The Bald Eagle Machine FINALLY Makes Its First 1,000+hp RIPS!!! (SOUNDS AMAZING!)

25 nov 2020
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Ohhhhh boy! The C7 is BACK IN ACTION! How much power can she put down??
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  • *_What does the blower turbo do?_* Is is just another version of a turbo?

    JaybruhhJaybruhh6 timmar sedan
  • I know you love meth ?

    Thanks for all thatThanks for all thatDag sedan

    Gionino GzGionino Gz8 dagar sedan
  • This car sounds really good

    Emery CottleEmery Cottle13 dagar sedan
  • Cleetus: Well im pretty happy with that number. Right where i wanted to be! Lol WOW!!!

    Bobby EmersonBobby Emerson22 dagar sedan
  • Jeremy seems like a cool guy.

    Danny KendellDanny KendellMånad sedan
  • Always liked chevy I got a 05 silverado single cab short bed with a built 6.0 when I blew up the 5.3 i got a good deal on a 03 gt mustang with a swapped cobra 4.6 no matter how hard i am on that mustang it holds up

    Itsjust a2vItsjust a2vMånad sedan
  • Jeremy looks like a kid sitting in the bald eagle machine

    homerhomerMånad sedan
  • I'm just disappointed we didn't get a shout of "FULL PULL!" 😄

    Jeremy GoldsmithJeremy GoldsmithMånad sedan
  • The power from the exhaust was lifting up the power cord😂

    Jordan CoyleJordan CoyleMånad sedan
  • I remember when he put a lawnmower in the back of that c7

    David GludDavid GludMånad sedan
  • @18:00 so glad we have the NHS in the UK

    Brad ScottBrad ScottMånad sedan
  • “Patina” is car guy speak for looks like shit. Lol

    TenHeadLifeTenHeadLifeMånad sedan
  • Well cleet, I been with you since before leroy when you was putting whistles in exhaust pipes, but I gotta say I'm real disappointed in your actions lately in response to covid. Thanks for the times, and I hope you learn about personal responsibility the easy way instead of the hard way. See ya.

    Oren CookOren CookMånad sedan
  • Hey anyone know what the year, make, and model of the classic big body sedan at 23 seconds in??

    Nick PohlNick PohlMånad sedan
  • We want to meet Ryan!!!!

    Rx 710Rx 710Månad sedan
  • 🙏Parker!!!

    emeraldisle70emeraldisle70Månad sedan
  • Awesome to see you and Jeremy hanging out again

    Kila Bee82Kila Bee82Månad sedan
  • Ok, since your all so damn slick, build the big Chevy hit car on alcohol with a full tub kit ect... how consistent can you dial her. Full computer, air shift, chill a Pepsi can on the intake for fun. G body? Early Bel Air from like 59? Or Farmtruck killer! But with some paint.

    craig foxcraig foxMånad sedan
  • Spotted a V1 by the center mirror. A must for keeping your licence all over the world. 🚔

    Arfey MacArfey MacMånad sedan
  • Cleetus man I can hear you doing these dyno pulls from my shop 2 blocks down the road😂😂

    Josh DevriesJosh DevriesMånad sedan
  • Jeremy needs to STICK TO TUNING. His SEworld Persona is ANNOYING

    9sec NJDEV1L Camaro9sec NJDEV1L CamaroMånad sedan
  • #SteamBurn!

    swifty 419swifty 419Månad sedan
  • I've Been following Jeremy. lol I love seeing the old C4 LT. Coop put the 2JZ in the Camaro. As a Camaro owner I had to stop watching.

    WYZMaro 97WYZMaro 97Månad sedan
  • Is Jeremy taking appointments to tune customers cars?

    JurocketJurocketMånad sedan
  • Idea turbo charging the c8 with a whales blow hole

    BIGBUTHOL bIgbootyBIGBUTHOL bIgbootyMånad sedan
    • Plz 👍

      BIGBUTHOL bIgbootyBIGBUTHOL bIgbootyMånad sedan
  • So you mention that you reached the limit of the C7 fuel system. Just curious if this is a totally stock fuel setup? Injectors? Pump? can you shed so details on this?

    G MarchG MarchMånad sedan
  • The chevy LT engines sound soooo good. I know it's a texas speed engine, but it shares the same characteristics.

    Emery CottleEmery CottleMånad sedan
  • #covidandcars

    Greg ChapdelaineGreg ChapdelaineMånad sedan
  • Why are the comments disabled on your last video? Is it because the dude who got 3rd degree burns from a busted radiator hose while doing burnouts at Cleetus and Cars, but you said it was "completely safe" not hating, dude has to take responsibility for his own actions, but you could have mentioned that it happened, or at least not out right lied and said the event was completely safe....just sayn

    Lee WardLee WardMånad sedan
  • Crazy how you say the virus is blown out of proportion and everyone is healthy around you, and cletus and cars went good everyone was fine but you don't mention the guy that got severe 3rd degree burns all over his body. Also disabled comments on the video like are you scared of what people would say.

