Assessing Damage to Ruby's 427 After Beating the Supra... (We Messed Up)

5 sep 2020
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Back to back uploads! Let's see what the damage is on our girl Ruby...
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United States of AmericaThe first time we've ever been pulled over in either of these cars...
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  • Yee yee back to back vids 🇺🇸

    Cleetus McFarlandCleetus McFarland4 månader sedan
    • build a Hot-V for Ruby, with the Turbo Right on the Engine!!

      Julian CedrikJulian Cedrik4 månader sedan
    • @Unknown plenty a places to be a dick on the web now a days seems like you could use your time doing something else. All of your 52 comments on this page have been Nothing but shit talking these guys if you dont like what they do go to a page you do pretty simple solution.

      Spartan Security Consulting Shawn SwineaSpartan Security Consulting Shawn Swinea4 månader sedan
    • Glad she Was ok.

      Spartan Security Consulting Shawn SwineaSpartan Security Consulting Shawn Swinea4 månader sedan
    • Hey cleet my brothers work for a forklift company called alliance he said he’ll work on your forklift “if needed” for free not through the company

      FoolgazyFoolgazy4 månader sedan
    • @jrspeed_ 9312 Like in every other way, they'll learn the hard way. Hope their life insurance is paid up. The worst fatal forklift accident I ever investigated was also the the simplest.

      Andy TaylorAndy Taylor4 månader sedan
  • *_Actually the first time I've ever seen a corvette beat a supra. LOL_*

    JaybruhhJaybruhh29 dagar sedan
  • I feel like when the car shoots up flames when it’s not suppose to is just BAD (i’m not an expert but I think a car doesn’t shoot flames that high when it’s fast it’s because... it’s more lean that quick?)

    Elizabeth Del castilloElizabeth Del castillo2 månader sedan
  • Take a forklift safety course or read up on safety. I've seen people get really hurt who didn't operate safely. Rule 1...SEATBELT. That thing is probably 8 to 10k pounds, if it tips over on you, your done. Happens every day

    Track DaysTrack Days3 månader sedan
  • Give it a little while... their gonna rebuild it drop a couple tubos on it and take it to the track. Fasted Forklift on record

    Anthony RainesAnthony Raines3 månader sedan
  • Up Next play LS swap’s the forklift

    ChuckChuck3 månader sedan
  • That was some serous shit from Ruby! James gappin' Toyotas all night long. Impressive.

    Greatdivider2001Greatdivider20013 månader sedan
  • Why is it whenever I see that guy I think Jack Nicolson in the Shining!

    Craig ReeveCraig Reeve3 månader sedan
  • Turbo the Hyster

    Jonathan ParkerJonathan Parker3 månader sedan
  • Twin Turbo LSX in the fork lift? Ya know you wanna.....

    Scott BScott B3 månader sedan
  • Hottest coolant in the engine is trapped behind the thermostat, exits through the front of the intake after cooling the cylinder heads, if the wrong gasket, or water pump (clockwise/counter clockwise) if less than 50/50 coolant to water ratio, in conjunction with a low pressure radiator/expansion tank/de-gassing chamber/cap, anything under 14 lbs, the boiling point temperature is reduced exponentially before it reaches the temp sensor, if no thermostat is used, and if the water pump rpm spins too high, cavitation will occur, possibly going undetected by system sensors during short passes. Does the engine have spigots that squirt oil to cool the bottoms of the pistons? What type of intercooler are you running? Just putting it all out there.

    millsmills3 månader sedan
  • I too do not yield for Prius.

    RhedinRageRhedinRage3 månader sedan
  • I think a head gasket was a fair price to pay to see James put the smack down on that Supra at the tree. Hell yeah!

    some guysome guy4 månader sedan
  • That forklift has a vortec... it needs a turbo...

    turdking1029turdking10294 månader sedan
  • Race it, blow it up, fix it, repeat.

    AnthonyAnthony4 månader sedan
  • James and the no lift life in the forklift 😂

    FireLordCantiFireLordCanti4 månader sedan
  • Boost the lift boost the lift boost the lift...

