We'll Let You Guys Decide On This One...

7 aug 2020
765 360 visningar

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  • Steve Irving that thing! Thanks for the Aussie reference to one of our fallen legends You Merican’s can’t let your bald eagles fly But us Aussies will let the Croc’s crack!

    Anon 000000000000Anon 0000000000003 månader sedan
  • If you still need a cab I know where there's an entire truck. But you gotta come to WA.

    Chris SuttonChris Sutton3 månader sedan
  • Typical square body chevrolet rust areas.

    cobrasvt347cobrasvt3474 månader sedan
  • 1:28 sounds like durassic park. Lol. Or however you spell it.

    cobrasvt347cobrasvt3474 månader sedan
  • That dude that was using a spinning outfit fishing rod to catch that gator.... I guess he's never used one in his life..... he's using it wrong 😒😒😒😒

    David AdcockDavid Adcock4 månader sedan
  • I vote to the galaxy

    Roberto Vazquez RiveraRoberto Vazquez Rivera4 månader sedan
  • Dale truck

    THEDGK360THEDGK3604 månader sedan
  • Take the dale truck! Spread the nascar love around! I know I’d love to see it coming down the road! Hell yeah brother!

    ShortStrokeShortStroke4 månader sedan
  • BOTH!!!

    JAXTRUXJAXTRUX4 månader sedan
  • 'You decide'.. But we're taking the Dale truck. 😂😂

    Just BenJust Ben4 månader sedan
  • For Dale!

    Jon CJon C4 månader sedan
  • Cleetus: Dale truck James: Ruby Cooper: Galaxy Madison: C8

    SirAnders72SirAnders724 månader sedan
  • Dale truck

    Car guy 68Car guy 684 månader sedan
  • Galaxy fs

    Justin NabulsiJustin Nabulsi4 månader sedan
  • The galaxy

    Grell TGrell T4 månader sedan

    Chelsea ShepherdChelsea Shepherd4 månader sedan
  • Chose the dale truck

    Grim Fox RabbitGrim Fox Rabbit4 månader sedan
  • Galaxy

    Random ChitRandom Chit4 månader sedan
  • bed rack on the dale truck

    cam872k3cam872k34 månader sedan
  • Galaxy

    Dustin BarnettDustin Barnett4 månader sedan
  • Take the galaxy

    BigRedKnut76BigRedKnut764 månader sedan
  • Cleetus: Dale Truck James: Ruby Cooper: Galaxy Madison: C8

    Ryan PrescottRyan Prescott4 månader sedan
  • Galaxy would definitely be way more comfortable! It would be cool to see the galaxy get some upgrades/updates as well, so that is my vote!

    Boosted M3NACEBoosted M3NACE4 månader sedan
  • Galaxy would be cool and more intresting snd unique IMO

    d4nzod4nzo4 månader sedan
  • galaxie

    Michael MuzziMichael Muzzi4 månader sedan
  • Galaxie plox

    darek4488darek44884 månader sedan
  • That’s hilarious a few of my friends work at the gator farm in Arcadia I’ve probably met that guy before

    321 Bobo321 Bobo4 månader sedan
    • Well this dude needs fishing lessons on how to use a fishing pole the correct way

      David AdcockDavid Adcock4 månader sedan
  • gotta be the dale truck. If not are you really doing it for dale. Give Cooper that galaxy and improve it as an 11sec bracket car

    Daniel GallDaniel Gall5 månader sedan
  • Gotta go with the galaxy it’s too sick

    Aidan AddyAidan Addy5 månader sedan
  • Do it for Dale!!😎🤘🇺🇸

    Levi Krantz420Levi Krantz4205 månader sedan

    PluecPluec5 månader sedan
  • Dale truck

    Diesel AllenDiesel Allen5 månader sedan
  • Galaxy

    Dylan MartinDylan Martin5 månader sedan
  • Galaxy

    ChokoTBChokoTB5 månader sedan
  • Galaxy for sure

    xZiiRx4KiinGsxZiiRx4KiinGs5 månader sedan
  • Be comfortable and take the Galaxy

    Kenneth JamesKenneth James5 månader sedan
  • Dale truck all the way please!!!

    PitStop 3KPitStop 3K5 månader sedan
  • Hey you need to go check out western champlin youtube channel he built a mustang with a 12 valve Cummings in it you to should hookup and race each other

    D. OakleyD. Oakley5 månader sedan
  • Galaxy all day long

    John DoeJohn Doe5 månader sedan
  • Dale Truck.... Galaxie... Why not both?

    PissOFFPissOFF5 månader sedan
  • Drag week would most likely have been cancelled due to so many overseas cars not being able to make it.

    batchbatch5 månader sedan
  • I want to see the Galaxy make the trip😊

    Calvin WilliamsCalvin Williams5 månader sedan
  • 100% galaxy

    Corr GamingCorr Gaming5 månader sedan
  • youre gonna regret riding the dale truck for a week. your body is gonna feel like a traffic accident. i would say take the galaxy end enjoy the comfortable seats. you can always add boat equipment for the show gimmick :)

    lars kristensenlars kristensen5 månader sedan
  • **DALE TRUCK!!!**

    aaah texaaah tex5 månader sedan
  • Is that Mike Reynolds? LOL!

    DirtNasty1976DirtNasty19765 månader sedan
  • Just do a cardboard ingenerie over a part of the dale truck radiator it will help ! You have so much experience with cardboard annyway

    simon fishsimon fish5 månader sedan
  • not much of a fan with how the alligators legs are tied up. i'd be more worried about the tail

    Michael WMichael W5 månader sedan
  • Galaxy

    BenjaminBenjamin5 månader sedan
  • dale truck

    Ross CarltonRoss Carlton5 månader sedan

    rainesh oedietramrainesh oedietram5 månader sedan
  • galaxy

    Chance McPoohChance McPooh5 månader sedan
  • “what a ripper dude.” “CLUNK!”