    Zay PZay PMånad sedan
  • whats with the Nebraska plate?

    Shane MartinShane MartinMånad sedan
  • Make the c7 a very fast show car. Get some sexy wheels, lower it, get a cool wrap. Maybe even get a bodykit.

    BomzharaBomzharaMånad sedan
  • Twin turbo camaro

    Mike HawsMike HawsMånad sedan
  • Got to do something fun with that Toyota.

    driojaldriojalMånad sedan
  • What kind of plugs do you run? I have a 438sbf with F1A air to air. Been trying to learn the Holley EFI system.

    MuffyMotorSportsMuffyMotorSportsMånad sedan
  • Seriously, who thumbs down these videos? Gotta be haters. Nothin else makes sense

    Jon K HeslekrantsJon K HeslekrantsMånad sedan
  • I always want to see how that earplug dispenser works lol

    Kanye TwittyKanye TwittyMånad sedan
  • Faster proms. C prom baby

    Jared THISDELLEJared THISDELLEMånad sedan
  • You're always down on power when you wheel stand. The car is climbing the ring gear. It can't spin the tire so it climbs the gear. You need wheelie bars anyway but turn it up and install bars. Old dragster guy.

    Purple SagePurple SageMånad sedan
  • The 4.6 and 5.4 ford are some of the toughest motors along as u keep ur timing chains changed every 100,000 miles

    Jamie FultzJamie FultzMånad sedan
  • how can you not like to be on camera?

    salemcripplesalemcrippleMånad sedan
  • #turnintodriftcar

    Harley WallsHarley WallsMånad sedan
  • Anyone know how to get ahold of Jeremy to tune a local car?

    BMLMZBMLMZMånad sedan

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 2Månad sedan
  • What bov is that?😍

    apocalypse EPTapocalypse EPTMånad sedan
    • ProCharger ProRace:

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 2Månad sedan
  • I did one that was 1053 and it was 3 15 on methanol

    sutton racingsutton racingMånad sedan
  • I love how tiny Jeremy looks in ol Cleet's seat!

    Terry ShawTerry ShawMånad sedan
  • Dude lsswap the roadkill guys trucks itd be hilarious and you guys for real could do it in 2 days lmao

    austin mccuneaustin mccuneMånad sedan
  • You and Kevin from KSR have a falling out?!?!

    Jason BakerJason BakerMånad sedan
    • ?

      InlineInlineMånad sedan
  • 3:49 - You can what happened last time George revved an engine like that, just by the look on his face 😭

    BushkillRiderBushkillRiderMånad sedan
  • 🐐

    StuntBoyRezStuntBoyRezMånad sedan
  • Garrett PLEASE swap the wheels out on the C7. It's such a badass build and car that is pet down by stock wheels.

    ChesspieceChesspieceMånad sedan
  • What about a fasterproms sticker on the bald eagle machine?

    jacobjacobMånad sedan
  • Can’t beat the sound of sick cam and procharger 🤤

    Jesseg9211Jesseg9211Månad sedan
  • I can't sub to Jeremy :'( I can only unsub. Anybody else run into a similar problem?

    StainerStainerMånad sedan
  • shiiiititt tt tt that blow off is insane

    Jevonté AdamsJevonté AdamsMånad sedan
  • I subscribed to him a while ago. keep your friends tight and you will build that empire. Never forget

    Douglas LoweDouglas LoweMånad sedan
  • Who has the job of changing all your tyres !!!!

    YorkiepaulYorkiepaulMånad sedan
  • Done and done

    michael s. clarkmichael s. clarkMånad sedan
  • build the Toyota

    Yusuf SamsonYusuf SamsonMånad sedan
  • But I'm already subscribed to Jeremy's channel... I'll have to buy some merch to support instead.

    Josh St. LouisJosh St. LouisMånad sedan
  • Allowing someone on the burnout pad in shorts and a tee shirt, ESPECIALLY in an open body car, was retarded. Rules are there to protect the clueless....

    yarrdayarrdayarrdayarrdayarrdayarrdaMånad sedan
  • Fan Request. Put an engine identical to the War Bird's engine in Neighbor.

    Jeromy SmithJeromy SmithMånad sedan
  • 8:07 for the dyno

    Vicente DominguezVicente DominguezMånad sedan
  • What does fasterproms mean? Something to do with highschool?

    Big ShowBig ShowMånad sedan
    • @Flat4Buggy 2 Thanks. I've only ever heard PROM as a thing to do with school 🤣

      Big ShowBig ShowMånad sedan
    • PROM - Programmable Read Only Memory

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 2Månad sedan
  • what even done to this car are there videos for that? Slippage I subed for that video unsub i guess

    Nathan SummersNathan SummersMånad sedan
  • I wanna see it on that hub dyno

    Ryan FowlerRyan FowlerMånad sedan
  • When can it race street speed 717s zr1? Lol

    jeremiahjeremiahMånad sedan
  • "bless your heart" is the nicest way to say f*** you

    The 5.0 BakerThe 5.0 BakerMånad sedan
  • Best wishes Parker, Cleeter keep on killing it Florida MAN!!

