I Bought One of the RAREST Sand Rails in Existence and Took it Duning! (Drag Race Ripper)

22 jul 2020
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  • 0:37 That's dissapOMG :O

    Odd GuyOdd Guy19 dagar sedan
  • this is gingerbillys van right?

    Tanked PlaysTanked PlaysMånad sedan
  • *_I thought the guy in the back seat In the beginning was Cleetus for a second... LOL_*

    JaybruhhJaybruhh2 månader sedan
  • Yes

    NeoLeo MediaNeoLeo Media2 månader sedan
  • 19:55 watch the roof shake above them 😂

    Gavin ShirleyGavin Shirley2 månader sedan
  • What's the top speed on this rig? Were bout to find out.... you know you're in for a good time where you here these words

    osmosis 01osmosis 013 månader sedan
  • Make it 4 wheel

    Running HeartRunning Heart4 månader sedan
  • "Figured I'd just wear the one"

    E SHAHEEE SHAHEE4 månader sedan
  • Totally foolish idea at least run a 4x4 junk box

    DennyDenny4 månader sedan
  • What the hell does he have a fish finder on the dash of that thing.

    R.j. BrownR.j. Brown4 månader sedan
  • You should slap some padles on the dale truck and take it out there!

    Austin MarkwellAustin Markwell4 månader sedan
  • Welcome to one of Michigan's playgrounds....

    Jack BuysJack Buys4 månader sedan
  • I’m buying a van and cutting the top off now haha

    Marshal GriepMarshal Griep4 månader sedan
  • Time for the lift kit

    Cesar OrtizCesar Ortiz4 månader sedan
  • Silver Lake... Where you go when you play harder than you work, and you work your ass off!

    Motor City MikeMotor City Mike5 månader sedan
  • Yall should ls swap her

    Kevin LopezKevin Lopez5 månader sedan
  • That flag is slowing it down

    Nicole CNicole C5 månader sedan
  • Awesome. We don’t have anywhere like this in Australia.

    Alexander SupertrampAlexander Supertramp5 månader sedan
  • Coop wearing one croc!! Lmao

    Seth LaymanSeth Layman5 månader sedan
  • Thanks for coming to Michigan

    John MaginJohn Magin5 månader sedan
  • The Bald eagles are strong with this one!

    IrahKondjiIrahKondji5 månader sedan
  • I'd never heard about Michigan dunes until watching these videos. We went on a family vacation to Michigan and we rented a buggy with our 2 year old and 5 year old. It was a lot of fun!

    tsmall07tsmall075 månader sedan
  • Cooper really legit wearing one croc. WTF that was the strangest thing. lol

    Compeer RaaCompeer Raa5 månader sedan
  • This is the content we all want 24/7

    Austin McintyreAustin Mcintyre5 månader sedan
  • hahaha this is awesome

    LUXE PerformanceLUXE Performance5 månader sedan
  • Silver lake?

    Total ChaosTotal Chaos5 månader sedan
  • I was honestly expecting some catastrophic failure like a wheel or body panel falling off.

    jbr496jbr4965 månader sedan
  • Cleetus, I need those shades you’re always wearing yo didggidy yo dog giggity.

    Terrell ChapmanTerrell Chapman5 månader sedan
  • I had the Pontiac Trans Sport version of that van, with the 3400 V6 it would smoke the tires off. It was a lot of fun, for a van.

    Cranky MotorSportsCranky MotorSports5 månader sedan
  • The "Dale Dune Duster" was amazing!

    Street707 - Mustang Vlogger, FPV Pilot & PC GamerStreet707 - Mustang Vlogger, FPV Pilot & PC Gamer5 månader sedan
  • I like how the radio has "Sweet home Alabama By: Lynard Skynard on the radio"

    ItsYogiBearItsYogiBear5 månader sedan
  • I thought it was going to overheat immediately

    Dani overDani over5 månader sedan
  • What dunes is this?

    TheSwisscheeseTheSwisscheese5 månader sedan
    • Silver Lake Sand Dunes, Michigan

      deranged731deranged7315 månader sedan
  • One crock, one mullet, one van.

    Justin BenscoterJustin Benscoter5 månader sedan
  • I'm a idiot and forgot it says he bought this, and the whole time i was like "damn he's beating this poor kids van to shit" lol

    MattellicaMattellica5 månader sedan
  • RIP cooper he ain’t dead but he still out there searching for the lost croc

    THigley02THigley025 månader sedan
  • So his girl is turning him into a family man buying a van what's next?

