The WHEELMAN Show EP.2 - Taylor Ray (DRIFT BOI/YouTuber)

4 sep 2020
267 393 visningar

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On our second episode of WHEELMAN we have Taylor Ray! Let's see what kind of laps he can do!
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  • Hell yeah brother gotta keep that voice clip, its amazing

    Chris matsenChris matsen7 dagar sedan
  • You should do a series called "man's wheels". Same layouts but they race whatever they bring.

    Paul MosoiuPaul Mosoiu27 dagar sedan
  • I see the weeds at the bleachers are back haha

    Freddy HiddingFreddy Hidding3 månader sedan
  • Think Wheelman might be dead lol. Only 200k views

    Steve IWSteve IW3 månader sedan
    • Yeah I won’t be surprised if there’s not another episode

      Taylor BrooksTaylor Brooks3 månader sedan
  • Soooo... when’s episode 3?

    Taylor BrooksTaylor Brooks3 månader sedan
  • Cleetus you should get Vise Grip Garage on this segment

    bradleybanbradleyban4 månader sedan
  • you look like children waiting on their chicken tendies in a corner booth at the local diner. in all seriousness i love the show, thanks for all the hard work!

    David PetersonDavid Peterson4 månader sedan
  • Ford still put cummins in fords from factory. Just in the bigger industrial trucks. Ford use to own a % of cummins. And use to have a bunch of them but that was way back when so a cummins in a ford isn't really all that new

    Stephen GauthierStephen Gauthier4 månader sedan
  • Small suggestion to make the lap times larger on the board so it’s a bit easier to see in the video

    OSCAR FERUTOSCAR FERUT4 månader sedan
  • The wisdom of Taylor Ray: " gets exponentially more expensive - but it doesn't get exponentially more fun..." Truer words never spoken. But here we all are - hoping Cleeter can defy that logic. If anyone can, he can! Keep sendin' it, brother!

    mark brennemanmark brenneman4 månader sedan
  • I don’t think the wheelman show is going to take off like you was hoping. Maybe cut down how long the videos are they are way to long of just talking. I love you content and been watching for a while now. Keep the amazing videos coming

    Justin MC DawgJustin MC Dawg4 månader sedan
  • Cleetus just nailing it all again with this channel and show. Thank you Garret thank you

    The Angry Italian Scotty Piffin1The Angry Italian Scotty Piffin14 månader sedan
  • Taylor is the man 🤘

    The Angry Italian Scotty Piffin1The Angry Italian Scotty Piffin14 månader sedan
  • Freedom Factory needs some American flags around track

    klondike conanklondike conan4 månader sedan
  • Kept expecting a piano duet for whatever reason. lol

    Joseph GaughanJoseph Gaughan4 månader sedan
  • When are you going to get some oval cars racing?

    MrHatchbodyMrHatchbody4 månader sedan
  • For the next Freedom 500 give everyone the car a month in advance and they can do whatever they want to it with a budget cap. Then they can bring it back race after race.

    J RJ R4 månader sedan
  • Love the show keep up the good work guys!

    Brian EnglehuttBrian Englehutt4 månader sedan
  • Now you need Adam on it

    Baylee HayBaylee Hay4 månader sedan
  • come on Cleet get mad man James out there. lol hide the nitrous !!!!!!

    Wes BarrettWes Barrett4 månader sedan
  • I loved top gear. The Alan Parsons Project is a progressive rock band in 1982. Why don't you just name it 'Operation Wang-Chung'? Ass. Just kidding love the content

    bassment03bassment034 månader sedan
  • Autocross is a great place to start learning car control and its cheap considering you can do it in anything ... and its really fun

    Jeremy MorelandJeremy Moreland4 månader sedan
  • The last one was hard to watch. This is much better!

    William HastingsWilliam Hastings4 månader sedan
  • Fun fact some f650 ARE fords with Cummins motors and Allison transmissions 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

    TheIronGiantTheIronGiant4 månader sedan
  • You should let the Wheelmen take their own car out for a comparison after they complete the challenges!

    Gary FairallGary Fairall4 månader sedan
  • This shit is great!

    Will CouchWill Couch4 månader sedan
  • That is some bright green grass you got going on in the freedom factory!!!

    John MonizJohn Moniz4 månader sedan
  • Let the passenger control the gas and brake and drive control the wheel

    Dalton SchmidtDalton Schmidt4 månader sedan
  • Show should have been called "Crowned Vic"

    MrAlexkudlaMrAlexkudla4 månader sedan
  • Check merchant automotive for allison transmissions!!! They have a work and a pro series of built transmissions. I have the work series in my '03 duramax

    Tobin DunklebargerTobin Dunklebarger4 månader sedan
  • I just realized how ironic it is that the fire inspector was there and then the FC caught fire twice. lol

    Taylor RayTaylor Ray4 månader sedan
    • Taylor you sir are a true wheelman!

