Drifting Around the WORLD'S LARGEST MONSTER TRUCK!!! (Coolest Day EVER w/Vaughn Gittin Jr.)

4 okt 2020
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  • I remember as a kid googling "biggest monster truck ever" and finding bigfoot, glad to see he's still around

    IMNOTAIMNOTAMånad sedan
  • Bigfoot 5

    Brenda PetersBrenda Peters2 månader sedan
  • dear cleetus i was hoping you could get in contact with me about some content idea's

    Dakota TrentDakota Trent2 månader sedan
  • 1995 truck

    black pewdiepieblack pewdiepie2 månader sedan
  • Wow his drifting has improved so much his up there with the greats now

    Just Harry JohnsonJust Harry Johnson2 månader sedan
  • I like how the two new Mustangs were tight together going in a perfect circle and clean it was all over the place

    macgregor carmacgregor car2 månader sedan
  • I would yack my guts out drifting in circles like that.

    zeake13zeake132 månader sedan
  • I just do not get this as exciting. Waste of many dollars, to do what burn rubber and go in circles around another big waste of money.

    GaryLordsWayMinistryGaryLordsWayMinistry2 månader sedan
  • Totally named the garage cat vaughn kitten jr.

    Lowell SmithLowell Smith3 månader sedan
  • I actually got to meet Cleetus, Vaughn and Chelsea there at Ford fest! Super cool bunch of guys and was definitely a wild thing to see. Thank you guys for such a memorable day!

    Austin HuntAustin Hunt3 månader sedan
  • Gotta love the fine line. Been screwing with that darn line my whole life. LOL

    ThePeopleVerseThePeopleVerse3 månader sedan
  • 😎🇺🇸🍺

    beretta989beretta9893 månader sedan
  • I seen the truck was moved... I'm from pacific lol

    weathered warshipweathered warship3 månader sedan
  • Back in 2003 2004 when I worked for Dodge they sent me to test drive and learn about the new dodge Magnum up in Columbus Ohio when they first came out. Well part of our experience was they had two magnums both with the 5.7 hemi one had all the electronics such as stability program and traction control and the second car Had all the electronics disabled, long story short they had Vaughn gittin Jr. there to show what the new Dodge Magnum could do aka drifting around and driving like a mad man! It's something that I will never forget and was a once in a lifetime experience!

    osmosis 01osmosis 013 månader sedan
  • So use to going straight it's hard for him to drive sd sideways... hehe

    S.O.S. ExplorationS.O.S. Exploration3 månader sedan
  • Boring dude ...

    Mikey Like ThailandMikey Like Thailand3 månader sedan
  • alrighty then

    ᗒ╬ᗕ1112223333111ᗒ╬ᗕᗒ╬ᗕ1112223333111ᗒ╬ᗕ3 månader sedan
  • When was this exactly?

    Dave RDave R3 månader sedan
  • Had a picture of that monster truck in my room when I was a kid Haven't seen it since didn't know it was the world's biggest monster truck

    CookiemoneyCookiemoney3 månader sedan
  • Thats bad ass. 🇺🇸🤘🤘

    Joey RiesJoey Ries3 månader sedan
  • I was there watching him bc my dads friend was racing on the drag track

    Megan VogelMegan Vogel3 månader sedan
  • When does that moment hit you, when you think "holly sit I'm drifting around big foot with Vaughn"

    Kevin ReedKevin Reed3 månader sedan
  • So badass to see how far you've come. From your first drift event to rippin it with pros in shows. Killin It!!!!!

    top10488top104883 månader sedan
  • who was actually there

    AxMaNAxMaN3 månader sedan
  • You went from ruining the drift... horrible angle to THRASHING a car that's not yours then your ANNOYING voice.

    K A H M'S performanceK A H M'S performance3 månader sedan
  • A synchronicity in drifting is no small matter. It is proof of the existence of dark matter 🤘🤘🤘🤘- Neil Degrasse Tyson

    General DisorderGeneral Disorder3 månader sedan
  • Because “fun”.

    NathanNathan3 månader sedan
  • Random thought, the yard out the back of freedom factory... where you had the impromptu crown vic rallye supreem... bounty hole.

    NathanNathan3 månader sedan
  • You wint ? From a cool channel to shit channel

    Richard BradmonRichard Bradmon3 månader sedan
  • More borring shit

    Richard BradmonRichard Bradmon3 månader sedan
  • @4:12 that drone pilot is a friggin NUT!!! Shot it between the cars under big foot and then 200' straight up.

    417PhotoFan417PhotoFan3 månader sedan
  • www.smythkitcars.com/ I think this should be your next build. Get a 2005-2010 dodge charger (with a hemi and build motor too!) And make an American yute out of it!!

