Ruby Does Three POWER WHEELIES in a Row!!! How Do We Fix This?? (still went super fast)

29 nov 2020
750 637 visningar

I mean for doing a wheelie I'm still pretty impressed lol! Ruby is out here aiming for the moon!
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  • *_Add more power so that it spins a little off the line instead of hooking and wheeling!_*

    JaybruhhJaybruhh4 timmar sedan
  • I want to experience this speed so badly

    RydnorthRydnorth5 dagar sedan
  • Your GF is adorable.

    PARKMAN15PARKMAN159 dagar sedan
  • Softer rear tires to dissipated some of the power

    Andy TranAndy Tran13 dagar sedan
  • An all American wheelie bar!!🦅

    jeremy barnesjeremy barnes16 dagar sedan
  • Tire pressure!!! Make 'em soft! Let those drag tires do what they're supposed to do! Funny cars, pro dragsters run them down to 7.5lbs, per NHRA rules... The science says you need smaller tires at launch, bigger ones down the track (like getting variable gearing for free...). You said you kept your tire pressures up, so it all translated into higher torque right from the get-go.. Take a quick peek at this info vid... What do you have to lose by trying? As for that other mod (lift sensor pulling timing)... If memory serves, didn't Kevin already mention that bit of magic for the El Camino build? At least as an option? So I think he's got you covered there.. And finally for the belt... Add another tensioner.. You went from below to above the belt with the last fix, which made a lot of sense.. but at the RPM's you're pulling, you likely need BOTH directions to keep the "bounce" out of the belt on shifts.. with stronger tensioner springs so they can react faster. Not sure how you'd cobble that together, short of replacing an idler, but might be something James can come up with... Or find a thicker belt..

    Robert TothRobert Toth25 dagar sedan
  • What gear is he launching from & how many more gears dose he shift in 7 seconds ?

    The LongRangerThe LongRanger28 dagar sedan
  • Hey maby think about going to a possible 8 to 10 rib belt set up. or maby put another tensioner like people with superchargers do?

    Jaden LowerJaden Lower29 dagar sedan
  • Just wanted to say Maddie did good work behind the camera!

    Ben RennerBen Renner29 dagar sedan
  • Wheelie bar

    Alex HansonAlex HansonMånad sedan
  • Yeah, I'm real goddamned worried about this aunt Durden prison redirect...

    Fred FlintstoneFred FlintstoneMånad sedan
  • why did he look so surprised when the car launched lmao

    YoBoy NickYoBoy NickMånad sedan
  • Maybe an overrunning alternator pulley will stop the belt coming off when the alternator's inertia causes the alternator to overrun the crank's rpm when it's shifted into high gear.

    Daniel BennettDaniel BennettMånad sedan
  • I think wheelie bars are the way to fix the problem

  • Hit it HARDER to drive the car FORWARD instead of up. 😉

    Daniel MoonDaniel MoonMånad sedan
  • Tme for wheelie bars!

    umbrella corporationumbrella corporationMånad sedan
  • Raise the rear of the car to change the angle of load on launch.

    Owen ConnerOwen ConnerMånad sedan
  • What if you went with a seriously underdriven alternator pulley??? If you're running 2500rpm on the street you don't need that rpm for charge. I'd swap in a 30% underdriven alt pulley. Take some major speed off that belt

    Owen ConnerOwen ConnerMånad sedan
  • Maddie needs to shoot EVERY video. She is such a trooper (and cute)

    VintageMotoSeattleVintageMotoSeattleMånad sedan
  • wheelie bars brother

    - Muthahell -- Muthahell -Månad sedan
  • Freaky ol’ gurrl. Wheelie with the wheels spinning. Big ol’ FREAK

    Dilawar LutfiDilawar LutfiMånad sedan
  • Man Bronte has gained significant weight...I’m absolutely not making fun of her, she’s a pretty girl, but it seems she’s put that on quite fast....

    aj200415aj200415Månad sedan
  • The right solution would be to reinstall the tractor flap or RIOT

    Jon Dub ski skiJon Dub ski skiMånad sedan
  • Great video as always.👌 Maddie did great she's a natural hope to see you two do more videos together. When are you building a car for Maddie?

