RACE WEEK 2.0, Day 4: Bad News For Leroy... + Ruby Can't SLOW DOWN!! (Too Much Freedom?)

18 sep 2020
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Day 4 action for you guys! Let's see what the cars can do after another hefty 300+ mile drive!
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  • 3:43 got to feel for the dude holding the chicks drink and bag, while she tries to casually get in the video by taking pictures 😂😂

    Biscuit TechnicianBiscuit Technician15 dagar sedan
  • hey, dont reqlly understand why ruby needed to go slower , can someone explain why they were not happy with 8.3?

    vasllzvasllz3 månader sedan

    John WhiteJohn White3 månader sedan
  • you guys were 1.5hr away from me and i didn't even know it.... :(

    Deloss92Deloss923 månader sedan
  • i herd a kid voice that said you didint get thuogh the at 8:37

    TevoLegeTevoLege3 månader sedan
    • "You did good cleetus"

      Deloss92Deloss923 månader sedan
  • I wish I knew you were coming to GB ks I would of came there. I love watching your channel.

    Casey HoffmanCasey Hoffman3 månader sedan
    • i was saying the same thing. only 1.5hr away from me..... Sad now..

      Deloss92Deloss923 månader sedan
  • watching the window crack grow was so nerve racking!!

    andrew reinhartandrew reinhart3 månader sedan
  • Quit talkin about it and it'll be fine lol

    John HurstJohn Hurst3 månader sedan
  • Ruby hooked sooo good with that 8.37. Toooooo Spicy 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    K.D TransportK.D Transport3 månader sedan
  • 7:48 that's so cool to see how the extreme speed just cracking that windshield the whole pass. I wanna see leroy back deep in the 7s

    Nathan WilliamsNathan Williams3 månader sedan
  • Leroy McFarland sounds good as part of the family

    OMGLegendary 1OMGLegendary 13 månader sedan

    Alexander ColuzziAlexander Coluzzi3 månader sedan
  • is the "one and done special" coming out on I tunes anytime soon?

    Terry MillerTerry Miller3 månader sedan
  • Poor you guys! People just standin and just watching you all time! Just not a moment for yourself..

    Tim AlbertssonTim Albertsson3 månader sedan
  • What happened to Finnigan?

    F SF S3 månader sedan
    • @Flat4Buggy 2 oh, because Roadkill

      F SF S3 månader sedan
    • Blasphemi threw a rod on day 1.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 23 månader sedan
  • That Dale truck sounds so good... so good!

    Matt MiecznikowskiMatt Miecznikowski3 månader sedan
  • “MURICAAA!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸 sorry I just had to yell it” 😂 What a legend this is why he’s the best

    Kenton FrattoKenton Fratto3 månader sedan
  • So bAd ass

    Curtis KimballCurtis Kimball3 månader sedan
  • Kevin lost the clutch slave cylinder. So why did they not replace it with a new one? Is there a rule about only using spares you carried?

    Pashak de ScillyPashak de Scilly3 månader sedan
    • It wasn't just the slave. The pressure plate was also damaged.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 23 månader sedan
  • If you could say too quick that would be great! E.T.=quick MPH=fast

    The motorsports projectThe motorsports project3 månader sedan
  • How about a set of train horns for your vehicles it will take you to the next level of Merica.

    Donald BrunerDonald Bruner3 månader sedan
  • you can watch the crack in the windshield grow 7:48

    DADVidsDADVids3 månader sedan
  • Can anyone tell me what ice box setup ruby is running? I’ve watched all her videos and unleaded I missed it I can’t seem to find the details.

    Brad HeltonBrad Helton3 månader sedan
  • 15:46 Boomhauer's Behind the wheel.. loving this week

    bansheemaniabansheemania3 månader sedan
  • Lol @ 7.51 u can see the crack making its way hahaha

    J HallJ Hall3 månader sedan
  • I feel like James can't stand the thought of being outrun, so he just stays in it lol

    Daniel WardDaniel Ward3 månader sedan
  • I love the page sports bar where they ate dinner. Wish i could've randomly run into these guys there lol

    bluecheesegraderbluecheesegrader3 månader sedan
  • I think i can do an uglier pass, kevin did awesome given the situation!!

    Logan RamosLogan Ramos3 månader sedan
  • That turbo look like a huge turbo

    Willie LongWillie Long3 månader sedan
  • thats gnarly AF. after he mentions the windshield crack and you go watch the run from his POV and you see the crack developing. lol

    Real RogueReal Rogue3 månader sedan
  • Your website is really slow? A lot of traffic?

    mike burnsmike burns3 månader sedan
  • the car sounds like the buffalo from gta sa

    R3TЯ0-93R3TЯ0-933 månader sedan
  • @3:43 a spy enters to make some close up pictures of the parts used in the build!

    Sjoer van der PloegSjoer van der Ploeg3 månader sedan
    • @4:45 You have to crush that competition dude, don't let them spy like that!

      Sjoer van der PloegSjoer van der Ploeg3 månader sedan
    • As suspected, the bloke with the two drinks belongs to her!