    TribalTribal5 månader sedan
  • Definitely the Dale truck

    Norm PaytonNorm Payton5 månader sedan
  • Dale truck

    J CJ C5 månader sedan
  • Galaxy

    nick easternick easter5 månader sedan
  • Galaxy for sure -diesel love.

    Matt LambertMatt Lambert5 månader sedan
  • Hey Cleetus. I'm in Florida not too far from you and I think I have a truck that would work for your tow truck cab. Send me a message to get you the details and pictures.

    Ashley BoyettAshley Boyett5 månader sedan
  • Take the galaxy. It would be "hell ya brother" 🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Asad WarraichAsad Warraich5 månader sedan
  • Plz do the galaxy

    Shawn LackShawn Lack5 månader sedan
  • 12 v

    Dawson ThompsonDawson Thompson5 månader sedan
  • Looks like coop n the galaxy n cleeter in dale truck

    Maine Outdoor Hunting & FishingMaine Outdoor Hunting & Fishing5 månader sedan
  • Dale truck

    Leo IbarraLeo Ibarra5 månader sedan
  • Galaxy!!

    Stephen MillerStephen Miller5 månader sedan
  • "I'd rather you be pleasantly surprised"😂 Next shirt👕?🤷

    Scott SavageScott Savage5 månader sedan
  • Galaxy #12valvelife

    noble savagenoble savage5 månader sedan
  • DALE TRUCK!!!!

    Sean ForsmanSean Forsman5 månader sedan
  • Dale Truck Dale Truck Dale Truck

    judgegixxerjudgegixxer5 månader sedan
  • Cleeter: Dale Truck James: Ruby Cooper: Galaxy Madison: C8

    Sambo ColemanSambo Coleman5 månader sedan
  • galaxy

    Obe WanObe Wan5 månader sedan
  • Love the dale truck but want to see what the galaxy does full send

    Brian CovelBrian Covel5 månader sedan
  • GALAXY!!! Love the videos of that thing ripping the track!

    Vince IIVince II5 månader sedan
  • I'd like to see Coop take the rotary powered mini Mystery Machine.

    CaptainYodelsteinCaptainYodelstein5 månader sedan
  • with all the black smoke that 5.9 makes. id get a bigger turbo on it, also maybe take it to a diesel tuner and try to get close to an 18:1 AF as possible with manual tuning. and adjust the injector timing to about 22 or 23 BDC. then she be in the 10s i bet.

    sandfleshsandflesh5 månader sedan
  • Galaxy

    Blaise FleggBlaise Flegg5 månader sedan
  • I’d say compound turbskis on the Galaxie , injectors make that thing rip like no other! On drag week!

    P PUMP 24 VALVEP PUMP 24 VALVE5 månader sedan
  • Galaxy👍🏻

    Daniel LorenceDaniel Lorence5 månader sedan
  • Galaxy

    Drake HammDrake Hamm5 månader sedan
  • Galaxy, running a diesel at drag week will set a new mile stone for you

    Aaron HuffmanAaron Huffman5 månader sedan
  • come grab my 69 chevelle. its much slower than both of those cars, would surely be more interesting than the galaxy, and is basically a fresh build. 6.2 iron block with a tremec t56. plus i want to run it, but dont have the time to with work.

    Ron WoodRon Wood5 månader sedan
  • The Dale truck is such an iconic look and it would look amazing cruising down America's dragstrips and highways!

    Mason PiddockMason Piddock5 månader sedan
  • Dale truck, Dale truck, Dale truck!!!!!!!!

    jttoyerjttoyer5 månader sedan
  • You are my spirit animal

    DefiantGamingDefiantGaming5 månader sedan
  • Dale truck would be awesome on race week

    joshmor11235joshmor112355 månader sedan
  • galaxyyyyyy

    Mason SwopeMason Swope5 månader sedan
  • Galaxy>

    Dumpster II RacingDumpster II Racing5 månader sedan
  • Galaxy

    Burrito BrownieBurrito Brownie5 månader sedan
  • Dale Truck!!!!

    Connor SeymourConnor Seymour5 månader sedan
  • Being a galaxie owner my self. galaxie with a meth kit would be fun

    anthony mckayanthony mckay5 månader sedan
  • I said the Dale truck originally but im a Cummins fan boy as they call it so im going with the Galaxy

    Aaron WrightAaron Wright5 månader sedan
  • Dale truck

    Heath JohnsonHeath Johnson5 månader sedan
  • Dale truck!!

    skwhtvetteskwhtvette5 månader sedan
  • The galaxy

    Austin EcherAustin Echer5 månader sedan
  • Dale truck!

    Mike SalmMike Salm5 månader sedan
  • Dale truck!!

    Mohammed AsmalMohammed Asmal5 månader sedan
  • Cleetus: Dale truck James: Ruby Cooper: Galaxy Madison: C8

    fizfiz5 månader sedan
  • Galaxy!!!! Diesel!!!

    Cutler WigginsCutler Wiggins5 månader sedan
  • Dale truck for sure

    Austin ShawAustin Shaw5 månader sedan
  • Big Girls need love to lol Galaxy is wanting some Race Week in her Life!

    Nick CervantezNick Cervantez5 månader sedan
  • Put “Jesus on the dashboard” Galaxy 500 for sure

    Static EnigmaStatic Enigma5 månader sedan