I FINALLY Broke Donnie the Drift Car... The Damage Could NOT Be Worse lol! (REPOST... Whoops)

10 sep 2020
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  • Either way I’m going to catch hell for taking the ad down or leaving it up but I made the decision. Little bit of money isn’t worth bringing any politics/drama into this channel. Sorry not sorry will do my research in the future.

    Cleetus McFarlandCleetus McFarland4 månader sedan
    • @Ben Greene I think its because the giveaway helped a group called "represent justice" which is about helping create a fair legal system. Not sure what all the communist comments are about. I've been googling it haha I think it's a bunch of misinformed people.

      Bo TeichmanBo Teichman4 månader sedan
    • @Rick quit allowing yourself to be brainwashed. You've been told dems are coming for our guns for the past 20+ years, and we've seen more gun control / restrictions under Trump administration in his first 2 years in office than we saw under all 8 years of Obama. Matter of fact, the one piece of legislation passed under Obama was intended to make it harder for those on social security for mental health reasons benefits to obtain firearns was axed by Trump very quickly, who then went on to tow the typical line following every mass shooting that mental health was to blame. Remember that time Obama blamed bump stocks and binary trigger? Oh wait, that was Trump. How about that time Obama said "We’re going to take the firearms first and then go to court", and "take the guns first, go through due process second"? Wait, that was Trump too. You parrot your party leaders go-to lines meant to scare you into thinking the democrats are coming for your guns, but history has shown that us gun owners have lost more gun rights under Trump when he had a republican controlled congress and senate than under Obama, and you'd have to go back over 26 years to Clinton and the assault weapons ban for that claim to stick, yet I remind you President Bush previously banned all imports of semi automatic rifles in March 1989, and made the ban permanent in July 1989. Stop drinking the kool-aid and pay attention to actual history.

      Sean DSean D4 månader sedan
    • Kaden Larsen ya but you can’t support American ideals and blm at the same time

      floridacracker5floridacracker54 månader sedan
    • @Keiffer Meyers All lives matter. maybe don't resist arrest, or better yet, don't put yourself in that position to start.

      Thomas MacGruberThomas MacGruber4 månader sedan
    • @4RealTime not the organization. All lives matter, and black lives are included. If you want believe the black men getting shot has nothing to do with them resisting arrest and fighting cops, then you are truly dumb.

      Thomas MacGruberThomas MacGruber4 månader sedan
  • I think this cracked at the first drifting video i swore it looked like diff or something smacked the ground in one clip before hitting the bank

    Tim HolubowitchTim Holubowitch7 dagar sedan
  • What was the ad?

    Vigilante PotatoVigilante Potato2 månader sedan
  • What did the people support?

    HornetXHDHornetXHD2 månader sedan
  • Give Donnie to Taylor. They belong together.

    Michael PowellMichael Powell2 månader sedan
  • Dude I'm having fun just watching this

    Eric SharpEric Sharp3 månader sedan
  • I wont stop watching this channel for anything but what was the add about i missed it

    macgregor carmacgregor car3 månader sedan
  • Didn’t you pay good money for that burn out pad to be exactly level..?

    Anthony HarperAnthony Harper3 månader sedan
  • You guys should invest in drones for the outside views and train a couple. team members to control it

    Jason SmithJason Smith3 månader sedan
  • What happened was it a Biden ad or something

    Derik HighcockDerik Highcock3 månader sedan
  • Makes u miss the days when everything was cast iron and steel..sigh....

    Ion RacerIon Racer3 månader sedan

    john martinjohn martin3 månader sedan
  • someone call that number that shows up on the radio calling Cleetus while drifting at the 7:20 mark

    Steven KnoepflerSteven Knoepfler3 månader sedan
  • 3:24 7 wheels*

    Kris MullerKris Muller3 månader sedan
  • is he still missing that bolt from the rear of the exhaust, or is it tightened crooked?

    TodesgeberTodesgeber3 månader sedan
  • How many of you goons called that number that called ole CLEETUS there while he was driftin🤔😂

    Its_WillIts_Will3 månader sedan
  • Use a snow plow blade to get the water off the pad

    Devin EizengaDevin Eizenga4 månader sedan

    Hayden NelsonHayden Nelson4 månader sedan
  • He was getting a call on the gps at 7:16 lol

    Epic: Pro_Gamer4434 PSN: Xx_bluefist_xXEpic: Pro_Gamer4434 PSN: Xx_bluefist_xX4 månader sedan
  • Im not even in the car and my butthole was puckering

    James sodanJames sodan4 månader sedan
  • Invite chrisfix out!!