    Justin RainesJustin Raines3 månader sedan
  • You guys need a drone... drone footage from above bigfoot would've been sick.

    Corey GilletteCorey Gillette3 månader sedan
  • Funhaver sounds exactly like Neighbor

    Sisekelo DumaSisekelo Duma3 månader sedan
  • Where can I get a fun haver sticker

    Ethan SiplEthan Sipl3 månader sedan
  • It wasn't til the end of the video that I realized he wasn't going to be drifting the world's largest monster truck around

    JinnaiJinnai3 månader sedan
  • Its official, you have the worlds best 'job'!

    KCK LubricantsKCK Lubricants3 månader sedan
  • I think it’s time ol Cleet got himself a red white a blue fire suit like Evel had for times like this

    Matt SMatt S3 månader sedan
  • That was SICK!!!! so freakin cool drifting around Bigfoot..... I felt like a little kid just by watching this !!! so unreal !!!!

    Junior 249Junior 2493 månader sedan
  • so the monster truck does not drift , not impressed

    Jeff PepinJeff Pepin3 månader sedan
  • I really miss seeing that truck every day. I still have pictures from back when Bob had the original truck.

    Rick P.Rick P.3 månader sedan
  • 100% read this as you drifted Bigfoot. Still not disappointed.

    bonz424bonz4243 månader sedan
  • Wondered what a giraffe 🦒 would look like next to big foot.

    Shawn AdamsShawn Adams3 månader sedan
  • I watched a VHS of THAT BIG FOOT with the biggest tires in monster truck history as a kid 50,000 times over my childhood! SO DAMN COOL SEEING IT AGAIN! I had PTSD of awesomeness even seeing that big foot again, I can remember the video frame by frame! Lol! Man I loved the 80’s!

    The ArchitectThe Architect3 månader sedan
  • I gotta ask, what’s up with the damn ads man. Joe has to be reminded his middle name every day. 😅

    Benjamin CarrollBenjamin Carroll3 månader sedan
  • LS Fest: drift pros looking to get their $100k back that they spent on their Corvettes. Ford Fest: triple up and do drift donuts around Bigfoot while it’s moving. It’s like all the bald eagles cried out at the same time “HELL YEAH, BROTHER!”

    Andrew SartinAndrew Sartin3 månader sedan
  • Fords always have a distinct sound 🎼🎼🎼

    Tim GreenTim Green3 månader sedan
  • Bruh, did you hit him at 5:01?

    DasNarfDasNarf3 månader sedan
  • got goosebumps from just watching, can't even imagine what it was like drifting around that thing, nice job Cleetus

    -Libertine09 --Libertine09 -3 månader sedan
  • LOL it kind of looks like the little ones (normal sized cars) were trying to intimidate the big one (giant truck).

    LaffinBoy's GamesLaffinBoy's Games3 månader sedan
  • World largest monster truck drifting around. Yes please

    TTTT3 månader sedan
  • Did someone really ask cleetus (man with stick shift record) if he could drive clutch 🤣

    michael s. clarkmichael s. clark3 månader sedan
  • I was at ford fest on Friday it was awsome and I thought u was awsome drifting

    Shawn PhelpsShawn Phelps3 månader sedan
  • The drifting content is cool, but nothing beats the drag racing and build videos.

    Hillbilly BoostHillbilly Boost3 månader sedan
  • Oh man I still have a VHS tape on Bigfoot. How he started, the built tank he did. Man I want to watch it but I don’t have a VCR, and I don’t want to ruin the VHS tape. Man that truck brings late 80’s to early 90’s vibe back to me

    HI808AF STATEHI808AF STATE3 månader sedan
  • i wanna see that fpv quad footage (drone footage i am old school)

    8alakai88alakai83 månader sedan
  • nice story bout the wheels used on bigfoot 5 : Those tires came from a scraped military vehicle called the snow train, built in the 1950's www.warhistoryonline.com/military-vehicle-news/the-gigantic-180-meter-long-us-army-land-trains-of-the-1950s.html

    watahyahknowwatahyahknow3 månader sedan
  • When is the next video on the elco coming

    ethan frohlichethan frohlich3 månader sedan
  • Wait so there is no monster truck drifting...?

    Bob MarleyBob Marley3 månader sedan
  • cant believe hes has a campaign support add for Biden

    Fl_ATV_ RidersFl_ATV_ Riders3 månader sedan
  • I guess Firestone Won over Nitto

    Jay McElwainJay McElwain3 månader sedan
  • I see Chad Reynolds!

