NITROUS NASCAR Truck FREEDOMS So Hard Its Opponent Literally ****'s Itself... (RIP Miata)

27 sep 2020
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    Cleetus McFarlandCleetus McFarland3 månader sedan
    • Popioo pa p

      Eldomird19Eldomird192 månader sedan
    • in order to doit for dale always wear an open-faced helmet because that's what Dale wore

      Tweetie the budgerigarTweetie the budgerigar3 månader sedan
    • @James Wise the voice

      Jairo NuñezJairo Nuñez3 månader sedan
    • Now that the Dale truck has another clutch in it why not redyno it since everything is tighter

      Alan RiesAlan Ries3 månader sedan
    • I'm not sure if this has ever been asked for, but I have a request for a future product. Cleetus-inspired clear windshield oil change stickers for those of us that do our own oil changes. I know you can put custom logos on standard stickers. However a completely custom image, I would assume, wouldn't be terribly expensive particularly if you are buying 1000-2000 at a time, and then re-selling them on your merch store 20-50 at a time. They usually either come on rolls or on 8.5x11 sheets.

      Chris GreyChris Grey3 månader sedan
  • Next race before the start ask Jermey “what has to happen today so you don’t have any excuse at the finish? “

    Ray LandryRay Landry26 dagar sedan
  • 4:33 when I went to 24x14

    choctaw biggunschoctaw biggunsMånad sedan
  • Am I the only one who thinks Jeremy looks a little like klaw from marvel? Lol

    Taylor_DriftTaylor_DriftMånad sedan
  • Does anyone else think Cletus' girlfriend looks a lot like Cameron Diaz???? Let me know lol

  • Bald Eagle caw lol

    Eric SharpEric Sharp2 månader sedan
  • Hey Cleet. You and Matty aren't together anymore?

    Brandon BancroftBrandon Bancroft2 månader sedan
  • So... We've taken the cornering, downshifting and congestion out of racing... Now we take reflexes and driver control out of the picture with launch control. Time to check out drone racing or R/C competition. Bring on the hate... But driving should be driving. Laptops should stay at the shop and cars shouldn't drive for the owner. Prep your beast, bring your best and learn to control the car you've built.

    common logiccommon logic2 månader sedan
  • Wait, just how clean is a string bean? 🤔

    mossywoodsmossywoods2 månader sedan
  • I love that your slowest dragcar is a manual that eats Tesla's for breakfast and Leroy and Ruby are top tier competition now. Just need to keep improving in the burnout competitions and drift. Epic channel

    eichler721eichler7212 månader sedan
  • 21:09 Straightup🤠👨🏼‍🌾💬!! 💎😁😂😄😆🤣🙃😜

    SargeanttheVRSargeanttheVR3 månader sedan
  • yeah, don't do stupid things, causing the track to lubes/greased/oiled down. that sucks and is bad for everyone after you and the track itself. it's a different ball game if something grenades unforeseen and with zero warning. but that's why they make engine diapers ;)

    throttle bottlethrottle bottle3 månader sedan
  • i like yur walking cloud, that you have lmao

    Forest Spirits JDMForest Spirits JDM3 månader sedan
  • I’m thinking turbo the dale truck and nitros

    Hunter CampbellHunter Campbell3 månader sedan
  • Now this is what we didn't pay for and been waiting to see.

    ThePeopleVerseThePeopleVerse3 månader sedan
  • Hi love the videos man, we need another round of the beater race.

    Amit SinghAmit Singh3 månader sedan
  • Can we have Spence on camera duty

    Kevin PatriarchKevin Patriarch3 månader sedan
  • I just wanna say, I LOVE the MR2

    J HammastyxxJ Hammastyxx3 månader sedan
  • These videos are seeming to be forced more and more. Missing coop and James

    Seth HieberSeth Hieber3 månader sedan
  • Almost a million more subs than Mark Dice. 😎

    John WeschJohn Wesch3 månader sedan
  • Hi Mr C. an idea for your next motor build V8 - 2 stroke ?

    moon runnermoon runner3 månader sedan
  • That camera man is annoying lol

    Clayton HartinClayton Hartin3 månader sedan
  • I just want to take a moment and appreciate all the other SEworldrs helping to push the Dale Truck after it broke. I think that says a lot about Cleetus.

