Recovering the Flipped Over Mega Truck From My 20 Foot Deep Pond!!!

20 nov 2020
858 022 visningar

Well boys, time to get JH's freaking HUGE Mud Truck dragged out of my pond. This thing is IN THERE!
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Cleetus McFarland
12961 44th St N. Ste B
Clearwater, FL 33762
United States of AmericaThe first time we've ever been pulled over in either of these cars...
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  • How much did that truck cost ?

    Him BikeHim Bike9 dagar sedan
  • nobody got hurt dude took it like a champ thats awesome

    James SulzmannJames Sulzmann9 dagar sedan
  • Why in the world did you do this at night??????

    Who CaresWho Cares11 dagar sedan
  • everyone makes mistakes, regardless of how talented a driver is. Glad they are all ok

    ChaosZombie999ChaosZombie99915 dagar sedan
  • That big turd was a sinker. Leave her in the pond.

    Colton GrundyColton Grundy17 dagar sedan
  • Dude the reaction time of people actually asking how many there were was scary, had a single passenger have gulped water they’d have drown, should have had someone in the water quicker treat 10 seconds man. Jsut hve someone ready when playing by the pond, someone jump in, Cleetus, preferably you for younmagenwouldntve been huge if you’d dumped the camera and jumped in . Someone would have got it.

    The ArchitectThe Architect26 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else get a ad right when the truck is on 2 wheels starting to lean towards the pond😂

    timtompimtimtompim27 dagar sedan
  • I love the honesty At least I get to profit form your mistake lol

    Just Harry JohnsonJust Harry JohnsonMånad sedan
  • Good god that was a deep ass pond.

    Chad DionChad DionMånad sedan
  • “JH-Farva”

    Rodney BoyetteRodney BoyetteMånad sedan
  • I can imagine its gona cost a pretty penny to fix his truck. Also I wander how much diesel and other engine fluids leaked out into the pond, hopefully not any!

    Banana CreamPieBanana CreamPieMånad sedan
  • If I was here I was gonna tie a second rope to the shaft in the middle .

    Altyn DomAltyn DomMånad sedan
  • Lmao 😂 when the strap broke... I would’ve left it there.

    Yosh DoeYosh DoeMånad sedan
  • Went from Yee haw to well shit real quick

    Farmermann23Farmermann23Månad sedan
  • Just another night at the McFarland ranch. Nothing unusual here boys! Great video Cleetus. Jpol.

    J PolJ PolMånad sedan
  • Ha monster max wouolda squashed that car

    serbia991serbia991Månad sedan
  • Matt should’ve brought his 5 Ton to use the wench on that

    Norris TownNorris TownMånad sedan
  • Anything rode that hard for five years deserves to be put away wet

    ourtime-downhereourtime-downhereMånad sedan
  • got me wondering, is there a chrisfix video on how to fix a submarine?

    aztakurvaaztakurvaMånad sedan
  • Why dose jh look like an older “Larry the enticer”

    Jack BraggJack BraggMånad sedan
  • Yeah, that'll buff problem.

    ThePeopleVerseThePeopleVerseMånad sedan
  • Did not realise that pond was soo deep

    Paul MeijerPaul MeijerMånad sedan
  • That van got it revenge after being ran over

    zdogcatzdogcatMånad sedan
  • I have a funny feeling that insurance won’t cover this

    Neil HrdlickNeil HrdlickMånad sedan
  • #FDT

    Luis HernandezLuis HernandezMånad sedan
  • Gnarly.

    Guns Cars and DigitsGuns Cars and DigitsMånad sedan
  • When it rolled back in I laughed my ass off

    Vigilante PotatoVigilante PotatoMånad sedan
  • 2:52 your welcome

    Jayzic LanducciJayzic LanducciMånad sedan
  • Dang, that pond deep as the ocean.

    DriftoDriftoMånad sedan
  • yeah, his tache definitely threw him off.

    DriftoDriftoMånad sedan
  • I think this confirms that the mini bogger 3000 is better at driving through ponds than JH’s truck

    WoodiliciousWoodiliciousMånad sedan
  • liquid cooled headlights!

