I Crashed My New Drift Car On THE FIRST DRIVE... (I SUCK)

29 sep 2020
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  • I’m not proud of this... panics, stares at wall, hits wall... IDIOT lol

    Cleetus McFarlandCleetus McFarland3 månader sedan
    • Petition for you to get an early 2000’s mustang and name it cowboy so we can have cowboy and cleet

      Arthur _ PendragonArthur _ PendragonMånad sedan
    • Yah biggest thing that made a difference in my racing is you go where you look so go look at where you want to go.

      Tyler ChaffeeTyler Chaffee2 månader sedan
    • Practice looking at Where You Want to Go. And use the controls to take you there. NEVER look at what you are afraid that you will hit, or want to avoid!

      125AXer125AXer3 månader sedan
    • Cleetus McFarland seworld.info/will/fWnHkrTWaHebqac/video

      Gregory PerkinsGregory Perkins3 månader sedan
    • Hell yeah brother the first drift crash!! It happens to everyone man and I'm happy that it happened in safe circumstances rather than taking anyone else out. My first crash I wasnt so lucky I took out an is200 and an e36 lol. anywhoot I'm proud of your progression brother hopefully one day I'll get to chase you through the smoke 🚗💨🚗💨🚗💨 stay safe 🤠

      Spastic ShpudSpastic Shpud3 månader sedan
  • Hey, we all have “ DOH” moments. But you walked away from yours. You good.

    Keith WaggonerKeith Waggoner12 dagar sedan
  • Gotta give you credit...You're Honest!!! some guys would repair the car,delete the video and pretend they're the King of drifting lol.. Glad you're not hurt and race cars look better with battle scars!!! We all have done it,panic hit the brakes when you could have powered through it..Damn automatic reaction to stop when you get squirrelly!

    Curtis FleabagCurtis Fleabag17 dagar sedan
  • "exhaust vibrates alot" we know you love it cleet

    Ben PetersonBen PetersonMånad sedan
  • Sometimes flooring it can save you. One time i was riding my bike and a tractor drove on the road without looking. If i had hit the brakes i wouldve smashed into it. I passed him at 100 on the 3 inches of road i had left. Scariest time on that thing ever.

    Tyto RubioTyto RubioMånad sedan
  • Crash could have been a lot worse, glad you could walk and drive away from that

    Vigilante PotatoVigilante Potato2 månader sedan
  • Youuu don’t need oil

    Vigilante PotatoVigilante Potato2 månader sedan
  • Its alright cleet shiz happens dude and you move on improve and learn not to crash your new car lol🤣

    Gage CyrusGage Cyrus2 månader sedan
  • Don't best yourself up about it its minor

    Mathew CrockettMathew Crockett2 månader sedan
  • Your logo is a little offensive if you're from the UK you have the peace sign backwards cause in the UK that means phuck you. Just thought I'd mention that I take no offense.

    oz10 1centoz10 1cent2 månader sedan
  • Shit happens. Throw a new rack in it and blow them tires off of it

    Jarred HayesJarred Hayes2 månader sedan
  • We all panic every once in a while it when we fuck up remember keep it cool keep it punches throttle mate with carpet

    Paul KenneyPaul Kenney2 månader sedan
  • And people talk shit about xxrs

    lee harveylee harvey2 månader sedan
  • shouldve put some nittos on there!

    xilef198xilef1982 månader sedan
  • An American flag on a Nissan 240sx. Hahaha let er rip brother!!

    Trev LeisnerTrev Leisner2 månader sedan
  • I think if you're gonna be in drift cars any length of time the probability that you will smash shit up is high. Don't get complacent. :D

    GallowglassGallowglass3 månader sedan
  • "Its not that bad actually..." yeah, its kinda bad actually. Time to just cut out everything from the firewall forward and the tube frame route because that whole right side fender support is pushed in like 2 inches, its under the hood, and the rear quarter panel damage is kind of hidden behind that whole widebody piece but you can see its smashed in too. But its a drift car and most drift cars I see have smashed up bodies unless theyre pro teams. You have to get used to that, its part of drifting. Its like buying a pair a white shoes hoping they dont get dirty. lol I wonder how James reacted when her heard about and saw the damage. His 240sx roots and nostalgia probably got hurt a bit.

