RACE WEEK 2.0, Day 1: Leroy Lines Up w/Blasphemi, Dale Truck NAILS IT, Ruby Has Big PROBLEMS!!

15 sep 2020
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    Cleetus McFarlandCleetus McFarland4 månader sedan
    • I saw you pulling out and I flipped out idk if you saw me or not I was in a blue jeep w 37’s I was so excited to see you I think it was in Texas that I saw you tho

      Carson MillerCarson Miller4 månader sedan
    • you jumped the lights playback in 0.25 speed :(

      Jay LJay L4 månader sedan
    • Keeping doing what you guys are doing and bring home the hardware....🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅🦅🏁🏁👍👍🤜🤜

      Junior 249Junior 2494 månader sedan
    • Let’s go for that 3peat ‼️

      Ricky LsMaxRicky LsMax4 månader sedan
    • Kevin just seems like the nicest dude, its awesome to see him ripping it and having fun! Good luck fellas, 1,1,1 for the three.

      mike spositemike sposite4 månader sedan
  • Is that the Red GTO from Tick Performance??

    OrangeishPotatoOrangeishPotato9 dagar sedan
  • When's the next time you're coming to Tulsa???

    Caden FarrellCaden Farrell11 dagar sedan
  • Is a duel clutch paddle shift legal in a drag race car?

    Liam MorrillLiam Morrill11 dagar sedan
  • you should wrap leroy in shrink wrap they use for storing boats

    Amanda StavesAmanda Staves11 dagar sedan
  • *_4:30_* I see Leroy still has the *"TURN INTERCOOLER ON!"* 😂 OGs remember when Cleetus would never turn it on

    JaybruhhJaybruhh25 dagar sedan
  • i know im watching this late but rubys turbo might be toast. driving it all that way without covering the turbo and it was spinning without oil

    theGREEK7887theGREEK7887Månad sedan
  • Where. Can. I. Find. A. Cool. Shirt

    DIY DYLDIY DYLMånad sedan
  • If you've lost more than 500 PSI per cylinder you're in some serious trouble.

    Sejong TheGreatSejong TheGreatMånad sedan
  • 25:48 _Demon Tree Jimmy mode activated._

    AnvarynnAnvarynn2 månader sedan
  • If this knucklehead says “fire me up” one more time I’m going to scream. Good lord when did he start this new fanboy phrase?

    TruckerJohnTruckerJohn2 månader sedan
  • YES another race week I have been watching the other one over and over again

    Bastienfc On twitchBastienfc On twitch2 månader sedan
  • Racing at my home track

    William CunninghamWilliam Cunningham3 månader sedan
  • Am I the only one who noticed James had the vampire eyes going on but cleetus didn't? 🤔🤔🤔

    Allison WinchesterAllison Winchester3 månader sedan
  • Kevin looks upset that he didnt do an 11.00

    lee harveylee harvey3 månader sedan
  • 14:37 there goes my ears.... my ears are blown..

    Francisco VieraFrancisco Viera3 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/gWWl3sjDiIl7yWQ/video Leeroy tributes

    The Brass Tack Car and Truck Review AkeThe Brass Tack Car and Truck Review Ake3 månader sedan
  • Live the vibes in this episode. Meeting up with friends and being jealous of the bleachers! Sunglasses on point this episode too

    Thomas BlitheThomas Blithe3 månader sedan
  • GM has used those bolt in upper ball joints forever. You guys are definitely doing something wrong.

    matt vorheesmatt vorhees3 månader sedan
  • PowerStroke delete got your cars there on time!!

    Clayton StegallClayton Stegall3 månader sedan
  • Was that the awd tt cadillac escalade in front of Leroy?

  • Why can't you go faster? Isn't that the whole point, to keep beating your best time? Get down into the 8's, go for the gusto, what the fuck?!

    CrazyBear65CrazyBear653 månader sedan
  • 6:50 you can hear the how owning a track has changed cleet like he looks at the tracks he visits with a whole new eye

    whatwhat3 månader sedan
  • Rip glasses

    Maison ClarkMaison Clark3 månader sedan
  • What came off his car at 19:55 ?

    Ben SandkerBen Sandker3 månader sedan
  • how weird...vlogging in front of that huge crowd LOL

    XBLHAXXBLHAX3 månader sedan
  • I sure do love 1320 video but if you want some hype and high energy and some laughter go with cleetus McFarland

    ZzachZzach3 månader sedan
  • Wow backing that trailer off the ramp?? Thats serious talent right there.

    Tony Foxx BuildsTony Foxx Builds3 månader sedan
  • No man tks to you all time hero keep Good work Kevin got what it takes to be on yall team👍👍👍from Canada

    Marco JulieMarco Julie3 månader sedan
  • Thumbs up to the people without their phones out. Enjoy it for the moment.