    Gooch GangGooch Gang4 månader sedan
  • Couldn't you use the track blower to clear the water off the burn out pad? Or make a jet engine blower/ dryer like on the Nascar tracks to dry them off

    jonniessink1jonniessink14 månader sedan
  • I can't be the only one that is curious what the ad was for, right?

    newtekie1newtekie14 månader sedan
    • @DJBATMANGOLD im racist

      Wrist Game Icy you feel meWrist Game Icy you feel me5 timmar sedan
    • @newtekie1 it had nothing to do with BLM, and I don't think anyone here is a racist. Even if they don't support BLM, that doesn't make them racist. The way the Left sees BLM isn't just to shed light on groups of minorities, it's a lot more things completely unrelated to skin color. And some people don't agree with those other things that stand behind the name of BLM. Pretty much everyone believes racism should stop, and not agreeing with BLM doesn't make you racist. _For the record, I am in support of BLM. At least the neutral point of view of shedding light on minorities._

    • @newtekie1 He has a lot of racist fans? WTF are you talking about?

      Whiskey NinerWhiskey NinerMånad sedan
    • Nah y’all wrong. It was an omaze ad for a gone in sixty seconds licensed Eleanor giveaway car. Gone in 60 the franchise has been fucking people over for decades and most notably and recently b Is for build. Cleeter took the high road in support of his fellow SEworldr. That is all, no politics.

    • @Dumber Than Dirt Brothers (DTDB) random video ads play in the middle of videos too. Those aren't controlled by the video creator either.

      newtekie1newtekie13 månader sedan
  • Does Taylor have an si wing on his Miata?

    The PuristThe Purist4 månader sedan
  • What was the ad? I missed it.

    Mike SodaMike Soda4 månader sedan
    • Lol me too

      Leo ZaboLeo Zabo4 månader sedan
  • What was the ad?

    Educated RedneckEducated Redneck4 månader sedan
  • LMAO @ "Optispark Cleaner 9000". Oh, those mid 90's LT1's.

    kablah777kablah7774 månader sedan
  • Still hanging in there for the videos brother. Keep your head up.

    FriendsincodeFriendsincode4 månader sedan
  • Geezus would somebody just post what the problem was .maybe I want to boycot something to lol. Read endless comments about was it . And as close to figuring it out as I was when I first read .what a loaf. If somethings foul spill it. Dont let people go on being duked by B.S.

    Johnson SecureJohnson Secure4 månader sedan
  • Its all good bro

    Paul GovePaul Gove4 månader sedan
  • anyone else try calling the number that popped up on the radio at 7:10 ?

    Daniel WilliamsDaniel Williams4 månader sedan
  • I respect your decision eitherway man, I have a very strong opinion on the matter and in most cases avoid or unsubscribe to people pushing politics and anything associated with it, aside from youtubers who only do politics. I watch your content because I am a car guy and for entertainment, not for those other things. I always do my own research, see both sides, research both sides and that is how I form my opinion. Unless your a political youtuber its best to just stay away from that side of the turmoil as I and many others do unsubscribe because of stuff like that. In the end though, you did nothing wrong, don't ever apologize. Give a descriptions of why you took it down and leave it at that. No need to apologize for anything, freedom of speech is freedom of speech I faught, bled and lost friends for your right to say and do what you like. In the end your entitled to you opinion and mistakes of any sort. So don't apologize, just take it down and say why you took it down and try and avoid political stuff in the future. At this point in our history choosing a side is detrimental. As for all others who are gonna jump on this post. I would never tell you how or what to believe in just want to make sure your educated and form your own opinions without the influence of famous people based on both sides of the argument. Always a good thing to hear both sides, and considerable research to form an educated thought on the matter. Keep doing you garrett, you got millions of fans for being a straight up and on honest man, you owned it like real men should.

    Jay NottinghamJay Nottingham4 månader sedan
    • What was the ad?

      ChaneyChaney4 månader sedan
  • Good move not getting dragged into the politicization of social issues with some dumb advert.

    mitsuturbomitsuturbo4 månader sedan
  • All the reeing cry babies need to dig their heads out of the sand and stop thowing a temper tantrum about a company doing something they don't like (because they are racists on top of being babies). Are yall aware of the amount of money your little fit probably cost cleeter and the rest of the boys on the channel?

