We Bought an INSANE Big Block Blower Engine From Australia!!! Toast Is Getting 1,500+ Horsepower!

5 jan 2021
985 979 visningar

Toast just got a HUGE upgrade... this thing is about to be a full blown ripper!!!
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  • Judging by comments we shoulda put this in the flat bed truck 😂😂 maybe I’ll have to order another 👀

    Cleetus McFarlandCleetus McFarland12 dagar sedan
    • Hmmmm did you say "a reliable burnout engine "... you guys are constant threat to the continued functioning of any that moves

      James Emmenecker Sr.James Emmenecker Sr.9 dagar sedan
    • @Lextech Lighting Mopar car should have Mopar power. Putting a Chevy in a Mopar? No way.

      Richard HarroldRichard Harrold9 dagar sedan
    • @Insane Stang no need to swap out that 5.4 in Neighbor, those engines can make insane power. Mark Meiering's 5.4 GT500 makes 1640rwhp, Neighbor only 900rwhp. The limitation is the Eaton blower. Meiering has a huge Whipple.

      Richard HarroldRichard Harrold9 dagar sedan
    • He's

      Justin GriffithJustin Griffith9 dagar sedan
    • Toast right now is regular bread but with the engine it will toast everyone

      Pablo De LeonPablo De Leon9 dagar sedan
  • What was the number $$ ?

    freddieNZ68freddieNZ689 timmar sedan
  • Should of bought a WARSPEED engine. Or a BG engines combo rodshop torana not even close to the burnout cars in Australia that run WARSPEED and BG engine combos or JC Racing e.g. fukdat ucsmoke fkyer KUTSIC ect ect

    308 belter308 belter14 timmar sedan
  • Watch the Flinty460 coverage of Motorvation 35, one of the worlds best burnout comps

    Mat KerMat KerDag sedan
  • So guys it really did not come from the Castlemaine rod shop which is up the road from where i live, if the torana was already in the states, then it got shipped from one of the states there ,sure the rod shop built the engine combo, which is what you need and that's around 150K easy for someone that does not know rod or kieth? Good luck trying to put the engine and 2 speed powerglide in the toast, tailshaft will be the biggest headache making one to handle more than just the HP but the massive amount of torque and also the diff needs to be a well built 9" to handle over 1,500 hp easy. :)

    7071t67071t6Dag sedan
  • soooo it's from down under what do you run it on roo piss and fosters 😊

    coyote customscoyote customsDag sedan
  • WILL THE NAME OF THE CAR CHANGE???????????????????????

    Chad OwensChad OwensDag sedan
  • Put one in a crown Vic

    drfrenchfrydrfrenchfryDag sedan
  • What would this cost 50k maybe

    Wili bobWili bob2 dagar sedan
  • Damn I wish I could get my hands on that ripper I’d be on the news for sure in orange

    Krazo buildZKrazo buildZ3 dagar sedan
  • 2:56 the upside down jokes made my day

    DYLANDYLAN3 dagar sedan
  • Love how in this video they're talking about moving the steering box and in the next the whole front of the car is cut off. Lmao. Nothing by halves lol. Love it.

    Track Days.Track Days.3 dagar sedan
  • 03-11 crown vic front suspension swap

    Jake DuncanJake Duncan3 dagar sedan
  • "Ah, windshield wipers don't work. Tube frame time." Yeah! That's the positivity you need in life!

    Guns Cars and DigitsGuns Cars and Digits3 dagar sedan
  • Car life : How much is that gonna cost? *Looks at number* (It's expensive but you think about the costs of things you don't enjoy that you can do instead) So you say "Hell yeah" anyway!

    Guns Cars and DigitsGuns Cars and Digits3 dagar sedan
  • Toss it in ruby for a pass or two

    ANYTHING 23ANYTHING 233 dagar sedan
  • Make us Aussies proud with that donk cobba, show yer mates how we do it down under yeeeeewwww!!!!

    Chris MaherChris Maher3 dagar sedan
  • i respect the fact you said aluminium !!!!!

    LYLEE001LYLEE0014 dagar sedan
  • Just grab a Torana Shell drop it straight in. Boom

    David CoxDavid Cox4 dagar sedan
  • Burnouts,,is this motorsport or Hot Rodding,,, i think its ADHD on steroids,,i am most people i know laugh at these idiots.

    steve driversteve driver4 dagar sedan
  • What is the use in spending so much money on a vehicle to do burnouts?? Burnouts are really stupid unless its to get ready for a race on the strip..Why not use what you got and put it to real use and build something that you can actually do something with besides makes smoke!!Just sayin

    mech8239mech82394 dagar sedan
  • It is Australia, It could be in here upside down. That got me laughing good ole James

    J_Red_11J_Red_114 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/rJvX0pu1hWB_vHU/video

    F BurwellF Burwell4 dagar sedan
  • Hey mate just put it in Leroy job done ✅

    Ben LoganBen Logan5 dagar sedan
  • Awesome! The great Oz boys!