    Xj18AXj18A3 månader sedan
  • what happened to Blasphemi ?

    jacksrandomadventuresjacksrandomadventures3 månader sedan
  • So blashemis new transmisson didnt help

    sean braggsean bragg3 månader sedan
  • @13:25 Leroy was more lose than Donnie

    Jitse MiedemaJitse Miedema3 månader sedan
  • Leroy and cleetus are like Brady and Belichick Sean from McFarland Street Florida from Massachusetts

    Sean SullivanSean Sullivan3 månader sedan
  • ive been mia for a while so why does leroy run slow af now?

    Jorfizle23Jorfizle233 månader sedan
  • lol where are the masks? covid doesnt exist at the race track lol

    Jorfizle23Jorfizle233 månader sedan
  • Guy we can’t underestimate leroy he is ridiculously fast, to spin off the launch and still run a 8 second pass is insane

    Pepe The frogPepe The frog3 månader sedan
  • Dale yah

    Ryan PrescottRyan Prescott4 månader sedan
  • This is just... fun.

    MOTO 809MOTO 8094 månader sedan
  • 25:48 Terminator James

    Simon McgrawSimon Mcgraw4 månader sedan
  • I love how no matter how good or bad a run James has he calmly gives a detailed description of the run be it the reason he lifted or why it felt like a great pass.

    WKY 044WKY 0444 månader sedan
  • Goes to a track... Man those are some nice aluminum bleachers

  • True Street Must have dash, front seats, carpet, and door panels, glad to know I can now enter true street next year with no interior after looking at Dale Truck

    LucidConquest1337LucidConquest13374 månader sedan
  • Typical Tulsa. Whack track prep.

    Matthew TharpMatthew Tharp4 månader sedan
  • This is the first time ive ever seen james enthusiastic about turning down a car. " a whole lot"

    Travis SchwabTravis Schwab4 månader sedan
  • Good stuff, thanks for doing this!! 😉

    John ReeseJohn Reese4 månader sedan
  • Mullet's lookin' fiiine, Cleetus! Smart thinking to add just a bit of turbulence and break up the vortex drag behind the helmet. Should be good for a few more mph!

    Alan MumfordAlan Mumford4 månader sedan
  • Does anyone know if Leroy has ever run a full mile yet? Really curious to see the top speed of that thing.

    Brien EvansBrien Evans4 månader sedan
  • How do I get the blue sunglasses like he has?

    Hemidriver03Hemidriver034 månader sedan
  • Where is your girlfriend?? Haven't seen her in several video's

    GameologyGameology4 månader sedan
  • "My VW Bug broke down, so I bought a Lamborghini." Thanks, my drink is now spilled all over my screen... ^_^

    UncleManuelUncleManuel4 månader sedan
  • Every pass Leroy does something flies out the top🤣🤣

    Kyle ThomasKyle Thomas4 månader sedan
  • Not a single mask in sight, just people living in the moment.

    Ben SullivanBen Sullivan4 månader sedan
  • 20:24 almost hit the scramble button when I saw the grey beast in the background😍

    Joey NelsonJoey Nelson4 månader sedan
  • The sunglasses 🤣🤣🤣

    Christopher DavisChristopher Davis4 månader sedan
  • For being a shitty track, they did good

    Sand KingSand King4 månader sedan
  • The eyes you make when you know you got to stay up late and fix the car. XD 25:49

    Branden WrightBranden Wright4 månader sedan
  • That helmet cam footage in Leroy was sick 🤘🏻🇺🇲

    Josh StephensJosh Stephens4 månader sedan
  • Absolutely freight training those passes!!!

    Zachary TurnerZachary Turner4 månader sedan
  • 3:58 😣 4:03 "Song of my people." 🤣

    Luxter1994Luxter19944 månader sedan
  • @25:48 james becomes a demon...?

    KyleKyle4 månader sedan
  • ol cleet checking out all the bleacher setups now... lol

    BOB2pointzeroBOB2pointzero4 månader sedan
  • Best Show Drag Race Cars Seasson : Cleetus Mc Farland*🌠 - Race Week 2.0, Day 1, Leroy Line Up , Rubby Have Problame, Best Live Streaming Show At Circuit September 2020" : Bigolive Show By ~ Cleetus Mc Farland*🌠 ..... Cheerio.🌠🎼🎤🎼🌠👍👍👍🌠🌠🌟🌠🌠.

    Sihar TobingSihar Tobing4 månader sedan
  • Man the dale truck sounds exactly like a nascar lol

    The BoyThe Boy4 månader sedan
  • Don't need a data log when you got james lol. Didn't know he had this tuning knowledge though.

