Driving One of the RAREST/Most Valuable Drift Cars EVER MADE!!! 1969 RTR-X Mustang... INSANE!!!

6 nov 2020
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Did not expect to get the opportunity to rip this absolute beauty when I went to the Hiperformance Expo!!!! The RTR-X is something special!!
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  • Dudes I never thought I’d get these types of opportunities... and I never would have without you guys pushing me and supporting us all the way! What a sick day with the RTR team!!!

    Cleetus McFarlandCleetus McFarland2 månader sedan
    • crazy to see how far you have come, hell yeah brother!

      RydnorthRydnorthMånad sedan
    • Let the rtr boys have a field day with neighbor!

      WicklashWicklashMånad sedan
    • Hey aren’t you the guy who was racing with the kayak on top of car for aerodynamics and then the pecker extender from front bumper lol . Just found channel in feed as I was scrolling and said wth why not then I realized who you are. Cool I’m subscribing ✌🏻

      Latisha Duke HardinLatisha Duke HardinMånad sedan
    • You know you're doing good when top level talent want to help you!

      William SWilliam SMånad sedan
    • SICK video Cleet!

      Just-An-Island-Boy242Just-An-Island-Boy2422 månader sedan
  • I think what he meant at 5:46 was: let the car be an extension of yourself, that way your reflexes can handle it and your mind is free to analyze and try to parallel the lead car

    GlennGlenn2 dagar sedan
  • Wow those cars look amazing

    xDestinxDestinMånad sedan
  • I love the gearbox whine

    Bob RossBob RossMånad sedan
  • Vaughn is a douche in person.

    WV LIFEWV LIFEMånad sedan
  • This is about the only sport I watch. Football... Nah... Basketball baseball blah blah lame... Drifting and rally hell yeah brother

    Matt BaxterMatt BaxterMånad sedan
  • you are living the dream bro

    RydnorthRydnorthMånad sedan
  • What makes a 1969 mustang rare?

    Troy LindenTroy LindenMånad sedan
  • Waiting to see Jr drift Leroy or the Dale truck XD

    DR.McstabyDR.McstabyMånad sedan
  • Glad damn that FASTSTANG look good🔥🔥🔥

  • My man cleet left lz behind😔😔😔 Jk I know they are still friend

    Sebastian Perez DavilaSebastian Perez DavilaMånad sedan
  • I gotta say Alec is the most humble man in the group

    Sebastian Perez DavilaSebastian Perez DavilaMånad sedan
  • More drifty vids cleet, keep em coming buddy!!

    B FinchB FinchMånad sedan
  • Man I could feel the nerves through the computer when he was driving the RTR-X lol

    Travis KingstonTravis KingstonMånad sedan
  • Just from the few tips I've heard Vaughn give, I can confirm that I'm ready to start my pro drift career.

    TheEvilSheepTheEvilSheepMånad sedan
  • Ok, now that I've made it to the end...I can agree that cleetus is definitely more than just a beginner when it comes to skillset. Vaughn trusted him to be the second person to drift it...and not Chelsea? That speaks volumes

    Taylor_DriftTaylor_DriftMånad sedan
  • I love the fact that Vaughn treats cleetus like a team mate when discussing lines and stuff. He doesn't sugar coat and is definitely sharing his years of experience, just like when Chelsea joined RTR (not comparing cleetus to Chelsea, just the stories I've heard from Chelsea about when he joined the team seem to be the same)

    Taylor_DriftTaylor_DriftMånad sedan
  • Remember need for speed world

    AK 28AK 28Månad sedan
  • They turned Eleanor into a drift car thats SICK AF

    RidingwithVic Virtual Test DrivesRidingwithVic Virtual Test DrivesMånad sedan
  • am i the only one that notices that cleet is holding the handbrake the entire time..

    Nicholas PersaudNicholas PersaudMånad sedan
  • Hoonicorn>>

    Van StephensVan StephensMånad sedan
  • love that 69 stang awesome! cleetus has the mustang fever!

    Richard van roieRichard van roieMånad sedan
  • You should race against hoonicorn. From hoonigan team

    perezarturo0693 prototipoperezarturo0693 prototipoMånad sedan
  • Classic zip tie fix

    Murph DogMurph DogMånad sedan
  • That car(RTR-X) is my fucking dream car. I knew that car before nfs the run and shift 2. And this monster is my dream car still

    Taylan PekerTaylan PekerMånad sedan
  • Hmm I say that cleetus should be a formula D drifter/racer😂

    Quakers OatsQuakers OatsMånad sedan
  • Like 3:25 in, denied the bump....I thought you totally eagle rocked it out?!? 5:30 in...why was there 18" of clearance at 7k rpm and 90 mph wheel speed...should be 3"....Cleetus you did OK in my book.

    smokeyou812smokeyou812Månad sedan
  • Let’s take a moment and appreciate the skills of that drone operator!! Lol

    Latisha Duke HardinLatisha Duke HardinMånad sedan
  • The Coolest episode, love it. Just let it rip.

