1 Year Since I Met the Freedom Factory + Demo Ranch & Other Tubers Arrive!!!

14 nov 2020
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IT'S TIME!!!! LeMullets is finally here. This is it boys, see you tonight!
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  • THIS IS IT GUYS!!!!! Brb gonna go win this... watch here: www.cleetusmcfarland.com/

    Cleetus McFarlandCleetus McFarland2 månader sedan
    • U need too shave

      Jacob MendiolaJacob Mendiola2 månader sedan
    • @Andy H 👍

      trm4lifetrm4life2 månader sedan
    • You should consider hosting races where the participants bring their own entry (vehicle) to cut costs.

      Andy HAndy H2 månader sedan
    • @cleetusmcfarland Watertown SD, 1969 FULL RACE Corvette on Facebook. Asking 55k

      trm4lifetrm4life2 månader sedan
    • seworld.info/will/oYTbrNzIqpSTsZs/video

      Blayne BiermanBlayne Bierman2 månader sedan
  • Not many Florida Men are genuine Fleet Owners...

    Tenright77Tenright7727 dagar sedan
  • Ayyye demo!

    Brandon BBrandon BMånad sedan
  • youve come so far in a year.

    buttbuttMånad sedan
  • Gosh dang Cleeter. You deserve this success

    Christian DoranChristian DoranMånad sedan
  • Dude, where's the female drivers and the drivers of minority? You and your white mullet privilege... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Just kidding...

    ThePeopleVerseThePeopleVerseMånad sedan
  • Amazing

    Andy KonetzkeAndy KonetzkeMånad sedan
  • I just dropped the comment below on a "Ridiculousness" video. Just something and someone I think would be a cool addition if all would fit, so to speak and gel. I want to see the owner and originator of the "Fantasy Factory", Rob Dyrdek, go to meet the owner and originator of the "Freedom Factory", Cleetus McFarland, see what they can do and muster up together and/or vice versa. Would love to see him in the next "LeMullets", similar or whatever they come up with. I think Rob and Cleetus would make a great fit. Can we make it happen ?

    StucknaruttStucknaruttMånad sedan
  • And just like that no more homeowners insurance...

    Scott ShoemakerScott ShoemakerMånad sedan
  • Cletus and everyone else my fellow citizens freedom and liberty lovers you are operating on a platform that hates you that suppresses you wherever you dare Express an opinion by operating on this platform you continue to put money in their coffers you think that money is going to support liberty and freedom this country remaining a constitutional republic you think that's going to those kind of candidates think that's going to those kind of organizations no it's not .if you wish to have my eyes my ears if you're sponsors wish to have my eyes or my ears any of you fellow SEworldrs then you better find a different platform that's not part of the tech tyrants you will not be able to get access to me any longer till you do. If that's too much for you then keeping liberty and freedom keeping this a constitutional republic for the people by the people of the people having the right to vote in a vote that is legitimately counted it's too much of a bother for you enjoy the money and prestige from your sellout until eventually the people you sold out to also consumes you!

    ace steelace steelMånad sedan
  • The pandemic is real and having an influencer with the size audience that Garret has perpetuate that mask wearing is an infringement of ones individual freedoms is where I draw the line. It doesn’t matter which political camp you’re in, it is scientifically proven that wearing a mask helps to flatten the curve. If you don’t feel that way may I implore you to volunteer at your local Catholic Hospital. I’m sure they need help and you can get a glimpse of the effects of the pandemic in person.

    Big JBig JMånad sedan
  • A White Bronco build and the T-shirt says the boost is loose

    Connor G.Connor G.Månad sedan
  • Cleetus and covid

    Grant StoppelGrant StoppelMånad sedan
  • Does Cleetus, His Event Crew Or The Fans, Attending Cleetus & Cars 2020...Respect Medical Personnel Or First Responders..?? “HELL NO...BROTHER...!!” Maybe 1% Of The Fans Attending, Wore Masks.. And In The Videos...NOT ONCE DID I SEE CLEETUS, Or “ANY” Of His Event Staff, EVER WEAR A MASK! Hope You Feel Good Cleet...By Profiting Off Of A Couple Deaths!! Way To Go...BROTHER..!!! Fu*king Piece Of Sh*T..!!

    Matt FosterMatt FosterMånad sedan
  • The next motorsport you want to dominate in : seworld.info/will/eWzHrafIe6ukm2A/video

    crazycatcrazycatMånad sedan
  • You guys are making a lot of dad's so proud with what you have done.