    KronkKronkMånad sedan
  • Talk about getting wet behind the ear.

    Jason BaileyJason BaileyMånad sedan
  • "In the arms OOOFF An anGeL.."

    pocky 222pocky 222Månad sedan
  • "Who's the U-boat commander?" Risky Business, 1983.

    Flies2FLLFlies2FLLMånad sedan
  • The truck is destroyed. You cannot fix the electrical system without replacing ALL of it, and if it was running when water went into the intake all the rods are bent. The cost to repair it is more than it is worth-

    Flies2FLLFlies2FLLMånad sedan
    • he already got it running check out his youtube

      Daniel •Daniel •Månad sedan
    • ......If you have a truck like this for a few years and you DON'T destroy it and start over then something is wrong!

      Flies2FLLFlies2FLLMånad sedan
  • Better have them liability waivers filled out, be careful people will try to sue over stuff like that.

    AEG 3737AEG 3737Månad sedan
    • You can bet that Garrett Mitchell has PLENTY of insurance!

      Flies2FLLFlies2FLLMånad sedan
  • It'll buff right out, no worries mate....

    Peter FrenchPeter FrenchMånad sedan
  • damn dude i lost it when that strap broke LOL

    michael poemichael poeMånad sedan
  • Race ken blocks hoonicorn

    Joshua CuevasJoshua CuevasMånad sedan
    • Nobody seem like they can beat him prove us wrong

      Joshua CuevasJoshua CuevasMånad sedan
  • JH needs to start posting videos

    Kevin PierceKevin PierceMånad sedan
  • Now you need to find an airstrip and see who can do the longest burnout down it. The burnout pit is awesome though

    Ricky LafolletteRicky LafolletteMånad sedan
  • Corona and cars. Unsubscribed.

    RiceRiceMånad sedan
    • Bye bye

      Daniel •Daniel •Månad sedan
  • Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration is now reporting an available capacity statewide of 24.13 percent. So you or your girlfriend are lying I guess 250K people dead is blown out of proportion.

    tonymayo1973tonymayo1973Månad sedan
    • who asked? and that's less than 1 percent of the population

      Daniel •Daniel •Månad sedan
  • Fitment industries want to help you with the wheels for the galaxy.

    Broke People LifeBroke People LifeMånad sedan
  • I feel bad for the guy... That truck was a beauty :( Hopefully he can salvage some of it.

    RedHazeBandRedHazeBandMånad sedan
  • Didn't quite float like W D

    Christopher JohnsonChristopher JohnsonMånad sedan
  • lets all hold our arms out the window... idiots

    Elite JdElite JdMånad sedan
  • i fucking lost it when the strap broke and it went back in XD LOL

    Keegan SpencerKeegan SpencerMånad sedan
  • Let’s see how many people get sick from his event .

    BunchkinBunchkinMånad sedan
  • Looks like a U-Haul truck lol

    WYZMaro 97WYZMaro 97Månad sedan
  • “Pretty clean now” Good fuckin attitude my guy ! Y’all are all safe hellave story to tell the chern

    Dustin MitchellDustin MitchellMånad sedan
  • You guys totally ripped this off from the x-wing scene in The Empire Strikes Back.

    azchris1979azchris1979Månad sedan
  • 3:32 “we were having a good time” y’all were hammered a hell😭😭

    KW 999KW 999Månad sedan
  • just subscribed to show my support for cleetus and the gang .

    tom knudsentom knudsenMånad sedan
  • The car community needs you and every thing you do. Don’t let the haters make you second guess any thing you are doing!

    BoostLeak BoysBoostLeak BoysMånad sedan
    • @GOD'S WARRIOR ok

      Daniel •Daniel •Månad sedan
    • @YEET LORD xD We REALLY don't.

    • We don't really need him tho..

      YEET LORD xDYEET LORD xDMånad sedan
  • I never imagined so many people were such cowards...