    Kristian SandakerKristian SandakerMånad sedan
  • Where did the tractor clankers go on your exhaust pipes on Ruby...what the hell Cleetus

    MistralDMistralDMånad sedan
  • Bigger wheelie because she isn’t spicy enough to spin the tire so she hooking better

    Austin BlackburnAustin BlackburnMånad sedan
  • Awww you fixed the display should have kept it angled

    Brandon AlexanderBrandon AlexanderMånad sedan
  • eh let er rip tater chip put a wheelie sensor on it so it don't go "too high" with the wheelies cause the freedom is jus gonna lift the front end up hell yea brother you could probably pull a longer wheelie than kyle's MR2

    motor lifemotor lifeMånad sedan
  • Great job Maddie. Cleet, put a ring on it

    TenHeadLifeTenHeadLifeMånad sedan
  • Fit some wheelie bars. The fastest pass you can make is by being on the verge of grip and wheelspin. You need to ADD some power to stop wheelies - this varies depending on track conditions.

    CharlieSkidsCharlieSkidsMånad sedan
  • get a wheelie bar

    Mike HeathMike HeathMånad sedan
  • You don’t fix it PoWErrrrrr

    Devon GarveyDevon GarveyMånad sedan
  • Make the belt into a chain ???

    Irvin MichaelIrvin MichaelMånad sedan
  • Just put lead and tungsten bullets on the front 4head

    Elizabeth Del castilloElizabeth Del castilloMånad sedan
  • I think you might have too much air in your rear tires and it's making it bounce when the engine turns up higher engine

    Trb3Trb3Månad sedan
  • 99 lift problems and the front to rear weight distribution might be one. Aeronautical and aerospace inspired ideas: 1. Spinning geostabiliser 2. Downforce producing fans 3. Suspended ballast Mounted forward of the steering rack could potentially mitigate the lift. Downward thrust engaged with transbrake on launch. The bounce on landing is throwing the belt.

    Jæ ŠJæ ŠMånad sedan
  • If Ruby can’t stop doing wheelies maybe get a wheelie bar

    Jay_MJay_MMånad sedan
  • why dont you wanna use a wheely bar

    TheDemobus/Auto creator'sTheDemobus/Auto creator'sMånad sedan
  • I love that there's a streetcar class at Snowbirds I have been going to BMP since the early 90s with my family

    stinkinlincoln90stinkinlincoln90Månad sedan
  • Don't tighten the belt down as much, just let it slip a little on launch it will be fine, a loose belt isn't bouncing around so much. Tighten that belt JUST BARELY ENOUGH to keep it from slipping at normal rpm. MAKE SURE TO KEEP THE PULLEYS CLEAN! with a looser belt. Imagine taking a rubber band and "twanging" it, if it's super tight the belt snaps back really hard, if it's really loose it just sort of sags back into place. This is EXACTLY what's happening with the belt on your car.

    cleric670cleric670Månad sedan
  • Wheelie abr

    MartinAv_ OfficialMartinAv_ OfficialMånad sedan
  • rear tire , less wider . Or bigger rim and same diameter as original tire ..Add X lbs to front end , races are won by torque, slow out the gate doesn’t mean torture it means pulling ahead down the Stretch , No 100 meter dash has beaten a 5-7’ dude to the 50 meter mark .....Ever . But his legs are to short and the muscle not big enough to power to the end . Can you program less torque for 100 ft stretch ? instead of dual clutch do a dual computer ? Hahahahaha . Just a gas man ....less gas more gas scenario

    Devan x SlayerzDevan x SlayerzMånad sedan
  • *Coops car spools up. Cletuses facial expressions- niceee

    Charles RyleCharles RyleMånad sedan
  • I wonder if you should remove the belt at the track, just for tune consistency then put her back on for the ride home.

    jeff skaarlandjeff skaarlandMånad sedan
  • Put your face shield down

    thomas frythomas fryMånad sedan
  • Cleet! When you gonna put a ring on that girl's finger?!? She's a keeper when you will find one that takes care of your icehole!

    The TruthThe TruthMånad sedan
  • Time for a wheelie bar?

    DL NLDL NLMånad sedan
  • Got travel limiters on it?

    Zack MccormickZack MccormickMånad sedan
  • Wheelie bars my guy 😂

    OBS ANTOBS ANTMånad sedan
  • Hey 👋Invite hoonicorn to the FF for a few rips around the o

    smokey banditsmokey banditMånad sedan
  • I’m glad you found a lady who appreciates your quirks

    TheSCOOT3RTheSCOOT3RMånad sedan
  • I love all the crap in the back flying around when he lets off the transbrake!

