I Bought the CHEAPEST Pro Drift Car In the Country!!! (what a ripper)

21 sep 2020
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Another car Cleet? JK this is awesome!
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  • I hope you guys can respect Coop and I’s decision. No drama, no BS. It’s an awesome opportunity and I’m excited to see him take it on. All the best for my brotha, check out his channel here - seworld.info/will/nKfIsJere3p43IE/video

    Cleetus McFarlandCleetus McFarland3 månader sedan
    • Cleet listen big dawg. You gotta contact some retired nascar drivers and have them race Honda civics 50 laps at the factory. Do it for Dale.

      choctaw biggunschoctaw biggunsMånad sedan
    • What year?

      Awesomegaming806Awesomegaming8063 månader sedan
    • Motor City Fats jeremys videos are all about the builds I love that

      Jesse DeanJesse Dean3 månader sedan
    • CCLETUS YOU ARE. CHEVROLET .. ILIKE LS IN CUMPUTER .. I... IN 240..👽👽🎃👽🎃👽🎃🎃🎃👽🎃

      Randy MeejiaRandy Meejia3 månader sedan
    • @Diddy Doodat this is the south bro. Their everywhere. Rural county's in fl their everywhere

      Joseph FreemanJoseph Freeman3 månader sedan
  • Where I live this would go for 18-20 all the 11k 240’s near me are shit boxes sadly

    kobe germankobe german7 dagar sedan
  • I know the guy you bought it from

    Chandler BowenChandler Bowen18 dagar sedan
  • *_We are definitely gonna miss Cooper around the shop…_*

    JaybruhhJaybruhh25 dagar sedan
  • It’s crazy to say this is my dream car a 240 with a LS, 2jz or rb26

    Jhonnys RiveraJhonnys Rivera2 månader sedan
  • Well, this was the most scripted, edited breakup video I think Iv ever seen.

    Phil AndrewPhil Andrew2 månader sedan
  • When you don’t work with a person you’ve been close friends to for the past couple of years it doesn’t mean that you can’t hangout with them anymore... HELL YEAH BROTHER COOPER BACC

    Elizabeth Del castilloElizabeth Del castillo2 månader sedan
  • Good! Give James that motivation to build the SR20 to the limit and get his 240sx rippin

    BlottedBlotted3 månader sedan
  • Now you need some Kouki Tail Lights for that girl

    BlottedBlotted3 månader sedan
  • Not a bad price for what youre getting. BTW, it also kills me that 240sx's and pretty much any 80s to 90s RWD cars have tripled in price over that last 5-10 years. I used to own 4 of them 15 years ago from highschool into my twenties, They were an amazing and fun car for the money. Now they're overpriced and its extremely rare to find a clean stock one. Most the ones I see are wrecked, rusted to shit, gutted, or all the above with an asking price of 3-6k depending on condition (I live in Oregon/The NorthWest) . But I guess I was lucky to have a lot of my favorite cars when I was younger. I had two 91' 240 hatchs, 90' 240 coupe, 98' Kouki 240, 87' 200sx, 300zx, 89' Turbo II RX-7, 85' Corolla GTS coupe, 95' Turbo MR2, two 325is BWW E30's, 86' Audi Quattro Turbo, 89" Mitsubishi ESI-R Starion Turbo, Eagle Talon, 2000 Wrx Bug eye hatch, and many others over the years. I didn't own them all at once but always had at least 3-4 at a time and either traded up or sold them for profit. But now im looking at all these cars I had and wished I never sold a single damn one of them. Especially the 86' Quattro. Man that was my favorite car out all everything i've ever owned and there was only like 700 in the US market. Of course it was the "SPORT" version. I was and still is a huge rally fan so that's how I knew about the car. In 2008 I seen it sitting in a garage during a garage sale with a cover over half of it. I asked the woman if she was willing to part with it. She told me it hasnt ran in a couple years and wasn't sure because it was her sons car, moved away with his wife halfway across the country, and left it there. So, I went over to look at it and it was in damn near mint condition. It was all black on black paint/interior, it had 60k miles on it and the paint, body, interior were in damn near perfect shape. I figured it didnt run because of something simple which is usually the case with most cars that dont run, Its usually a fuel or spark issue. She gave me his contact info and I called him to see if he would sell and what the issue might be. He told me he didnt know what was wrong and was so frustrated with the car he gave up. After wheeling and dealing over the phone he said he just wanted it gone and if I wanted to to just let his mother have the money. Long stupid story short. I "drove" that car out of the garage with $2000 less in my bank account. I tried my hardest to keep my poker face on during the whole interaction because even then I knew that car was worth way more money in its current state and I wanted to own one since forever. The issue ended up being something stupid like usually. Before a bought the car I did a thorough inspection, cleaned some electrical contacts, etc.) and found that the distributor power cable was just hanging there disconnect. I immediately new that was the problem. This was before a deal was made. I than made the deal, brought the cash, a battery, and some gas to the house, hooked the power wire to distributor, put in another battery, and after a few cranks she fired right up. You cant beat that feeling. Anyways I modded the car quite a bit to just modernize it with a newer and bigger turbo, fuel pump, injectors, coilovers, and got it to around 360whp. Back in 2008 that was quite a bit of power and still is to have more than enough fun on the street. I daily'd that car for a few years and sold it for 20K to somebody who made an offer to me 6 months before I called him back. Even in 2011 that car in that condition was worth a lot more but I needed the money to add more to the down payment on this house I really really wanted and I didn't want to lose the house to another buyer. Anyways, I miss that car and all my other ones. I still have a few 90s japanese cars I baby and some 70's ones as well. Sometimes I wonder how much money I could have gotten if I had all the cars I used to own and sold them at the price they are going for now. Must be at least $120k+ when I probably spent a total of 17-20k all together for all those cars throughout high school and my twenties. And that's not counting the 86' Audi Quattro. The guy I sold it too still has it along with 50 other beautiful cars in his temperature controlled steel storage shop/warehouse.

