Drag Racing Our 900hp NASCAR Truck Gets SAVAGE!... But Is It Ready For Race Week 2.0??

9 sep 2020
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Dale Truck or Leroy... has a tougher decision ever existed??
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  • Idk boys, this is a tough one for sure... do we take the Dale Truck and figure it out or get our boy Leroy out and defend the title?

    Cleetus McFarlandCleetus McFarland4 månader sedan
    • Gotta keep the streak going with Leroy ole cleeter the dale truck can hit 9’s another time

      Ckdragon2502Ckdragon25024 månader sedan
    • Definitely defend the title

      bonedigggssbonedigggss4 månader sedan
    • @Jason Gomes this is a good idea but they need a co driver

      Certified KingCertified King4 månader sedan
    • Leroy 100%

      Trey HartTrey Hart4 månader sedan
    • Leroy need another dub

      Vaughn RipleyVaughn Ripley4 månader sedan
  • Epic rematch, make sure finn does a reverse burn out

    Michael LewisMichael Lewis3 månader sedan
  • Bald Eagles have fun winning.

    WesWes3 månader sedan
  • dose anybody know what the base original frame this truck is modeled after everyone ive asked says nascar truck??? But its clearly a chevy what year and model?? Or whats the closest model chevy that would match its front end and grill

    Fishing ArizonaFishing Arizona3 månader sedan
    • I believe it's a 1994 Chevy C1500 Short bed.

      ShadowDragonShadowDragon3 månader sedan
  • Leroy!!!

    Elias AriasElias Arias3 månader sedan
  • Take the dale truck thistle. Take Leroy for the next one!

    Michael ShaferMichael Shafer3 månader sedan
  • Put bigger turbos on Leray and show him who’s the king

    Matthew GriffithMatthew Griffith3 månader sedan
  • Why does that idiot hold on the back of Blasphemy? That's a accident waiting to happen.

    mike burnsmike burns3 månader sedan
  • Leroy!

    Sameer MerchantSameer Merchant3 månader sedan
  • Leroy definitely voting for Leroy

    ian hazelbakerian hazelbaker3 månader sedan
  • looks like the rear suspension is causing the truck to steer right under power... something moving too much.

    beforebeforebeforebefore3 månader sedan
  • Where in the hell y’all got that purse at🤣🤣🤣

    Christian EspinozaChristian Espinoza3 månader sedan
  • You built the channel on Leroy and now go compete with it. But really, the purse, that's just gay.

    GaryLordsWayMinistryGaryLordsWayMinistry3 månader sedan
  • That thing is the most beautiful sounding motor I’ve ever heard

    Collin vandeweerdCollin vandeweerd3 månader sedan
  • Nothing against the Dale Truck, but take Leroy for the win.

    Donald HatleyDonald Hatley3 månader sedan
  • WIN

    KyleKyle4 månader sedan
  • Take Leroy keep the purse!

    Ryan PrescottRyan Prescott4 månader sedan
  • Leroy!

    Sean TilfordSean Tilford4 månader sedan
  • Leroy for sure

    tommy mckeethantommy mckeethan4 månader sedan
  • HELLZ YEAH MAN!!! GO FOR THE W!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Joshua SnyderJoshua Snyder4 månader sedan
  • It shows real class to show up with a new build after having so many wins. Yes more fun to win, totally rewarding to get new experiences. I really do appreciate you guys, providing this content, all good clean fun (even lighting a Christmas tree with a backfire) So whatever is chosen, I'll be watching you have your fun. You are inspiring.

    Kent SimonKent Simon4 månader sedan
  • Take all 3 and let cooper drive 1

    3 pedal Racing3 pedal Racing4 månader sedan
  • You knew before you asked us what we would say, get Leroy and bust blasphemy please!!!!!!!

    wes childresswes childress4 månader sedan
  • Go out and win. Get Leroy another W.

    FireLordCantiFireLordCanti4 månader sedan
  • You: LEROY James: RUBY Kevin: DALE TRUCK Winning is the ONLY option

    Tobias BjörkmanTobias Björkman4 månader sedan
  • Leroy!!

    jeremy bangerjeremy banger4 månader sedan
  • I declare unto you the gospel Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:1 Corinthians 15:1‭-‬4 KJV

  • Leroy

    Fred BergeronFred Bergeron4 månader sedan
  • You Leroy James ruby Kevin Dale truck! If you ain't spinnin you ain't winnin

    baseballkid332314baseballkid3323144 månader sedan
  • Leroy for the win!