    Benjamin AlexanderBenjamin Alexander3 månader sedan
  • the noises in the trailer...

    Mitchell BeaverMitchell Beaver3 månader sedan
  • Camera man commentary sucks. 😂

    Mike ManessMike Maness3 månader sedan
  • Where on earth is my boy Mullet??

    Derek HDerek H3 månader sedan
  • 9 second NA Truck wtf 😳

    Big PacoBig Paco3 månader sedan
  • whos the maddie girl?

    Trains, Bangs, and AutomobilesTrains, Bangs, and Automobiles3 månader sedan
  • I really would like to see cleeter and James have a battle of the driver challenge. Mr. Cleet you are shifting ###🤣🚀 but James is more structured on shift points vs you have nfg 👀

    WHO'SYOURDADDY? # 2drmafiaWHO'SYOURDADDY? # 2drmafia3 månader sedan
  • Good seeing coop in this video. Good luck with his channel!

    Franklin GutierrezFranklin Gutierrez3 månader sedan
  • Glad to see yall together again!!!

    Aesthetic MediaAesthetic Media3 månader sedan
  • Woweee

    Beast army fitnessBeast army fitness3 månader sedan
  • Why is coopers car still slow

    4you2pac4you2pac3 månader sedan
  • That’s what happens when you say you will run 1 more then call it....then you run again.

    My Corvette LifeMy Corvette Life3 månader sedan
  • No one talking about how much MADDIE LOOKS LIKE CAMERON DIAZ

    Charlie BedingfieldCharlie Bedingfield3 månader sedan
  • Dam I miss cooper already

    GG3 månader sedan
  • “Tough break for olé Cleet ya know” TSHIRT!!!!

    Justin WollenburgJustin Wollenburg3 månader sedan
  • Dude set it up n see what the truck would do on a half mile with spray that thing sounded like it had so much in it still when u pet off at the end dude wow

    Steven SmithSteven Smith3 månader sedan
  • 6.99 give me usually around 10.9s??

    TJPDmemberTJPDmember3 månader sedan
  • that 4 by 6 pop out the pipe was killer...

    dave flashdave flash3 månader sedan
  • This is so amazing It can be challenging to keep going with our own creative pursuits, but this is definitely an inspiration for my music.

    UVUV3 månader sedan
  • Damn son!!! You fed it tha beans on that first nitros pass!!! Killed it son!!!

    Glen CalhounGlen Calhoun3 månader sedan
  • Man this awesome I got dale car you would really like it’s his rainbow car replica of course but it would be awesome to bring it and rip with you

    Jordan TrenthamJordan Trentham3 månader sedan
  • "THERES SO MUCH FREEDOM IT LITERALLY SCARED THE SH🦅T OITTA THE MIATA" Honestly best words he has ever said in his career. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I never laughed so hard in my life! Jeremy you have put some wrench time into that car for sure he'll yeah I love the way you are so nit pick about all your vehicles. I'm the same way dude. Hell yeah for both y'all

    sleeperking01sleeperking013 månader sedan
  • Love the Dale Truck

    Grady BrowningGrady Browning3 månader sedan
  • That wagon is sexy af

    dwayne powleydwayne powley3 månader sedan
  • I think you guys like Nitrous a bit to much, maybe breathing more than you should..... LOL

    Michael MarzanoMichael Marzano3 månader sedan
  • 16:38 nobody gonna admire the beautiful white Ferrari 488 back there

    Nathan WilliamsNathan Williams3 månader sedan
  • _91nova - retrograde

    I Speak MuricanI Speak Murican3 månader sedan
  • Jeremey looks tiny next to cleet 😆😭😭

    MaNNeRz LagunaMaNNeRz Laguna3 månader sedan
  • Why do I keep getting Biden ads

    Nick erlangerNick erlanger3 månader sedan
    • Because it's election season.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 23 månader sedan
  • i need some bubba smollett merchandise. the pink rope, the pink hoodie.