    Get ShrektGet Shrekt4 månader sedan
  • Yeah Bruh, you really stepped in it this time. I'd bet my left one you do way more research on your advertisers from now on. Gotta make sure you stay away from politics and religion! I know you just wanna keep it fun! So do most of us! Thanks for doing your best to keep it that way!

    nathan40307nathan403074 månader sedan
  • draining off lake ff just use the track blower

    Adam RosenhamerAdam Rosenhamer4 månader sedan
  • That V8 powered air blower would probably make quick work of that water. Don't forget about it!

    John LaneJohn Lane4 månader sedan
  • where the burnout pad is all you need to do is to cut about five or six 1/4 inch Groves. from where the water is to where the end is and let the water run out it will work

    Bud T lightBud T light4 månader sedan
  • Why are Omaze bad guys to have as sponsors?

    WillieWillie4 månader sedan
  • You: Leroy James: ruby Kevin: Dale truck Winning is the ONLY OPTION

    Slomar V2Slomar V24 månader sedan
  • Political correctness does not belong in America. Garrett, I enjoy your channel not only because of the cars and the antics, but because you're a red blooded freedom loving patriot just like me. Stick to your values and don't let anyone tell you different, not even your fans.

    Shadyn EbeyShadyn Ebey4 månader sedan
  • BLACK LIVES MATTER. That's not a political statement, that's a fact. I cant believe the idea of a black person's life mattering is considered "political" it's an embarrassment to all Americans. Considering this channel has ZERO black people, no wonder that's controversial here. Do better cletus. Open your mind, because you're a good person cletus. The easy decision isn't always the right one. Taking a stand isn't easy, it's hard.

    Hawaii RidingHawaii Riding4 månader sedan
    • @Chevy Lover101 I'm not a kid, and it's my first fucking amendment right to say something. You guys still believe in that right?? And what part of my statement was wrong?

      Hawaii RidingHawaii Riding4 månader sedan
    • Kid you should of just stayed shut.

      Chevy Lover101Chevy Lover1014 månader sedan
  • @4:30 cleet you was hot dogging brother , welcome to the drift club ye yee

    30Rounds of Freedom30Rounds of Freedom4 månader sedan

    BIG D'S GARAGEBIG D'S GARAGE4 månader sedan
  • Danggg! It was most definitely that sudden shock from transition from the flat to the bank that made everything snap like that.. Lol

    Redline HondaRedline Honda4 månader sedan
  • "Where would the world be without.. General Motors."

    Scott SavageScott Savage4 månader sedan
  • Others: "inches bro!" Cleeter: "Tappin that ass😎"

    Scott SavageScott Savage4 månader sedan
  • "Yea, i just detailed it" sometimes its the little things in life ya know..

    Scott SavageScott Savage4 månader sedan
  • Taylor needs to come to LS fest next year and drift

    Logan PattersonLogan Patterson4 månader sedan
  • Don’t know how to feel about this ad thing....been a subscriber for a awhile and I’m a Military Veteran and a car guy....I just wanna know is “Everyone“ welcomed here.

    Justin JohnsonJustin Johnson4 månader sedan
  • What was the ad?

    jack mjack m4 månader sedan
  • Send it brother!!

    FireballMulletFireballMullet4 månader sedan
  • What was the add?

    Lee TaylorLee Taylor4 månader sedan
  • Clutch kick > e brake

    AbeAbe4 månader sedan
  • How's it going man c4 Z06 is my favorite car fix it and give it to me!!! Lol

    Bud SawyerBud Sawyer4 månader sedan
  • 🇺🇸

    MistersllimMistersllim4 månader sedan
  • Would drift practice help if you guys had the comms system like during race week? Taylor's advice while cleetus is in both positions might help during live practice

    Alec MiltonAlec Milton4 månader sedan
  • What was the ad about?

    lawnmowerdudelawnmowerdude4 månader sedan
  • Yeah, pushing it as far as breaking points huh...

    Josh RinleeJosh Rinlee4 månader sedan
  • why not have a toyota ae86 on the track?

    CaP Chan4135CaP Chan41354 månader sedan
  • I like to see Toast in LS Fest.

    Raymond NeulingRaymond Neuling4 månader sedan
  • I was in Michigan with limited internet. Clearly I missed something, I don't know what; but I admire your commitment

    Eric's Variety ChannelEric's Variety Channel4 månader sedan
  • What was the ad?