    Rob CacioppoRob Cacioppo3 månader sedan
  • 😍

    Joey NelsonJoey Nelson3 månader sedan
    • Headed over on 70 see ya soon lol

      Joey NelsonJoey Nelson3 månader sedan
  • Vaughn: "all is good in the world" Well that did not age well

    Tijmen van de VenTijmen van de Ven3 månader sedan
  • you stole flamingo's cleetus meme so you should change yopur youtube name

    PiAPiA3 månader sedan
  • It feels like Vaughn needs cleetus to push his brand, he’s not that likeable and his drifting looks pretty standard....I’m pretty over all bouncing around the place in terms of content

    Alex DoyZAlex DoyZ3 månader sedan
  • got to be honest... i was SO disappointed that they drift bigfoot itself then doubly disappointed when bigfoot didnt crush the cars in the end🤷‍♂️

    kn0tkn0t3 månader sedan
  • There must of been a thousand mustang accidents that weekend

    Tanner CoxTanner Cox3 månader sedan
  • Remember when cleetus tried to destroy an iPhone with a supra 2 step

    StagStag3 månader sedan
  • Truck sits down the road from me in mo

    Mike BradberryMike Bradberry3 månader sedan
  • Good job man!!! Must be an amazing feeling honestly

    Tyler HartmanTyler Hartman3 månader sedan
  • Ford guys looking at the Chevy guy walking in..."How'd you get in?" Cleeter turns and says " I got a Neighbor"

    Carlos RiveraCarlos Rivera3 månader sedan
  • Big Foot V

    BEP BEPBEP BEP3 månader sedan
  • RUBY RUBY RUBY??????????????????????

    Glenn CoxGlenn Cox3 månader sedan
  • If we could get another month of freedom, that would be super! Cheers from the land of Cobra Chickens!(canada)

    ZeroFoxENTZeroFoxENT3 månader sedan
  • I'm still waiting on more elcamino footage!

    Jarryn WellsJarryn Wells3 månader sedan
  • That’s like 2 Giraffes high.

    Ross DunkleyRoss Dunkley3 månader sedan
  • Left foot brake

    Thomas HardingThomas Harding3 månader sedan
  • Lund Racing customer might just hit 7 second run (Mustang), Alejandro Flores from lund racing posted video that states where's GM. Where are you Cleetus. Do I need to jump from GM to ford? Unsubscribe? This can not be happening.

    Make It CustomMake It Custom3 månader sedan
  • OMG TY!!!

    BeerThirtyBeerThirty3 månader sedan
  • Can see the difference of drifting skills between cleetus and the other two. Keep it up you’ll be there in no time.

    MonsterManMonsterMan3 månader sedan
  • Dude get back to racing... small part of me feels like ole spaghetti got tired of this shit too

    Matt PlankeyMatt Plankey3 månader sedan
  • Was waiting for the monster truck to have a surge in throttle...

    stein1385stein13853 månader sedan
  • Was waiting for the monster truck to have a surge in throttle...

    stein1385stein13853 månader sedan
  • front brake?

    Andrew DAndrew D3 månader sedan
  • So you can get double the fame if you get hit and crushed by BigFoot.

    Cold BunzCold Bunz3 månader sedan
  • Two videos ago we all watched you crash into a wall and here these guys have total confidence in you not crashing into big foot or two very expensive FD cars lol

    Bishop MBishop M3 månader sedan
  • Tires are taller than a Giraffe.

    Nolan MacphersonNolan Macpherson3 månader sedan
  • Circling around that Bigfoot reminds me of Star Wars 5

    furionesefurionese3 månader sedan
  • This was cool and all but when are we going to get a part 4 of the pond crossing.

    SDerby9SDerby93 månader sedan
  • My brain read "Drifting around in the worlds biggest monster truck" then I saw the first comment and said wtf is he talking about ...proceeded to watch the video

    Michael JulianoMichael Juliano3 månader sedan
  • Neighbor would have fit right in

    Tomas RTomas R3 månader sedan
  • 😐 we gonna need more than that Garrett !!!

    D` TunedD` Tuned3 månader sedan
  • Does Dr TuneEmAll have a channel?

    scott timscott tim3 månader sedan
  • Ive seen that truck IRL at doney park in pensilvenia

    M0ct3zuma22M0ct3zuma223 månader sedan
  • I think you should get this. facebook.com/marketplace/item/363521307462974/

    William DayWilliam Day3 månader sedan
  • Sounded like Cleeter finally nailed the left foot braking technique! Way to go brother!!!!

    OIF/OEF-0341OIF/OEF-03413 månader sedan
  • This drifting stuff getting boring

    Carbon VlogsCarbon Vlogs3 månader sedan
  • Cleetus drifting in the Fox body looked absolutely horrible! What happened, Cleeter?

    Johnny AppleseedJohnny Appleseed3 månader sedan
  • Disappointed that this wasn’t a Drifting A Monster Truck video.

    Johnny AppleseedJohnny Appleseed3 månader sedan