    Hoch ZeusHoch Zeus5 månader sedan
  • Yall need to hookup with Brad Wilkey

    AlAl5 månader sedan
  • I think the next move should be to pull out all of the back seats, put a firewall behind the driver, put in an LSX and hit 40 pounds of boost

    Typical StegosaurusTypical Stegosaurus5 månader sedan
  • BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!! I'm dead! Can't say I wasn't expecting that. I mean it is Cleetus after all, right? But damn, y'all went too far, soccer moms all over the world are all envious right now! 😂

    Farmer FpvFarmer Fpv5 månader sedan
  • I was there this day!!! I thought I saw you but wasn’t 100% sure

    Jacob ButlerJacob Butler5 månader sedan
  • I was just there a couple weeks ago.

    bruhmaynebruhmayne5 månader sedan
  • Dang, didn't know u was in Michigan.. silver lake is a blast, only about 2 hours from my house

    tankdog03tankdog035 månader sedan
  • Bro ur vids are cool as hell

    Games r usGames r us5 månader sedan
  • I wanna see this done in a raised Rail Dragster, sure it'll likely snap somewhere in the mid and likely do 1 run but I'm all for seeing it..

    Azz _Azz _5 månader sedan
  • Do the sliding doors work?

    Yeet DeleteYeet Delete5 månader sedan
  • they should awd swap that fun mini van 🤘🏾💪🏾

    ILuv ThiccWomenILuv ThiccWomen5 månader sedan
  • That poor 3.4 V6 surprisingly didn't blow a head gasket!!😆

    Matthew WheelerMatthew Wheeler5 månader sedan

    Seedless GrapesSeedless Grapes5 månader sedan
  • I'm honestly surprised they didn't plum in some nitrous before the trip

    Seedless GrapesSeedless Grapes5 månader sedan
  • What dunes is this??????

    Seedless GrapesSeedless Grapes5 månader sedan
    • @Flat4Buggy 2 ok thanks dude... I kind of thought it was Silver Lake but it looked a little bit different for some reason haven't been there in over a decade

      Seedless GrapesSeedless Grapes5 månader sedan
    • Silver Lake State Park, Mears, Michigan

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 25 månader sedan
  • I haven't raced in 20 years and I'm still not even forty I did everything before I was twenty and then I kind of calm down but I'll challenge anyone to a drive-in contest racing off-road anything I'm the best driver there is I challenge you I call you out let's see you do it

    Seedless GrapesSeedless Grapes5 månader sedan
  • Has anybody else noticed that Cletus has a huge speech impediment and he's just a basic goofy guy with parents connected to the Illuminati and that's why he got his channel so popular??? I really loved the guy in the beginning but he doesn't respond to anything I say I'm just putting out straight facts I'm sure he knows about it maybe he even has a cyst on his brain but I'm glad he has some friends now that he's popular cuz being alone is miserable especially when you're simple or confused

    Seedless GrapesSeedless Grapes5 månader sedan
  • Glad to see not all of America is bowing down to this corona bs and are living life.

    Allen AndersonAllen Anderson5 månader sedan
  • Aw man, and here I thought we had a new freedom factory pace car.

    S0thernmanS0thernman5 månader sedan
  • poor Coop...

    Robert CraigheadRobert Craighead5 månader sedan
  • How was silverlake

    Dustin AndersonDustin Anderson5 månader sedan
  • cleetus where's your helmet :(

    Greg KreutzGreg Kreutz5 månader sedan
  • CBR swapped Razor👀

    Terry BlanchardTerry Blanchard5 månader sedan
    • Busa powered rail built in my garage. LOL

      deranged731deranged7315 månader sedan
  • R u John Anderson’s son?

    Bryan HilburnBryan Hilburn5 månader sedan
  • Front wheel drive you guys should of bought a astro van with rwd or awd

    Jeremy GJeremy G5 månader sedan
  • Was anybody else triggered by the passenger side sun visor hanging down when there was a perfectly fine clip for it? 🤷‍♂️😖😵

  • GRM shirt, and a Sloppy shirt. Those boys have taste for sure

    dhodg777dhodg7775 månader sedan
  • Time to mount a blown v8 in it?