    BlottedBlotted3 månader sedan
  • Cleet, you are definitely rocking that golden hair.. you're one good looking unit brother!..

    lonely planetlonely planet3 månader sedan
  • It’s name it on the front fenders parker

    Caynn FittlerCaynn Fittler3 månader sedan
  • Put Lee Roy's set up in that and it's seven seconds in no time flat. That car is an absolute unit brother.

    Jeromy SmithJeromy Smith3 månader sedan
  • "Dude it looks like a vette!..almost." 🤣

    What the HootWhat the Hoot3 månader sedan
  • That thing needs some Type X taillights.

    Eric CummingsEric Cummings3 månader sedan
  • You have found a gem of a car cleetus

    Kristofer Örn StefánssonKristofer Örn Stefánsson3 månader sedan
  • it doesnt have stainless teflon brake lines

    BrendonBrendon3 månader sedan
  • Call it Zipper

    Danny FickeDanny Ficke3 månader sedan
  • I was worried something like this was going on. Makes me sad cause coop added alot of humor and quirk to the channel and i always loved seeing him part of the vids so hate seeing a great guy leave but wish him nothing but the best! Maybe Alec will be more involved soon.

    Dusty UnruhDusty Unruh3 månader sedan
  • Please one of you guys twin charge something please we need an engine with a turbo and a super charger

    Brenden PhippsBrenden Phipps3 månader sedan
  • Miyagi-san like Mr Miyagi from Karate Kid. He was Japanese American just like the 240. A JDM with an American V8.

    Richard WRichard W3 månader sedan
  • I thought he was done buying things he didn't need lol

    Mike SodaMike Soda3 månader sedan
  • Sad to see Cooper leaving the channel, Excited and happy for him to be taking the leap

    Jacob MurphyJacob Murphy3 månader sedan
  • Coop should have atleast got part of the Title of this Video! Lol

    Kody HKody H3 månader sedan
  • Cooper isn't needed with James around!

    Incognito BanditoIncognito Bandito3 månader sedan
  • Quick release of your best friend very haggard spec! Never invest your time and money on anyone who isn't you. Cuz in the end all you get is the middle finger and a timex

    Young Fly Mexican NetworkYoung Fly Mexican Network3 månader sedan
  • Well Coop got pushed aside when James was hired and now he is no more in the Cleeter site, good luck Cooper and it is sad to see Garret push the one man whom was there with him from the start of this channel. Am almost done with this page, it used to be about friends having fun and now it's loosely based on that with sponsors kissing their asses

    Darrin SingerDarrin Singer3 månader sedan
  • Starter’s a bit slow on that LS, might want to replace it with a new one. What a great purchase though Cleetus!

    GarbageSeanGarbageSean3 månader sedan
  • Mom and dads divorce all over again...