    BlottedBlotted3 månader sedan
  • 5:49 for the lazy people

    Exanuel _PG098Exanuel _PG0983 månader sedan
  • I'm no expert but would say the corner entry was too shallow with the cars direction not being towards the direction of the bend coming up. I'd have pulled out of it before entry on that one but you did the best you could in the heat of the moment Cleetus, It's more experience to prepare you more for next time. Glad your ok and keep your chin up even the best drivers in the world crashed loads to get where they are today 👍

    thestance84thestance843 månader sedan
  • Video starts at 5:30

    1.5x playback everything - thank me later1.5x playback everything - thank me later3 månader sedan
  • I couldn't imagine having rep wheels

    Zac SZac S3 månader sedan
  • you do!

    Muscles MouseMuscles Mouse3 månader sedan
  • Better to do it in that, Than the Berry the 2020 Vette you where sailing around the track in. For as hard as you kissed the wall, I figured there was going to be a LOT more damage. Btw, The GRASS looks FANTASTIC. LoL

    Pyle81Pyle813 månader sedan
  • Shoulda pulled the E Brake!

    Patrick ZPatrick Z3 månader sedan
  • Shift that thing to 3rd and catch some sleed!

    Dustin RutherfordDustin Rutherford3 månader sedan
  • No one worries about the wall !

    Mr StrongMr Strong3 månader sedan
  • Put a 2jz under that hood even an rb26 works well

    Radu BanisorRadu Banisor3 månader sedan
  • I'd guess two bent wheels, and bent struts/ moved adjustment plates at top, as well as bent control arms(front and rear both) but video and my eye is only do good. racks don't magically bend internally and still be steerable, tie rods and more will tweak way in advance of that.

    throttle bottlethrottle bottle3 månader sedan
  • braided lines or not, unless there an issue with air bubbles trapped in the lines or calipers, the lever should be stiff. then again the bore/leverage could be way undersized for the braking setup and cause lack of function while being stiff

    throttle bottlethrottle bottle3 månader sedan
    • @Garrett yes, that's a setup with reservoir right on the cylinder, it needs bench bled like any master cylinder first, then you bleed the lines and calipers until all air is out of them too. there's also single and dual lever models that insert into the rear brake line, for independent wheel braking, those generally have bleeders right on them one per cylinder. those you bleed main master cylinder, then each hand cylinder, then the rear lines and brakes( commonly used on sand rails/offroad buggies with open diff for steering

      throttle bottlethrottle bottle3 månader sedan
    • I don’t know much about it but would it be bled in the same way as normal brakes?

      GarrettGarrett3 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/fWnHkrTWaHebqac/video

    Gregory PerkinsGregory Perkins3 månader sedan
  • @4:00 “I’m ready to hit the bank, honestly” LMAO he wasn’t lyin

    logan whitakerlogan whitaker3 månader sedan
  • Son of a Biscuit is right!!!

    rj mintonrj minton3 månader sedan
  • Goes to show how one small hesitation can put you into a wall. The precision of drifting is an artform. The guys that do it well make it look easy. Unlike ole cleet...least we know he's human.

    NMayhemNMayhem3 månader sedan
  • My daddy always says, When in Doubt, Punch it. Or was that Days of Thunder? I can't remember. :)

    Rodney BadgerRodney Badger3 månader sedan
  • it was because you were on those crap tires and You pushed like it had new tires on it.? next Time put new Tires on.

    Vern MVern M3 månader sedan
  • Some days you rip. Others you get ripped. Tis' the way she goes

    Saurika smileSaurika smile3 månader sedan
  • Its a drift car, you're gonna crash it. That's the way it goes, even pro drifters wreck. Part of the sport honestly!

    TurkeyTurkey3 månader sedan
  • We do need a "best 30 seconds of my life" Rocket shirt ASAP xD

    LedrooLedroo3 månader sedan
  • Bolt the seats to the cage bc if the cage moves it’s it pulls the harness into going to be a bad day

    B Rabbit290B Rabbit2903 månader sedan
  • Look at Adams s13 he ripped it on the daily into stuff and it’s fine

    KB Sub systemsKB Sub systems3 månader sedan
  • Drifting, its not if you crash its when you crash.

    Mike andersenMike andersen3 månader sedan
  • At least its not in a junkyard like most of them

    Bob RossBob Ross3 månader sedan
  • It looked like such a good entry!!!! Give it another go.

