Putting Bigger Turbos on My Corvette Until It Runs a 7 Second Pass Episode 186

28 aug 2020
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Listen, I know what youre thinking... Cleetus, how may times you gonna get a bigger turbo for Ruby?? We're hoping this is the last...
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  • Should totally turn the exhaust to spit out the right side instead of up, just to hit the crowd. PPL love it ;)

    bBrainbBrain3 månader sedan
  • Put a hood on ruby

    Nathan DykstraNathan Dykstra3 månader sedan
  • Cleetus: Fire it up Me: Wait, didn't they just disconnect the Oil feed line 🤔 *Fountain of black gold emerges*😅

    1988orpheus1988orpheus3 månader sedan
  • I'm looking at the open oil line as Cleet says "start it up" and thinking, Really??? OK then LOL

    Michael MarzanoMichael Marzano3 månader sedan
  • James over there trying to fist the turbo 😂😂😂

    NickNick4 månader sedan
  • Literally as you said to fire it up without turbo the first thing that came to mind was "oil feed" 😂😂

    HaPPPY faceHaPPPY face4 månader sedan
  • When youre turbo is bigger than youre engine....

    Martijn HoogestegerMartijn Hoogesteger4 månader sedan
  • "what could go wrong?" *Oil shoots everywhere*

    James Irwin-McConnellJames Irwin-McConnell4 månader sedan
  • You should always paint your turbo exhaust housings so they dont get rusty and look like shit. :D

    BlottedBlotted4 månader sedan
  • cleeters rich as fuck and cant "afford" a decent camera. lol the old sony 4K is ancient in terms of tech.

    BlottedBlotted4 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/fW3MudTJmKWHy6M/video

    Tyler BlankTyler Blank4 månader sedan
  • 10:20

    Gee RoyceGee Royce4 månader sedan
  • What camera did y’all get? I’ll give ya 50 for the old unit

    Bad Gas VideoBad Gas Video4 månader sedan
  • how many times are you going to do that with the oil line?!!!!!! every dam time!

    Brandon LollBrandon Loll4 månader sedan
  • @cleetus $10 and a laser engraved FREEDOM FACTORY sign

    logan deckerlogan decker4 månader sedan
  • Cleetus get in the race against Casey and Rabbit!

    Jon CJon C4 månader sedan
  • Ohhh yee another Cletus turbo box opening video

    Michael IvanMichael Ivan4 månader sedan
  • Camera still available?

    Dmcannon318Dmcannon3184 månader sedan
  • Hahahahaha it was about that dude changed his color shorts haha no more brown short

    Jose MaganaJose Magana4 månader sedan
  • So as a photographer I must say the difference, wow. The new is a much better camera for watching this show on my tv instead of phone at work. We can actually see definition in tour sweat.

    Joshua AterJoshua Ater4 månader sedan
  • Cooper has gotten so fat these last few months.

    Grid LockGrid Lock4 månader sedan
  • "Hey, fire it up without the turbo! Why did we just do that?" Thanks for keeping that one in. It was pretty funny.

    CratecruncherCratecruncher4 månader sedan
  • What did you think was gonna happen 🤣

    Alan GarzaAlan Garza4 månader sedan
  • Dang... Coop really working on that dad bod since quarantine

    Ryan FrancisRyan Francis4 månader sedan
  • I was screaming Oil line oil line at my phone when they fired her up without the turbski hahaha

    Tyler BundyTyler Bundy4 månader sedan
  • Let the Bald Eagles Free boys! FRREEEEEEDOOOOOOM!!!

    The BubbinatorThe Bubbinator4 månader sedan
  • Ol' Ruby is gonna RIP! That is a beautiful Corvette. Great job guys!

    The BubbinatorThe Bubbinator4 månader sedan
  • Yeahhhh... but what camera did you get? I feel like there wasnt enough due respect to the camera haha

    Torq Hub MediaTorq Hub Media4 månader sedan
  • "X-Ducer"? Transducer lol

    Mash RienMash Rien4 månader sedan
  • To run 7's Ruby needs more roll cage, X 's in doors, X behind main hoop, a funny car cage. Ruby is most likely not even 8.50 legal. also Driver needs a neck collar or Hans, gloves. 7,s are way to fast for a car built with what looks like a 10 second roll cage. I would never drive ruby as fast as James is.

    Mark BrodskyMark Brodsky4 månader sedan
  • hook me up on the camera.