    David BrownDavid Brown5 dagar sedan
  • I got a bender and I fabricate and tig weld if you ever in fresno ca.

    Ajs garageAjs garage5 dagar sedan
  • Front tube chassis kits on sale on jegs for 400$

    Ajs garageAjs garage5 dagar sedan
  • ruby did a wheelie, toast will do a stoppie with that much weight ;)

    vasllzvasllz5 dagar sedan
  • Seriously serious mill rite thare

    Brandon CampbellBrandon Campbell5 dagar sedan
  • This shit belongs in the next Mad Max movie. Mad Max is the OG Australian road rippin movie.

    Chris HowardChris Howard5 dagar sedan
  • Might fit in the jet ski in the back

    john sjohn s5 dagar sedan
  • HELL YA BROTHER answer your fukn emails

    Bay Area Mobile Fleet Service Mobile MechanicBay Area Mobile Fleet Service Mobile Mechanic6 dagar sedan
  • My brother does phones & security for the lads at the Castlemaine Rod Shop 'nd I work just 10mins down the road.

    Duke Of TwistDuke Of Twist6 dagar sedan
  • A blown big block from Australia.. lol

    Stu JonesStu Jones6 dagar sedan
  • Flat bed + big block = badass!

    Levrie's Automotive LLCLevrie's Automotive LLC6 dagar sedan
  • When you need an engine to rip a skid ask us Aussie we do it best 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

    Paul NewmanPaul Newman6 dagar sedan
  • I would get the kit for the magneto

    Nate EisNate Eis6 dagar sedan
  • Rip that yellow camaro! Who owns that?

    tyler238tyler2386 dagar sedan
  • Manual rack with an EPS from a Toyota.

    Elijah CampbellElijah Campbell6 dagar sedan
  • I'm wondering if you could do an electric steering rack if that would help. I know new mustangs use an electric steering rack. We all know there's plenty of them in the wrecking yard. Lol

    james hunterjames hunter6 dagar sedan
  • you guyes need to put a cover over warbird and killaB so they dont get dirty and dusty.

    extec101extec1016 dagar sedan
  • Australian powerhouse 🇭🇲 now you can kill tyre's

    Ragdoll RacingRagdoll Racing6 dagar sedan
  • Aussie made the best

    Mark CampbellMark Campbell7 dagar sedan
  • Dump that Blower, Its a Junk Blower..Keep 14:71 but cost wise go to Littlefield LB20, something like that in Hi-Helex 120 twist, Obviously ud find 1 used..A Blower like LB20 is much cooler charge & uses less then 1/2 the Hp to run..If uve got more $$ to blow ud get prob Fowler F11, Maybe PSI Roots, but something Hi-Heliex preferably w/a set-back rotor design Or pretty much what they call Superman design w/an older Kobelco which also would be Great Choice..SSI off Puller Truck, Why not where I got my F11 Fowler Extreme From 4a Great Price! I also have Kobelco which Is what Fowler is now, they bought Kobelco..I saw all this ridiculous Drag Racing In Mid 1990s starting to get big when I was in Australia, Top Doorslammer, Why I Have Blown Pro Mod Monte Carlo Now, Australia is the shit & You were smart to buy engine ready to go, I did same thing..Now I Wish I had Glide over Lenco, just easier & Im getting old🥺.Anyway I actually had Blower exactly like Blower on Ur engine when I 1st started..When Jim Oddy told me Get Rid Of That Blower, Maks To Much Heat, Ull Blow-up Ur Engine eventually w/a Blower like that!.I then got Hi-Helex Non Billet Rotor Littlefield 14:71, works good & was cheap in comparison to Billet Rotor Blowers BUT thers No Comparison to Billet Rotors bc of the reduction in Rotor Flex, But Hey, You have Cast Rotors In That Blower Uve Got Now Id bet Money Cast Rotors..44 is a Great Mag! Uve got good inturnals from what Ud said, I can live w/a Big & Ugly, Why Not? Much cheaper then used Carbon Fiber Hat..I dont remember but im sure they have Nitro Barrel Value & Dry Sump System, great..I kick myself for getting talked OUR of my Dry Sump, for external oil pump but Oil In Pan😖, Dry Sump far better..I saw some of ur videos So uve already got really good knowledge of what's what, Saw Yellow Camaro when had BBC w/a Hat driving around Or I think its was you guys?🤔.I Liked That Car Alot..Im gona change up my IROC Blown Pro Street Now because was so cool 2c driving around instead of carbs, So Im Dumping them..Anyway I was high, nite time, I know this shit, & If You want some Cheap Hp, get the spacers that Ramp Up Ur Boost by smooth out the transition from Hat in the Blower Inlet..Also moves the Hat Up & Foward on Blower & A Set-Back Plate certainly wouldn't hurt..Spacer & Set-Back Plate, probaby add 150-200hp, Maybe More bc the spacer usually will add abt 90hp, So 200hp maybe 250hp w/o anyother change, Same Overdrive..Fuck, you can easily run Good Hi-Helex Blower 50% easy..14:71 Fowler as described maks abt 46lbs at only 20% overdrive & pretty sure im running abt 34% now on the Kobelco..Maybe you want add some Nitro!?😂😂.I have setup I run w/a Waterman Pump at 23gals 40% Nitro to Alcohol..30gpm pump & You can run 60% but now Ur into Hp #s that will beat ur main bearings & upper rod bearing, So they need to be checked here & there anyway w/a Blower engine running 14:71, think of the pressure beating top piston..I swear, I told my wife abt thes Burn-Out things that go on in Australia, & IF we knew of enough cars, we'd sponsor an event here in Horrible New York..Long Island has Zero drag strip anymore, So I thought Burn-Out Cars would really work..Maybe not at 1st but it would catch on in my opinion, So I wanted start bringing it here B4 Im Dead😵..Wondering if that's good idea & do you know off this happenimg anywhere in country prefer East Coast🤣🤣🤣.Well thanks for reading IF you even did🎸🎸🎸

