Racing the Dale Truck on Nitrous Was a Huge SUCCESS!!! (Launches So Hard!)

17 aug 2020
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Didn't know if this thing could pull off a 9 second pass, but dang the Dale truck RIPS!
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Cleetus McFarland
12961 44th St N. Ste B
Clearwater, FL 33762
United States of AmericaThe first time we've ever been pulled over in either of these cars...
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  • So who ready for an 8??

    Cleetus McFarlandCleetus McFarland5 månader sedan
    • I'm ready for the 7 brother!

      Christian DChristian D21 dag sedan
    • You drive the life out of that truck, well-done cleatus.

      Valentine LynamValentine Lynam4 månader sedan
    • Bobby 225 cost to much and way to boring! We can basically send a guy down in a carish shaped missile faster then a bullet so it’s just to hard on people! But on the other end of that coin anybody with $10k can run 10’s if not faster! 9’s and 8’s bring a stack!

      Tammy ForbesTammy Forbes4 månader sedan
    • Let's Gooooooo

      Aaron ShenskyAaron Shensky5 månader sedan
    • I think you need an automatic and a lower gear

      James FowlerJames Fowler5 månader sedan
  • What rear gear is in that thing ?!

    Luis QuiñonesLuis Quiñones2 månader sedan
  • The Mike Skinner truck.

    Cobra CommanderCobra Commander3 månader sedan
  • Anyone know the brand and style of wheels on the Dale truck? I want a set for my 69 C10. Real bad.

    Matt CleggMatt Clegg3 månader sedan
  • 🤘🤘

    Joey RiesJoey Ries3 månader sedan
  • KEVIN drives Dale truck, CLEETER drives Leroy!!!! KEVIN drives Dale truck, CLEETER drives Leroy!!!! KEVIN drives Dale truck, CLEETER drives Leroy!!!! KEVIN drives Dale truck, CLEETER drives Leroy!!!! KEVIN drives Dale truck, CLEETER drives Leroy!!!! KEVIN drives Dale truck, CLEETER drives Leroy!!!!

    Chad AKA Coldest1Chad AKA Coldest14 månader sedan
  • KEVIN drives Dale truck, CLEETER drives Leroy!!!! KEVIN drives Dale truck, CLEETER drives Leroy!!!! KEVIN drives Dale truck, CLEETER drives Leroy!!!! KEVIN drives Dale truck, CLEETER drives Leroy!!!! KEVIN drives Dale truck, CLEETER drives Leroy!!!! KEVIN drives Dale truck, CLEETER drives Leroy!!!!

    Chad AKA Coldest1Chad AKA Coldest14 månader sedan
  • KEVIN drives Dale truck, CLEETER drives Leroy!!!! KEVIN drives Dale truck, CLEETER drives Leroy!!!! KEVIN drives Dale truck, CLEETER drives Leroy!!!! KEVIN drives Dale truck, CLEETER drives Leroy!!!! KEVIN drives Dale truck, CLEETER drives Leroy!!!! KEVIN drives Dale truck, CLEETER drives Leroy!!!!

    Chad AKA Coldest1Chad AKA Coldest14 månader sedan
  • The choice is yours pal...

    William MinyardWilliam Minyard4 månader sedan
  • You need a “mansbrake” on the Dale truck.

    Justin LaneJustin Lane4 månader sedan
  • idk why i feel like cleetus has been short shifting the dale truck this whole time

    The Shrimp GamerThe Shrimp Gamer4 månader sedan
  • Dale Truck vs 2JZ NASCAR when?

    Connar ComstockConnar Comstock4 månader sedan
  • Cleetus get in the race against Casey and Rabbit! Do it FOR DALE!

