The CRAZIEST Race of My Life!!! 7.1 Second Twin Turbo Mustang vs. Ruby!!

8 dec 2020
1 072 725 visningar

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Ruby and I gave it our best!!! What a freaking race!
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  • I bet you wack gram lines with that snozzule forgetaboutit.

    Sean CharleboisSean Charlebois16 timmar sedan
  • Bro your cars are killa

    Carly LemishCarly LemishDag sedan
  • Ruby is like their little daughter 😂

    Jaylon SoaresJaylon Soares2 dagar sedan
  • How about a race with ken block's hoonicorn, well truthfully ruby would get destroyed 😂😂😂😂

    Jaylon SoaresJaylon Soares2 dagar sedan
  • cracked under pressure ....more interested in making your "I'll sit here all day point" than executing your shifts...deserve to lose

    Al LongtinAl Longtin3 dagar sedan
    • @Belch Bat shut your trap bro 2 of my older brothers drag raced since i was a kid. I personally raced cars ( as a driver ) for over 12 years.

      Al LongtinAl Longtin2 dagar sedan
    • Stick to bowling Al

      Belch BatBelch Bat2 dagar sedan
  • No one wearing masks and we wonder the virus doesn't go away...smh

    Rob SashRob Sash3 dagar sedan
  • You have a sweet and supportive girlfriend. Good for you. Enjoyed this, thanks.

    James WagnerJames Wagner3 dagar sedan
  • Man you got a good one in Maddie! Marry that one brother. Good runs.

    Shadetree Trades. Jack of allShadetree Trades. Jack of all3 dagar sedan
  • no gloves! very keen

    KnowGarageKnowGarage5 dagar sedan
  • Holy. Ruby launches so damn hard

    Jared RobbinsJared Robbins6 dagar sedan
  • Just wanted to complainant your wife or the blonde you guys our so humble you guys make it fun and enjoyable no bad languages always smiling even though I’m Ford guy my dream would to meet u all never in my funds but thank u again for showing start to finish love u guys

    robert loftinrobert loftin6 dagar sedan
  • Were are U racing?

    Don KeziahDon Keziah7 dagar sedan
  • Were late on the shift as U were saying U missed the shift?

    Don KeziahDon Keziah7 dagar sedan
  • That’s one fast mustang

    Caden BrumbelowCaden Brumbelow7 dagar sedan
  • 5.0 > The World

    Ole DudeOle Dude7 dagar sedan
  • How can you miss a shift with a power glide

    Lee KnudsonLee Knudson9 dagar sedan
  • Maddie is to die for. Wish I had a girl like that should definitely make her the boss (marry/wife)

    Russell Conley IIRussell Conley II9 dagar sedan
  • Ford for the win

    Mike BarnesMike Barnes10 dagar sedan
  • Cletus what do you run for your ground DYO,Index,Heads up

    LeightonLeevardVlogsLeightonLeevardVlogs10 dagar sedan
  • Bro i never see any girl being excited by a car's race bro, here on Brazil you'll never find one like yours, she is having a loot of fun there, WHAT THE FUCK is this corvete too fucking fast come on!

    gMohrgMohr11 dagar sedan
  • Cleet your girlfriend. Is so gorgeous and seems you guys get along merry vthat women

    stevo kanevostevo kanevo12 dagar sedan
  • Fix ruby driver side rear marker light.

    Marshall MooberryMarshall Mooberry12 dagar sedan
  • I was wondering why I haven't seen more videos from you guys and apparently youtube unsubscribed me from the channel???!?!!

    TheSery7TheSery712 dagar sedan
  • She was a good team player keep her around

    Nick BoyleNick Boyle13 dagar sedan
  • The poised ant secondarily interfere because dinner tellingly expand by a perpetual coke. petite, lively cirrus

    Justin WhalenJustin Whalen13 dagar sedan
  • Good shit Cleet ! FL boy

    Masked MarvelMasked Marvel13 dagar sedan
  • flamgo cleetus ?

    Brae FaeBrae Fae13 dagar sedan
  • Would have got him if didn't forget second gear. The Adrenaline got him 👍👍

    Eddy HerediaEddy Heredia14 dagar sedan
  • From a noob here: why didnt anyone want to jump in on the tree for the 2nd light?

    MarshallVetMarshallVet14 dagar sedan
    • Turbos need extra time to get the turbo spooled up. Turbo cars want the other guy to go in first so they can spool, then bump in. In the last race, both cars were turbo cars, so they both wanted to go in second. I think they should put the tree on a timer.....once the top bulbs are lit, after a random amount of time (5-10 seconds), the green lights come on regardless of whether the bottom bulbs are lit. That would be fun to watch.

      TyTanium1294TyTanium1294Dag sedan
  • I’ve been to Florida a couple of times in the month of Feb, it was funny to see people in toques.

    goovaertsgoovaerts14 dagar sedan
  • woow 24:08 the mustang is going crazy :)))

    G.I. JoeG.I. Joe14 dagar sedan
  • 63º in Florida...LOL! That's well into shorts-weather here in Colorado...In Florida , they head to Publix for extra provisions and cover the trees with plastic tarps.

