Racing Cooper In FL2K Eliminations!!! Ruby and the 240 Make Some RIPPIN Passes!!

14 okt 2020
748 759 visningar

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I tell you what, we had an AMAZING time at FL2K! Props to Cooper for not going too fast! Can't wait to race James later this week.
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  • I’m so bad at anything but heads up racing 😂😂 RUBY DELIVERS THE FREEDOM

    Cleetus McFarlandCleetus McFarland3 månader sedan
    • Demonology is having a competition with youtube channel racer on the 31st. You should bring Ruby and take them all down. Demonology is calling everyone out. But I think he would be scared if you showed up.

      dragvan1dragvan13 månader sedan
    • The inside of Rudy looks like 💩 crap.

      BOT BRADBOT BRAD3 månader sedan
    • You're all grown up now Coop lol

      RACE ZENERACE ZENE3 månader sedan
    • Suggestion: Start a FreedomFactory channel with daily, live feeds from cameras mounted overlooking the Freedom or let FF maintenance post clips daily. Additional subscribers and views without a lot editing. Viewers get a birds eye view of the FF and daily happenings.

      Gray PaschalGray Paschal3 månader sedan
    • Hey cleet is leroy getting a new big turbskies?

      carl darren bautistacarl darren bautista3 månader sedan
  • James is so quick on the tree I love the man!

    Jae KimJae Kim2 månader sedan
  • This is why everyone should go as fast as possible, this sandbagging things of trying to go slower to be the top of a class is annoying , I get it thst they want to win and don’t fit in a class that’s faster than their car but man shoot for the stars, go as damn hard as u can very time everyone should stop the freaking sand bagging and do your best , racing would be so much more epic and advancing if everyone would do their best

    The ArchitectThe Architect2 månader sedan
  • 7:45 you got 3 different videos being made right here

    blackNlight180sxblackNlight180sx2 månader sedan
  • No Hate...does Florida not have social distancing and mask orders in place....or no?

    ThePeopleVerseThePeopleVerse2 månader sedan
  • I wanna know what times james 240 run soooo bad. I'll just assume high 6's or low 7's

    Nathan WilliamsNathan Williams2 månader sedan
  • you gotta pull the chute before the end of the race haha

    Diz AwnDiz Awn2 månader sedan
  • Why is it that we aren't ever allowed to see how fast the 240 is running?

    damascusbladedamascusblade2 månader sedan
  • Who runs 1/8. 1/4 mile is a drag race.

    Fullmetal MediaFullmetal Media2 månader sedan
  • I know headlights on Ruby are basically the least of priorities but Ruby would look sick with some new clean headlights!

    myles0124myles01242 månader sedan
  • I know you love all this tech with tuning and it's fun as shit for y'all but screw all that just throw a carb on something and run 10s dang haha

    Brian UnderwoodBrian Underwood2 månader sedan
  • Gotta get that Camaro to catch traction like ruby does

    Earache //Earache //3 månader sedan
  • Fucken coop!! Getting down

    Frankie GarciaFrankie Garcia3 månader sedan
  • Was. It this video that ruby got disqualified for not having a passenger seat?

    Julio FloresJulio Flores3 månader sedan
  • Is this intro different it was cool

    Brett VonscottBrett Vonscott3 månader sedan
  • there's no covid in Florida

    Miles LewisMiles Lewis3 månader sedan
  • Beavis, butthead and Bobby hill

    R.B. SmittyR.B. Smitty3 månader sedan
  • Who’s running 6.9’s!?!?

    T FergT Ferg3 månader sedan
  • What belt fell off the corvette.

    gary giengary gien3 månader sedan
  • I just saw Ruby racing a viper on a different channel 🙃

    Wolf WindomWolf Windom3 månader sedan
  • Imagine have a boss like cleetus, “ 100bucks I get the hit eighth of a mile” 😂😂 can be that

    Pepe The frogPepe The frog3 månader sedan
  • You just need to stay just in front of everyone on every race and you will be fine 😂😂😂

    No ExpertNo Expert3 månader sedan
  • Lemme just say this channel rocks! All the Bromances additionally are just icing on the cake.