    Logan ClarkLogan Clark4 månader sedan
  • Should have busted out the big blower

    Austin AllmondAustin Allmond4 månader sedan
  • As someone who road raced a C5, I was shocked watching you throw it around and not breaking the third member in the transaxle... welp, there you go! I broke three of them. I installed a DTE brace and hardened half shafts which lessened it.

    C.J.C.J.4 månader sedan
  • What Kind of ad was it BLM or something??

    Sweaty WelderSweaty Welder4 månader sedan
  • Hey everybody is going to give it to Cletus because when he messes up he just says it first thing next video when he realizes it

    Joe PatenaudeJoe Patenaude4 månader sedan
  • Gotta respect a man who's willing to admit his mistakes.

    Clay OldClay Old4 månader sedan
  • What was the ad?

    Walker The ESPWalker The ESP4 månader sedan
    • @Lionel Harris Ohhh that one, alright thanks for letting me know

      Walker The ESPWalker The ESP4 månader sedan
    • It was for an Omaze ad where you pay to enter to win an "Officially Licensed 1967 Ford Mustang “Eleanor” and $20,000" to cover taxes and such. The cost to enter goes to donations to support the Represent Justice Fund.... which people are trying to make a politics flame war in the comments..... Nevermind that the Eleanor name and likeness is actually trademarked by the widow of the late H.B. Halicki who created the original 1974 film. She made a company, Eleanor Licensing LLC, and it's sole purpose is to go around and sue people and seize their mustangs if they name them Eleanor.... Now... I watched this fucking video when it dropped... and everyone in the comments was talking about Eleanor and the assfucks who sue everyone over it.... no one gave a fuck about the donations... but here we are two days later and internet white knights are calling each other and Cleeter racist...

      Lionel HarrisLionel Harris4 månader sedan
  • 7:10 i guess you didnt have the time to take that call did you haha

    FuchteljacksonFuchteljackson4 månader sedan
  • Fair play for taking it down and losing the money. Shows some integrity

    170turbo170turbo4 månader sedan
  • Hey RPM, it's me again 😂😂

    ES RacingES Racing4 månader sedan
  • Looks like "No Tailgating." is off the rules list. "Keep Off The Grass." is in danger too. Better hope that genetically modified grass doesn't go "Hulk" on your ass, and SMASH! Hey, a little JB Weld, good to go. Too bad nobody there can tig weld. Yet.

    David WeeksDavid Weeks4 månader sedan
  • Get Adam out there to train with

    Ian McguireIan Mcguire4 månader sedan
  • Collect your liberal cash. We smart enough to recognize. 🇺🇸💪

    JEEP 2019JEEP 20194 månader sedan
  • What the hell did you do?

    Eric JohnsonEric Johnson4 månader sedan
  • So in summary, your Corvette lost to a Monster Miata... Nice!!

    White Boy BeatsWhite Boy Beats4 månader sedan
  • Cleetus. Go back through your incar footage. I think some of your breakage issue is due to your timing on the handbrake Right before you broke the diff you pulled the Handle more while increasing throttle. And watching more stuff you pull on the handbrake or hold it slightly pulled way too often. If it’s due to free play you need get rid of the free play. If it’s not you need to look at what you are doing with your hand on the hand break. It’s a sure fire way to break diffs axles and transmissions. Just something to look into from a drifters view point.

    GAD DoriGAD Dori4 månader sedan
  • You need to be a stunt car driver lol

    Jaylon GrimaldoJaylon Grimaldo4 månader sedan
  • What was the ad about?

    Austin Is a PersonAustin Is a Person4 månader sedan
  • Just pay the $12 a month for youtube premium and avoid ALL ads. Best money i ever spent.

    MiT LeiMiT Lei4 månader sedan
  • Not the place I know but.... Do a little more research, does anyone have a good answer to why if you donate to ßlm a large portion of that donation goes to JoE and the Hoes campaign? Hmm strange! Keep up the awesomeness Cleet!!! You and the boys give em hell at race week

    geo toogeo too4 månader sedan
    • because civil rights movement

      Hayden DerdichHayden Derdich4 månader sedan
  • Idk what the ad was but I love watching you without ads you trust yourself. I pay for premium for that reason! Thank you cleetus!