    Trapper50calTrapper50cal14 dagar sedan
  • Hell yeah brother!

    Tony ATony A14 dagar sedan
  • Loser.... got cocky oh mister this is a street car, I can wait all day. Wait all day too lose. Ha ha ha

    Robert AllenRobert Allen15 dagar sedan
  • Maddie stole the show. The racing was awesome as always but to have someone supportive like that in your life is priceless. I wish the best for the two.

    Blaze LovatoBlaze Lovato15 dagar sedan
  • If you would've shifted right and won that mustang owner would've been pissed lmao

    BabyJoker's 2.0TBabyJoker's 2.0T15 dagar sedan
  • I'm obviously clueless but those tyres cracked before the green light.

    Yellow SnowYellow Snow15 dagar sedan
  • What kind of stupid shit is this? Both cars are lined up and set. Start the damn race.

    mazda64lifemazda64life15 dagar sedan
  • Nice runs at my home track. Love the videos! Love toast it’s my inspiration. Keep up the good work.

    conover1978conover197816 dagar sedan
  • can you tune my friends mustang

    Itz Fidelmar GamingItz Fidelmar Gaming18 dagar sedan
  • Madi is literally the human equivalent of a Golden Retriever. Always happy!

    T MT M18 dagar sedan
  • That's some b.s. to say he's gonna double bulb and your going to sit there cus your car won't burn down- but ull do that to your competition... Cleetus you a bish!

    Tricky DickTricky Dick18 dagar sedan
  • What no JATO packs allowed ? Cheaper !

    Garret KrampeGarret Krampe18 dagar sedan
  • Ruby could DESTROY the hoonicorn

    AT musicAT music18 dagar sedan
  • I have a cousin who drag races (technically 2), fastest he's ever left was a perfect 0.00, he left at the exact moment the light changed

    billy the bobbilly the bob18 dagar sedan
  • That hair-do 😂😂😂

    Gary McleanGary Mclean19 dagar sedan
  • For sure! It’s time for Ken Block to have some real competition. Get a hold of Hoonigan Cletus and give him a real race!

    C AbornC Aborn19 dagar sedan
  • Idk cleater really played with him on that one and they are so mature and professional they are both smiling after props to Doug and cleat! God bless!

    adam augustadam august19 dagar sedan
  • Can we just take a moment to appreciate how awesome Maddie is!? Seriously she's the ultimate hype!!!

    • simp

      aa5 dagar sedan
  • Nova still is faster lol

    No VanityNo Vanity20 dagar sedan
  • A nova would gap ur c6 easily lol

    No VanityNo Vanity20 dagar sedan
  • Is the guy at 3:05 on that Netflix show?? Fastest car I think is the name. That guy is a legend.

    Ipee FreelyIpee Freely20 dagar sedan
  • Please crush the hoonicorn

    Mek WMek W20 dagar sedan
  • The suspense was killing me

    Matt BrownMatt Brown20 dagar sedan
  • cool video but this just confirms my suspicions of why our countries cases just keep syrocketing. You have events still taking place and people like in this video where nobody where's a mask

    DrogonDrogon20 dagar sedan
  • Ford Brother!!!

    Ben HoadBen Hoad21 dag sedan
  • In 1971 I was in the stands at Indianapolis Raceway Park and watched Don Garlits and Steve Carbone play out this strategy. Garlits lost.

    walmartdog1142walmartdog114221 dag sedan
  • No offence bro,,but you have one ugly old lady,, most youtube guys have nice looking females , shows you dont care about that sort of thing,, you are few and far between.

    mike scullymike scully21 dag sedan
  • No Prep track, Ruby's may be a low 9 sec car. it would be extremely close i suspect.

    Fool RatioFool Ratio22 dagar sedan
  • Keep your NOS. Keep your turbos. Real men run all motor.

    outdoor funoutdoor fun22 dagar sedan
  • First pull 6:14 Second pull: 13:28 Third pull: 24:10

    Matthew BurkettMatthew Burkett22 dagar sedan
  • It never gets old watching those little 302s stomp the 427s....It never gets old..... The way its always been..... Ford does more with less......

    Kyle Van TasselKyle Van Tassel22 dagar sedan
  • The race at 13:00 (well, 12:00), LOVE IT! 🤘🏻🤘🏻 ESPECIALLY being against Barnett! That was really really good sh*t!! 😊😊 SUCH a good dude and still super glad he is out having fun racing again, badass race guys!! (all the races and staging duels were great!) 🤘🏻🤘🏻😊😊

    DME EMDDME EMD22 dagar sedan
  • That mustang is nasty

    Jonathan UpshawJonathan Upshaw22 dagar sedan
  • There should be a timer on the tree to stage.

    pjdambrapjdambra23 dagar sedan
  • Smoked by the stang. Perfect!