    David CulbertsonDavid CulbertsonMånad sedan
  • Can't believe it's already been a year. Nice for you, but what a shit year it's been in general. Keep it going man!

    amorton94amorton94Månad sedan
  • Omg what a line up

    Ray SilkeRay SilkeMånad sedan
  • What does 'do it for dale' even mean 🤔 been wondering for the past 1.5 years

    Mikaeel BadatMikaeel BadatMånad sedan
    • @Flat4Buggy 2 oh okay. Nascar is non existent in South Africa.

      Mikaeel BadatMikaeel BadatMånad sedan
    • Do it for the former NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt. Who passed away after an accident during the 2001 Daytona 500: seworld.info/will/fJzK2cnajYZ8vZc/video

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 2Månad sedan
  • I thought my mullet was bad then I seen Matt's 😂😂

    Conrad MorganConrad MorganMånad sedan
  • I feel like I've lived the last year of my life vicariously through you.

    robyrobyMånad sedan
  • The Monster Truck 😂😂

    Pump BelzPump BelzMånad sedan
  • Should have a demolition derby with some of those vics

    Harley DucharmeHarley DucharmeMånad sedan
  • OMG lmao! I was just thinking how nice Jh's truck was, than watched it roll into Cleets pond LOL

    JoshuaJoshuaMånad sedan
  • Do you and itsjusta6 like each other because I’d like to see a collab

    Fish FlopsFish Flops2 månader sedan
  • You probably would’ve had a lot of more races if it was for covid man

    Nicolas VazquezNicolas Vazquez2 månader sedan
  • I was super impressed by the production quality. Literally 200 times better than the Freedom 500. Keep it up! Give us an option for 1080p for extra money!!! I don't care how much it costs

    Nolan DanielsNolan Daniels2 månader sedan
  • You fully deserve the support from us, content like this (racing as SEworldrs & Buying a fricking track) is just insane content which is not seen very much, that’s why we like it so much!🔥

    Lars F1Lars F12 månader sedan
  • Ha ha ,only a 3 hour drive from me ,,

    gary giengary gien2 månader sedan
  • That Monster truck... Man... Rip... Great that everyone was alright though... That van was absolutely FUBAR by the end of it xD

    Steve MartinettoSteve Martinetto2 månader sedan
  • Fire me up! I can't wait to watch the replay of the event (I completely didn't realize that it happened last weekend (I must have been under a pretty serious rock)) Watching Cleet, VGG, and Matt from DemoRanch go at it will be freaking great! By the way, Cleet, Any chance of inviting Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained for the next event??? I honestly think that it would be a great addition to your next event.

    Steve MartinettoSteve Martinetto2 månader sedan
  • Is there a way to watch the show after the date of the race? I'd be willing to pay for it, I just couldn't make it the day of.

    James SchwedeJames Schwede2 månader sedan
    • You can head over to cleetusmcfarland.com and pay $15 to watch it right now, or you can wait a couple of weeks and watch it on the 2nd channel: Cleetus2 McFarland

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 2Månad sedan
  • I live in Tampa, how the FUCK didn't I know this was happening?!?! I mean I drank for the race... I just didn't know it was happening.

    Forrest NelsonForrest Nelson2 månader sedan
    • It was a PPV only event. The Freedom Factory is still closed to the public. However, you can come down to Cleetus and Cars this Saturday, (November 21st) at Bradenton Motor Sports Park. (The link for tickets can be found on the Bradenton Motor Sports Park website, or look up the Cleetus and Cars event on Facebook) Then, you can come back for the Freedom 500 event at the Freedom Factory on April 3rd, and another Cleetus and Cars on April 10th, 2021.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 22 månader sedan
  • Came over from Demo Ranch. Just want to support the channel and love what you’re doing!

    Keith LakeKeith Lake2 månader sedan
  • Damn, and I thought Matt was tall. Cleetus is a damn tower!

    Tyler WolchowTyler Wolchow2 månader sedan
  • Micro-van 1 MonsterTruck 0

    Osacr MoralesOsacr Morales2 månader sedan
  • 9:02 dang lol

    T1000AXT1000AX2 månader sedan
  • So I'm more curious on seeing a video of how you got the truck out of the pound

    Alexander JohnstonAlexander Johnston2 månader sedan
  • As a life long desoto speedway attendee (and future freedom factory lifelong attendee) what you did with the place makes me so happy and excited for what's to come! Lemullets was awesome!

    Ben RennerBen Renner2 månader sedan
    • Dude that's amazing I hope its justbas good and even better than you remember. Props to garret for buying this track and bringing to back to the people. And hosting events that people would enjoy watching here

      ShackleShackle2 månader sedan
  • The lawn care nut is such a good guy... just a really handy and generous human being... need more people like him

    Sean O'ReillySean O'Reilly2 månader sedan
  • Cletus single handily making America great again!!!!!

