StirstickJohnny Stirstick6 månader sedan
  • Well that's different. Police where pretty neat. You lot are a bunch of nutters.🤪👍👌😉🦅

    David WindsorDavid Windsor6 månader sedan
  • Has anyone received a friend request from cleetus lately saying he's going to give 10,000$

    Michael LafreniereMichael Lafreniere6 månader sedan
  • the month of freedom was such a tease, used to log on, watch some cleet, log off. now i guess ill walk the dog?

    lawtey1lawtey16 månader sedan
  • I love our State of Florida.. We breathe Freedom here.

    MadAdventureMadAdventure6 månader sedan
  • When is Leroy gonna get those mirrored turbskis?

    Joseph WisnerJoseph Wisner6 månader sedan
  • Leroy-WSUV, water sports utility vehicle

    MrWiGGleZzMrWiGGleZz6 månader sedan
  • You have to take the side by sides to the dunes up here in Michigan.

    Geoffrey BybeeGeoffrey Bybee6 månader sedan

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 26 månader sedan
  • Great cop

    King All In All InKing All In All In6 månader sedan
  • I spied a nice looking 2nd Gen Camaro with Nebraska tags!! What's the story. 2nd, right near the end, you get a good look at Leroy's dash set up. You have what appears to be a drift brake handle with a switch, Then a button on the steering and possibly an arming switch on the dash that both say Bald Eagles. How about a little explanation of the set up. Or, did I miss that in an earlier episode?

    Rebeldryver's GarageRebeldryver's Garage6 månader sedan
  • Dat Sheriff is lucky af Following Cleet, pseudo-escorting him Proud Sheriff there, ma man

    Alex HndrAlex Hndr6 månader sedan
  • This is why I watch cleetus McFarland + florida cops are pretty dope

    Moon TunedMoon Tuned6 månader sedan
  • You guys are so freaking cool. A jetski on top of a Corvette, who would of thought of doing that? Only Cleatus and James

    Cory BeauchampCory Beauchamp6 månader sedan

    Lee HarvieLee Harvie6 månader sedan
  • I may have made this suggestion before, but can we get some subtitles when y'all are trying to talk over engine and/or road noise? I have my volume halfway up and can't make out what anyone is saying - every time.

    Vince DibonaVince Dibona6 månader sedan
  • Next little project should be little Baja warriors with freedom factory liveries camed out for a race event cheap bikes that are easy to build and fix

    Leroy MLeroy M6 månader sedan
  • Yo what happened to the RMRW White Water Invitational? Did that not happen after all?

    Brian KaleBrian Kale6 månader sedan
  • Florida man steals jet ski from famous youtuber and leads police on a 7 second quarter mile police chase

    Jeffrey Le FevreJeffrey Le Fevre6 månader sedan
  • Wow, I really like the look of that old Camaro in the background, whosever's that is, nice. :)

    OllamhDrabOllamhDrab6 månader sedan
    • It belongs to Cleetus' father.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 26 månader sedan
  • When you're in "street mode" put you plate/tags on the chute mount. Hopefully Governor (T)Whitmer doesn't say you have to go into a 2 week quarantine when you get up here guys!

    John DoeJohn Doe6 månader sedan