    MadAlhazredMadAlhazredMånad sedan
  • That's a deep pond

    Joe TruittJoe TruittMånad sedan
  • What's up with the abrupt endings lately? :(

    Luxter1994Luxter1994Månad sedan
  • To continue: Florida Phase 3 (which is where the have been since the middle of October). Not including additional restrictions put in place by the local administration and other emergency attachments to phase 3. This is what is the law for Outdoor Sporting Events: Large spectator sporting events should consider reducing capacity with limited social distancing protocols. Non-vulnerable populations should consider minimizing time spent in crowded environments. Limited social distancing means around 3 feet apart instead of 6 feet apart. The event “Cleetus anf Cars” violated every State of Florida laws as well as additional Bradenton restrictions which speaks to my submission to the State of Florida Business Licensing section of Florida Law. It is compounded by the video that had comments turned off that included the comments that “I have looked at local hospitals and they are empty” “I don’t listen to the news but...” He said that he was influencing attendees to violate State Law and his video of the event bares that out. I pray for my forgiveness and that someday I will return as an avid viewer like I was. Standing next to someone in my hometown who just returned from your event and is in the 14 day timeframe where they are infectious. You should be ashamed.

    Timothy WilsonTimothy WilsonMånad sedan
    • @Glenners I mean if you’re on your own property there’s technically they can do about it, because it’s not a road legal vehicle anyways

      Tony DavisTony DavisMånad sedan
    • @Tony Davis Nothing about driving drunk in the constitution!! YEEHAW LET ER RIP TATER CHIP

      GlennersGlennersMånad sedan
    • A governors “law” doesn’t have any power to the constitution, maybe you should read in to that.

      Tony DavisTony DavisMånad sedan
    • @Timothy Wilson Cool story

      Troll. Time.Troll. Time.Månad sedan
    • @Troll. Time. glad to see you speak for everyone including those who create and/or manage the channel. The only thing I have done today is answer questions that users asked me. No more questions and/or comments and I go away. No other reason for me to be here. Since you do not wish to speak with me I will no longer reply to you. I wish you a safe and Happy Holiday. 👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏

      Timothy WilsonTimothy WilsonMånad sedan
  • Why did cleet turn off comments on his new video?

    ZSTRODE.ZSTRODE.Månad sedan
    • He's incapable of accepting both positive and negative feedback regarding his stupid event. Ive been a fan for a while but his colors were shown a bit this weekend.

      BaileyBaileyMånad sedan
    • @Drunk3n_M0nk just watched it. People need to mind their own business and quit being so sensitive! 🤦‍♂️

      ZSTRODE.ZSTRODE.Månad sedan
    • He explains it on his second channel. It has nothing to do with all the self-righteous Karens. It was done out of respect for Parker, the guy who got hurt in the burnout competition.

      Drunk3n_M0nkDrunk3n_M0nkMånad sedan

      TangieTangieMånad sedan
    • Fr

      Stone WilliamsStone WilliamsMånad sedan
  • Next time, ask Ron Pratt for that job. he's a youtuber as well

    MultiBrommerMultiBrommerMånad sedan
    • @Daniel • unfortunately yes. it was just an suggestion.

      MultiBrommerMultiBrommerMånad sedan
    • @MultiBrommer yeah i know, ron pratt is two far away though and it was quick and easy with the excavator

      Daniel •Daniel •Månad sedan
    • @Daniel • for loaded semi's or hazmat yes, for this i don't think he needs 2 or more trucks... It's a 4x4 and for Ron that doesn't weigh much.

      MultiBrommerMultiBrommerMånad sedan
    • @MultiBrommer i know but some jobs he uses multiple and he takes longer than just doing it unofficially

      Daniel •Daniel •Månad sedan
    • @Daniel • Ron Pratt has his 65 tonnes rotator. So only one is needed.

      MultiBrommerMultiBrommerMånad sedan
  • Why did i laugh so hard when it went back in...:(

    Alfredo LozanoAlfredo LozanoMånad sedan
  • U people in Florida don’t care about COVID.....

    Michael LewisMichael LewisMånad sedan
    • And I don’t care about Republican or Democrat....... still all humans.