      Samuel AllottSamuel Allott4 månader sedan
    • LOL

      The Angry Italian Scotty Piffin1The Angry Italian Scotty Piffin14 månader sedan
  • Bring Adam out for an episode

    jarryd grimesjarryd grimes4 månader sedan
  • The tall table makes this great so you dont dwarf everyone! Lol

    Dustin MorrowDustin Morrow4 månader sedan
  • New setup is getting better, just need those taller chairs now ^_^

    Moto NuggetMoto Nugget4 månader sedan
  • Based on the view count, I was right about Wheelman. Scratch it. I would rather watch you drive to pick up lunch

    J BurckerJ Burcker4 månader sedan
  • Not gonna lie it was funnier when you had to voice over wheelman everytime LOL

    Auto Mafia RacingAuto Mafia Racing4 månader sedan
  • Future podcasts: edit in clips or stills of the videos or cars you’re talking about for reference. Doesn’t need to cut away, just cut over your audio. Just a suggestion 💕

    Evan PeckEvan Peck4 månader sedan
  • Went to my first Nascar race in March. Freedom 500 was my first pay per view race. Started me loving to see live action, son! Do it for Dale!

    rsclkngrsclkng4 månader sedan
  • Idk man. I think people underestimate the duramax. Have you seen what whistindiesel does to them. They are strong lol

    Jordan ScheurerJordan Scheurer4 månader sedan
  • i love ol cleet but i feel like he needs to let people speak more, i feel like Talor is interviewing Garrett at this point and im only half way in, not being a dick i love cleeter

    H DH D4 månader sedan
  • Be nice to see something on the screen while they are racing like max speed on straights or corner speed

    Josè KensayJosè Kensay4 månader sedan
  • Do another freedom 500 but do run what you brung . Set a price limit for the cars

    Joe WarbelJoe Warbel4 månader sedan
  • I’m surprised this doesn’t have more views. It was cool getting to know Jeremy and T-ray a little more. Hoping you keep this going

    NicNic4 månader sedan
  • Maybe you could do the road course as a joker lap that everyone has to take after so much time (like say every 10 minutes in a 60 minute race.) has passed and both drivers have to take it at least once.

    Chris DeMarioChris DeMario4 månader sedan
  • You gotta get some bigger magnet strips for the lap time board lol. I can’t read that at all. And it looks hilariously disproportionate

    Fred MccueFred Mccue4 månader sedan
  • If Ford had told International to stick the DT360 in a pickup, the entire competition diesel world would be different.

    Aaron CookAaron Cook4 månader sedan
  • How about some overhead drone shots? Killer stuff Cleeeeeeeter!! Loving all your content

    Corey StubblefieldCorey Stubblefield4 månader sedan
  • You need up close view of board when you slap the stickers on

    Michael NoneMichael None4 månader sedan
  • Could do like so many joker laps like rally cross

    Chris PattersonChris Patterson4 månader sedan
  • One quick addition that would be nice to see is when you're at the end posting the times it would be nice to see a graphic that shows the leader board with everyone's times so you can compare the new time to previous ones rather than having to pause the video and try to see what the little board says

    Dustin RiderDustin Rider4 månader sedan
  • The idea behind this podcast is sick because you can get people from every aspect of the car world, hear what they have to say, and then see real hard facts that can kinda show what style of racing leads to the "best driver"! Super excited to see more in the future!

    Dustin RiderDustin Rider4 månader sedan
  • Would be sick if you parked some of the cars on track behind you so we can see the daily beaters

    Joshua CoultonJoshua Coulton4 månader sedan
  • I dont like Taylor Ray.

    Recruit_Life07Recruit_Life074 månader sedan
  • You need to come to Australia to watch the Bathurst 1000. Taylor and Garrett and even Adam and Collette. You guys would absolutely love it

    Bus driver TroyBus driver Troy4 månader sedan
  • The oval needs to be best lap and best average. Oval lap will end up being 4 dive laps for the time.

    Bradley IllaBradley Illa4 månader sedan
  • Any chance you'll be posting these as audio podcasts as well?

    austin12maustin12m4 månader sedan
  • When subtitles will be available?

    System0054System00544 månader sedan
  • Westen Champlin. You hear this? Ford body, Cummins engine, and Allison transmission're mostly there!

    Blair WoodhouseBlair Woodhouse4 månader sedan
  • These need to be longer lol, im loving the Top Gear style laps and i wanna see more.

    RedHazeBandRedHazeBand4 månader sedan
  • Sell me a car with a straight body and a biff i hate setting up run-out on a Differential

    Levi TaylorLevi Taylor4 månader sedan
  • You personally raised the price or crown Victoria's 1000 dollars nationwide. Been. Purchasing then for years. For personal use now priced out of the market. Had a 94 from 150to 350. A 203 155 to 220. Sold to move out of state can't get a good unit. For under 3k. Selle a 09+ I can fix.

    Levi TaylorLevi Taylor4 månader sedan
  • In the moto world, we say a few more. Then do one more and pack it up lol

    EvanziesWorldEvanziesWorld4 månader sedan
  • When is cleetus building a super late model??

    Cameron GallantCameron Gallant4 månader sedan
  • figure 8's in the crown vics!

    Timothy DurmTimothy Durm4 månader sedan
  • Lol I was at the skatepark and I said Ight one more trick and got bodied

    Jacoby ShoemakerJacoby Shoemaker4 månader sedan
  • You need to have Allyn the lawn care nut next!!! He would be fun!