    Spencer LeeSpencer Lee7 dagar sedan
  • I was waiting for clertus to say “James get me a battery. A garden hose and a drum of methanol “.

    seeni gztyseeni gzty7 dagar sedan
  • Bro that's not a bad thing now the truck is going to be a spicy unit 💪👌

    Mr. MericaMr. Merica7 dagar sedan
  • To many frogs in this area

    Daniel KubenzDaniel Kubenz7 dagar sedan
    • Torana. TOE-RAH-NAH (as in yeah nah!). And here endeth your intensive 3 week course in Aussie car names. :-D

      seeni gztyseeni gzty7 dagar sedan
  • It has 4 barras inside.

    Mark LoweMark Lowe7 dagar sedan
  • I have to admit I'm starting to not give a shit about these videos.

    michael bradleymichael bradley7 dagar sedan

    Sisekelo DumaSisekelo Duma7 dagar sedan
  • congrats on the new engine

    Ibrahim islanderIbrahim islander7 dagar sedan
  • Cleetus where's the new toast video I wanna see her run

    Biggie PBiggie P7 dagar sedan
  • Do you know the way

    Chris AndersonChris Anderson7 dagar sedan
  • I just got a notification now like what the hell it's a bit late

    stututttustututttu7 dagar sedan
  • Put that in the el-co

    Travis FerronTravis Ferron7 dagar sedan
  • where is Cooper?

    kilroy294kilroy2947 dagar sedan
  • Now you have to change the steering wheel to the right side

    Edgar CalderonEdgar Calderon7 dagar sedan

    gumbyrollersgumbyrollers8 dagar sedan
  • i dont know why you have captions or subtitles enabled as it shows too much inconsistencies and half of the time doesnt make sense otherwise the conversation doesnt make sense at all. need some 100% accuracy.

    HighAwayHighAway8 dagar sedan
  • This seems like too much effort just put the blower on a 427 lsx....efi

    Audi5FanAudi5Fan8 dagar sedan
  • Made 20min from where I live 🇦🇺

    Dan StevensDan Stevens8 dagar sedan
  • Torana. TOE-RAH-NAH (as in yeah nah!). And here endeth your intensive 3 week course in Aussie car names. :-D

    Aussie MonstersAussie Monsters8 dagar sedan
  • i should put something like that in my Falcon XB Mad Max Interceptor ....... Wonder if they build them in a Cleveland

    Jack DeppJack Depp8 dagar sedan
  • I got an idea, get rid of that pos turd gen and get a new car for that beautiful engine! #Elco or bust

    ARenaissanceishManARenaissanceishMan8 dagar sedan
  • Two words, Plasma Cutter!

    Jolene VilisJolene Vilis8 dagar sedan
  • I already know that engine runs on snake and spider venom

    CaribbeanOkami - Spaced Out GamerCaribbeanOkami - Spaced Out Gamer8 dagar sedan
  • How’s the track going

    Jordan WedzingaJordan Wedzinga8 dagar sedan
  • Look at how cute that tiny Glide transmission is

    C4GixxerC4Gixxer8 dagar sedan
  • What is up with the Jetstream boats?