      Michael LewisMichael LewisMånad sedan
    • @Andy nonya u too man. And by the way I don’t blame him either I just thought holding an event at this time is probably not the best.

      Michael LewisMichael LewisMånad sedan
    • @Michael Lewis Thanks for listening. I'm not trying to be "that guy," as I just wanted to share my thoughts. Stay safe, brother.

      Andy nonyaAndy nonyaMånad sedan
    • True bro. I got you

      Michael LewisMichael LewisMånad sedan
    • It's not just Republicans.... Not to mention all the people crowded at countless protests and riots. The left has disregarded the virus multiple times, elbow to elbow, people with masks not over their face or wearing FABRIC coverings less than a foot away. I don't mind people who have their opinions on how Cleetus handled the event, but to blame him for everyone's safety when they're attending the crowd at their own risk sounds a little stupid and hypocritical to me. I might sound a little ignorant, but I view it like blaming an auto-manufacturer for someone's death or health when someone chooses not to wear their seatbelt in their vehicle. Or the fact people turn a blind eye at crowded democratic held events - but again, I feel the people knew what they were doing and acted so at their own risk. I do think the crowd at the Cleetus event could have been smaller/spread out further and should have worn masks, but I think there is a different way of presenting WHY they should be doing that, rather than name calling and labeling.

      Andy nonyaAndy nonyaMånad sedan
  • Question, Why does Garret use rolls cages in all his cars? Why does he wear a fire suit? Why use a Helmet? I suggest that Garrett stop using those items if he is not going to wear a mask and encourage others to do so also.

    Scott SkillmanScott SkillmanMånad sedan
    • Sick hot take bro. Talk about some stupid ass logic.

      Drunk3n_M0nkDrunk3n_M0nkMånad sedan
    • Insurance reasons. Wait till he gets sued for some of the C&C bs and he'll change his tune.

      sak01sak01Månad sedan
    • He's part of the group (sub 75) that has a 99.7% rate of survival

      fordfenatic09fordfenatic09Månad sedan
    • He's part of the group (sub 75) that has a 99.7% rate of survival

      fordfenatic09fordfenatic09Månad sedan
  • Trash covidiot

    Kelvin SmytheKelvin SmytheMånad sedan
    • Yes, those that want everyone to mask up and not live their lives are indeed, as you said.

      fordfenatic09fordfenatic09Månad sedan
  • comments turned off next video. really?

    Noped ThursdayNoped ThursdayMånad sedan
    • Stop crying and enjoy the videos

      Slow Cammed 5th genSlow Cammed 5th genMånad sedan
  • If you’re afraid of getting sick stay home.

    Andrew LAndrew LMånad sedan
    • yes stay home

      BeanieBeanieMånad sedan
    • @GOD'S WARRIOR she's not afraid of a ventilator. She's used to strangers putting things down her throat.

      Subaru LoveSubaru LoveMånad sedan
    • @Raymond Bring it home to your mom for me

    • ​@GOD'S WARRIOR Haha shocker that a covid Karen doesn't even know what a simp is. Keep on fearing the flu.

      RaymondRaymondMånad sedan
    • @Raymond Stop SIMPing for me raymond

  • Why are comments turned off on the latest video?? Don't want people asking why its 69dollars for 2 tshirts wtf 😂😂😂

    JAY JAYJAY JAYMånad sedan
    • @Tanner Moore There should absolutely have been a tech inspection and that car should have been disqualified. It shouldn't ever have run with someone in the seat

      Stephen WorkmanStephen WorkmanMånad sedan
    • @Stephen Workman not to be rude or anything. But how is that Cleetus' fault? The car has been to multiple cleetus and cars events most likely with that design. Yeah it never should have been there but still. Unless you mean that should have gotten a tech inspection before hand and disqualified? I imagine cleetus is going to have those moving forward if it already wasn't implemented.

      Tanner MooreTanner MooreMånad sedan
    • @Joe Son i was mainly referring to comment on the accident. Not the covid things.