    Chris ScharfenbergerChris ScharfenbergerMånad sedan
  • Wheelie bar!!!

    Shane SmithShane SmithMånad sedan
  • ----- Something I would try is adding a bit of ballast to the front of the car. 15-20# on the nose may be all it takes to keep it down. Might also try moving the battery to somewhere in front of the axle. Not necessarily under the hood again but like where the center console used to be.

    Brian HicksBrian HicksMånad sedan

    steve hsteve hMånad sedan
  • And she done a very good job on camera

    Kenneth DispainKenneth DispainMånad sedan
  • Lol maybe some wheely bars

    Kenneth DispainKenneth DispainMånad sedan
  • Maybe you can go no gas

    Kenneth DispainKenneth DispainMånad sedan
  • I think she can drive with a little help from you teaching her she is pretty awesome

    Kenneth DispainKenneth DispainMånad sedan
  • I think you need to build her a car and let her race

    Kenneth DispainKenneth DispainMånad sedan
  • you should get your girl a car named the mothericer

    2005henson2005hensonMånad sedan
  • I'm a Canadian machinist. If you fly me to your shop and back home I will create some brackets that solve your belt issues.

    240sxRule240sxRuleMånad sedan
  • You should ask Tom bailey

    Colby McgheeColby McgheeMånad sedan
  • Why don't you ad a wheely bar to Ruby?

    Chris WallaceChris WallaceMånad sedan
  • rube Skreeems chee wanna bee a weelie car!!!! :D Awsome man :D now i wanna see the freedome of the wheelies on the FF :D

    Robin TenghultRobin TenghultMånad sedan
  • Better front shocks

    Nathan NalleyNathan NalleyMånad sedan
    • Hang some weight

      Nathan NalleyNathan NalleyMånad sedan
  • 4:04 can you say RPM’s, dang that things screaming

    Aaron ShenskyAaron ShenskyMånad sedan
  • Figure out how to get the control arm mounting points closer together or maybe pointed up

    Matthew BatesMatthew BatesMånad sedan
  • Wheelie bars

    Ryan LewisRyan LewisMånad sedan
  • Put a go-pro in the engine bay so you can see what the belt is doing. (could be stretching, getting loose, flapping off)

    wydopnthrtlwydopnthrtlMånad sedan
    • @aj200415 yeah... IMO its just a matter of getting the belt to not flop. Keep it smooth and tracking in the grooves and even a little belt slip is ok. (the less belt slip on shifts the more problems you'll have. So a little slip is what will keep it working)

      wydopnthrtlwydopnthrtl27 dagar sedan
    • @wydopnthrtl I now wonder if they could use a data log to check this, like if they could take a data log from a pass where the belt came off and check the points on the data log map at the shift point and see if it matches up to when the voltage dropped off on the alternator? At that point, you can see that the voltage dropped at the exact moment in the data log of a shift, thus proving that the shift is contributing to this issue...

      aj200415aj20041527 dagar sedan
    • @aj200415 Correct. It's best placed in the middle of the span but that spot would require the most movement too. It's an interesting phenomena. Part of transmission shift times took into account belt stretch / looseness. Which effected tensioner travel and spring load. People (racers) who try to just put a stationary idler almost always have problems with this.

      wydopnthrtlwydopnthrtlMånad sedan
    • @wydopnthrtl so basically your saying that the force of that very fast acceleration from the crank is spinning the belt so fast that the centrifugal force being applied to said belt is actually stretching it (forcing it out) on one side, and while still in that small amount of time during which it’s still stretched when it gets to the other side of the crank “the looser side” that it is longer and able to flip off/be pulled off the Pulley? I never thought about that, so would my idea of having a stronger spring on the belt tensioner, one that will resist more and require more force to pull apart ( not really one that pulls much harder on the belt, making it actually much tighter) keep the belt from coming off? I think it would be able to keep the belt more taught during this time when the belt stretches, keeping it from being able to come off the pulley...

      aj200415aj200415Månad sedan
    • @aj200415 I have a bit of OEM experience in this subject (water pump engineer for Ford many moons ago). Most likely the rate of acceleration (of the pulleys) is stretching the belt (on tension side) which makes it excessively loose... on the loose side. It's then flapping excessively which includes both displacement and twisting of the long / loose span. It's simply bouncing off and/or shredding. Of coarse... mis-aligned pulleys could be the cause as well. The rate of acceleration results of surprising loads on all FEAD (front end accessory drive) as well as belt stretch and amount of looseness that needs to be accommodated. Back in the day... when the AC compressor kicked on we saw a 550 lb spike load on the WP. I can only image what that climb through 1st gear does as well as the 1-2 shift. (on Ruby)

      wydopnthrtlwydopnthrtlMånad sedan
  • Ruby needs a suspension upgrade. Ya gave her too many ponies, now she needs a better stance.