    Ryan WilkinsonRyan Wilkinson2 månader sedan
  • It's always nice to see matt appear on this channel. I've been a sub to his channel for years now.

    Scooby DewScooby Dew2 månader sedan
  • you got to get hunt the front in that race

    Derick WelchDerick Welch2 månader sedan
  • Why is Danny such db

    Andrew SarineAndrew Sarine2 månader sedan
  • We all want to see how you pulled the JHD truck out of the pond

    Mavrick HardingMavrick Harding2 månader sedan
  • After seeing them put that truck in the water and cheer after makes me sure that JH diesel has a shit ton of money😂

    Joey ImrichJoey Imrich2 månader sedan
  • Im disappointed the rules didnt allow whistlin diesel to use his general lee instead of the crown vic lol. It would have gotten destroyed

    Chickens FloatChickens Float2 månader sedan
  • JH diesel ok? Dam did not see that coming... How deep is the pond?

    Jeremiah JohnsonJeremiah Johnson2 månader sedan
  • Y’all should do a legit demolition derby

    nick knick k2 månader sedan
  • And then they crank some donuts in the nice grass

    Hugh JaynessHugh Jayness2 månader sedan
  • How many people watched it live?

    Ben SmithBen Smith2 månader sedan
  • I made some silly comment about lamb chops and cleet ran with it. I take it back, enjoy the chops! Thanks for loosing the machoman voice, that was the distracting, I hear the cleet we all love again. Great job, thanks for handling feedback that was meant well.

    Caesar WinebrennerCaesar Winebrenner2 månader sedan
  • I drove past the nitto truck a few days ago leaving

    Chase ThiedeChase Thiede2 månader sedan
  • Can we get a then and now of the Freedom ring?

    steven latresteven latre2 månader sedan
  • Once you open the factory up to people you’ll probably make plenty of profit which will lead to cooler things at the factory like turning that field into a parking lot and adding and upgrading bleachers for more space

    Kyle TidrickKyle Tidrick2 månader sedan
  • This is when I found out mullets were cool again. ANNIVERSARY!

    Michael Johns ICYu2Michael Johns ICYu22 månader sedan
  • If you know anyone looking for a 240sx turbo vert I can’t import my car to Canada because California and I’m going on a trip really Far East I will be posting the car to craigslist and offerup newyork and California on Thursday keep an eye open car guys

    Google GoogleGoogle Google2 månader sedan
    • Where in Cali? I'll take really good care of her for you

      GOD'S WARRIORGOD'S WARRIOR2 månader sedan
  • Dying to find out who the Douchebag lawn shredder was

    Todd HigginsTodd Higgins2 månader sedan
  • Open to the fans

    DEVILTHE1337DEVILTHE13372 månader sedan
  • That truck rolling over into the pond freaking hell yea brother !!! Awsome content can we see the damage?

    dwayne powleydwayne powley2 månader sedan
  • Who else is on the edge of their seat waiting for a new video to drop?!?! Cmonnnnnnn cleeter!

    Don ArmstrongDon Armstrong2 månader sedan
  • Covid doesn't exist there anymore?

    Luis CarrionLuis Carrion2 månader sedan
  • Cleetus and everyone BRINGING MULLETS BACK!🤣

    MoistChurroMoistChurro2 månader sedan
  • Living the Dream young man so proud of all you've done and are doing. Thank you for sharing it all with us this race is going to be awesome...

    Mjr BurnMjr Burn2 månader sedan
  • Matt is such a humble dude. Your lucky to have met him. Id still like to. Congrats on the awesome accomplishment.

    Kyle SealsKyle Seals2 månader sedan
  • #1320 #carburetor how about a series of carburetor nationals

    syco133syco1332 månader sedan
  • shorturl.ca/girlhotpornt84s loro da vicino al suo svenire britannico 💕 ciągnąć pokrywy koniec z ale jego uwolnienie

    Emily RossEmily Ross2 månader sedan
  • the PPV support email lol!!!!!

    David BaucomDavid Baucom2 månader sedan
  • It's crazy what you've done in a year.

    broncobubba3169broncobubba31692 månader sedan
  • JH truck rollover needs a whole separate video

    City Hillbilly412City Hillbilly4122 månader sedan
  • Yooo Cleet that race was frickin amazing. I've already watched all the driver videos also! One thing though... not a single one of the spectators are wearing masks, I'd hate for you to make all that money just get fined and shut down for not social distancing, we all also don't need you catching that corno either, what would I do with my days not being able to watch your videos?!

    kevin leekevin lee2 månader sedan
  • Your doing a fantastic job, setting all this up.... real professional... well done McFarland... proud of you !