      Tanner MooreTanner MooreMånad sedan
    • @Tanner Moore No. The radiator was mounted directly behind the drivers seat, it should never have been mounted there. It's stupid, dangerous and unnecessary. The poor dude's injuries are completely on Cleetus

      Stephen WorkmanStephen WorkmanMånad sedan
    • Because of his Cleetus and Cars event that had easily a couple hundred people with zero anti measures and no masks during a pandemic

      PatrickPatrickMånad sedan
  • So many Budweiser's were involved here. so many

    KingBossQuadKingBossQuadMånad sedan
  • Imagine how much nicer the internet would be without a bunch of self-righteous 14 year olds spewing a bunch of political nonsense they know nothing about in the first place.

    Drunk3n_M0nkDrunk3n_M0nkMånad sedan
  • Hell Yeah event ever🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Michael FoleyMichael FoleyMånad sedan
  • In areas that are lucky to have minimal covid rates in hospitals it’s usually because they are rural and have a low rate of transmission as a result. Bringing people in to close proximity only risks undoing all this good. All it takes is a couple of people in that crowd to pass the virus on to others and before you know it you have hundreds of infected. They then pass it on and on and on it goes. For somebody who bases their channel around freedom yes people have the freedom to choose to take risk but people also have the freedom to criticise that choice. You shouldn’t disable comments. That’s a pussy move dude. You make your bed you sleep in it.

    Chris MasonChris MasonMånad sedan
    • @Sir Sniffsalot you're a multinational then? Not a chance you're one of us.

    • @GOD'S WARRIOR 😭😭🤣😂🤣😂🤣🇺🇸

      Sir SniffsalotSir SniffsalotMånad sedan
    • @Sir Sniffsalot imagine being you, sad little man

    • @Adrian Welgemoed DID you see THE COMMENTS BEFORE he edited parkers accident out and shut off comments? Parker was the LAST thing fans were pissed about... i agree.. make that bed.. sleep it it... but shutting off comments,... thats also called freedom of speech being cancelled by him... hell yeah brother...

      Roller DragonRoller DragonMånad sedan
    • Comments disabled because someone got hurt badly and he didnt want people spreading false information. And he clearly stated that people who go to the event go at their own risk for covid.

      Adrian WelgemoedAdrian WelgemoedMånad sedan
  • Why are the comments disabled on the new vid

    Brady MischlerBrady MischlerMånad sedan
    • Its because someone got hurt and he didnt want people spreading false info. Covid hasnt got shit to do with this

      Adrian WelgemoedAdrian WelgemoedMånad sedan
    • Because all the snowflakes are coming out

      Fetty WhopperFetty WhopperMånad sedan
    • Because of libtard tears.

      echidnesarf housewifeechidnesarf housewifeMånad sedan
    • People were mad that he held an event attended by thousands during covid with no social distancing or masks.

      Chris MasonChris MasonMånad sedan
    • cleeter made the rookie mistake of expressing his views on corona, and has had a backlash. look at the dislikes for the vid compared to every other vid.

      MR AchtungMR AchtungMånad sedan
  • 2.32m+ SUBBED.

    Sir SniffsalotSir SniffsalotMånad sedan
  • How deep is that pond 🤣😲

    Aaron HarpinAaron HarpinMånad sedan
  • We all got your back bro 100% luv from us real fans!!

    ŁűČĶýŁűČĶýMånad sedan
  • Always a good laugh reading these comments

    Daniel •Daniel •Månad sedan
  • Unsubbed.

    Big Nate's Fast CarsBig Nate's Fast CarsMånad sedan
    • @GOD'S WARRIOR yeah its pretty fun 😂

      Daniel •Daniel •Månad sedan
    • @D Phins nah, this is negative customer feedback. If this was an airport I'd say, "747 heavy, set to depart runway 13 left."

      Big Nate's Fast CarsBig Nate's Fast CarsMånad sedan
    • This is youtube, not a airport. No need to announce your departure

      D PhinsD PhinsMånad sedan
    • @Adrian Welgemoed he held an event while the COVID pandemic rages stronger than ever, didnt require masks or enforce social distancing, was criticized heavily for it, responded with an absolutely abhorrent rant full of lies and lack of caring. He crossing the line in "covid is a hoax" and has become part of the problem for why we haven't beat the virus. I'm over it. Can't support.