    Spencer BellSpencer Bell4 månader sedan
  • 50 laps left turns, 50 road course, 50 right turns!

    Craig ReyellCraig Reyell4 månader sedan
  • Came here just to say future guest nomination - Dale Jr, please make this happen.

    Andrew SchwerdtfegerAndrew Schwerdtfeger4 månader sedan
  • Taylor gets more love from me for owning a Cefiro. That was a good friend of mine's favorite car and I promised myself that I'd build one in his memory after he passed away

    TsujiTsuji4 månader sedan
  • Love the new content bro. You have built a brand that is unstoppable.

    Jay FitmobJay Fitmob4 månader sedan
  • I ride dirt bikes and you absolutely never say last ride or you will have a bad crash!

    Batrasterson197Batrasterson1974 månader sedan
  • tables funny

    Josh EhmanJosh Ehman4 månader sedan

    Tyler BlankTyler Blank4 månader sedan
  • We need two separate boards and much larger magnets. We can't really read anything on the video.

    Savage ProductionsSavage Productions4 månader sedan
  • Laugh my ass off at the voice over thing hahah! WHEELMAN

    Ben SolemBen Solem4 månader sedan
  • I still think the leader board should be an average of the two.

    Drew GormanDrew Gorman4 månader sedan
  • I’m so glad you did the “WHEELMAN” It should be almost a mandatory voice over thing that “WHEELMAN” gets dubbed over

    Brady CavesBrady Caves4 månader sedan
  • Show all driver times on the board... great series..

    Dan DavidsonDan Davidson4 månader sedan
  • I said this elsewhere, and it’s probably irresponsible, but I’d love for Phillip-Morris to sponsor the track and issue Winston Cups to the winners of the Freedom 500.

    B. W.B. W.4 månader sedan
  • This is the SEworld version of classic Top Gear.

    Austin CameronAustin Cameron4 månader sedan
  • I need those shades ole cleeter

    Terrell ChapmanTerrell Chapman4 månader sedan
  • Awesome

    WolfeWerxWolfeWerx4 månader sedan
  • Ok, say the race is an hour long, every team draws a time. That amount of time into the race, you have to driver swap. Penalties if you dont come in within 2 laps after control tells you.

    Dave HanshawDave Hanshaw4 månader sedan
  • Wish somebody woulda came in and asked if you needed a booster seat for your child 😂

    beau powellbeau powell4 månader sedan
  • Dude this is the best show can't see who's next.

    Chevy RacerChevy Racer4 månader sedan
  • I like the show definitely need a spot inside the Announce tower to put the times so you can talk to the drivers on who they hope to beat makes it more legit to me.Definitely fun to watch all around very cool

    Brian JacobsBrian Jacobs4 månader sedan
  • Just build a second car with rain setup 🤔

    Nick crxNick crx4 månader sedan
  • You should bring me down there to be your track engineer and contractor. Basically full time guy getting the track where it needs to be.

    Ryan LawRyan Law4 månader sedan
  • 22:27...shirt? Back: Crown Vic, hood open, smoking (dirt jump in background)...front: "I wish we didn't ruin 'em all..."

    Jason HaleyJason Haley4 månader sedan
  • These are way better then I expected!!! Keep it up!!

    Tyler QTyler Q4 månader sedan
  • Another goodie. Love TR’s channel too. Some more back story (in their own words) on your guests would make it more interesting than “Star in our reasonably priced car” from TG a few years back.

    NICKGAR7NICKGAR74 månader sedan
  • You look like a couple of little kids sitting at that table! 🤣🤣🤣

    Crimson KingCrimson King4 månader sedan
  • I really liked this episode (as well). Concerning your new race plans; they sound very good. I really like your last plan. Switch the drivers and have one of them do the oval and the other the road course you intended. Sounds like diverse fun and it should be a bit easier on the transmission

    Pieter VPieter V4 månader sedan
  • Cleetus we need to see your lap times too 👌😊

    James TibblesJames Tibbles4 månader sedan
  • “Wheelman”! We need this audio clip, and preferably the original wheelman voice-over to stay in indefinitely.

    Pieter VPieter V4 månader sedan
  • Can we get Steve-0 soon???

    Derek BarnhartDerek Barnhart4 månader sedan
  • amazing concept for a podcast Love it man keep up the great content.

    The monkeyThe monkey4 månader sedan
  • On the freedom 500 topic what about running the oval and road at the same time and making the road course laps joker laps like rallycross

    Dan schwulstDan schwulst4 månader sedan
  • Love these! Just a suggestion get a black time board with white writing. Kinda gets blown out.

    Corey CharmleyCorey Charmley4 månader sedan
  • Great! But some recommendations: whenever y’all are explaining things, I would edit pictures or videos with what you are talking about. For example, the crash that y’all had, I have not seen that, so to put that in would be helpful. Another is when Taylor was talking about all his cars he has, throwing up pictures as he’s saying them. I think it would help the viewers understand what is going on and makes it a little more fun to watch!

    CJ MouckaCJ Moucka4 månader sedan