    Alex WAlex W3 månader sedan
  • This channel is losing freedom points....Karma made you hit the wall....fancy drifting a Nissan at the FF 😩👎

    I8A4R3I8A4R33 månader sedan
  • I learned that lesson too with my first actual car, not drift but regular car. Beat her up, she beats you up... 😪

    Connor PollockConnor Pollock3 månader sedan
  • Didn’t know about the new drift car, I thought you had wrecked Donny. While I like a S13 it’s still no Z06. I know you’re a drag racer and starting out as a drifter but seeing the size of the pad and the freedom factory circle track you should really look at holding autoX events there. The mods needed to compete there don’t need to be as extreme or singularly minded to be competitive (and mostly to simply have a blast) there.

    Cory HolbrookCory Holbrook3 månader sedan
  • Shit happens!!

    jamie muncyjamie muncy3 månader sedan
  • Needed more freedom and less full send! glad youre ok!

    Ramon WilliamsonRamon Williamson3 månader sedan
  • No such thing as "sent to hard" in a drift car..... all you did was add some drifting character to rocket

    Tacoeater 8Tacoeater 83 månader sedan
    • Cant learn if you dont make mistakes

      Tacoeater 8Tacoeater 83 månader sedan
  • Were gonna take a trip in our favorite rocket ship, drifting ooooooon the track, a little braap braap.

    Sounding CarsSounding Cars3 månader sedan
  • it happens from time to time. it's ok

    Kevin ReedKevin Reed3 månader sedan
  • When it doubt, throttle out!

    Dustyn JensenDustyn Jensen3 månader sedan
  • Thats great always nice to see you break shit stop trying to baby everything haha

    Joey GoosenJoey Goosen3 månader sedan
  • You are a drifter now that's the name of the game you are good cleet

    Michael CobbMichael Cobb3 månader sedan
  • Shows to go ya

    Dustin BoleyDustin Boley3 månader sedan
  • Famous Last Words!!! Imma hit the bank honestly Dude, give her a rip!!!

    Tyler Roberts T-RobTyler Roberts T-Rob3 månader sedan
  • not enough rotation and too much counter steer. I don't think gas would have saved it. you steered the car how you did. that is all.

    ETITETIT3 månader sedan
  • That “son of a biscuit” fucking killed me

    Erick Soto PonceErick Soto Ponce3 månader sedan
  • That half second that bald eagles aren’t with you is just enough to get ya

    Caramel ShoesCaramel Shoes3 månader sedan
  • "Goes to show sometimes we send her a little too hard off the bat" every car goes balls to the wall with you so this being the first incident, DO NOT STOP SENDING IT FIRST GO!!!

    BalcyVR6BalcyVR63 månader sedan
  • Driftmislel

    Konrad KvammenKonrad Kvammen3 månader sedan
  • Oh come on Cleeter...that's just a scratch! Don't be so harsh on yourself, you just started drifting! Besides, rippers are made for ripping! Keep rolling

    Juan FoxJuan Fox3 månader sedan
  • Driving without gauges working is just stupid, when it takes no time to fix when you have the parts just laying around and a mechanic at your disposal.

    GaryLordsWayMinistryGaryLordsWayMinistry3 månader sedan

    Canna BinoidCanna Binoid3 månader sedan
  • You were doing great up until that point... just trying to work with those shit tires put you in the wall... Were having issues well before you hit wall trying to heat em up etc.. Seeing as how grip is everything in drifting you'd think you wouldn't put $11,000 all on the shoulders of rotted out tires... lol bet no crash without those tires...

    Canna BinoidCanna Binoid3 månader sedan
  • I'm new to this channel but I just wanted to say having a learning experience like that doesn't make you an idiot although I know it feels like it.

    TheBaconator555TheBaconator5553 månader sedan
  • You should get that seat off the floor when u fix your car up bro. Seat always has to be mounted to the cage with the belts so if anything happens in a wreck the belts don't squish you if the floor gets moved down. Just looking out for you bro.

    Jeff KnoxJeff Knox3 månader sedan
  • Heat the tie rod up with a torch and bender back and send it

    Willy StargelWilly Stargel3 månader sedan
  • comon man, so many adds........