    Ivana NotyersIvana Notyers3 månader sedan
  • FYI pull the helmet down over your forehead. I shouldn’t see your chin peeking out

    BrispyCinnaBluntsBrispyCinnaBlunts3 månader sedan
  • That Florida weather looks dreamy

    Anthony RivelliAnthony Rivelli3 månader sedan
  • j;

    Jaykid92Jaykid923 månader sedan
  • hi

    Jaykid92Jaykid923 månader sedan
  • The 4th gen chassis is a really strange choice for a 2JZ swap. I guess there’s the “it’s what I had” factor but it’s really among the LAST chassis I’d choose for such a swap.

    Cory HolbrookCory Holbrook3 månader sedan
  • I miss Cooper

    Dan’s Dumb IdeasDan’s Dumb Ideas3 månader sedan
  • A 2JZ camero. Now I’ve seen everything

    Mr.BaofengMr.Baofeng3 månader sedan
  • I wanna see the Ruby vs. 240!!!

    Crazy RyanCrazy Ryan3 månader sedan
  • Im glad you kicked Cooper out of the club. Let the freedom factory grounds keeper A.K.A. "Budget James" drive some racecars!

    Harry JohnsonHarry Johnson3 månader sedan
  • Where’s Mullet?🤔

    Red StormsRed Storms3 månader sedan
  • If you look closely you'll see a car attached to the turbo.

    James WatsonJames Watson3 månader sedan
  • James is an absolute beauty

    Spencer KeatsSpencer Keats3 månader sedan
  • object in mirror are losing !I had forgotten bout that ahahah

    maxin montrealmaxin montreal3 månader sedan
  • The inside of Ruby looks like 💩 crap.

    BOT BRADBOT BRAD3 månader sedan
  • I watched Coop video first and noticed Cleet lifted, but I didnt notice he lifted at halfway

    zIsaiozIsaio3 månader sedan
  • Coopbag the douchebag

    9sec NJDEV1L Camaro9sec NJDEV1L Camaro3 månader sedan
  • Great trees👍🐎🐎🐎

    JupitermustangmikeJupitermustangmike3 månader sedan
  • So confused as to why you ran a run where you weren't trying to go fast....what's the point of not giving it all it's got

    Creed GCreed G3 månader sedan
  • Cleet where is the street bike powered golf cart at?

    Jonathan CotajJonathan Cotaj3 månader sedan
  • Great to see Cooper back on the channel!

    Tony RulloTony Rullo3 månader sedan
  • cooper fall asleep at the light?

    ken ensignken ensign3 månader sedan
  • Good racing guys!

    Turbo JohnTurbo John3 månader sedan
  • You guys should really do a straw hat in children's size all, my kids love mine and they all want their own, I have three and I think it would be awesome for all four of us to have them. Just saying that might be something for you to look into for the merch line

    Erik BryarsErik Bryars3 månader sedan
  • 8:11 - Dad with the belt! ha

    DAVE KNOTTDAVE KNOTT3 månader sedan
  • Loved this intro

    Collin RogersCollin Rogers3 månader sedan
  • What were those 2 black cars behind you in the pit at the beginning???

    Travis LesperanceTravis Lesperance3 månader sedan
    • They're Audi R8s.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 23 månader sedan
  • It was so great to see Coop didnt let Cleetus completely dominate the conversation like normal. Loving these changes Cooper is making! #lifegoals !!

    Doozer ChuckDoozer Chuck3 månader sedan
  • Why does the 240 not have a name?

    bonez 1017bonez 10173 månader sedan
  • Doesn't look like u folks are practicing safe distance 😂😷

    Joe HamiltonJoe Hamilton3 månader sedan
  • I think ruby is amazing but have you ever thought about have a set up like jack stand Jimmy's 240 where the turbo is low and having a hood. Would that ever be a thing im not saying you should but has that ever crossed your mind.leroy fits that category Either way I'm a fan but Shes looking amazing and would be epic with a setup like james 240. Either way ruby is cooler than the other side of of the pillow and putting in work

    Chad ParkerChad Parker3 månader sedan
  • I'm only 20 seconds into this video and WOW, that intro, before the channel logo splash, was really well edited! Whomever did that really leveled up the presentation.