  • LEROY!!!!!

    James WilsonJames Wilson4 månader sedan
  • You should have two drivers, you in leroy and get a lad for the dale truck, race em side by side and see if the dale truck keeps up 🤷

    Taylor McCarthyTaylor McCarthy4 månader sedan
  • #Leroy

    ThePeopleVerseThePeopleVerse4 månader sedan
  • Leroy !!!!!!!!!

    bdon42bdon424 månader sedan
  • Dale truck. DO IT FOR DALE! Or change the catchphrase.

    boneyardrendezvousboneyardrendezvous4 månader sedan
  • How many Biden adds must one endure?

    mike schoolcraftmike schoolcraft4 månader sedan
  • You: Leroy James: Ruby Kevin: Dale Truck Winning is the ONLY option.

    WichitittyWichititty4 månader sedan
  • your channel is changing - winning is more important now, than pushing your own skill to win.

    ben jben j4 månader sedan
  • Take both

    TheWantedMrPTheWantedMrP4 månader sedan
  • Kevin drives the Dale Truck and problem solved!!!

    KingofBSKingofBS4 månader sedan
  • well if your driving, depends on what you feel like driving on that day. sometimes km/h feels like mp/h... sometimes the gauge reads mp/h but i can swear that its km/h. \:^p

    Arden NielsenArden Nielsen4 månader sedan
  • its almost like i could see the tires wrinkle as the burn off started... fast eyes says the tire deformed at the 10-11 o'clock position. needs more rpm to keep the treads popped out... rear end is shacking because of the tires. maybe put a little more air in to it?

    Arden NielsenArden Nielsen4 månader sedan
  • Take Leroy for sure

    joey bledsoejoey bledsoe4 månader sedan
  • Go to win cant settle with no l

    edward kreidleredward kreidler4 månader sedan
  • Leroy since its going to be great racing

    eichler721eichler7214 månader sedan
  • Take Leroy

    Light Bright The GoatLight Bright The Goat4 månader sedan
  • Leroy

    Jeremy FreemanJeremy Freeman4 månader sedan
  • You: Leroy James: Ruby Kevin: Dale truck Winning is the ONLY option.

    Hudson HoffHudson Hoff4 månader sedan
  • I say go take finnagin down!!!! Lol

    Driving The FightDriving The Fight4 månader sedan

    Damion ChernaultDamion Chernault4 månader sedan
  • Gotta take LEROY!!!

    Zach WattsZach Watts4 månader sedan
  • Dale truck needs a slipper clutch...and boost. Sorry.

    Timothy CoxTimothy Cox4 månader sedan
  • Leroy for sure

    worktrk lebrunworktrk lebrun4 månader sedan
  • Don’t worry about the Dale truck take LeeRoy

  • Take Leroy brother🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Cheryl WilliamsCheryl Williams4 månader sedan
  • Take Leroy and work on Dale to make it highly competitive for next race week/drag week

    TobyToby4 månader sedan
  • Take them both out!

    Lee MontoyaLee Montoya4 månader sedan
  • Id have to say Leroy. And def not because Im salty about The Galaxy losing the vote haha.

    HobosGoneWildHobosGoneWild4 månader sedan
  • Take Leroy!

    Hunter LoweHunter Lowe4 månader sedan
  • You: Leroy James: ruby Kevin: Dale truck Winning is the ONLY OPTION

    Slomar V2Slomar V24 månader sedan
  • Cleetus: Dale Truck me: Mike truck

    Dayofthedaleks152Dayofthedaleks1524 månader sedan
  • No questions asked take Leroy. Safe bet IMO

    Shredar mitchShredar mitch4 månader sedan
  • leroy 100%

    Jacob VigliottiJacob Vigliotti4 månader sedan
  • go for the win with leroy! you look good with that purse!!

    sdutzsdutz4 månader sedan
  • Bring both.