      Sjoer van der PloegSjoer van der Ploeg3 månader sedan
    • She comes in from the left, but obviously the bloke with the two drinks isn't supposed to be there either!

      Sjoer van der PloegSjoer van der Ploeg3 månader sedan
  • 7:35 Leroy 11:35 Ruby 13:50 Dale Truck 16:37 Ruby (thumbnail)

    ScottStormScottStorm3 månader sedan
  • To Many commercials

    RhynoRhyno3 månader sedan
  • Pat on the back to all yall leroy on a comeback quest for 7's , rubys new big turbo untested , dale truck being the damn dale truck 😈 hell yeah brother 💯

    David MartinezDavid Martinez4 månader sedan
  • James is really shining this year. What a great guy 😁

    espenevoespenevo4 månader sedan
  • Y'all want a hovercraft video? This one is Guy Martin (a crazy/badass british dude that races Seniors class at the Isle of Man TT) attempting the speed record for a hovercraft. seworld.info/will/ham32Kmla4OhyWg/video Also if you don't know what The Isle of Man TT is you need to find out like yesterday.

    LeNomEstYvesLeNomEstYves4 månader sedan
  • So wholesome hearing the little kid the background tell Cleetus he did good and Ol' Cleeter McSkeeter Bomb actually responding to him saying thanks buddy

    Matthew VerachtertMatthew Verachtert4 månader sedan
  • why are is Kevin keeping that HUGE spoiler on the back of the Dale truck? It's like an f-ing airbrake! They are leaving 0.x seconds on the table just by keeping that thing on it.

    jfv65jfv654 månader sedan
  • After u said it cracked during the pass I went back to check, it immediately cracked at the launch.

    Jesse VilsterrenJesse Vilsterren4 månader sedan
  • Why can't u just wire in a timmer to the transbrake so as soon as u leave u know when to back off to make 8:50🙋‍♂️🇦🇺

    Luke JamesLuke James4 månader sedan
  • Hey Cleetus can you please fix the button in Leroy’s steering wheel, it’s messing with my OCD .😂

    Lewis GorskiLewis Gorski4 månader sedan
  • What fuel does Leroy run?

    Andre GouletAndre Goulet4 månader sedan
    • Ignite Red 114.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 23 månader sedan
  • Loved seeing you in great bend Kansas

    gagekufangagekufan4 månader sedan
  • at 3:32 = background worhty image

    maxin montrealmaxin montreal4 månader sedan
  • 7:47 if you play back in slow speed you can watch the crack in the windshield grow with each shift.

    Craig ShantzCraig Shantz4 månader sedan
  • Hey Garrett. Thanks for taking me along for the ride. It's good to see the highs and lows of Race Week. What happened to the sick corvette? It was a 1964 I believe. I wish I knew who owned it.

    nill nillnill nill4 månader sedan
  • James is a machine. Enough said

    450promaui2450promaui24 månader sedan
  • Can James run a pass with a stopwatch to get his time

    Alan ScottAlan Scott4 månader sedan
  • Time for a tilton like road race cars have.

    brian winiarskibrian winiarski4 månader sedan
  • Not gonna lie liked first race week of this year much better it felt like a whole family going out and it was sick this one is lightweight weak and barely any Brent in this

    nick kosakowskinick kosakowski4 månader sedan
  • Was gonna break out the catchers mitt, for when the piston comes out of the exhaust 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Magucci13Magucci134 månader sedan
  • We need to get a shift cam some pass?

    Colin DavisColin Davis4 månader sedan
  • I'm a fan of the channel and I wasn't rude, just made an observation. Always underpromise and overdeliver.

    CJ JohnsonCJ Johnson4 månader sedan
  • It seems like the manual juts learnts the autos a lesson on the drives

    snikwad003snikwad0034 månader sedan
  • Y'all stopped in pratt and didn't stop by Sonic shame maybe next time y'all get up this way

    Ethan MastersEthan Masters4 månader sedan
  • Somebody get that man a clutch lol

    Dennis RenteriaDennis Renteria4 månader sedan
  • Spicy seems to be the adjective du jour

    cdouglas1942cdouglas19424 månader sedan
  • 7:48 if you look you can see the crack slowly makes its way across the windshield.

    sir sirsir sir4 månader sedan
  • Can Brent see over Leroys turbos and intake?

    LadyJesterSurferLadyJesterSurfer4 månader sedan
    • I mean it looks like the giraffe has to crane his neck to see over

      LadyJesterSurferLadyJesterSurfer4 månader sedan
  • If you watch closely at 7:56 you can see the windshield braking everything he switched gears it got bigger

    Benjamin BairdBenjamin Baird4 månader sedan
  • Y’all looked hammered drunk this whole video hahaha

    V CamarataV Camarata4 månader sedan
  • U can actually watch the window crack grow

    funda delgadofunda delgado4 månader sedan
  • Anyone else rewind and rewatch the pass with the windshield crack spreading? 🤣

    Nick WorleyNick Worley4 månader sedan
  • Ah damn we ran too fast. Guess we’ll have to run it again🤷‍♂️

    adam theissadam theiss4 månader sedan
  • I get the feeling guys that you are a product of your own environment after dominating race week 1.0 everybody and their dog with an 8 1/2 second car is now coming to play competition is hotting up Fairplay guys smashing it

    Louis CoxLouis Cox4 månader sedan
  • so many fat ppl in the background. obesity in america is a real problem.