    SyberSqueegySyberSqueegyMånad sedan
  • Is it possible to open the blowoff when you release the trans brake? It’d be like a tuned in letoff, allowing you to keep the same routine at the lights.

    Tim SanvikTim SanvikMånad sedan
  • Need to add an adjustable four-link kit. Raise your instant center to reduce weight transfer.

    Stone BreakerStone BreakerMånad sedan
  • The wheelie issue obviously needs chassis and suspension tuning bro. Probably get that sorted and you'll be able to pour the power into it!

    Torq Hub MediaTorq Hub MediaMånad sedan
  • Dude! her smile... she is really enjoying the track and all

    Luis CarrionLuis CarrionMånad sedan
  • "She's a Pro" means something different where I come from.

    The Dummy SpitThe Dummy SpitMånad sedan
  • Install a cap bank to keep voltage steady when belt breaks.

    Baluga LouBaluga LouMånad sedan
  • Wheelie bars!!!!!!

    my namemy nameMånad sedan
  • U need drag bars

    Highstakes187Highstakes187Månad sedan
  • Time to start playing with shocks and their settings

    Glenn SharpeGlenn SharpeMånad sedan
  • wish Madi could do more filming, she seems very genuine talking about what's goin on.

    soulreaper2006soulreaper2006Månad sedan
  • Tried making Ruby too fast by stripping her lol she’s light clee!!!

    Hector ReyesHector ReyesMånad sedan
  • Going hard left every pass. Looks to be out of the groove.

    Shannon MedleyShannon MedleyMånad sedan
  • Time for wheelie bars and run er full out

    Junior NWCJunior NWCMånad sedan
  • James should be driving

    PapechaserPapechaserMånad sedan
  • belt issue needs a tensioner to help take the bounce out of the belt

    mrfordfairmontmrfordfairmontMånad sedan
  • Madi is seriously the best. You’re a lucky man bro.

    AugustAugustMånad sedan
  • I'd say put an iron block LSX in 'er but then you'd just crank the power up further and still pull the wheels. The real question is when are you going to automate that shift?

    94XJ94XJMånad sedan
  • Are u running a manual belt tensioner that's what we had to do on our tt ls

    Ryan IrishRyan IrishMånad sedan
  • My 58 Chevy Delray interceptor 348 did that a few times to.

    AdamosDadAdamosDadMånad sedan
  • Loving Maddies Outro's

    Kila Bee82Kila Bee82Månad sedan
  • Toe it out on the rear. Like 2-3 degrees. It will pull itself straight on the launch and probably out to 1000'. I have to toe out our 4wd drag trucks and you could do a low 10 pass with one hand on the wheel.

    jay tylerjay tylerMånad sedan
  • wheelie bars?

    Climate TechClimate TechMånad sedan
  • Why is there a slow moving vehicle triangle in the back window😂

    Jack ChristiansonJack ChristiansonMånad sedan
  • For the belt issue, have you all used an alignment tool to make sure the pulleys are aligned? Something like this:

    Bob WattersBob WattersMånad sedan
  • RUBBBYYYYY♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️OL GAL..

    CHEWDUBE AutoMotiveTMCHEWDUBE AutoMotiveTMMånad sedan
  • Cleeter I have a lot of issues but a wheelie isn’t one of em!! Go get some Rubes weight bias and wheelie bars!!

    Mad MechanixMad MechanixMånad sedan
  • Hmm, maybe it's the for Mcfarland Fabrication to be given a call for some wheelie bars

    Blackout GamingBlackout GamingMånad sedan
  • Make ruby 4wd

    Just KyleJust KyleMånad sedan
  • I wonder if he is running solid mounts because if he had rubber mounts the motor wouldn’t pull the whole car up, the whole drivetrain would torque before the car would

    Just KyleJust KyleMånad sedan