    Matthew ColemanMatthew Coleman4 månader sedan
  • The budget may be blown, but we all know a good everyday tool is worth it every time...and short of an accident, a real good camera won't need replacing until well after 2023 anyway

    Flirkann KoFlirkann Ko4 månader sedan
  • Lots of lag. Needs a little Sneaky Pete 50 shot. 😉

    sean kellysean kelly4 månader sedan
  • we can see yur zits on that camra

    cliff corbittcliff corbitt4 månader sedan
  • have you o-ring that engine, should help keep the buckled to the block

    kenhar1000kenhar10004 månader sedan
  • That’s quite the pitch there buddy. 😂 That camera is gonna take a minute to sell.

    sean kellysean kelly4 månader sedan
  • 00:10 - What in the HELL did he say right here?? All I heard was, “ ...against Portland”. I think I did.

    sean kellysean kelly4 månader sedan
  • Picking up the french horn?

    Daniel MörkDaniel Mörk4 månader sedan
  • imagine when cleeter can make simplisafe ad someqhat interresting... think about what he could do with raid: shadow legends ad 😂

    112fail112fail4 månader sedan
  • very nice cam.....the quality on James's beard is amazing

    Ryan McKenzieRyan McKenzie4 månader sedan
  • @cleetus nice new camera. it almost looks like you're started shooting at 24-30 fps while in the office, which I prefer. Has that nicer film aesthetic vs "I'm blogging" like 60 fps does.

    frostyfire03530frostyfire035304 månader sedan
  • So where’s the tractor flap

    Bryson LokoBryson Loko4 månader sedan
  • What new camera did you get?

    Jose AlvarezJose Alvarez4 månader sedan
  • "We are idiots!" Thanks, Cleeter, for this foreseeable giggle. You'll never gonna learn it, do ya? ^_^

    UncleManuelUncleManuel4 månader sedan
  • I think the sprinkling oil of the turbo supply lines is a typical McFarland running gag.... 🥴😎 Cleetus: "Fire it up!" ME: "What about the turbo oil supply lines ?" Seconds later: "There is sprinkilng oil...!" Me: That was soooo clear..... 😎😎😎

    boogie153boogie1534 månader sedan
  • I've done radiator replacements on both of the two "beater" cars I've owned. Both times, I start up the engine after hooking up the coolant hoses only to remember that the trans oil lines gotta be connected to. So yeah I've sprayed my driveway down with ATF a couple times now lol. Hopefully I've learned my lesson at this point.

    FerretyWeaselFerretyWeasel4 månader sedan
  • You boys and your oil lines 🤣

    AgentsOfproductionAgentsOfproduction4 månader sedan
  • What do u do with the old Turbos?

    res1492res14924 månader sedan
    • He sent it back to Precision.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 24 månader sedan
  • Was waiting for the oil to go shooting everywhere

    ThomasThomas4 månader sedan
  • @Cleetus+crew I skipped ahead and watched the next vid where your at the drag strip with Ruby going for that 7 second pass again 🙏 and without spoiling anything for anyone just wanted to say you made the right decision at the end so keep doing what your doing and how your doing it cus all you guys/girls(wives) and the companies you work with are doing just dandy also big-up to Kev for being the awesome father type guy he is to you chap's I can't wait for what the future will bring 😉 (7 sec drag 🏎️ hopefully) 👍👍

    thestance84thestance844 månader sedan
  • FAIL! No tractor flap thats why you cant do 7’s

    steven mccloughansteven mccloughan4 månader sedan
  • The moment you said "fire it up" I knew what was coming (i.e. lots of oil) It's not the first time! XD

    wullufdudewullufdude4 månader sedan
  • Holy shit lol hahahahahahahaha I died once you turned it on hahaha

    The BuildThe Build4 månader sedan
  • How many times will he start the car with the oil feed disconnected 😭😭😭

    Vincenzo GironeVincenzo Girone4 månader sedan
  • Always with the loose oil feed lines 🤣🤣

    cjshoe 1990cjshoe 19904 månader sedan
  • Not a fan of the ad in the beginning, although I had to remind because I felt obligated to watch it.

    Mike DavidsonMike Davidson4 månader sedan
  • So what kind of camera did you get

    Evilempire1131Evilempire11314 månader sedan
  • 😂😂😂😂the oil line omgggg lmao

    Broken To BuiltBroken To Built4 månader sedan
  • You guys pump oil all over the engine every time you change a turbo.

    Andrew MorrisAndrew Morris4 månader sedan
  • I see Cooper been eating good!!

    Kenny GKenny G4 månader sedan
  • Almost like Deja vu with Leroy all over again, Fires up the motor with Turbo oil line unhooked. You had me busting a gut, thanks again.

    Hawk of the NorthHawk of the North4 månader sedan
  • Heck guys, I'll give ya $50 for the camera.

    Steve BurkeSteve Burke4 månader sedan
  • I saw that one coming

    Samuel DeckerSamuel Decker4 månader sedan
  • For Goodness sake, it's time Cooper had a car too Get that man a Wheelie machine.