    Paul M EdwardsPaul M Edwards3 månader sedan
  • why aren't you showing any of James's times?

    RoninRonin3 månader sedan
  • Can you give us a little update on the El Camino? Seems like every car is getting love except it.

    Devin DiazDevin Diaz3 månader sedan
    • Little harder for him to gave updates, since it's at Kevin's shop, 2.5 hours away.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 23 månader sedan
  • Yiiiii!! heeeeyyyyy!!

    Rhio RiveraRhio Rivera3 månader sedan
  • All these sets of busted bolts I'd have gotten tired of that enough to drill the bolts for safety wire or go to stage 8 positive locking hardware. Changing those busted bolts at the track has GOT to suck.

    trashypantsyotatrashypantsyota3 månader sedan
  • hell yea brother give the win to coop he earned it

    Will MayesWill Mayes3 månader sedan
  • Ruby loves the new turbo setup. Would be interesting to see the dyno comparison.

    MJM’s WorkshopMJM’s Workshop3 månader sedan
  • Cleetur, I’m looking for my senior quote but brother your just a man of wisdom. I need you to pick the quote with the most freedom out there!

    schoolboyDGschoolboyDG3 månader sedan
  • Build a Honda and call it McFartcan

    TheCrazyAssMage XBLTheCrazyAssMage XBL3 månader sedan
  • Money on tool box jimmie

    jorjorbinks89jorjorbinks893 månader sedan
  • Stupid question but what exactly is a bumpbox for?

    Ernie FehrErnie Fehr3 månader sedan

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 23 månader sedan
  • You should make a video of you putting all the equipment on the fire truck and do a fake accident with a dummy and use the jaws of life and other equipment and you should make a video of making the fire truck into the freedom factory fire truck with American flag and a eagle on it. You should get a another fire truck for emergencies and it'll be fun to play with. You should make a video of building a fire station on the freedom factory land and make a freedom factory fire station of your kind. GOD BLESS you and the freedom factory. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Logan anime Lover L.R.Logan anime Lover L.R.3 månader sedan
  • James needs to get a cage in that 240 cause he is haulin

    Deno 25Deno 253 månader sedan
  • Does coop have his own channel? I miss coop

    Brett MowleBrett Mowle3 månader sedan
    • Yes, it's Cooper Bogetti

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 23 månader sedan
  • That intro was fire

    That Wrenching KidThat Wrenching Kid3 månader sedan
  • Great video but wish cleet would bring out the blower camaro...wait did he sell it?

    Will CrossWill Cross3 månader sedan
  • He dun Cleeter Spilt.

    J ScottJ Scott3 månader sedan
  • So ive been searching everywhere and asking everybody about the problem with my car, maybe you and james can help me figure it out, i have a 01 mercury grand marquis ls with only 77k miles and ive had a misfire on cylinder 8 for awhile now,all im doin is chasing it, the vale cover gaskets were cracked and leaking oil into the cylinder 8 spark plug, i got the valve covers fixed,new spark plugs and coils for all cylinders, and new iac valve, there is still a misfire in cylinder 8,i keep the car well taken care of so i dont get why i cant find why its misfiring, it didn't start until the valve covers leakes oil into that cylinder, if you have any recommendations please let me know, i hear reason from everybody but nothing is working...

    Denis TeetsDenis Teets3 månader sedan
  • Please put your channel on rumble also so I can stop using SEworld

    Shane JShane J3 månader sedan
  • Great race man you guys are awesome gotta be proud of your boy spaghetti man lol he came so far to bad you both jumped the light

    Troy DeRoin jrTroy DeRoin jr3 månader sedan
  • Bro sick intro! Wish the music would carry through the beginning of the video though haha

    Wesley MohlerWesley Mohler3 månader sedan
  • Watched Coop's first lol

    Jeremiah TrumanJeremiah Truman3 månader sedan
  • James may get smoked on the 1/8th, Ruby's got takeoff magic.