    Lapoche KipendLapoche Kipend4 månader sedan
  • Such a shame that everyone else gets your content posted before you do. Which means that when it gets posted here, we realize we ha e already seen it. Thanks 1320 video.

    Peter MannPeter Mann4 månader sedan
  • Kevin seems salty AF.

    meepmeep4 månader sedan
  • Lol wow cletus 7:50 you can watch the cracks on the window happen that's shitty too much power go Leroy!!

    zach dinesenzach dinesen4 månader sedan
  • It has always been my experience that when the clutch goes, you don't. Not disengaging was normally a linkage issue. I am guessing that is hydraulic? Check the master and slave cylinders, the line and the lever/fork etc.

    Eldor LuedtkeEldor Luedtke4 månader sedan
  • What's funny is I'm about to install the same Holley intake plenum that's on Ruby on my Honda J32A engine in my 2001 turbo Accord. My Accord will never run 8s though...lmao I'm lacking in the turbo and displacement departments...

    Robert KeetonRobert Keeton4 månader sedan

    BoilerBloodlineBoilerBloodline4 månader sedan
  • @3:47... Wowzers!!!

    doubleoddbuck00doubleoddbuck004 månader sedan
  • what was in that Isuzu pickup??????????

    lowzone73lowzone734 månader sedan
  • How can you pass tech with a cracked windshield??????

    adam sadam s4 månader sedan
  • Oh how drag racing has changed, and I'm not sure for the better. This old man remembers when drag racing was side by side best man wins. I was there at Houston Raceway when Garlitz still sat behind the engine with a sign on the scoop that said "right foot down for go". Still love the smell of nitro methane in the morning. Keep on brothers, between the ditches rubber side down. Mike

    Thomas RobersonThomas Roberson4 månader sedan
  • also wow i like james's cleetus shirt and may actually buy one

    ssouthboundpachydermssouthboundpachyderm4 månader sedan
  • Does Kevin's co pilot not wanna be on film

    Zach NideverZach Nidever4 månader sedan
  • Y’all look hung over af at the beginning 😂

    Royal TRoyal T4 månader sedan
  • wow you can actually watch the crack forming as the car launches off the line at the 7:50 mark and then some more as he's banging gears down the track

    ssouthboundpachydermssouthboundpachyderm4 månader sedan
  • I’m kind of new to the channel but why is ruby trying to only get runs in the 8.50s?

    Bubonic BubonicBubonic Bubonic4 månader sedan
    • It's bracket racing. If you run faster than your time class you're slip doesn't count

      Samuel RobertSamuel Robert4 månader sedan
  • Leroy's a road warrior if there ever was one, great video.

    Dale GrovesDale Groves4 månader sedan
  • Don’t ya have too drive home like last time for the win? I guess not!😋😋😋😋🤜🏼🤛🏼🍀🇦🇺

    Steve SloanSteve Sloan4 månader sedan
  • Who would have thought ''james was too fast''

    M. D. RANGIM. D. RANGI4 månader sedan
  • 15:48 The NEW Ruby Mechanic?? BOY GEORGE! (I thought he was dead??)

    Tripp RogersTripp Rogers4 månader sedan
  • 7:47 watch the glass as he rips you can see the crack getting bigger lol

    Alexander SinclairAlexander Sinclair4 månader sedan
  • You guys crack me up!!! I love your videos!!!

    Erik SappErik Sapp4 månader sedan
  • This is in pratt kansas I live there how the hell did I not see you

    edward duersonedward duerson4 månader sedan
  • 3:45 got dang

    CodyCody4 månader sedan
  • Brother! Race week is wild! I've been cheesin ear to ear through all these videos! Even with all the mishaps that just seems to make the experience even better, James breaking out left and right, Kevin having to push start the Dale truck, man I'd be having a ball. A real car guy's treat. It's like going to deer camp and not seeing a damn deer the whole trip, it's still a great time

    Ken LeppekKen Leppek4 månader sedan
  • Love this channel. You guys have so much fun. It's a similar the comradery of the trio on UK Top Gear. Hardly watching for the racing, but more for the shenanigans. Great job, guys!

    Joe GilbertJoe Gilbert4 månader sedan
  • "A little to fast" Eh it happens! "🤣🤣

    Rando CalrissianRando Calrissian4 månader sedan
  • This video literally defines the phrase "I just wanna do racecar things with my friends"

    Speed DemonSpeed Demon4 månader sedan
  • Want more Kevin in the video

    pun Dechathornpun Dechathorn4 månader sedan
  • Hell yeah's Muricaaaaa.

    williamrobertingramwilliamrobertingram4 månader sedan
  • At this rate, Ruby is going to get into the 7’s before Leroy on this trip.

    EricEric4 månader sedan
  • full send it eh

    Cnoevo Auto AdventuresCnoevo Auto Adventures4 månader sedan
  • Why is there so many advertisements... but good stuff on the passes

    2onka2onka4 månader sedan