Ruby Got CALLED OUT By a 7 Second Supra During Testing!!! FREEDOM MODE: ENGAGED

30 aug 2020
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Little bummed how this video ended... At the end of the day, I made the call and now I face the problem!
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  • wtf is up with his knuckle ....

    Josh PJosh PMånad sedan
  • walked that supra!

    Jon AllardJon AllardMånad sedan
  • Just to put a 0.004 reaction time into prospective. It is literally 100x faster than the blink of an eye

  • RUBY has a heart as big as her crew, never give up. She Gaaaaaaaaapped that toyo-soup can with enough space Jupiter could fit between them. She was the car build that brought me to this channel. Happy she’s still part of the family. You guys are great fun to watch, great friends, and a great influencer to the people around you. How many different companies are now making vids because of you guys. Thanks again!

    calvin eulaliocalvin eulalio2 månader sedan
  • F*ck it, send it!! Has done nothing but ruin marriages and delete bank accounts for yrs!!😂 Nice build and good racing. But, yes, should've called the night after hearing about fuel pressure issues. Hopefully it was only a head gasket

    Mark MahurinMark Mahurin2 månader sedan
  • Damn man tough break, but we know you guys will be back for the 7

    XxCL1MAXxXXxCL1MAXxX3 månader sedan
  • Look at Ruby take that supra that was worth it

    Jacob HerronJacob Herron3 månader sedan
  • I remember Leroy's first 7 love it hell yeah bro

    Jacob HerronJacob Herron3 månader sedan
  • I got a Saleem focus 05 thank kevin can tune it

    Jacob HerronJacob Herron3 månader sedan
  • Go kevin

    Jacob HerronJacob Herron3 månader sedan
  • Ruby Leroy that's all I'm saying LoL

    Jacob HerronJacob Herron3 månader sedan
  • James looking like he just got some candy 😂😂😂

    Jacob HerronJacob Herron3 månader sedan
  • Like I said in the last video..... good ollllld supra 😏😏😏

    FULLY RCFULLY RC3 månader sedan
  • Wat ever you pay kevin is knot enough

    Lee KnudsonLee Knudson3 månader sedan
  • He’s a 1/4 mile guy right ? I know some Down south ppl just run 1/8

    ChuckChuck3 månader sedan
  • *That's Racing. Good Attitude.*

    Old FokkerOld Fokker3 månader sedan
  • 15:20 i’d when the fallout and race starts.

    Lord TriaLord Tria3 månader sedan
  • 15:04

    Zohil BeggZohil Begg3 månader sedan
  • James absolutely gave him the sauce. Insane reaction time. Holy cow!

    kgr2369kgr23693 månader sedan
  • Guys plz fix the data log issue it making decisions way too guessy

    Samuel RodriguezSamuel Rodriguez3 månader sedan
  • Man, coopers girl is thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.

    Ben wBen w3 månader sedan
    • You mean fat?

      Jonathan EscamillaJonathan Escamilla3 månader sedan
  • Leroy or ruby

    Are u Mad IncAre u Mad Inc3 månader sedan
  • No chance that is a 7 second Supra unless something was wrong with it. At every interval Ruby was lengthening the gap and still ran an 8.04 run. Bad car, no doubt...maybe just not their best run

    Anthony RainesAnthony Raines3 månader sedan
  • Im sorry but that is 1000% you're fault. You logged to 1000' and knew the fuel was dropping off. That should have ended the night right on the spot. Fix that head gasket and hope it didn't hurt a piston, get that fixed and get the fuel issue taken care of. Lean is a boosted or nitrous engines worst enemy. Get that taken care of and your next day at the track will absolutely get you well into the 7's.

    prostreetcamaroprostreetcamaro3 månader sedan
  • When he said look at the stallion who was he talkin about

    Daniel BreaultDaniel Breault3 månader sedan
  • Great content

    samlol23samlol233 månader sedan
  • Short To Ground on the Injectors side....BET!

    David BecerraDavid Becerra3 månader sedan
  • He treed the hell out of it 🎄 !!!

    Bryan ABryan A3 månader sedan
  • Victory is meaningless without the risk of defeat. Build it, take it out, blow it up. Repeat as necessary.