    MJorgy5MJorgy53 månader sedan
  • Too bad about the rain. As we all know the absolute BEST races are with Cleeter and James on the tree together.

    Richie not so richRichie not so rich3 månader sedan
  • The Herd Has Spoken with Cleetus McFarland aka Garrett Michell

    deadslow201deadslow2013 månader sedan
  • So does that means James is running faster than 7s in the 240??

    PootubePootube3 månader sedan
  • Love seein coop cameo.

    Alex MkvTurboAlex MkvTurbo3 månader sedan
  • What’s the point of having classes if people are just gonna sand bag to be put in a slower class... seems cheap

    None of my BusinessNone of my Business3 månader sedan
    • why race beyond your capabilities? there is two seperate classes for a reason

      Dawson MessengeDawson Messenge3 månader sedan
  • wait this is ain't cleetus

    alex aalex a3 månader sedan
  • Car threw a belt @6:43 ?

    mitsuturbomitsuturbo3 månader sedan
  • does anyone know what classes james plans on running in

    Zach StewardZach Steward3 månader sedan
    • He already runs in the no time 1/8 mile classes.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 23 månader sedan
  • WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO INVITE KEN BLOCK TO THE FREEDOM FACTORY???????????????????????????????????????????????

    T BT B3 månader sedan
  • What does the "No time" class mean? Excuse my ignorance...

    Kyle NagtegaalKyle Nagtegaal3 månader sedan
  • Cleetass Mc Farting

    CarZ2goCarZ2go3 månader sedan
  • Hi Cleetus, I saw 2 lights on the right side of your switch panel that were flashing on the top then bottom, top, bottom, top bottom. What were the switches for and why did they flashing like that for??? I just curious. Nice try at racing and sorry about Leroy!! I hope that only second gear is bad 🙏🙏. Thanks, Michael

    Michael GrovesMichael Groves3 månader sedan
  • Were these class rules defined by the ATF?

    azchris1979azchris19793 månader sedan
  • 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

    Hemi RichieHemi Richie3 månader sedan
  • in case of a problem: : Pull the chute

    Jocelyn BriseboisJocelyn Brisebois3 månader sedan
  • To a non expert drag guy, what does 'take the back tyre' mean? I get take the hit but can't figure that one out

    Michael CowlingMichael Cowling3 månader sedan
  • This is the most of the 240 that we've ever seen without it breaking axles. I'm into it.

    Jimmy BroadbentJimmy Broadbent3 månader sedan
    • No axle problems and no nitrous.... the “new James”.. LOL

      Ivana NotyersIvana Notyers3 månader sedan
    • Ayy jimmer

      Jacob Bryan BennettJacob Bryan Bennett3 månader sedan
    • Wave to Jimmeh

      Four utubezFour utubez3 månader sedan
    • Woaaaahhhh hows it going jimmer

      Kolby ClaxtonKolby Claxton3 månader sedan
    • He was still happy to win a bet off the tree even though he got beatbthe first test past. $50

      jorjorbinks89jorjorbinks893 månader sedan
  • I love Jane new 240!!! That thing is mean!.

    B YazzieB Yazzie3 månader sedan
  • Duuuuuuuuude, you should buy ken blocks rally car its gonna be up for auction soon

    The Drew Green ShowThe Drew Green Show3 månader sedan
  • James gets the tool box with a massive turbo in the 240

    Jose MontoyaJose Montoya3 månader sedan
  • that edit was kick ass!

    HenryKronHenryKron3 månader sedan
  • Turn everything up against the 240. I’ll pray for you as well. Lol

    Deuce UlysseDeuce Ulysse3 månader sedan
  • Not gonna lie, hoping coop would smoke ya! All in good fun

    Bryan MyersBryan Myers3 månader sedan
  • Yo James still running the stock steering wheel

    V KV K3 månader sedan