    Jon CJon C4 månader sedan
  • You should enter in a nascar race

    TRUMP2020TRUMP20204 månader sedan
  • The dale truck making a 9 or 8 sec pass is the most american thing a man could do. Merica god bless the good ol usa

    Rick GilbertRick Gilbert4 månader sedan
  • you guys are awesome cant wait to see in person someday i had 2 give up my car obsession 16 years ago when my wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

    Chad AlexanderChad Alexander4 månader sedan
  • Bro seeing cleetus that happy makes me so happy

    Linus VogelLinus Vogel4 månader sedan
  • James is literally so happy about the nitrous 😂😂

    Jakey Built FabricationJakey Built Fabrication4 månader sedan
  • What drag strip is he at?

    Max SchneiderMax Schneider4 månader sedan
  • Kevin reminds me of that Australian guy with the sequential r34 GT-R...

    Gunar9000Gunar90004 månader sedan
  • Well done Cleetus!!

    Mikey Like ThailandMikey Like Thailand4 månader sedan
  • What kind of Pizza did James order? Hahahahaha

    Mikey Like ThailandMikey Like Thailand4 månader sedan
  • That nitrous look on Dr. Sprayemall's face at 7:41, as he pulls his pants up 😆

    DriftoDrifto4 månader sedan
  • Just to let you know I was unsubscribed from your channel. I did not unsubscribe you. Love your channel. keep on truckin.

    Valentine LynamValentine Lynam4 månader sedan
  • Like how Cleet always give credit where its due!

    Isai FuentesIsai Fuentes4 månader sedan
  • Try starting off in 2nd gear it wont kill the tires so bad

    James VJames V4 månader sedan
  • Granny Shifting

    James VJames V4 månader sedan
  • So ready for an 8! That was awesome! Nice to see the Dale truck back in business. Who remembers Cleet gettin pulled over driving it to the gas station right after he got it? That cop didn't know what to think! 🤣🤣

    DroneWolf MediaDroneWolf Media4 månader sedan
  • What does this guy do that he has so much money to afford everything he has???

    Captain BrunchCaptain Brunch4 månader sedan
  • What's the steam thing from the front?

    Balaji SkillzBalaji Skillz4 månader sedan
  • just drove by. Thumbs UP.

    no yesno yes4 månader sedan
  • 6:03 No Nitrous > 14:17 Full Bald Eagles.

    Grease MunkeyGrease Munkey4 månader sedan
  • i thought the dale truck was built to rev more than 7k rpm

    bud009mbud009m4 månader sedan
  • That thing would run low 9's just by shifting a bit better, he must spend a full second between gears.

    Buck BurtonBuck Burton4 månader sedan
  • James maybe ordering a pizza🤣

    deathwish 1640deathwish 16404 månader sedan
  • he shifting like my grandma , so fckin slow gear changes...

    Hunor SzabóHunor Szabó4 månader sedan
  • @7:41 James face and nitrous will change a man on a sticker please 😂😂

    Gee MoneyGee Money4 månader sedan
  • Needs a shift light man

    Mike WhiteMike White4 månader sedan
  • tip turn your tacho so the needle is pointing up at redline you shouldnt have to look down as much to see it

    Aaron ChandlerAaron Chandler4 månader sedan
  • Kevin would be the Ultimate Dad. Teach me your wisdom!

    Ryan GreenRyan Green4 månader sedan
  • This thing needs more rpm lol send her up to 9500 let’s hear that amazing note up another 2k

    Hoovie DoovieHoovie Doovie4 månader sedan
  • 69 Roadrunner 3650 w/driver 675hp 440 10.40's @136mph

    Racer XRacer X4 månader sedan
  • Pretty good for a old black Chevy truck! Bet the new model want run that! Bet it want run double that 😂

    Tammy ForbesTammy Forbes4 månader sedan
  • I really want to get my car on the drag strip now!

    Rick SteinbauerRick Steinbauer4 månader sedan
  • Cooper will you give me a child

    Full load of CumminsFull load of Cummins4 månader sedan
  • I need a good tuner or custom tune for a Deleted Powerstroke any suggestions Thx guys

    El LokoEl Loko4 månader sedan
  • I love the sound of that truck!!!