    Wicked HobbiesWicked Hobbies5 månader sedan
  • Now in theaters "FlordiaMan Far From Home"

    Sam HendleySam Hendley5 månader sedan
  • Plz Cummings swap this plz

    Cavin McCordCavin McCord5 månader sedan
  • Hell yeah brother! You’re on the policeman for our SEworld channel.

    Tea MistroTea Mistro5 månader sedan
  • Sweet haha

    MonteroMontero5 månader sedan
  • Y’all should put a bigger engine in it for more riding power

    Cooper BatesCooper Bates5 månader sedan
  • The DALERAIL!!!!!!

    Jacob BerlinJacob Berlin5 månader sedan
  • I don't comment often, but this is one of the best videos I have seen in awhile. Looked like a blast.

    bluerider 098bluerider 0985 månader sedan
  • This episode: Cleetus goes around complimenting mens units.

    115 månader sedan
  • Lost the flag

    Joshua BurchettJoshua Burchett5 månader sedan
  • Gotta love silver lake sand dunes

    Adam LancasterAdam Lancaster5 månader sedan
  • omg i was there thursday last week

    KadenW .YT.KadenW .YT.5 månader sedan
  • Do this with a ford 350 7.3L van

    Follow The GrowFollow The Grow5 månader sedan
  • Is it just me or does he have buck teeth or is he making faces with his lips all the time

    Todd BTodd B5 månader sedan
  • Odd to me that not evey vehicle would be 4x4

    M owlerM owler5 månader sedan
  • Ruby with paddle tires

    Daniel JanoianDaniel Janoian5 månader sedan
  • Raise hell pray Dale 💪💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Devin ReedDevin Reed5 månader sedan
  • shed some weight by removing those rear seats and you'll have yourself a real champ!

    Alias SmithandJonesAlias SmithandJones5 månader sedan
  • Please tell me this is in Florida

    Miguel GaviriaMiguel Gaviria5 månader sedan
    • No, Michigan. (Silver Lake State Park)

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 25 månader sedan
  • You should of bought the white ute during houston cleetus and cars

    RuszkoRuszko5 månader sedan
  • The RND that was done , priceless. We got a code RED.

    team Redteam Red5 månader sedan
  • silver lake is the place to be baby

    Skylar JSkylar J6 månader sedan
  • If it fits, she rips

    Prinz 793Prinz 7936 månader sedan
  • At the beginning ofthe video you called a raptor a ranger and then he said its ls swaped and make abt 300hp why did he do that raptor come stock with 450 hp

    Trey FishelTrey Fishel6 månader sedan
  • I’m looking on Craigslist for one of these bad boys rn lol

    Patrick RoupPatrick Roup6 månader sedan

    QuantumGamingQuantumGaming6 månader sedan
  • Who else thought that was cleetus in the back of the car 0:22

    nate_da_gamer cnate_da_gamer c6 månader sedan
  • I was just there 2 Leeds ago I blew a heater hose on my truck.

    ZakkermanZakkerman6 månader sedan
  • needed to put some good tires on the back as well those small tires just dig in

    dposer10dposer106 månader sedan
  • i did the same thing with a subaru outback... cut the rear roof off, washer strut lift, door removal... etc. $300 cant beat it HIGHLY recommend buying a cheap car to hoon, well worth the smiles per miles

    Chris SzubaChris Szuba6 månader sedan
  • Where is this?

    SpeedTrapSpeedTrap6 månader sedan
    • Silver Lake State Park, Mears, Michigan

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 25 månader sedan
  • 12:28 Missed chance to yell... NOOO!!!! MONICA!!!!

    Jaz BuhJaz Buh6 månader sedan

    Josh HughesJosh Hughes6 månader sedan
  • The funny this is. Is that mt grandparents live 5 min away from those sand dunes and i seen cleetus on the sand

    LittleBillLittleBill6 månader sedan
  • Cheeltus, you're needing to strap youreself Into,1 of the $200,000 blown big block rails,cruising around out at the dunes, you would be so scared, you would be havein 1 of you're own after you changed you're shorts! ,these vehicles are no joke!!!,

    Joe HansonJoe Hanson6 månader sedan
  • Making me want to run my Sand rail out there. b4 i sell it.

    Kyle HKyle H6 månader sedan

    Kaden TomlinKaden Tomlin6 månader sedan