      Big Nate's Fast CarsBig Nate's Fast CarsMånad sedan
    • @Fetty Whopper you cared enough to reply...

      Big Nate's Fast CarsBig Nate's Fast CarsMånad sedan
  • Lots of covidiot comments (those that have subscribed to the propaganda and misinformation supporting the narrative that this is anymore than a mild cold) getting reported and removed....

    fordfenatic09fordfenatic09Månad sedan
    • @R L Back at ya 😝😝😝👍

      Nikita SandersNikita SandersMånad sedan
    • @Nikita Sanders Hope you or a family member get it. Pathetic excuse for a human being, qtr million people dead including nurses and doctors.

      R LR LMånad sedan
    • It's just the sniffles, snowflake.

      Nikita SandersNikita SandersMånad sedan
    • you make my head fucking ache

  • Hang in there brother.

    FenixFenixMånad sedan
  • All the beer cans floating around in the pond from the bed of the truck lol

    James DeanJames DeanMånad sedan
  • 2:40 everyone has their phones but then there’s Matt with a actual camera for his vlogs

    Baba YagaBaba YagaMånad sedan
  • Y'all can believe what ever you want, but it doesn't change the fact that 3600 people are in Florida hospitals for Covid as of Friday. Not empty! Fact.

    Michael HughesMichael HughesMånad sedan
    • Adults are capable of making their own decisions

      Cody AustinCody AustinMånad sedan
    • @Raymond No, I'm trying to point out the fact that there are only so many ventilators available. And the moment someone you know and perhaps even care about can't get one. You will be really fcuking angry, And I won't blame you. That's what everyone is trying to prevent.

      Michael HughesMichael HughesMånad sedan
    • @Michael Hughes Are you trying to say everone with covid need a ventilator? :) Avrage age of death where i live is 78.

      RaymondRaymondMånad sedan
    • @Drunk3n_M0nk And how many ventilators does each hospital have in Florida? For argument sake, let's say ten. What happens when the eleventh person shows up? And then the twelfth, the thirteenth, fourteenth...

      Michael HughesMichael HughesMånad sedan
    • @Blueoval13 It's not about holding the events so much as it's about spewing BS online to literally millions of people. Telling everyone that the hospitals in Florida are empty and basically dismissing the threat as if it doesn't exist. I'm not everyone and clearly, I'm not the one who needs to shut up. Stick to racing and leave Covid to the experts.

      Michael HughesMichael HughesMånad sedan
  • Just subscribed I’m so happy to see a creator who isn’t scared about the Chinese flu! We need to live our lives! Hope I can join a future event! 🤘🏼

    High Altitude MotorsportsHigh Altitude MotorsportsMånad sedan
    • @Multicrosman yes im at a party now rockin on

    • @Multicrosman when the fuck were we ever nice in the first place? From the natives to the mayflower and ever since. It’s always been one big blood bath. Being able to cunt out over the sniffles is a privilege anyone throughout history would’ve sold their first born for. Enjoy your insignificant ice palace Elsa, we told the king where to stuff it cause we aren’t subjects. We do what the fuck we like. Learn to like it.

      saz speedsaz speedMånad sedan
    • @saz speed I miss the times when Americans where actually nice. Thanks for being an asshole when presented with the facts. -Your friendly Canadian neighbor :)

      MulticrosmanMulticrosmanMånad sedan
    • @Multicrosman cry me a river. shit happens. the strong survive, the weak die. grow a pair.

      saz speedsaz speedMånad sedan
    • Over 250,000 dead, rock on!!

      MulticrosmanMulticrosmanMånad sedan
  • Are Benny from Australia and JH brothers?

    Chris MoroChris MoroMånad sedan
  • I would’ve almost bet that whistling weasel was driving.