    Big CatBig Cat3 månader sedan
  • I don't blame you for hitting the brakes. I've had that moment before. We learn from our mistakes. Good shit bro

    dyna5ty803dyna5ty8033 månader sedan
  • Crashing is just part of learning how to drift. I wanted to learn so i ended up buying the cheapest Miata i could find and I’m still learning with it. I haven’t replaced a single body panel and every single one of them has scrapes or dents in them. It’s really fun tho and i always love going out and trying to learn more

    J3 BlantonJ3 Blanton3 månader sedan
  • oh

    landen scottlanden scott3 månader sedan
  • Look up timcobb110 on og he's selling a complete set up pro1 car with ls for sale super clean

    shaun viensshaun viens3 månader sedan
  • Had a horrible mc crash just wanted to see if I could get a shout out from the hospital thanks logam

    Logan JettLogan Jett3 månader sedan
  • Damn that gave ME whip lash 😂😂😂

    Duane R. Kraft J.r.Duane R. Kraft J.r.3 månader sedan
  • Wrecking Rocket ! War wounds are proof your pushing limits leave them there it's not a show car.

    Ryan JohnsonRyan Johnson3 månader sedan
  • You're gonna love it......

    CorwinINaDSMCorwinINaDSM3 månader sedan
  • Right where a drift car needs to be, in the wall. I`m only hitting the "Thumbs Up" because you wrecked it.

    Harold PhillipsHarold Phillips3 månader sedan
  • He owns the FF and Still looks both ways as he enters the track. How funny

    Timothy K Streb SrTimothy K Streb Sr3 månader sedan
  • i love all the drifting but what i really want to see is toast do a redemption burnout!

    moto junkiemoto junkie3 månader sedan
  • hey man we all mess up at some point, been following for a while and i dont really recall you crashing before, aside from the golf cart incident lol, so youre records still pretty good lol

    Tyler HallTyler Hall3 månader sedan
  • I panicked please kiss yourself Rockie trying to be a fake urine star i.m sorry SEworld sstar

    maximus air company Cupp / Baileymaximus air company Cupp / Bailey3 månader sedan
  • Did you kiss yourself

    maximus air company Cupp / Baileymaximus air company Cupp / Bailey3 månader sedan
  • End of the day, it is a drift car, its bound to happen, no one's injured.

    Matthew BirminghamMatthew Birmingham3 månader sedan
  • You just got a lil too confident.

    Reds_ 22Reds_ 223 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/gWWl3sjDiIl7yWQ/video

    The Brass Tack Car and Truck Review AkeThe Brass Tack Car and Truck Review Ake3 månader sedan
  • Still don't get drifting...

    Tom PTom P3 månader sedan
  • How do you let the steering wheel go off your hands in a slight crash? Butter hands!

    Red LineRed Line3 månader sedan
  • You would have hit your rear even harder if you floored it. The wipe you did going into the turn was to hard, you did what you should have did.

    Cheesey McCheeseCheesey McCheese3 månader sedan
  • Maybe a rocket bunny would look good

    Vee DUBVee DUB3 månader sedan
  • Glad you are OK! Pro drivers get those attention getters all the time and they still go send it the next time so you'll be back!

    The Dutch TexanThe Dutch Texan3 månader sedan
  • hey brother thats just how drifting goes; stoked to see you pursing it more and more

    Owen LaueOwen Laue3 månader sedan
  • If this is going to turn into a drift channel, im out.

    Josh AlpersJosh Alpers3 månader sedan
  • Now that is how to crack the champagne bottle. I think your right if you would have floored it. What a ride!

    Enjoyable WatcherEnjoyable Watcher3 månader sedan
  • Any coupon codes for merch?

    Chris JChris J3 månader sedan
  • Well, you're not the first to buy your first 240 and stack it into a wall in the first 30mins of driving it...

    SaTaNeAtChEeSeSaTaNeAtChEeSe3 månader sedan
  • Why let go of the wheel? His brain like seized up🤔

    Tanner88Tanner883 månader sedan
  • Tension rod bracket is fucked

  • Live and you learn. For someone somewhat new to drifting id say your doing just fine brotatoe chip. And.......atleast it wasnt dime bag donnie

    tommy boytommy boy3 månader sedan
  • Now is a real drift car

    Michael RiveraMichael Rivera3 månader sedan