    Carters CustomsCarters Customs3 månader sedan
  • Your good friend you can have it bro that's cool I treat my friends same.

    in motionin motion3 månader sedan
  • That magnum was looking on point 🔥🔥🔥👌👌👌

    Dodgemagumhemi KillerDodgemagumhemi Killer3 månader sedan
  • You are getting ripped on your fab work if a cage costs half that car 🤭

    WolfeWerxWolfeWerx3 månader sedan
  • Stripes

    Danny GomezDanny Gomez3 månader sedan
  • You bought my freaking dream car. For 11 grand! Golly Cleeter you got me mad jealous. Can't wait to see it tear some tires too shreds

    Ian StouffletIan Stoufflet3 månader sedan
  • No worries on that brother I’m already subscribed to coops channel happy for him support the whole way he hasn’t left I call it expansion with you coop PFI faster proms boosted boys you guys make you tube better

    alex de vooghtalex de vooght3 månader sedan
  • If y’all want to sell those sparco seats I’d totally put them in my race truck lol

    Eli SturgeonEli Sturgeon3 månader sedan
  • I'll take the shoes and racing suit as a donation please

    Mark Van VlaenderenMark Van Vlaenderen3 månader sedan
  • Gonna miss coop hope y'all are actually still cool with each other.🤙🏻

    Brandon BBrandon B3 månader sedan
  • You should name that thing spuds Mackenzie

    Scuba SteveScuba Steve3 månader sedan
  • We need to see it rip before we have a name for it. And I think we need multiple options

    Blake HumphreyBlake Humphrey3 månader sedan
  • Ur in desperate need of a haircut and shave cleetus my man

    Josh DawkinsJosh Dawkins3 månader sedan

    Randy MeejiaRandy Meejia3 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/m4jX3K_Og3yVzYU/video

    Hiboost tunez All dayHiboost tunez All day3 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/m4jX3K_Og3yVzYU/video

    Hiboost tunez All dayHiboost tunez All day3 månader sedan
  • Freedom missile

    Kyle DoughertyKyle Dougherty3 månader sedan
  • Plenty of Chinese junk parts on that S13, like those XXR's

    Big_Steve_OBig_Steve_O3 månader sedan
  • Business is business, but the channel just won’t be the same without Coop... Even simple things as him filming while you’re running down the track.

    Tornado Pursuit VehicleTornado Pursuit Vehicle3 månader sedan
    • Enters spicy Spence

      Bob NewhartBob Newhart3 månader sedan
  • So many freakin ads 😡

    gary smithgary smith3 månader sedan
  • -Cheapest- = X lie _average_ = ✔

    Watdofak V2Watdofak V23 månader sedan
  • Fire what up?

    Enzo FitzhumeEnzo Fitzhume3 månader sedan
  • I wonder what actually happened for coop to want to leave the channel

    mitchell cookmitchell cook3 månader sedan
  • As much as I love this channel, I've definitely missed the coop charm that's always been here, no wonder vids felt so damn different, it ain't the same idc.

    GustavoGustavo3 månader sedan
    • What charm? Dry jokes in between barely being in videos

      Bob NewhartBob Newhart3 månader sedan

    Chris StephenChris Stephen3 månader sedan
  • i’m not trying to be mean but I’ve never seen Cooper lift a wrench ever, i’ve only seen and put air in tires

    Peter PiperPeter Piper3 månader sedan
  • ROCK IT!!!

    Dwayne HarralsonDwayne Harralson3 månader sedan
  • Tony the 240🤔

    Blancs GarageBlancs Garage3 månader sedan
  • ls rx7 noooo

    Gabe HoingGabe Hoing3 månader sedan
  • Thanks brother for bringing up the value on my s13!!!!

    R MaldonR Maldon3 månader sedan
  • So it's a basic ass s13 with an ls and a cage...

    Austin LaflammeAustin Laflamme3 månader sedan
  • Rocket sound good man

    james arbucklejames arbuckle3 månader sedan
  • Hey guys, just made my first SEworld video. I’m 19 and just bought a 280z that I’m restoring! Please check me out!

    Shane DoyleShane Doyle3 månader sedan
  • Name her meri, short for merica!

    Brandyn's channelBrandyn's channel3 månader sedan
  • I wonder how long that engine will last with led foot driving it

    johnny lopezjohnny lopez3 månader sedan
  • Damn cuz! Nice get!

    Rogue A.I.Rogue A.I.3 månader sedan
  • I’m not really a fan of all the drifting, I hope it doesn’t take over the channel or Cooper will be my new go-to channel

    SwiftSwift3 månader sedan
    • Same. I get why they are doing it, since the driving itself lasts longer. They get more footage out of a few hours drifting than a whole day at the strip. They can also do it at their own facility, rather than paying for track rentals. However, it doesn’t really interest me either. It’s the type of thing I would love to do in my own car, but it’s not a ton of fun to watch.

      Tim DTim D3 månader sedan
  • I was going to comment on an LS swap, before I had a look under the bonnet 🤣

    Grandma3stroGrandma3stro3 månader sedan
  • The part where you say it looks like a corvette I was thinking the same thing. I think it’s the wrap

    Rob BainRob Bain3 månader sedan
  • Go get it coop life changes and you can’t help that. Hell yeah 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

    Rob BainRob Bain3 månader sedan
  • Rocket ronnie ?