    David WickboldtDavid Wickboldt4 månader sedan
  • "Should we stop... ah it's a Prius" LOL

    mclovinfanboimclovinfanboi4 månader sedan
  • Yeah, turbo that fork lift

    Gary SueGary Sue4 månader sedan
  • Convictions and jail for the demo/commie pukes, right and the sun shall rise in the west.. Our judicial system is too corrupt to take down any of the heavyweights..

    Michael BoyleMichael Boyle4 månader sedan
  • There needs to be a forklift DYNO video.

    Eric's Variety ChannelEric's Variety Channel4 månader sedan
  • Hey Cleetus, Been watching you guys for a while and just subscribed last night!! I have a question about turbo'd cars. What oil do you guys run? I bought my first turbskie car and I need to change the oil and want to run a good one. Any information is great appreciated!! Btw love the work you guys do and by far the best SEworld video I've seen!!!

    5ohdemon5ohdemon4 månader sedan
  • Ruby Rue is fine it will Pan out to the top of the 🌲

    smokey banditsmokey bandit4 månader sedan
    • You smoked that supra 😂😂🤣👀👀

      smokey banditsmokey bandit4 månader sedan
  • Not sure if this has been said but why not just go twin turbos haha

    Reuben SteelReuben Steel4 månader sedan
  • If y’all didn’t blow a motor or a head gasket or a trans would this channel really be what it is today ? 😂😂

    ej gillej gill4 månader sedan
  • Split the turbo right over the top of the engine in the middle!!

    James Irwin-McConnellJames Irwin-McConnell4 månader sedan
  • Coming up next.... Fork truck drag racing.

    cobrasvt347cobrasvt3474 månader sedan
  • Who do you guys talk to at TSP? I called to see what the best cam for my build is and he made it seem like I was inconveniencing him. And I still don't know what cam to get! 👎

    John SandovalJohn Sandoval4 månader sedan
  • How about doing some Flow Bench testing on the new manifold? Not saying turn into Engine Masters on us, but some science and reliability might be fun for everyone...on BOTH sides of the camera.

    DrewTDrewT4 månader sedan
  • Cleet! We can’t hear the audio when someone is speaking at the camera, it’s fine to hear the camera operator and the cars but anything else is a stretch.

    Sean NudsonSean Nudson4 månader sedan
  • I know my neighbors used sheet metal gaskets. They would disassembly it and keep the number of layers they needed. I don't know what it would do to aluminium block and head though.

    Olivier RoyOlivier Roy4 månader sedan
  • I could listen to James talk all day

    Pimped Mobility ProjectPimped Mobility Project4 månader sedan
  • Forklift + Rotary. Done.

    NateNate4 månader sedan
  • Def switch to a multi layer steel gasket.

    Ryan BarboltRyan Barbolt4 månader sedan
  • I love cleetus, but I think James is my favorite

    ahmed9707ahmed97074 månader sedan
  • If I remember I think Ruby has done something that has been elusive to leroy beating a supra

    Ray ClarkRay Clark4 månader sedan
  • why don't you guys run a MLS head gasket?

    Ding Dong DriftDing Dong Drift4 månader sedan
  • Mill the same amount off the other head too, James is a freak on the 🌳

    Nothing11 Nothing12Nothing11 Nothing124 månader sedan
  • She's A solid Unit lol..

    Car MobCar Mob4 månader sedan
  • Hey Cleet, I love watching your stuff and I was hoping you could make one improvement on audio. James has a lot of knowledge to share and he’s quite soft spoken and it’s often hard to hear him. Would you consider getting him a mic?