    Kent KollathKent Kollath4 månader sedan
  • I know the truck is in the boat of (gotta try new things in life brutha) but Trusty Leeroy is the Cleetus McFarland, Take Leeroy Brother

    EpicEpic4 månader sedan
  • Leroy

    kristyn stillkristyn still4 månader sedan
  • Leroy

    FTW PAKFTW PAK4 månader sedan
  • Leroy. I wanna see some low 8 stift racing, not 8 sec gappin

    Natedog2400Natedog24004 månader sedan

    C. C.C. C.4 månader sedan
  • Leroy

    Joshua PettyJoshua Petty4 månader sedan
  • Take Leroy. Let him run

    Wyatt WhitakerWyatt Whitaker4 månader sedan
  • "towing with this thing to the boat ramp", wet ramp, algae and slicks, what could possibly ever go wrong...............

    throttle bottlethrottle bottle4 månader sedan

    Seth FloydSeth Floyd4 månader sedan
  • Leroy !! Keep the fire lit on the wins and go to battle

    Talkin_bout_carsTalkin_bout_cars4 månader sedan
  • LeeRoy!!! Race to win man! What the actual f.....!

    Christopher BennettChristopher Bennett4 månader sedan
  • Leroy

    FrazeexFrazeex4 månader sedan
  • Take the Dale Truck. No pressure. Have fun.

    EVIL VICEVIL VIC4 månader sedan
  • *Did this truck belong to Dale Earnhardt?*

    Spencer CroweSpencer Crowe4 månader sedan

    Christopher M. RichardsonChristopher M. Richardson4 månader sedan
  • I would definitely take Leroy. Be more fun if your really racing and having to fight for it.

    Zach TombZach Tomb4 månader sedan
  • Dude why don't you re position that steering wheel so its not buried in your chest lol

    Balisongs for BreakfastBalisongs for Breakfast4 månader sedan
  • Love the Dale truck for sure, but get the good ol' boy Leroy out and kick some rear!!!!

    Amanda SlovakAmanda Slovak4 månader sedan
  • Get the Dale truck Lined out and Get Dale Jr. to drive it at an event. He isn't a drag racer but He'd be a heck of a draw for an event.

    Junior FlowersJunior Flowers4 månader sedan
  • LeRoy

    Dan DavidsonDan Davidson4 månader sedan
  • Leroy for sure

    Eric VEric V4 månader sedan
  • I’d down shift like that if my motor sounded that good!

    zacjam13zacjam134 månader sedan
  • You: Leroy James: Ruby Kevin: Dale Truck Winning is the ONLY option

    aola wiliaola wili4 månader sedan
  • Hey Cleetus! Your new camera is good and all. But it seems like you need to change the settings. From what I can see it seems like you are at 24fps or something. Pretty annoying when basically all footage are of fast moving objects etc. Have a good one!

    Jakob EhrintonJakob Ehrinton4 månader sedan
    • Take them alllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!

      aola wiliaola wili4 månader sedan
  • A roof for Leroy 💯

    BearmiteBearmite4 månader sedan
  • The craziest thing about blasphemy is it has heart, like leroy. Those 2 cars are bromance.

    Imagine A WorldImagine A World4 månader sedan
  • You: Leroy James: Ruby Kevin: Dale truck Winning is the ONLY option

    Crotch RocketCrotch Rocket4 månader sedan
  • go leroyyyy 100%

    KingstonJagerKingstonJager4 månader sedan
  • You: Leroy James: Ruby Kevin: Dale Truck Winning is the ONLY option.

    Jesper PoulsenJesper Poulsen4 månader sedan
  • Hands down the dale truck sounds the best

    Shelby LesterShelby Lester4 månader sedan
  • Leroy

    Salvador HernandezSalvador Hernandez4 månader sedan
  • For some reason the drags strip footage is at 30 fps. Really messes with how fast the cars look

    Nick BarryNick Barry4 månader sedan
  • Leroy

    Conner EdwardsConner Edwards4 månader sedan
  • go win that bitxh

    EnergizEnergiz4 månader sedan
  • You: LEROY James: RUBY Kevin: DALE TRUCK Winning is the only option🇺🇸

    The Grady BunchThe Grady Bunch4 månader sedan