    Mikey and KrystalMikey and Krystal3 månader sedan
  • THIS IS WHY I LOVE THIS CHANNEL!!! Cleetus is always congratulatory of his competitors when they win, supportive of everyone around him, and will help his friends under all circumstances 😎 Best wishes to all!!!

    Jeff HollenbeckJeff Hollenbeck3 månader sedan

    Nathan WilliamsNathan Williams3 månader sedan
  • I never resist the temptation to say "Take This Job and Shove It" even if I'm on good terms with my employer.

    Mike CombsMike Combs3 månader sedan
    • Then corona hit and your whole out look on steady employment changed

      Bob NewhartBob Newhart3 månader sedan
  • Having a S chassis drift missle is obligatory

    DarthBane22DarthBane223 månader sedan
  • Rocket Randall.!!!

    Grant HendleyGrant Hendley3 månader sedan
  • Man this kind of vid makes me wish(hope) maybe eventually we could see a Mistang in the lineup, even if it had to be an old Foxbody. Theyre fast cheap little cars. I know then he would but a TS 427 in it lol. But im down.

    Richard PoireRichard Poire3 månader sedan
  • ....awkwarrrrd

    SoullessMeatVehicleSoullessMeatVehicle3 månader sedan
  • Bye Cooper. Not like I'm gonna miss much.

    Ron HaywoodRon Haywood3 månader sedan
  • JDM = Japanese with Domestic Muscle

    james stylerjames styler3 månader sedan
  • I seen a supra in the back

    BOP _SaucyBOP _Saucy3 månader sedan
  • seeing southern cars with no rust to deal with is amazing. Really makes me want to start looking into buying from the south before restoring anything. I'm always blown away at how clean the chassis is on all the cars you guys have shown the undersides of. Keep up the Great work, Love the channel!

    macantleymacantley3 månader sedan
  • NAMES; bell jar Psychic sedan Or just ... Silvia! Or covid-13? Dunkin..... cause it’s time to me them donuts!!! Datsun drifter Datsun donut delivery , or 3D

    Jimmy GriswoldJimmy Griswold3 månader sedan
  • Another Florida man car channel? HELL YEAH BROTHER!!!

    FireLordCantiFireLordCanti3 månader sedan
  • Take good care of that dashboard. A non cracked one is rare a rocking horse sht.

    Albino WolfricAlbino Wolfric3 månader sedan
  • wayyyyy tooo mannnyyy adddsss

    Cyrus KalynCyrus Kalyn3 månader sedan
  • All American is the new name!!!

    The Life Of Mike BThe Life Of Mike B3 månader sedan
  • That there is a freedom drift missile.

    observer frequencyobserver frequency3 månader sedan
  • Name tke new drift car Kamikaze. I googled it and found this. What does Kamikaze literally mean? god-wind Kamikaze (Japanese: 神風; literally: "god-wind"; usual translation: "divine wind") is a word of Japanese origin. It comes from the name the Japanese gave to a typhoon that destroyed the Mongol ships in the 13th century and saved the country from invasion.

    ZTwenty8SSRZTwenty8SSR3 månader sedan
  • Freedom 240 is perfect

    Kurt WiebeKurt Wiebe3 månader sedan
  • Lady Liberty

    Hunter WilliamsHunter Williams3 månader sedan
  • That sound shouldn’t come out of a 240 I’m triggered 😂🤣

    Jonathan velisJonathan velis3 månader sedan
  • Cleet, I notice that when James tries to explain the technical side of an issue with a car you kinda cut him off. I understand that it's not necessarily the scope of your channel, but I think some of your viewers might enjoy seeing the tech side of things as well as the shenanigans.

    Adam SimsAdam Sims3 månader sedan
  • "Uncle Sam"

    hokieinidahohokieinidaho3 månader sedan
  • Maybe just call her the "Freedom 240"? Will totally sub if you do :D Been creeping here for a couple years :P

    ThePatillacThePatillac3 månader sedan
  • Is that a 10 mm as the gas flap knob lmao

    obs_ Communityobs_ Community3 månader sedan
  • That literally is the perfect wrap job for Freedom Factory!!!

    Rugger RayRugger Ray3 månader sedan
  • Please have Alec ripping this new car!!!!!!

    Rugger RayRugger Ray3 månader sedan
  • I kinda miss Coop already....

    Rugger RayRugger Ray3 månader sedan
  • Name it Pepper, Cause that things SPICY

    Caleb MichaelCaleb Michael3 månader sedan
  • Parker is awesome 👍

    wacky rcwacky rc3 månader sedan
  • Thats the cleanest 240 dash I ever SEEN.

    Armand EvansArmand Evans3 månader sedan