    Morgan GreenMorgan Green4 månader sedan
  • Forklift 1/4 mile

    Colton MartucciColton Martucci4 månader sedan
  • I feel like james should own Ruby

    B. BowmanB. Bowman4 månader sedan
  • Track days 👍👌

    Mr Shadow91Mr Shadow914 månader sedan
  • Awesomeness

    Samuel PhippenSamuel Phippen4 månader sedan
  • Cleet has true mechanical sympathy for that old fork lift

    iHydroEyeziHydroEyez4 månader sedan
  • Na i dont think its hard to start because of a mechanical pump, they don't have pumps the tanks pressurized theirs a vacuum shutoff tho that takes forever to open up

    TravisTravis4 månader sedan
  • Forklift needs electric turbo & straight pipe...

    Marty SwansonMarty Swanson4 månader sedan
  • 500hp forklift?????

    Stephen SchleeStephen Schlee4 månader sedan
  • Shouldn’t hurt the fork lift running hard... you shouldn’t bought it then. All the money you waste and bitching about having to fix a forklift...., you cry so much.

    William DavisWilliam Davis4 månader sedan
  • Put a supercharger on the forklift

    Anus Repair ManAnus Repair Man4 månader sedan
  • good ol' hyster!!! i agree with the forklift driver. them Toyota's suck... the hyster's are power house's

    prospector mikeprospector mike4 månader sedan
  • anytime you drive a forklift any extended distance... you should be driving in reverse.............. just sayin'..........

    OTIGAOPC92112OTIGAOPC921124 månader sedan
  • Hyster is a good unit we got one that runs circles around our toyota

    Thomas RiceThomas Rice4 månader sedan
  • New t-shirt idea: front side has an artful logo "R/T: 0.004" and some kind of cleetus logo, backside is inkscreen of Ruby's rear end and the quote "How 'em lights look?"

    kartdude2006kartdude20064 månader sedan
  • Its runnin right dude!!! Lol

    carolyn wilburcarolyn wilbur4 månader sedan
  • McFarland fabs needs to turbo the forklift

    Kyle HarrisonKyle Harrison4 månader sedan
  • Cathedrial port? Wtf

    see yasee ya4 månader sedan
  • Get some metal head gaskets

    Chris DriverChris Driver4 månader sedan
  • Hey Cleets should get the boosted boys on a project with you and turbo the forklift lol

    Shane RichardShane Richard4 månader sedan
  • Great! Now we get to see them turbo a forklift...LoL. "We can unload a truck in 8 seconds!!"!

    Screamin EagleScreamin Eagle4 månader sedan
  • Yeah

    Greg SullivanGreg Sullivan4 månader sedan
  • "427" ))

    Jim ClarkeJim Clarke4 månader sedan
  • those are fun forktrucks go full speed in reverse then put her in drive. we had awesome burnout compations at work lol

    SALTY kmSALTY km4 månader sedan
  • F**k it 2jz swap the forklift!!!! Do it for Paul walker!!!! 🤘🏼

    Ken ClouseKen Clouse4 månader sedan
  • That reaction though.

    Teddy FloodTeddy Flood4 månader sedan
  • That’s a lot of hours on a fork truck

    Tarmac1Tarmac14 månader sedan
  • Straight pipe the forklift

    Edgar LozanoEdgar Lozano4 månader sedan
  • When you start the Hyster, give it full throttle and slowly lift your foot as you crank it and it’ll fire right up

    BahookiBahooki4 månader sedan
  • I’m literally in the market for an old forklift for my new shop so I can appreciate the appreciation for it. 🤙🏻 nice unit.

    TylerTyler4 månader sedan
  • Big timer purchases from old Cleet. That youtube salary doe

    Deric McGuffieDeric McGuffie4 månader sedan
  • just a heads up on your forklift. i worked for toyota industrial for a couple years as a mobile tech. warehouses run forklifts at full throttle 85% of the time. a few run them 16 hours a day. just change the oil every 200 hours of use, blow out your air filter and radiator with compressed air weekly. check the spark plugs/cap/rotor every oil change and for the love of god, keep your fittings greased and chains oil'd. used motor oil lightly brushed on the chains or a good thick spray chain lube both work great.