    Clinton ToneyClinton ToneyMånad sedan
    • @Daniel • fun fact. My middle name is Daniel. Lol

      Clinton ToneyClinton ToneyMånad sedan
    • @Clinton Toney yeah 😂

      Daniel •Daniel •Månad sedan
    • @Daniel • yea , I know. Lol. If I hadn’t known any better I would’ve put money in it. Lol. And for the record I called him weasel because that’s what cleat called him and I died laughing when he said that. All fun no diss. Lol.

      Clinton ToneyClinton ToneyMånad sedan
    • he wasnt, something he would do though lol

      Daniel •Daniel •Månad sedan
  • Cleeter kills grannies

    mardybum 430mardybum 430Månad sedan
    • @WOLF crazy conspiracy theorist said what?

      mardybum 430mardybum 430Månad sedan
    • CLEETUS > snowflakes

      All Left Wing Men Are Effeminate PansiesAll Left Wing Men Are Effeminate PansiesMånad sedan
    • xXgrannyslayerXx


  • Hey puss puss, why'd ya turn the comments on the other vid off?

    J.D.'s AccociatesJ.D.'s AccociatesMånad sedan
    • @Raymond you literally just copied what i said

      J.D.'s AccociatesJ.D.'s AccociatesMånad sedan
    • @J.D.'s Accociates because someone got injured.

      Adrian WelgemoedAdrian WelgemoedMånad sedan
    • @J.D.'s Accociates Yep self composed, let me guess you borrowed that pathetic line from someone?

      RaymondRaymondMånad sedan
    • @Raymond cool joke, write that yourself?

      J.D.'s AccociatesJ.D.'s AccociatesMånad sedan
    • The Karen squad got too intense i guess.

      RaymondRaymondMånad sedan
  • Woops... This is why I don't like tall skinny tires on a mud truck. They're great in the deep stuff, but dangerous everywhere else.

    Legion RedLegion RedMånad sedan
  • Don’t worry only 250000 freedom loving Americans have died.

    Daniel MDaniel MMånad sedan
    • @Troll. Time. natural selection

      Kenny RogersKenny RogersMånad sedan
    • who cares its thinning the herd

      Troll. Time.Troll. Time.Månad sedan
    • not even half of 1% of the population

      Daniel •Daniel •Månad sedan
    • You believe those numbers?

      Kenny RogersKenny RogersMånad sedan
    • Dude shut up cry baby

      Az SmokeAz SmokeMånad sedan
  • Imagine preaching freedom but not allowing others to voice their opinions because you fear they are critical of you actions. Same shit China and North Korea do. You’re a joke and you don’t know the first thing about freedom.

    Tristan AlldredgeTristan AlldredgeMånad sedan
    • 😭😭😭😭🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

      Sir SniffsalotSir SniffsalotMånad sedan
    • @Ryan McCall drag slacks are bald lol

      Daniel •Daniel •Månad sedan
    • there not tuned off because of the corona stuff and commenting on someone’s SEworld video has nothing to do with your personal freedoms

      Daniel •Daniel •Månad sedan
    • @Ryan McCall you people act like he was forcing everyone to be there? Everyone takes their own risks every day.

      chance harechance hareMånad sedan
    • trying to tame a shit storm on the internet is just like communist China, you're right.

      Myke TeeMyke TeeMånad sedan
  • I got video of you flipping the guy back over that you’re talking about at 6:08.

    Fifty 50 PhotographyFifty 50 PhotographyMånad sedan
  • Hey Cleetus, I just wanted to say I'm completely disappointed in you for not encouraging people to socially distance or wear masks at such a large event Its such a simple precaution to take, I and many others think you are being so ignorant by saying "Sorry not sorry" when called out it. You said "the hospitals around here are completely empty", are you attempting to fill them up? I guarantee multiple people got infected at your event but you won't post anything about it if that happens as you don't want further backlash. Also turning comments off on your video was such a dick move, take the criticism and actually put in the least bit of effort to try and keep people safe Would you drive a race car without a race harness just because technically you can? Would you go drag racing on bald tyres? Why attempt to be safe in one way but then throw it out the window in their areas?