  • Jeremy car was dropping dirt on track like the truck lol. [jk] reference his video on his video truck races when the other track kicked them off for dirt. Lol

    Thomas CourtneyThomas Courtney3 månader sedan
  • wife and kids want to know when u will let us come see y’all at the freedom factory. We moved from Nola to Tampa area so we can come to the track and see y’all when you open up.

    Thomas CourtneyThomas Courtney3 månader sedan
    • They plan to hold the "2.4 Hours of LeMullets" event at the Freedom factory on November 14th. (Tickets will only be available online, keep an eye on the main channel and the 2nd channel "Cleetus2 McFarland for more details)

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 23 månader sedan
  • Dale truck is by far the best sounding vehicle in the fleet

    Matt CurlMatt Curl3 månader sedan
  • Cleet, set your 2-Step to about 400rpm lower than that, and you'll hook harder! (For Nitrous tune)

    Corps1eCorps1e3 månader sedan
  • This channel is better than watching Netflix. I tune in everyday to see new content! Keep er' rippin'!

    Joseph AndersonJoseph Anderson3 månader sedan
  • Nice job Jeremy but your right blinker is stuck on and it quit blinking. Have fun!

    Dang O'lDang O'l3 månader sedan
  • 5:41 thats the killer from silence of the lambs. The dog...the voice.... I wouldnt be surprized if hes dancing to" goodbye horses", wearing cleeters skin as we speak

    carolyn wilburcarolyn wilbur3 månader sedan
  • jeremy needs more wins

    zach mccutchanzach mccutchan3 månader sedan
  • "if you dont know Jeremy, hes a guy we know"... i just about ruined my keyboard LOL

    MarwoodAutoMarwoodAuto3 månader sedan
  • Cleetus when are we going to get a DALE shirt?

    brandonwlsbrandonwls3 månader sedan
  • On the hunt for fasterproms :

    Crimson DawnCrimson Dawn3 månader sedan
  • "I was noticing shawty's a little thicker" -Cleetus, 2020

    LabergeLaberge3 månader sedan
    • "Kind of like oatmeal"

      IMNOTAIMNOTAMånad sedan
  • Jeremy has the best sounding LS miata I've ever heard

    Joshua PartonJoshua Parton3 månader sedan
  • Spaghetti nation in the house

    Michael ScottMichael Scott3 månader sedan
  • Cleet but why is truck pulling so hard down track? Your fighting the wheel?

    jacobblain9jacobblain93 månader sedan
  • Just curious Cleetus but have you taken the Dale truck up by Richard Childress Racing / Museum I’m sure he would love it if he hasn’t already seen it . As for Nitrous their is a guy in Florida that’s a expert. Steve Johnson . Nitrous Solutions . I don’t know him personally but he makes crazy power on professional built systems

    Chris ScheidingChris Scheiding3 månader sedan
  • Bruh that was a spicy flame at 10:03

    TmussTmuss3 månader sedan
  • Dale truck definitely the best sounded unit in the fleet.

    92 Honda92 Honda3 månader sedan
  • Love your channel man can't believe I haven't ran into you I've lived in clearwater Florida for 15 years I'm in Illinois right now taking care of Mom who suffers from Parkinson's but I hope to run into you someday as I love to race cars I'm an automotive technician that works in multiple mom and pop shops and a couple race shops I can't believe I haven't ran into you @ Showtime.

    Mark CloughMark Clough3 månader sedan
  • I see the Dale truck, hitting an 8 in the near future.

    Sean AnonSean Anon3 månader sedan
  • Since watching this channel, I get suggestions in my feed, list this: Awesome, V6 with Turbski, in the 7s

    James HowardJames Howard3 månader sedan
  • Out of them all there i liked coopers car the best , its a beast and can put the wife n kids n and run errands no problem. My kinda car !

    adam sadam s3 månader sedan
  • no balls if you dont egg his house. coop

    Tyler SmithTyler Smith3 månader sedan
  • Hey, check this out. See what's on that guy's collar?