    Kevin KolbKevin Kolb2 månader sedan
  • Cleetus- Just let me drive! I'm not tryna be a damn pro drifter!

    Real Gs Dont DieReal Gs Dont Die2 månader sedan
  • I hate to hear him say thats why you're in a fox I have a 79 5.0 and I love it

    Quentin AndersenQuentin Andersen2 månader sedan
    • Ain’t nothing wrong with having a cheap old fast car that you can practically find parts anywhere for

      Shawn platasakawskiShawn platasakawski2 månader sedan
  • What a beauty to behold.

    NeoIsrafilNeoIsrafil2 månader sedan
  • What a awesome group of people

    BRAVO BULLZBRAVO BULLZ2 månader sedan
  • Nobody has ever driven in in anger before but me 🤣 19;38

    Brett MathewsBrett Mathews2 månader sedan
  • Great drifting lesson from Vaughn

    Khairul AziziKhairul Azizi2 månader sedan
  • 👍🏻

    william cordlewilliam cordle2 månader sedan
  • that was good the third time...then you screwed up @ 8:00

    Florida LotteryFlorida Lottery2 månader sedan
  • 😆👍

    c35 nc35 n2 månader sedan
  • Master Miyagi teaching Danial son!!! Love it

    Kyle GlossonKyle Glosson2 månader sedan
  • thats an absolute machine! beautiful creation!

    Frankz NbeanzFrankz Nbeanz2 månader sedan
  • I just learned so much from Vaughn's critiquing! Amazing vid.

    John HartJohn Hart2 månader sedan
  • I have the hot wheel version of the rtr can I be cool with y'all 🥺

    minty productionminty production2 månader sedan
  • Cleet gave the steering wheel a little pat n rub after drifting the last car😂

    Lucas UttLucas Utt2 månader sedan
  • Dude perfect looks different here

    ASFL GH05TFR34KASFL GH05TFR34K2 månader sedan
  • Saw one very similar in Austin but had an electric motor and 1000hp

    Drake ClelandDrake Cleland2 månader sedan
  • I have a bumper you can have. And fenders. Probably a headlight too. In manatee county.

    cam872k3cam872k32 månader sedan
  • thats why is leaving more room

    Andre BarrosAndre Barros2 månader sedan
  • Now let's get Vaughan down the 1/4 in Leroy and Ruby and make him catch a drag racing bug

    Maze 275Maze 2752 månader sedan
  • Props to the drone operator, he was set on them cars, could be image tracking software I supposed

    Mike AMike A2 månader sedan
  • Vaughn is such a good sport I love it!!!

    Cory TuckerCory Tucker2 månader sedan
  • 3 generations of mustangs drifting.....gotta love it👍👍

    C StephensonC Stephenson2 månader sedan
  • 5:17 The magic moment

    Sisekelo DumaSisekelo Duma2 månader sedan
  • Vaughn Gittin Jr: when you see me transition you can dive in... Me: Okay Lol I was so into it, I felt as if he was talking to me! Great stuff as always!

    Adrian PerezAdrian Perez2 månader sedan
  • Watching cleetus having to learn new stuff like this is honestly my favorite.

    Trevor CaronTrevor Caron2 månader sedan
  • 'It died ... just randomly.' 'I think you pulled the handbrake without dipping the clutch.' 😆

    maverick buckleymaverick buckley2 månader sedan
  • Can anyone tell me where I can see the drone footage from this please? Thank you. 👍👍

    Woodshop74Woodshop742 månader sedan
  • You’re better than @Tjhunt cleetus

    Saul PonceSaul Ponce2 månader sedan
  • He’ll yeah

    E Stayhumble813E Stayhumble8132 månader sedan
  • Could not be more jealous, god that RTR-X😍🤤

    T JT J2 månader sedan
  • U just have to love the fact that the “freedom” fun-haver is a full race interior but has a stock dash

    Akash KumarAkash Kumar2 månader sedan
  • I need to send you guys a load of trackside repair tape - Hit me up @briancaldwell85 on Instagram!!

    Brian CaldwellBrian Caldwell2 månader sedan
  • Talk about good sports! Love it when people are cool like that!

    DoubleClutchGamingDoubleClutchGaming2 månader sedan
  • Great teachings

    Skylar WeaverSkylar Weaver2 månader sedan
  • Dude your good at this! Rock on!

    RidgeRidge2 månader sedan
  • Sick ass car. The rtrX wish my 69fastback was done. God that car makes me drool lmfao. You lucky dog cletus

    Stephen GauthierStephen Gauthier2 månader sedan
  • Man I'm fuckin jelly as fuck. The rtrx is why I'm building my 93 lightning the way I am. To autocross it and drift it.

    Stephen GauthierStephen Gauthier2 månader sedan
  • Damn, what a gorgeous car. Didn't even hit a cone! Some people may not like the drift videos but I love the fact that you are expanding your skillset and, most of all, having fun while doing it. I'm glad Vaughn is pushing you to new limits. Even if it costs a bumper or two.