    G ForceG ForceMånad sedan
  • Can you do some video of the cool boss on the dyno? Asking for a friend.

    big countrybig countryMånad sedan
  • cleeters I've been watching you since 4 years back and I'm glad you haven't sold that corvette!!!! she's is beautiful and so lovely I'm glad she finally gonna be able to eat some vettes up !!! wish cali wasn't so far from Florida!

    Fonzi PachecoFonzi PachecoMånad sedan
  • Want to see this on 1320

    NikolaiNikolaiMånad sedan
  • That's like 750Hp in the real world

    Jasper PipesJasper PipesMånad sedan
  • Bothers me a little that they never curse on the videos ever, am I the only one?

    Alex BanuelosAlex BanuelosMånad sedan
  • The Toyota is just what Roadkill does. It will sit there for two years and then call you one day and say it’s yours! Or, hey we wanna do an episode, is that thing still around?

    Jeff GrishamJeff GrishamMånad sedan
  • Jeremy, I'm already subscribed. I can't subscribe any farther. Lol

    ronald grahamronald grahamMånad sedan
  • I saw that Trump bumper sticker 🤘

    NewEdgeYoteNewEdgeYoteMånad sedan
  • Procharger is by far my favorite power adder it’s like the best of both worlds 😂

    Casy BellCasy BellMånad sedan
  • U need to get a smokey and bandit trans am so u can drift it with neighbor build it to keep up with neighbor

    Brad DaltonBrad DaltonMånad sedan
  • Next video coming soon "We're upgrading the Bald Eagle Machine fuel system."

    Kirkland SeldalKirkland SeldalMånad sedan
  • Jeremy.. aka; Grandfather Time

    Mash RienMash RienMånad sedan
  • Jermey’s the man!!!

    Matt BMatt BMånad sedan
  • If finnegan doesn’t come back for the truck and tells you that you can have it you should pull the hood and put a huge parallel twin turbo kit on it

    LegionCronas StarkLegionCronas StarkMånad sedan
  • Also great to see neighbor ripping it up again HELL YEA BROTHER DOIN IT 4 ED!!!!!!!! RIP ED 😇

    Ryan TaraskasRyan TaraskasMånad sedan
  • This thing with the new guy Ryan not wanting to be on camera no disrespect but that’s kinda weird like is he hiding from something or got a bad criminal background lol idk I’m just saying it’s just a little weird but everybody is different in how they feel or handle a situation

    Ryan TaraskasRyan TaraskasMånad sedan
    • Some people are just camera shy.

      InlineInlineMånad sedan
  • I unsubbed Jeremy and subbed again. Got you bro 💪🏻

    kyleskinzfan1kyleskinzfan1Månad sedan
  • Man, that thing would be nuts with bigger injectors and E-85!😮 Over 1K hp. on pump gas is pretty impressive for *any* engine combination. I'd be really curious to see what that does at the dragstrip with that torque curve (and a dogbox like Leroy's). You ought name it 'Whistling Death' with the sound of that centrifugal supercharger!🤣👍

    Dan WDan WMånad sedan
  • OH Baby...i think we would all like to see it do a race week ! ! ! Mad fast passes and ride in style and comfort.

    ThePeopleVerseThePeopleVerseMånad sedan
  • That is one bad mama jamma!!!

    Torch Craft MarineTorch Craft MarineMånad sedan
  • Yo cleetus ya hair changed to a different color

    Jocelyn NewmanJocelyn NewmanMånad sedan
  • She was great keep her in the vids

    Nick BoyleNick BoyleMånad sedan
  • Already following him on all his platforms

    william cordlewilliam cordleMånad sedan
  • Man this is really back to old Cleeters roots before the FF.

    Colin DavisColin DavisMånad sedan
    • Agreed

      Kila Bee82Kila Bee82Månad sedan
    • It's glorious

      Domino52oDomino52oMånad sedan
  • I’ve been around since you went 100mph passed a cop and I’ve subbed to every channel that’s come into contact with cleetus 😂

    The FBI but in an incognito chrome tabThe FBI but in an incognito chrome tabMånad sedan
  • if i unsub then resub to jeremys channel, does that count? xD

    torch357torch357Månad sedan
  • Had a rad hose come off on a 427 that I was breaking in doing some heat cycles on. Burned my whole stomach and a little bit of my face.....never jumped out of the way so fast. Hurt but fortunately I was wearing a thick sweatshirt that absorbed alot of the blast. But still cooked a few layers of skin.

    Tom WevTom WevMånad sedan
  • I'm guessing 1036hp

    William SmallWilliam SmallMånad sedan
  • If I could subscribe to Jeremy again I would. Glad to see some good power out of the c7.

    Alex ChadbourneAlex ChadbourneMånad sedan
  • Man I’m so glad Parker is doing better, getting burned is hell

    Jack TearmanJack TearmanMånad sedan