    DriftoDrifto4 månader sedan
  • Why the heck did they put the Dale truck in the 12.0 class when it clearly run 10's NA?

    DriftoDrifto4 månader sedan
  • Bruh, Looks like Cleetus and the gang pulled the whole crowd lol.

    DriftoDrifto4 månader sedan
  • Oh how i miss the sound of Leroy 😁 coming from a guy who never liked the sound of v8's.

    DriftoDrifto4 månader sedan
  • Hot Damn, who wants race MONTH 1.0 ?!? This is the content I subscribe for all those years ago!

    ThePeopleVerseThePeopleVerse4 månader sedan
  • That Dale truck sounds FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC ! ! !

    ThePeopleVerseThePeopleVerse4 månader sedan
  • Google sure isn't promoting your channel. First post I've seen in months... I'm subscribed, but only personalized notifications

    jack handyjack handy4 månader sedan
  • Is Finnegan on SEworld?

    jhager214jhager2144 månader sedan
    • Yes: Finnegan's Garage.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 24 månader sedan
  • How can you not like Brent?

    Ryan SmithRyan Smith4 månader sedan
  • can you just finally make a custom removable roof for Leroy (carbon fiber or something big FF on the top or a bald eagle) and put a small roll up awning for the side of the trailer for some shade

    XxoGH0SToxXXxoGH0SToxX4 månader sedan
  • Just realized there’s a couple tractor flaps missing

    Trenton GregoryTrenton Gregory4 månader sedan
  • See this can happen and nobody gets corona

    Cvestrand22Cvestrand224 månader sedan
  • When ur fixing to drive the dale truck in the ole flippity floppities

    Travis GustinTravis Gustin4 månader sedan
  • Talking about he couldn’t drag race a stick shift and he hit perfect shifts every time

    Travis GustinTravis Gustin4 månader sedan

    RenegadeLifeRenegadeLife4 månader sedan
  • I still don’t know why you don’t just make Leroys roof from just duct tape. Stick the tape straight to the bars. It would conform better than atheism cardboard, and is waterproof. That way you can seal the whole roof and it won’t leak, and it will fit perfectly.

    Ty_BraekTy_Braek4 månader sedan
  • Man I just love the sound of Leroy

    DukeDuke4 månader sedan
  • So Cooper didn’t make the trip this year huh?

    Wesley BerrymanWesley Berryman4 månader sedan
  • you know you're a real track owner when you start being jealous of bleachers on other tracks LUL

    SG Project // Проект СгущенкаSG Project // Проект Сгущенка4 månader sedan
  • Fire me up!

    Enzo FitzhumeEnzo Fitzhume4 månader sedan
  • Leroy never looked more savage than he did in this video. Hope he gets better through the week.

    David McnerneyDavid Mcnerney4 månader sedan
  • Love seeing Kevin there!

    Christiaan RoosChristiaan Roos4 månader sedan
  • 25:55 James is a robot confirmed..

    SourBogBubbleSourBogBubble4 månader sedan
  • Just noticed the center cap thing on Leroys steering wheel popd out and i went back to find out when it happend to see if anyone else noticed and its been like that since the slipper clutch install video 10 months ago lmao

    Julian BoguskiJulian Boguski4 månader sedan
  • FINNEGAN needs to put a Sonny hemi in his car feel so bad he broke again he barely used that motor

    Jesse DiasJesse Dias4 månader sedan
  • Wow look not one mask in sight and omg everyone is ok. COVID IS FAKEE

    Kaden KowalskiKaden Kowalski4 månader sedan
  • Can you invest in getting Leroy 4 turbos? It’d be way better

    LéNoobLéNoob4 månader sedan
  • You need a new profab sticker

    LéNoobLéNoob4 månader sedan
  • That one time you get pet by the mighty giant

    *TheFamousAndLegendaryEthan*TheFamousAndLegendaryEthan4 månader sedan
  • And not a single mask in sight 🙄

    Wouter HagedoornWouter Hagedoorn4 månader sedan
  • "Our book ain't really The Book" hahaha love It

    Dani overDani over4 månader sedan
  • If he doesn’t take home the win he’ll definitely take home Covid

    Mat KerMat Ker4 månader sedan
  • Why is there a crowd of people standing dumbfounded as they unload the cars? It is like standing beside a paddock of curious cows.

    Dani overDani over4 månader sedan
  • Bleacher envy, love it!

    P CeP Ce4 månader sedan
  • Mr Kevin is an excellent asset to the Cleetus Clan, just get his magic working on the Elco for next Race week.

    Leigh LeighLeigh Leigh4 månader sedan
  • 25:48 Looks James works for Skynet instead of Cleetus.

    Nicolas TNicolas T4 månader sedan