    Ryan McCallRyan McCallMånad sedan
    • @Myke Tee hahah I had to read that twice lol

      Az SmokeAz SmokeMånad sedan
    • cleetus is a murderer. he forced people to attend Cleetus and Cars at gunpoint, right?

      Myke TeeMyke TeeMånad sedan
    • @Ryan McCall get off his CHANNEL if u guys are going to be haters and hating on him

      Az SmokeAz SmokeMånad sedan
    • @Nathan Strang yeah, let's destroy lives and economies because of something with average mortality rate of

      M FM FMånad sedan
    • @Ryan McCall all I hear is a bunch of cry baby crying grow the hell up and leave the man alone

      Az SmokeAz SmokeMånad sedan
  • Cleet turn on the comments on the new video brother.. fuck what anyone has to say about covid. My mom works at an old age home and not one of them have had covid19

    DontDoGarageDontDoGarageMånad sedan
    • @Daniel • just caught up

      DontDoGarageDontDoGarageMånad sedan
    • @Daniel • no been busy at work the past few days

      DontDoGarageDontDoGarageMånad sedan
    • @DontDoGarage have you seen the new vid on his second channel?

      Daniel •Daniel •Månad sedan
    • @Daniel • they are off due to the covid comments everyone was butthurt about how many people were at cleetus an cars

      DontDoGarageDontDoGarageMånad sedan
    • @Miller.B.13 do u not know how old age homes work bud? It's not a fucking prison my guy🤣🤣 they still have normal lives they go do what they want during the day 90% of the people in homes have medical conditions that prevent them from living alone..

      DontDoGarageDontDoGarageMånad sedan
  • I wonder who he voted for??

    Alex AyalaAlex AyalaMånad sedan
    • Doesn't matter who you vote for, they are both wings of the same bird of prey, and any vote for them is a vote against freedom, you are voting for the chains of your own enslavement.

      Troll. Time.Troll. Time.Månad sedan
    • He voted for America, freedom, and the constitution..

      fordfenatic09fordfenatic09Månad sedan
    • Prob a dude that does not smell children.

      RaymondRaymondMånad sedan
    • I can tell who u guys voter for sleepy joe damn snowflakes

      Az SmokeAz SmokeMånad sedan
    • Definitely a Trump voter thats for sure, says it all

      Ryan McCallRyan McCallMånad sedan
  • Guy I went to high school with lost BOTH of his parents in just a few weeks. You keep doing you tho. Covid is nbd

    jtew1337jtew1337Månad sedan
    • and they were perfectly healthy prior, right?

      Myke TeeMyke TeeMånad sedan
  • Y’all need to stop letting a virus with a over 99% survival rate control your life

    Nick FancherNick FancherMånad sedan
    • @Chris Turney that’s the most asinine thing I’ve heard... never in the history of the world have we quarantined healthy people. You know what is killing people? Suicide and starvation because people are out of work and can’t feed their families. How about this... if you’re sick... fucking stay home. If you are healthy then go live your life like normal. If you have a medical condition that puts you at a higher risk of covid related death or are around someone regularly who is at risk socially distance and take precautions. If you are under the age of 60 and otherwise healthy then if you get it you have the sniffles and flu symptoms for a couple weeks then you’re fine. I know multiple people who have had it. It’s not a disease like Ebola that is a guaranteed death sentence. 0.08% change of dying if you’re healthy and under the age of 60. Come to me with FACTS not feelings. Yes it is terrible that people die from it. It’s terrible when anyone dies. Don’t live your life in fear. If you do that’s not living at all

      Nick FancherNick FancherMånad sedan
    • Nick wants your grandparents to die, what a nice guy Nick is.

      Chris TurneyChris TurneyMånad sedan
    • 🙏🙏

      DanielDanielMånad sedan
  • Get hoonicorn to go to freedom factory

    TezzasbigbuzTezzasbigbuzMånad sedan
    • @Daniel • yeah it was drift that circuit soo fast

      TezzasbigbuzTezzasbigbuzMånad sedan
    • that would be sick

      Daniel •Daniel •Månad sedan