    Mike DodgeMike Dodge4 månader sedan
  • My first video I watched of yours was a rip in the dale truck on the road.

    Cranky MotorSportsCranky MotorSports4 månader sedan
  • awesome sweet Dale, that is amazing

    Cranky MotorSportsCranky MotorSports4 månader sedan
  • *commentary

    joseph caresiojoseph caresio4 månader sedan
  • I like James’ narration

    joseph caresiojoseph caresio4 månader sedan
  • DANG the welds on the dale trucks cage are horrid :(

    connor greenconnor green5 månader sedan
  • I love the excitement after making the 9-second run. How cool...

    Thomas LewisThomas Lewis5 månader sedan
  • Where is the 800hp shop truck

    brady maddenbrady madden5 månader sedan
  • 850HP runs an 11.0?

    tortchevytortchevy5 månader sedan
  • The weather around here has been below normal temperatures for the last couple of weeks, but I've seen mid-90s into early October. I wonder how their Florida tune would handle Oklahoma 90s with the 70% dewpoint we've been having lately, along with being ~1,000ft higher elevation at Thunder Valley and ~750ft higher at Tulsa Raceway.

    Drummin003Drummin0035 månader sedan
  • I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for you to do this. I love it.

    D RD R5 månader sedan
  • Damn that 427 sounds awsome... Sounds like the old carbed performance small blocks

    Squarebody Case /Wade McKenneySquarebody Case /Wade McKenney5 månader sedan
  • I have one of those fuel jugs for my lawnmower. Lol

    WijiboWijibo5 månader sedan
  • Watching your steering wheel it’s safe to say she still wants to go left!

    Chris CahillChris Cahill5 månader sedan
  • Any adds I come across I mite em’ 😂🖕🏽🖕🏽

    666 666666 6665 månader sedan
  • WAIT.... RACE WEEK NUMBER 2 IS A MONTH AWAY?!?!? Why did I think it was a yearly tradition or something now so it would have been next summer? I'm pumped now. You should slap a couple garretts onto the Dale Truck and also the C8. It would be so damn rad to see the C8 run some 8's during raceweek! Coop needs a spooly boy to run since you have Leroy, and James has Ruby. I'm giving you guys that deadline to turbo that sucker! XD

    ItsTylerJohnItsTylerJohn5 månader sedan
    • Race Week is normally once a year. However, they're doing a 2nd one this year, since Drag Week got canceled.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 25 månader sedan
  • More nitrous 🇬🇧

    Jason HarryJason Harry5 månader sedan
  • I'm intimated

    Bryan GordonBryan Gordon5 månader sedan
  • I recall guessing 9.67 @ 137! I got the mph but was off quite a bit on the time! Dang that thing was rolling out!

    Matt BrooksMatt Brooks5 månader sedan
  • dscgtseven🗽🏁🎲🌈🕐🕖🕒💩😷✌😃👍🇺🇸💖📡🛰💰🐈🌠🎸🌲🏆⏳⌛®🌻🍼🛐

    celle-telle-memoir appscelle-telle-memoir apps5 månader sedan
  • get ride of the gearbox and put a sequential manual one in. Your times would be a second faster on your runs and no missed gears and if your real smart put a solinoid on the shifter and run paddle shift on the steering wheel change gears manually or paddle shift win win in my book. it would make tuning it for drag racing better and more scope for tuning cheers from down under

    glenn arnoldglenn arnold5 månader sedan
  • Anyone else staring at the weld @8:55?? McFarland Fab beauty perhaps? Shes a beauty, keep it up....

    Sam OrangeSam Orange5 månader sedan
  • She sounds beautiful just at idle, love that chop!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Mr. WorldwideMr. Worldwide5 månader sedan
  • So beautiful looking seeing that #3 dale truck fly down the track screaming Freedom and America! Sr. Is smiling down.