    Justin BelsheJustin Belshe3 månader sedan
  • Yeah she faster then a demon

    Brian KrasneBrian Krasne3 månader sedan
  • Is she faster then a demon

    Brian KrasneBrian Krasne3 månader sedan
  • "The supra wants to run you" "They wanna get gapped?"

    Zachary MillerZachary Miller4 månader sedan
  • This video:new turbo next video:uhhh we broke some stuff

    Gavin ArmentorGavin Armentor4 månader sedan
  • “Y’all got that gap though” 😂

    Omw2fyb 6Omw2fyb 64 månader sedan
  • you stinking chevy.............🐨👍🏼

    FatAss DavidFatAss David4 månader sedan
  • Gap season in full effect boys he tree the hell out that guy

    Alex PerezAlex Perez4 månader sedan
  • Love seeing a good ol corvette sending a clout supra to GAPPLEBEES

    Big Block ChevyBig Block Chevy4 månader sedan
  • James: weight

    Jerry LopezJerry Lopez4 månader sedan
  • Morning Poop. WEIGHT REDUCTION

    Christopher LailChristopher Lail4 månader sedan
  • You don’t have a custom fit hood for this car yet? You must get so much drag from an open engine bay your loosing top end speed because of it, also you need a filter on that turbo intake as you go down the runway. Sand,rocks, pieces of rubber. Bugs that melt down into sugars in your engine. Protect your shit man, you won’t be able to do SEworld forever to make money, your Going to need a real job at some point to fund this hobbie

    Providence Tidal ReefProvidence Tidal Reef4 månader sedan
  • Get with tkm and get some top fuel hoops.

    charles vanecharles vane4 månader sedan
  • Nice work, pro car, Awesome attitude......

    Karl MawbyKarl Mawby4 månader sedan
  • Where was the 7 second Supra?

    mbdulkambdulka4 månader sedan
  • A Stallion Named Ruby

    You're Gonna Like This CommentYou're Gonna Like This Comment4 månader sedan
  • Damn that vette was gone out the hole

    Ignacio Limon Jr.Ignacio Limon Jr.4 månader sedan
  • 7 second supra, but runs a 9.3 hmmmmmm

    freakymrqfreakymrq4 månader sedan
  • That man guessed the shit out of that light

    b bedgoodb bedgood4 månader sedan
  • Frame rate on that new camera is awful

    batchbatch4 månader sedan
  • My advice to you is to sell this scrap and buy the GTR

    H.S A.rH.S A.r4 månader sedan
  • That boring ass shit need all that bullshit to beat a 2jz 🤣🤣

    YezziyYezziy4 månader sedan
  • Not a drag racer nor claim to know the rules, how is a .004 not a red light? I thought a .500 was perfect and anything lower would result in a red light

    63jeepj2063jeepj204 månader sedan
  • Bro add a dirt road extension to the track? To think about a WRC contract?

    Roy RodriguezRoy Rodriguez4 månader sedan
  • Atleast you clapped a supra, one of the best drag racing cars let alone the 2j. So good job but r.i.p head gasket

    666私の心のうつ病666私の心のうつ病4 månader sedan
  • Coops lookin THICK!!!!

    David PetersonDavid Peterson4 månader sedan
  • .004 what a beast! King of drag strip? Where is the .003?

    sarah mcmillansarah mcmillan4 månader sedan
  • Nice visor and gloves😔

    Ratt MannRatt Mann4 månader sedan
  • Y’all need to use some other head gasket

    Ash StuartAsh Stuart4 månader sedan
  • That car hooks up amazing fawkkkk

    Andys709Andys7094 månader sedan
  • seven second supra my ass

    aFinappleaFinapple4 månader sedan
  • go when you see the top yellow bulb!

    Daniel leeDaniel lee4 månader sedan
  • low 5s in the 1/8th is moving!

    Daniel leeDaniel lee4 månader sedan
  • That was so worth breaking Ruby over.. CHEVY BABY🇺🇸👏💪

    K9 Blue Boi 206K9 Blue Boi 2064 månader sedan
  • Coop eating good 😂

    Daniel Tuned EH2Daniel Tuned EH24 månader sedan
  • Ruby's one righteous girl good to see you guys hope you're doing good

    Todd ClarkTodd Clark4 månader sedan
  • Ole Jack Stand Jimmy gappin' 'N treein'. Innit 2 winnit!