    ZBruhZBruh4 månader sedan
  • Soo hold up he doesn’t support blm ?? Ive been watching this channel for a long time he don’t believe we matter im confused ? Which one is it ?? If he doesn’t care its cool ill just unsub

    SlicebeatzSlicebeatz4 månader sedan
    • Chevy Lover101 i see thats why i feel back off this channel if u can stand for nothing or dont stand for somthin i cant rock wit or support that big homie so im good ill go where my ppl are supported as well peace ✌🏾 i have travel miles to come to events bought merch but if we dont have your support from the black community like we support u ill support a personality that does

      SlicebeatzSlicebeatz4 månader sedan
    • Your putrid, no one cares about race here. We are all just human looking for entertainment and your the issue for making it about race. He clearly stated it was about money from the ad.

      Chevy Lover101Chevy Lover1014 månader sedan
  • I only had to start reading a few comments to see why he took the video down. The amount of name calling from both sides of the argument is counter intuitive to the conversation. I should also mention that the amount of conspiracy theories and arguments that have no facts to be backed up with is saddening. We are all here because we enjoy the content Cleetus puts out, not the relentless arguing that many of us have displayed.

    JakeOhTJakeOhT4 månader sedan
    • G Unit There is some discrepancy in what happened but from my understanding it was an Omaze giveaway however the organization that the money went to was controversial.

      JakeOhTJakeOhT4 månader sedan
    • @G Unit I'd like to know too.

      Karl WaltersKarl Walters4 månader sedan
    • I'm late to the show.. Can you explain what happened?

      G UnitG Unit4 månader sedan
  • What’s going on with Kyle from boosted Boiz!? I know you two are cooking something up..??! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🤙🇺🇸🇺🇸

    DrugTalk 101DrugTalk 1014 månader sedan
  • I've been watching your show for a while but just recently subscribed and I want to say thank you for always providing positive content. I look forward to seeing new clips man. Just wanted to say thanks

    Nunya BusinessNunya Business4 månader sedan
  • thank-you for choosing to not support the BLM garbage man, we really appreciate it

    Tom BaldauffTom Baldauff4 månader sedan
  • im watching this twice just cause you fixed your mistake and owned it like a man should! glad you did the right thing! goes a long way

    Boral JBoral J4 månader sedan
  • Put in a sump drain with a metal grate. Somewhere just to drop the pump into

    whip8whip84 månader sedan
  • 12:40 "oh I came out of gear......oh no I didn't

    Tyler LeonTyler Leon4 månader sedan
  • 13:02 right when it blows. That transition to the oval...

    L TL T4 månader sedan
  • So I have read that it was an omaze ad.....but what was so controversial about it?

    KocheR800rKocheR800r4 månader sedan
    • www.omaze.com/products/1967-mustang-eleanor People have a problem with Eleanor because there is a company that sues and seizes cars named Eleanor. www.thedrive.com/news/33801/youtubers-2015-ford-mustang-eleanor-tribute-build-seized-by-gone-in-60-seconds-trademark-holder The donations go to support the Represent Justice Fund.... which people are trying to make a politics flame war in the comments.

      Lionel HarrisLionel Harris4 månader sedan
  • For anyone wondering, it's not because the car was "eleanor" or whatever... It's because the Omaze giveaway was contributing to the Represent Justice organization which helps fund the legal cases of people arrested for protesting against police violence. AKA, he pissed off all Trumpers in here.

    M JohnsonM Johnson4 månader sedan
  • I got some all-wheel drift in Hay squeeze forklift getting on i-5 one time

    Trevor FeltTrevor Felt4 månader sedan
  • So who's going to call that number on his head deck? 🤣

    evilmidgetdudeevilmidgetdude4 månader sedan
  • I feel like we can all agree that you made the right decision. It takes a lot of humbleness to do what you did by reposting the video. And with that bein' said, sir, you are an outstanding 'Merican, mullet-wielding, Hell Yeah Brotherin' individual. You inspire me, brother!

    Brandon SmithBrandon Smith4 månader sedan
  • Your channel has started to fall off. I'm not digging these drift videos much at all. And you seem to be pushing pointless content on your channel now. Back in May it was on fire. And slow died off since.

    JoshJosh4 månader sedan
  • who cares about the ad, Cleet, take apart the straight line car so Donnie can thrive!

    Cory HalvorsonCory Halvorson4 månader sedan
  • What was ad

    clyde a Vaughnclyde a Vaughn4 månader sedan