    Cyle JohnsonCyle Johnson2 månader sedan
  • Man Vaughn seems like a legit dude. I've been a cleeter fan for a couple years now but today I add Vaughn to the list

    maxb1985maxb19852 månader sedan
  • That was amazing. The teaching, the trust to let you rip a car that one of a kind. Thats only been driven normally by a couple of people. That is a HUGE amount of trust and love.

    Steve RehfussSteve Rehfuss2 månader sedan
  • FD 2021

    Charly ThörngrenCharly Thörngren2 månader sedan
  • The Chrome on that car is stellar

    Vigilante PotatoVigilante Potato2 månader sedan
  • father teaching moment for vaughn @ 5:27 lmaooo

    Andrew TiceAndrew Tice2 månader sedan
  • All drifting you do from this point forward is going to seem so mild... can't imagine pitching a car sideways like that at 100+! Crazy stuff!

    Bryan L olds97_lssBryan L olds97_lss2 månader sedan
  • 5:17 Vaughn sounded pissed😂

    Vigilante PotatoVigilante Potato2 månader sedan

    Vigilante PotatoVigilante Potato2 månader sedan
  • Broooo you can’t take out the king 🤴 of drift yeeeeehhhhhhaaaaaaa!!!!!!

    grant garciagrant garcia2 månader sedan
  • What a good man Vaughn is. Garett you are one lucky man.

    K.D TransportK.D Transport2 månader sedan
  • Gittin was probably like. This dude just fuckin hit me

    Buildinup6Buildinup62 månader sedan
  • My 1970 mustang is far from that one lol.

    brandons72vettebrandons72vette2 månader sedan
  • I thought this was going to be the hoonicorn when I clicked on the video lol I have a hard time believing this car cost more to build than that!

    Rev Hard GarageRev Hard Garage2 månader sedan
  • WOW. THAT WAS AMAZING. AND VGJr is amazing for letting you experience his baby. Kudos to all involved!!!!

    B MartinB Martin2 månader sedan
  • cleet, your one hell uva driver

    lil savior -lil savior -2 månader sedan
  • Keep this up, you'll be a Ford guy in no time at all...!

    Kevin S.Kevin S.2 månader sedan
    • Would be weird seeing him have a late or early model mustang in the lineup... fit right in with the 20 crown vic's though!

      Bryan L olds97_lssBryan L olds97_lss2 månader sedan
  • So 2022. Vaughn Gittin, DeNofa, LZ, and McFarland formula d final 4

    GradyRho92GradyRho922 månader sedan
  • Comment

    Trystan HoffmannTrystan Hoffmann2 månader sedan
  • Hell Yeah Brother!!!! This is so badass!! I am so damn jealous!!

    Ryan OliveRyan Olive2 månader sedan
  • Wasn’t dude perfect just there for their paper airplane video

    Alex BrekkeAlex Brekke2 månader sedan
  • You are so blessed brother. I loved this video watching you learn and watching you teach this was such a awesome opportunity for you to get these guys to teach you and let you drive those cars. Hell yeah brother.

    Cory BeauchampCory Beauchamp2 månader sedan
  • Vaughn is one of the most kick ass down to earth guys I think you’ll EVER. Meet, he’s just so approachable and just so damn cool!!! A very humble dude!! 👍👍😎😎

    jthorner69jthorner692 månader sedan
  • Damb Cletus that was some pro shit there

    Cory BeauchampCory Beauchamp2 månader sedan
  • Vaughn is getting way more serious about his teaching. At this rate cleetus is gonna be a pro.

    D KriegerD Krieger2 månader sedan
  • I got goosebumps watching you drift with a pro drifter. Your skills and talents are unmatched man! Hell Yeah Cleetus!

    Jacob CampbellJacob Campbell2 månader sedan
  • Omg That drone chasing the car really mind F'd me, lol I thought it was the most badass bird ever trying to race around with you... My Lawrd I'm a Dork

    MajorStaticXMajorStaticX2 månader sedan
  • So Awesome you and Vaughn have this friendship and he is so gracious to teach you in his cars!!! It was fun for me to see it!! HELL YEAH!!!

    Shane RShane R2 månader sedan
  • Friggin wooow!!! Cleet is gonna take a crack at formula D next errr what??

    33LeRoy3333LeRoy332 månader sedan
  • BADASS!!!

    Charley TexaforniaCharley Texafornia2 månader sedan
  • VAUGHAN IS ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING DRIVERS IVE EVER SEEN HOWEVER, VAUGHAN IS AN EVEN BETTER PERSON THAN A DRIVER! In a world of chaos and craziness its people like Vaughan, his team, and Cleet that gives me hope for humanity!👍🔥💯 The RTR-X 69 Mustang is just unbelievable! What a beautiful car!

    J DubJ Dub2 månader sedan
  • Ngl I thought the drone at 13:15 was a bug on my screen

    Addix37Addix372 månader sedan
  • The jack being dragged across the asphalt was louder then all these cars combined.

    Tyler WinsteadTyler Winstead2 månader sedan
  • How do I get the RTR wheels to repair them, then send back?!?!

    Hazel MikulaHazel Mikula2 månader sedan