    Jason SayenJason Sayen23 dagar sedan
  • 25:32 Rip Paul Walker

    deputy Nicodeputy Nico24 dagar sedan
  • The tension is half the battle. Dang, great run!

    John WehuntJohn Wehunt24 dagar sedan
  • Why is nobody talking about how Cleet jumped that race!? The light wasnt green yet

    dee fdee f24 dagar sedan
    • He didn't jump. He ✂️ one helluva light

      Greenway Transport IncGreenway Transport Inc22 dagar sedan
  • Hoonicorn is waving at you right now

    LHNDR MauroLHNDR Mauro24 dagar sedan
  • Dude, I just realized that to shift your car you have to drive with one hand. There has to be a better way for safety's sake. Is that a sequential manual? They don't have a system for those? You might be able to rig up a metered servo system to work to shift for you. Just thinking....Your races were awesome and you are great at pretty much everything cool, so I'm impressed. Keep up the awesome!

    Big GuyBig Guy25 dagar sedan
  • Nice burndown on the nova. Winning is winning 😂

    BitahplayBitahplay25 dagar sedan

    Money ManMoney Man25 dagar sedan
  • This is my home town were yall are racing I just love this I need to find away to get there and see yall race

    frankdizzle941frankdizzle94125 dagar sedan
  • I'm thinking you need to take Ruby and/or Leroy out to race Ken Block and the Hoonicorn....

    metomwhoumetomwhou25 dagar sedan
  • Gatta be one of the best runs I’ve seen in a long time 💪🏽 that mustang is a beast but love the corvette brotha

    TheBully300TheBully30025 dagar sedan
  • Would you say that was a super nova?

    Chris TaylorChris Taylor25 dagar sedan
  • Need a air shifter

    Lee KnudsonLee Knudson25 dagar sedan
  • Man, Cleet left that Mustang for dead at the tree!

    MarchuxProductionsMarchuxProductions26 dagar sedan
  • Would love to see you race Ken Blocks mustang!! Someone needs to beat him🙂

    Doug BoysDoug Boys26 dagar sedan
  • Please set up a race with the hoonicorn

    Kirkpatrick ConstructionKirkpatrick Construction27 dagar sedan

    Griffin playzGriffin playz27 dagar sedan
  • You should go up against Ken Block’s Hoonicorn. This beast would decimate the hoonicorn. I’m sure most people would agree with me

    Fernando NFernando N27 dagar sedan
    • Hell yeah that’s what people have been asking for since they keep putting the hoonicorn up against slower cars, hopefully they race 😉

      Golden G35Golden G3520 dagar sedan
    • Prepped track though

      Ian DrescherIan Drescher21 dag sedan
  • Come on bro... you're up!!! lol

    Jason ArencibiaJason Arencibia27 dagar sedan
  • Hoonicorn doesn't want this smoke.

    iMixMasteRiMixMasteR27 dagar sedan
  • Yaaaaaboyyy woooohoooo

    Bryce NeubergerBryce Neuberger27 dagar sedan
  • Sooo anticlimactic

    Richard LongshaftRichard Longshaft27 dagar sedan
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    Margarita HunterMargarita Hunter28 dagar sedan
  • The axiomatic boundary pathomorphologically manage because organisation extremely moan within a offbeat friend. complex, valuable tie

    Kenny BrysonKenny Bryson28 dagar sedan
  • Cleetus, don't put such a week tiny motor up against that huge 5 litres of FORD !!

    Craig mcgaughranCraig mcgaughran28 dagar sedan
  • Ruby vs Hoonicorn??? 🤔

    Boosted ImportsBoosted Imports28 dagar sedan
  • I would have shut that tree down and sent you both back to the trailers.

    av40229av4022929 dagar sedan
  • Yote basically gave him the break or else he would've red lit. Otherwise yote would've won by a few car lengths. Good race otherwise.

    James McclaryJames Mcclary29 dagar sedan
  • 13:56 That face you make when you ya know ya got em.

    totalld21totalld2129 dagar sedan
  • Notice how all these younger racers always have an excuse? Just can't get out and say good race, ya beat me.

    Wes SWes S29 dagar sedan
    • Nah.

      AlexAlex26 dagar sedan
  • Ruby needs a ten pound boost scramble button for the big end.

    attitude adjustedattitude adjusted29 dagar sedan
  • Hahaha! Come on men!!! How u can miss 2nd gear!!!!! Nooooo! What a raceee! Is time to twin turbo ruby!!! Lets gooo!

    Josh GnzlezJosh Gnzlez29 dagar sedan
  • Come on man ruby should have won but the stang was bad ass that was a great race ..

    michiganhotwheel hwmichiganhotwheel hw29 dagar sedan
  • Maddie is so supportive I love it

    wes childresswes childress29 dagar sedan
  • Great work on the tree.

    Mel LesterMel Lester29 dagar sedan