    Evan BlackEvan Black8 dagar sedan
  • Sounds like he’s setting up to get a different car to drop the motor in

    eioshen boboieioshen boboi8 dagar sedan
    • Exactly what i was thinking

      Levrie's Automotive LLCLevrie's Automotive LLC6 dagar sedan
  • 1,000 cubic inches of bald eagle Glory

    Joe GoinsJoe Goins8 dagar sedan
  • Awesome

    Timothy BosticTimothy Bostic8 dagar sedan
    • If you still have the 632, you should put that one in the flatbed

      eioshen boboieioshen boboi8 dagar sedan
  • IT looks like on the side of the box is says FRAGILE!!!! FRA-GE-LE!!!.. It must be Italian...!!!

    lovejagolovejago8 dagar sedan
  • You could swap the front end over to our Crown Vic front end a lot of people do them

    Bigcountry7.3Bigcountry7.38 dagar sedan
  • Hey might as put an angle kit on ol' toast while you're at it

    Patrick StuhldreherPatrick Stuhldreher8 dagar sedan
  • Pikes Peak runner?

    FreezyAbitKT7AFreezyAbitKT7A8 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/ooub2LG1l2BrnWQ/video

    AlterGarageAlterGarage8 dagar sedan
  • How many llama thrusts is that?

    slightlypermafriedslightlypermafried8 dagar sedan
  • I have a gen 3 Camaro big block I've been working on for a while let's try some ran into all the problems you just mentioned besides a MAG racecraft Incorporated has the front K member what uses a rack and coil over struts in the front the whole thing is wide open which will allow you to have plenty of Clarence for the dry sump pump pan an alternator there is nothing there it will be all open that will set you back around four grand for everything great content love the track Jim from Michigan

    James BowmanJames Bowman9 dagar sedan
  • Should have bought the Torana 🤙🤙 enjoy bois can't wait to see the yanks attempt a proper burnout 😎😎

    Nick HawkinsNick Hawkins9 dagar sedan
  • Go Commodore steering box that will get rid of over a lot of it get them to send it over from Australia

    HUNTING NTHUNTING NT9 dagar sedan
  • no joke live half an hour from the people who built the engine

    Blanksy 123Blanksy 1239 dagar sedan
  • Cleetus will win summernatz 2021 burnout competition

    paul ezaypaul ezay9 dagar sedan
  • Dam dawg thats a nasty big block. Follow my page for some ls mud bogging action coming soon. Maybe one day she can have a big block like toast

    Blake's BuildsBlake's Builds9 dagar sedan
  • Third guy is in almost all videos. We have no clue who he is? Is his name ghost bish? Was he instructed "Do not talk!" Lol

    VintageMotoSeattleVintageMotoSeattle9 dagar sedan
  • "Windshield wipers go bad? Tube chassis." That's what I'm talking about.

    Scotty ChainsawScotty Chainsaw9 dagar sedan
  • If you still have the 632, you should put that one in the flatbed

    Dr. BrainzdeadDr. Brainzdead9 dagar sedan
  • If you can’t beat em, you ain’t tryin hard enough! Try harder! 😉✌🏻

    GrifFunginGrifFungin9 dagar sedan
  • Tubular front crossmember with a rack and pinion should do it.

    rixtrix11rixtrix119 dagar sedan
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    Jeremy RobbinsJeremy Robbins9 dagar sedan
  • I love how you sounded like you didnt want to admit the aussies were right haha. Love ya work lads! So sick

    DriftSquidDriftSquid9 dagar sedan
  • i live 30 minutes from castlemaine rod shop, they do the craizest builds

    CleaveCleave9 dagar sedan
  • When the camaro is done u need to send it down the drag strip

    Duane WebsterDuane Webster9 dagar sedan
  • Hey Cleetus, throw a Barra in a Miata and take it Drag Racing. Then you can have some REAL fun.

    Adam The TurtleAdam The Turtle9 dagar sedan
  • 👊❤️

    Travis HartleyTravis Hartley9 dagar sedan
  • Big block stroker in the FF tilt tray... mint,

    GTR RACINGGTR RACING9 dagar sedan
  • 👍

    Travis HartleyTravis Hartley9 dagar sedan
  • Id put it in ruby

    Anthany LesleyAnthany Lesley9 dagar sedan
  • So much for, “merica” 😂

    Deonte PoweDeonte Powe9 dagar sedan
  • Ready to put in and ready for them eagles to fly out

    Josh DollarJosh Dollar9 dagar sedan