    PipPip2 månader sedan
  • JH HOLY !@#$

    1quickdub1quickdub2 månader sedan
  • Who won the race

    Jack FeremJack Ferem2 månader sedan
    • Brent and Jamie - PFI Speed. BosstedBoiz' video: seworld.info/will/lbG03My3qIiC0YE/video PFI's video: seworld.info/will/fKjRrKixo4Wlm6c/video

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 22 månader sedan
  • God bless america

    Imagine A WorldImagine A World2 månader sedan
  • Youre the man cleet

    Imagine A WorldImagine A World2 månader sedan
  • Why you delete the video? 🤷🏻‍♂️

    ناصر عليناصر علي2 månader sedan
  • 9:01 bro you don't see that every day

    LazyLionLazyLion2 månader sedan
  • This is just funny as hell from the first frame. Thank you brother! :D

    Probably NotProbably Not2 månader sedan
  • Cleetus I’m in Florida this and I leave the day of cleetus and cars this weekend and I would like to meet you before hand if possible

    Brenden WattBrenden Watt2 månader sedan
  • Hahhaha that swamp bogging warmup after he floored it classic

    smokey banditsmokey bandit2 månader sedan
  • i was expecting to see whisteling deisel out there man everyone would of flipped. monstermax would of been a hit that night.

    Adam CAdam C2 månader sedan
  • So proud of what you have done, congratulations Cleetus!!

    Kurtis BowerKurtis Bower2 månader sedan

    the future the pastthe future the past2 månader sedan
  • I got an Idea for you and the Tubers! Do a race like this but make it a team race with a Tuber and a viewer!! Could have people buy in for the opportunity to do it

    Robert CottinghamRobert Cottingham2 månader sedan
  • Glad to see you all aren't acting like a bunch of frickin' slaves wearing masks. It makes me sad to see all these deer in headlights with their masks on around Tallahassee. "Please tell me what to do, media". Thank you, Cleetus.

    Nza420Nza4202 månader sedan
  • That fuckin truck rolling into the water came out of nowhere?

    Devin MataDevin Mata2 månader sedan
  • Holy cow you guys are nutty

    RubberdownRubberdown2 månader sedan
  • I just bought some new Sparkplug Wires from Summit Racing 2day! How do I get my Ticket For The Race 🎟 ?

    WYZMaro 97WYZMaro 972 månader sedan
  • I wish this was 10x longer lol

    ProfatoeProfatoe2 månader sedan
  • Yo that truck bogged out

    40Mike Mike40Mike Mike2 månader sedan
  • hey cleet top this Monstermax Drives in the Ocean (Police, Coast Guard, EPA, DNR Called) seworld.info/will/paDcrKabnKOY2mA/video so about crossing your pond with the tracker ponits to video /\

    Motoko5000Motoko50002 månader sedan
  • Garrett, you need to get some dangler earrings to go with your style there, bud.

    Tall PaulTall Paul2 månader sedan
  • Huge thanks to you! Unbelievable what you've done in such a short time!

    Vice Grip GarageVice Grip Garage2 månader sedan
    • Awesome driving VGC you should have gotten MVP for that crazy run from the back of the pack!!

      CP the tool addictCP the tool addict2 månader sedan
    • A guy really notices some talent erry now and then.

      Allen PotzerAllen Potzer2 månader sedan
    • It's amazing how an ideal has grown into such amazing content.

  • Cleet. You haven’t even seen the beginning of it yet either. All these amazing successful events under no live audience. Wait until you start doing events where you have thousands of people showing up. It’s going to be amazing! Such a great idea to take on this project

    logan deckerlogan decker2 månader sedan
  • Can I still watch le mullets I was working so I missed it🙁

    Relaxing GamingRelaxing Gaming2 månader sedan
    • Yes, if you paid for it, or if you pay the $15 now, you can watch it before it's released on the 2nd channel (Cleetus2 McFarland) in a few weeks.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 22 månader sedan
  • truck in pond , priceless lol

    Greg CaldwellGreg Caldwell2 månader sedan
  • JH what the hell you doin fuggins? 😂 #goodcontentgang

    KodiLee CalvertKodiLee Calvert2 månader sedan
  • Cleverer needs to grow some lamb chops and grow a mullet 😂

    Nathan CountyrmanNathan Countyrman2 månader sedan
  • I've watched all of your pay per views to date , Including le mullets . They just keep getting better every time. The best ten bucks I've spent on some entertainment. It was dam good to watch. The commentators did a great job. Spicy Spencer did an awesome job at singing and trackside interviews. 👍👍👍 I can't wait for the next one.

    Crazed 420Crazed 4202 månader sedan