    Logan FordLogan Ford4 månader sedan
  • Mate that's why we watch real world problems . Not just fairytale shit . Big up champs

    Rymein GillRymein Gill4 månader sedan
  • lol the supra still clean tho

    DocGodzillaDocGodzilla4 månader sedan
  • James is an absolute animal, can someone catch a sponsorship?

    Justin DrydenJustin Dryden4 månader sedan

    Jeremy GJeremy G4 månader sedan
  • Can't you O ring the heads when you take them off to replace the head gasket then you'll be able to run alot of boost and not worry about the head gasket

    Benjamin BairdBenjamin Baird4 månader sedan
  • James is a freakin beast Hey man y’all gapped the Supra let’s look at the good side of it

    Freddy RosalesFreddy Rosales4 månader sedan
  • Dude I remember when you got ruby . She looks dam nice. Great job dude

    jdubbfam37jdubbfam374 månader sedan
  • Tkm top fuel hoop. + really good machine work.

    hondatech5000hondatech50004 månader sedan
  • Regardless, these are the videos I really want to see and why I follow this channel. Good work guys.

    ThePeopleVerseThePeopleVerse4 månader sedan
  • Soon as you guys go to a different track you'll run a seven watch

    Coach DeonCoach Deon4 månader sedan
  • James reaction time though... Dat man aint play in

    Coach DeonCoach Deon4 månader sedan
  • Coops gotten rounded during quarantine

    Connor W.Connor W.4 månader sedan
  • Broke but broke that Supra’s heart took his lunch money beer money and rent cuz he embarrassed the hell outa that 2j go James he the only reason I watch this channel still cuz coop is always somewhere else and the new guys are lame other than justin

    Gale UseltonGale Uselton4 månader sedan
  • Some day are diamonds and some days are rocks

    Jordan RowanJordan Rowan4 månader sedan
  • That Supra got tree'd so hard my mom just started getting out the Christmas decorations. SWEET HONEY BARBECUE!

    Adam SwankAdam Swank4 månader sedan

    Tyler BlankTyler Blank4 månader sedan
  • James said not today son!

    Levi SharmanLevi Sharman4 månader sedan
  • James TOASTED that guy wooowww

    Austin HaleyAustin Haley4 månader sedan
  • I bet my red car beat your red car lmao

    sunfish for fishsunfish for fish4 månader sedan
  • 7 second supra runs a 9.5? James could've brought Ruby when she was stock and it would've been close.

    supergrendelsupergrendel4 månader sedan
  • Doesn't james change em in like 20 mins???? Head gasket..

    Kuttin KuddyKuttin Kuddy4 månader sedan
  • That’s racing !!

    Danny BeelerDanny Beeler4 månader sedan
  • "yall got that gap tho" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    freddy maldonadofreddy maldonado4 månader sedan
  • Love how the time slips went flying on the launch haha

    John HorryJohn Horry4 månader sedan
  • Send ruby's old turbski my way

    mohammed saeedmohammed saeed4 månader sedan
  • why cleet always break passenger side gasket?

    Seba TechSeba Tech4 månader sedan
  • I love the track and all that other footage but this why we're here. This is why i love this channel.

    Atanas TripzterAtanas Tripzter4 månader sedan
  • You should probably hit up randy over at Johnson lifters and aske him about his guy Al

    Daniel ClevelandDaniel Cleveland4 månader sedan
  • Now to see them fix that, and James should call out Cletus with Leroy

    Random ActsRandom Acts4 månader sedan
  • Ever thought about doing a twin charged......turbo and a supercharger?

    War_ MooseWar_ Moose4 månader sedan
  • James in full race mode!! Cutting heads off. 🥴

    Donald MilesDonald Miles4 månader sedan
  • is it me or is it pining at 12:07 - should be around the same time it runs out of the pump in the log.

    WhoTheHeckIsRehaWhoTheHeckIsReha4 månader sedan
  • James makin’ that tree his bitch!!!!

    JOSHJOSH4 månader sedan
  • no more mullet huh?

    Metal Detecting With PulltabFeverMetal Detecting With PulltabFever4 månader sedan
  • Sorry Cleeter for the issues but damn James!

    Scott FarrisScott Farris4 månader sedan