    GinjaGinja4 månader sedan
  • Believe I just saw you guys in northern Indiana, about 8:30pm Sunday night. You got into 20 bypass in the rv and trailer

    Double_A_Double_U_GDouble_A_Double_U_G4 månader sedan
  • 6:39 I yelled "oil feed tube!" Lol

    Robert Michael PhotographyRobert Michael Photography4 månader sedan
  • 7:43 lemme just assist you real quick

    IankerrIankerr4 månader sedan
  • If yall woulda poured all the water out the block u probably would've already ran one. Im behind on videos so maybe its been done now tho..

    Brandon DimmittBrandon Dimmitt4 månader sedan
  • Exhaust is literally a 2' long pipe Cleetus: "too much backpressure!" Beast

    timmeh1234timmeh12344 månader sedan
  • AGAIN woow woow woow

    John KaveskiJohn Kaveski4 månader sedan
  • The oil feed line!!!! You do it every time and I laugh every time. Lol!!! Not hating for real it’s just funny

    Josh BaileyJosh Bailey4 månader sedan
  • 6:41 I audibly yelled "WAIT, CLEET/JAMES NO!!!" when that happened

    FW911FW9114 månader sedan
  • You should send your old camera to the guys at the waterjet channel to see if its waterproof!

    VanDodgerVanDodger4 månader sedan
  • Cmon Cleeter, compound turbskis like a diesel.

    Jonathan HumanJonathan Human4 månader sedan
  • 11 through the 13 of September

    Austin MAustin M4 månader sedan
  • You going to ls fest in bowling green this year?!?!?!

    Austin MAustin M4 månader sedan
  • My 8 year old daughter could use that old camera for her youtube channel if you're tossin it.

    Mountain-AdventuresMountain-Adventures4 månader sedan
  • Those cameras your advertising just seems like a way for the government to invade our privacy

    mario avalosmario avalos4 månader sedan
  • I can see more of James' face than I ever wanted to see...

    SruikylSruikyl4 månader sedan
  • Coop your dad bod is getting a little fluffy just sayin we love u all.

    Brackon corbridgeBrackon corbridge4 månader sedan
  • You should just leave the windows down in ruby when storing her in the box...

    Salt DaemonSalt Daemon4 månader sedan
  • One, at least, wonders how you lock the keys in Ruby when you have to climb in and out of her window when she's in the trailer.

    Bubba ThedogBubba Thedog4 månader sedan
  • I would like to see a cleetus Tesla

    DumbOhioFarmboyDumbOhioFarmboy4 månader sedan
  • The solid mounts will put it in the sevens by themselved

    Nick CoyNick Coy4 månader sedan
    • Themselves😤

      Nick CoyNick Coy4 månader sedan
  • James should be a model

    GreenWeeneyGreenWeeney4 månader sedan
  • God the audio is horrendous with headphone when ruby was running. I think I got a headache.

    Christian GrahamChristian Graham4 månader sedan
  • Jon Doc said he is going to make James not sit down for a week using his black sheep. That's a race I would like to see!

    450promaui2450promaui24 månader sedan
  • Cleetus..yeah start it up without the turbo attached..OMG forgot the oil feed...LOL

    Ivan LazarusIvan Lazarus4 månader sedan
  • Coop probably needs to layoff the meatball parms anyways lol. Boy is getting fat!!

    Mak DaddyMak Daddy4 månader sedan
    • That's what happens when you get engaged

      Bruce WayneBruce Wayne4 månader sedan
  • Did you sell the C-8?... Noticed the wheels from it in the background on the turbo swap for Ruby.

    Michael MoralesMichael Morales4 månader sedan
  • Thought oil line Iditarod

    Chad EwingChad Ewing4 månader sedan
  • Starts engine without oil feed plugged cleet ahhh shut it off 😂

    josh tallentjosh tallent4 månader sedan
  • Fl2k.. cant wait to see the lsnasty vs james grudge.. he said it, James ass going to be sore.

    xbrootalxbrootal4 månader sedan
  • James “call this one judy it’s going in ruby cause it’s got a big ole bootie” 😂

    Ryan PattonRyan Patton4 månader sedan
  • Let's get back to building race cars and drag racing. Enough with the FF an the lame burnouts an drifting.

    calvin robersoncalvin roberson4 månader sedan
  • who else wants ruby to get the mitch match twins put on

    Westyn cullyWestyn cully4 månader sedan
  • I was literally yelling at my phone "Don't forget the oil line!!!!!" LOL

    Patina PitstopPatina Pitstop4 månader sedan
  • #McFarlandKwality

    Wholly MindlessWholly Mindless4 månader sedan
  • The new turbski is like a mullet buissnes in the front party in the back(housing)👌😂 yeeyeeee leter rip tatter chip !

    Michael RiosMichael Rios4 månader sedan
  • As soon as James started walking twards the passenger side to reach through and start it, I knew exactly what was going to happen 🤣 then, Coop is caressing the turbski while James goes straight to the fist..... you guys are great! 😂

    USAF99USAF994 månader sedan