    Aaron ShenskyAaron Shensky5 månader sedan
  • If you are classing that as a 9 second run please return to school and find out how rounding numbers works

    Grease MonkeyGrease Monkey5 månader sedan
    • @Flat4Buggy 2 how many schools teach about drag racing, not even trade schools when you are a mechanic

      Grease MonkeyGrease Monkey4 månader sedan
    • You need to return to school and learn how drag racing works. (There's no rounding in drag racing. A 9.999 second pass is still considered a 9 second pass.)

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 25 månader sedan
  • I think the fast and furious NOS effect is super accurate.

    Erik HornErik Horn5 månader sedan
  • Kevin, a great addition to the team. Brings calm and reasoning to the "send it" team and its paying off big time. You guys just stepped up a few notches into the serious racer catagory. Makes your content easier to watch for guys that have raced on budgets, went fast because we were smart and couldn't afford to tear stuff up, unless it just plain failed. Looking forward to more videos showing your success vs fails.

    snaproll94esnaproll94e5 månader sedan

    Christian DickersonChristian Dickerson5 månader sedan
  • Your excitement is intoxicating, hell yah brother🤙

    jesse fishjesse fish5 månader sedan
  • Stick shift Dale Truck will eat a C8 on race tires. Go Dale!!!

    Domnic ClassiDomnic Classi5 månader sedan
  • FFS the NASCAR gas cans are all aluminum you can weld them your self's and save $275 bucks that's what the old ones start at. while your at it you can make the cart to go with them . or there is a guy on ebay selling 5 of them for $275 a piece.

    demonic477demonic4775 månader sedan
  • Picking up 2 seconds with the same trap mph😳😳

    Tanner CoxTanner Cox5 månader sedan
  • Nitrous makes any engine feel like a jet🤘

    Tanner CoxTanner Cox5 månader sedan
  • Cleetus, please boycott Goodyear and any of its brands. They hate America.

    Adam RSAdam RS5 månader sedan
  • He Drives this ON THE it’s a Street Truck......

    Cummins MANCummins MAN5 månader sedan
  • Sitting here waitin for a new video :)

    rhadiemrhadiem5 månader sedan
  • Nitrous is kinda like propane, isn't it Hank?

    Seth RisingSeth Rising5 månader sedan
  • NOS or busted

    gary mathewsgary mathews5 månader sedan
  • James has that "Nitrous Grin"

    kidwave1kidwave15 månader sedan
  • Parachute on dale truck. I still want to see dale truck run Daytona

    M KM K5 månader sedan
  • What’s the size of the shot?

    Brandon SmithBrandon Smith5 månader sedan
  • What happens to coopers supra

    mexadankus !mexadankus !5 månader sedan
    • Cooper decided to set the project aside, and and put the 2JZ in his Camaro instead.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 25 månader sedan
  • Mark my words Cleeetus will run for president.

    Calberts10Calberts105 månader sedan
  • Can you not put a solenoid on the nos bottle and get the Holley to turn it on and off when you run?

    jamesread11jamesread115 månader sedan
  • 9 second “street truck” hahahaha

    Frank PFrank P5 månader sedan
  • Why don't you move the steering wheel so it's not buried in your chest lol

    Balisongs for BreakfastBalisongs for Breakfast5 månader sedan
  • Cleetus McFarland V Street Racing Channel

    A Milk ManA Milk Man5 månader sedan
  • Take the wing off the back, maybe pickup some mph by reducing drag?

    Phil StoreyPhil Storey5 månader sedan
  • brint back the vw powered pace car again

    Joshua BakerJoshua Baker5 månader sedan
  • What was going on w/ ruby in the background of the first eighth of the video?

    Erick TaylorErick Taylor5 månader sedan
  • 4:10 McFarland Racing. Wait a minute.

    Jonas LarssonJonas Larsson5 månader sedan
  • Man this truck sounds sick.. Well done.

    Gary LaaksGary Laaks5 månader sedan
  • Get the bigger jets lets gooo!!

    Ant ManAnt Man5 månader sedan
  • Florida man runs 9’s in his nascar truck series truck

    Hemi FeverHemi Fever5 månader sedan