    Thelas TimeThelas Time3 månader sedan
  • Cleetus should look at the mansbrake. Itsjusta6 did a video with it

    Donald WintersteenDonald Wintersteen3 månader sedan
  • “I was actually gonna egg James’ house.” Cooper’s wit will be missed for sure.

    Mike ScherrerMike Scherrer3 månader sedan
  • I bet Kevin would be proud Cleetus

    Jordan RowanJordan Rowan3 månader sedan
    • KSR Performance & Fabrication If this is Kevin I just want you to know you you had a 5 year old rooting for you during Rocky Mountain Race week every time he saw the Dale truck he’d say dad look it’s Kevin and he got so sad when he discovered the Dale Truck was having problems but he was still rooting for you man

      Jordan RowanJordan Rowan3 månader sedan
    • He

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & Fabrication3 månader sedan
  • You should put ruby's old turbo setup on the dale truck.

    sayabensayaben3 månader sedan
  • We're coming up on Dale's 20th anniversary. Are you gonna do something special Cleet? I feel like a Dale special is in order. He's such an integral part of the channel and many (like myself, untill recently (I'm from the UK)) May not know much about him. His story is truly the stuff of legends and for all the fun you guys have I think Dale deserves all the glory for a video

    Charlie SmithCharlie Smith3 månader sedan
  • Good to see coop already missing him on the channel

    Cameron DysonCameron Dyson3 månader sedan
  • Hi bud look like that truck want more gear. Looks like u have so much more avable in hi gear ,come in late. Just my thoughts from what i can see on video. Hell ya brother.

    Tom PriorTom Prior3 månader sedan
  • I know we've seen/heard new freedom factory guy previously but its still weird not hearing Coop in his place. . . .

    Gene MounceGene Mounce3 månader sedan
  • Need more large tire stencils

    S1n1stermonkS1n1stermonk3 månader sedan
  • That's one SPICY truck

    Charl-John du PlessisCharl-John du Plessis3 månader sedan
  • Should do a "if we can get coop to 500k subscribers etc " the. Pick one of his subscribers to come chill with you and the team and him for the day. Help a buddy out and make some ones day or year. Just food for thought. Keep up the great content

    Eli MitchellEli Mitchell3 månader sedan
  • We cainted the pires.

    DriftoDrifto3 månader sedan
  • for a second i thought my connection was bad

    Solve ElectronicsSolve Electronics3 månader sedan
  • Day 48 of asking cleetus to race WhistlinDeisel

    JFow -JFow -3 månader sedan
  • GET RID OF THE SCAT.... AND BRING COOP BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Johnny Bartch JrJohnny Bartch Jr3 månader sedan
  • GET RID OF THE SCAT.... AND BRING COOP BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Johnny Bartch JrJohnny Bartch Jr3 månader sedan
  • Kid doesnt give a shit about the guys car

    David WatkinsDavid Watkins3 månader sedan
  • Dale truck is definitely my favorite of all your cars.

    Mick PowerMick Power3 månader sedan
  • Hey random person scrolling down the comments..... Have a wonderful day :)

    ProTreeVideosProTreeVideos3 månader sedan
    • ProTreeVideos You too :)

      jul01jul013 månader sedan

    Glenn CoxGlenn Cox3 månader sedan
  • BoostedBois: *first rip* send it super spicy BoostedBois: *Second rip* change our names to De-BoostedBois

    Kyle RobertsKyle Roberts3 månader sedan
  • I would pay money for you to say "shit" come on....

    Kyle RobertsKyle Roberts3 månader sedan
  • So... Donny gonna be doing nines this time next month? How many people have THIS many sub ten second cars?!! Especially with two of them in the sevens - Ruby's as good as there... amazing. Respect brother 😊

    Geoff InfieldGeoff Infield3 månader sedan
  • Maybe I'll have some pennies leftover from payday bc of working overtime and can get some of that fall merch. Really dig those new FF hats and the windbreaker. Those were some great passes in the Dale truck, sucks to see it break.

    Jeff SchmittJeff Schmitt3 månader sedan