    Tony DennyTony Denny4 månader sedan
  • Great job guys. Keep it up

    hagerhog118hagerhog1184 månader sedan
  • 9:17 new project on the rack

    Austin's StuffAustin's Stuff4 månader sedan
    • It's been there for a while. James is building a drift car.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 24 månader sedan
  • I loved Cleetus's description of a surfacing a head, "they use a milling machine and mill it flat again". IF only it was that simple lol.

    Ronald OlkowskiRonald Olkowski4 månader sedan
  • "Do a doughnut in the forklift!" :D Actually leaves a circle of rubber... :O

    thundercamelthundercamel4 månader sedan
  • James knowledge is insane.

    Bat ManBat Man4 månader sedan
  • That glass trick is something i've never considered. That's a great idea and i think Jame's needs a "tips & tricks" segment

    KaoticFdr1KaoticFdr14 månader sedan
  • Thanks Cleetus for confirming that Prius hate exists.

    417PhotoFan417PhotoFan4 månader sedan
  • Worked on one of those about 20 years ago. Discovered it was a Chrysler 225 slant 6 set up to run LP. Pretty cool.

    Foxx FabricationsFoxx Fabrications4 månader sedan
  • But seriously,get OSHA cert'ed. As a Forklift operator @ Valencia College, they can be dangerous, a light bump with something can be devastating to property, I've seen what inexperienced operators have done. Be safe Cleet Crew

    Carlos RiveraCarlos Rivera4 månader sedan
  • Damn that sucks. She'll be back stronger for sure. I know your a Chevy guy how did you like that 2020 GT500 you reviewed? I just got one and started a page check it out 🤘

    1CrazySnake1CrazySnake4 månader sedan
  • cannot believe that you are not running Cometic gaskets.

    Doug GortonDoug Gorton4 månader sedan
  • You guys using a fabric head gasket for this kind of power and getting surprised it gets blown? My '98 diesel uses a multi-layer-metal head gasket from the factory for 110hp ffs... I'm sure you could get something like that for Ruby...

    Bence BozsikBence Bozsik4 månader sedan
  • looks like that forklift needs an engine clean likely a tune up/oil change/air filter

    fictional25mfictional25m4 månader sedan
  • Turbo

    Paul BrettPaul Brett4 månader sedan
  • Don't understand why you don't just get 500$ head gaskets already

    Elmer's exoticsElmer's exotics4 månader sedan
  • James looks like trevor from gtav lol

    Eddie BoyEddie Boy4 månader sedan
  • we've got mitsu forklifts at work with 4g6e's in them lol.

    Moe WhitfieldMoe Whitfield4 månader sedan
  • All the LS guys talking about subaru headgaskets real quiet rn

    Jacek MrózJacek Mróz4 månader sedan
  • Hey try grounding the engine in the front on the head that should help keep your pistons cleaner

    Drive way customsDrive way customs4 månader sedan
  • Get some

    konners youtube channel 1konners youtube channel 14 månader sedan
  • Put the forklift on the dyno

    Mud and MoreMud and More4 månader sedan
  • You should Sea Foam Ruby’s engine to get rid of the carbon.

    Mikeypoo03Mikeypoo034 månader sedan
  • We need a .004 James Bond shirt

    Eric BarkerEric Barker4 månader sedan
  • I say 2 weeks before the forklift gets a turbski!!!

    Cue CarbonCue Carbon4 månader sedan
  • You need 1/2 inch head studs

    Brian HanelBrian Hanel4 månader sedan
  • That smoke was just build from 19 years of being babied James just cleaned it out thats all

    Jared THISDELLEJared THISDELLE4 månader sedan
  • When u mill one head, do u need to mill both?

    Ed’s AdventuresEd’s Adventures4 månader sedan
  • copper gasket?

    Ryan PflughauptRyan Pflughaupt4 månader sedan
  • What does Cooper actually do? Never seen him do anything but occasionally hold the camera. He must be really damn good at ordering pizza.

    Chris MartellChris Martell4 månader sedan
    • I agree - coop seems to open packages but not much else

      Wayne GumWayne Gum4 månader sedan