I've Always Said I Could Fly an Airplane With NO HELP... Finally, Someone Let Me Try!!!

29 jul 2020
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Shoutout to RG for taking me flyings! Had a super fun time, excited to learn more!
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  • dude you totally killed it on that landing. but i cant believe you let that teenage kid from back in the day he did it by himself but he also stole them lol but with that being said id like to see anyone try this there first time out you did great chief

    James SulzmannJames Sulzmann19 timmar sedan
  • The real question is wth can RG not do at this point 😂

    James DurneinJames Durnein16 dagar sedan
  • 2:19 *Thats what she said-_*

    JaybruhhJaybruhhMånad sedan
  • As a student pilot this was actually humorous to watch, it's awesome seeing car guys taking a step into Aviation!

    ALB SpotterALB Spotter2 månader sedan
  • Cleet! Keep flying!

    Michael KonstantellisMichael Konstantellis3 månader sedan
  • Cleetus, let me tell you, you’re going so far in the right direction. I myself, am a professional diesel mechanic. BUT, i also claim to be a amateur av geek. I’m telling you, keep up with Sam Chui, Dj Avaition, Simple Flying, Aviation international news. You’ll love “Ice Pilots” on Amazon prime.

    Brad HasemeyerBrad Hasemeyer3 månader sedan
  • The most counter-intuitive part of landing is controlling your airspeed using pitch not power.

    mosipdmosipd3 månader sedan
  • Good job... now try that with a tail dragger... how about a Cessna 170 or 180? The Cessna 170 is what I learned to fly in.

    angryman71angryman713 månader sedan
  • I like your pilots attitude, seems like a real down to earth kinda guy. The right amount of seriousness, with seriousness and professionalism.

    Bentley MurphreeBentley Murphree3 månader sedan
  • You mean crashed in the grass😂

    RO’s WorldRO’s World4 månader sedan
  • 2:22 roflmao you touched his stick for 10 seconds right

    sleepernationsleepernation4 månader sedan
  • Stupid clickbait.

    Joseph LeppekJoseph Leppek4 månader sedan
  • I definitely would Not classify it as his first flying lesson, more so it was his first Demo-flight/ introduction to flying. The young man seems to be an ambitious and decent guy no doubt, however, the skill set he may have from using flight simulators / gaming certainly does not translate to actual flying abilities & knowledge etc.

    Scott B TravelingScott B Traveling4 månader sedan
  • Your buddy was watching your hands the whole time. I bet he wanted to slap them every time you kept steering like you were in a car. Good shit though man. Hope you stick with flying. It is addictive and TRULY liberating. I thought a motorcycle was freedom, until I flew my first dual prop solo.

    Russell WilliamsRussell Williams4 månader sedan
  • Time for a reality check! Maybe you should start out on a flight simulator.

    Wally PinnWally Pinn4 månader sedan
  • Congrats you had a flying lesson. Usually they last about 1.5 hours and you learn alot more and it costs 150 bucks

    cw93711cw937114 månader sedan
  • C

    Lawrence LombardLawrence Lombard4 månader sedan
  • Definitely look like a Cleatus lol

    Tyler DurdenTyler Durden4 månader sedan
  • You should run the audio through RTC voice

    FusorfFusorf4 månader sedan
  • I don't think "Cleetus" will have a very long life.

    Clear PropClear Prop4 månader sedan
  • Yes flying is easy if you can drive a car you can fly a plane

    RayJ theangelRayJ theangel4 månader sedan
  • RG is one cool dude...

    Mrtweet81Mrtweet814 månader sedan

    alex ruizalex ruiz4 månader sedan
  • Awesome fun to watch. Your honesty is what I respect most about The. Cleetus.

    jeff Forkerjeff Forker4 månader sedan
  • Eagles screaming in the mighty chicken hawk!

    Pro Pilot PetePro Pilot Pete4 månader sedan
  • He's definitely a braver man than me😂

    THE GAMBLERTHE GAMBLER4 månader sedan
  • I've had a similar experience. I'm about to start training for my PPL but about 2 years ago, my bud invited me to go flying with him. When we arrived at rhe plane, he jumped into the copilot seat and told me to hop in, I was "driving" I was a bit nervous but he was confident that I could handle it. He did give me some direction though and everything went pretty well.

    ReavermystReavermyst4 månader sedan
  • Not proud to admit?? Bro you did so much better than I thought you would. It's definitely more challenging than one would think, exactly because what you mentioned... many controls to manage and it happens quite fast. Well done man! You gonna make more flying videos?

    Lean to PeakLean to Peak4 månader sedan
  • Arrogance and ignorance a perfect combination. What could go wrong? Duh.

    W BW B4 månader sedan
  • I use to be a road instructor at a truck driving school and even guys learning to drive big trucks oversteer. It take a firm but light touch. I have over 20k hours in flight simulators and was able to takeoff and land without input from the instructor on a discovery flight. It was actually easier in real life than on the Simulator. I could feel the plane. Reminded me of car simulators and how it is harder to drive on a sim than real life.

    StewStew4 månader sedan
  • Fair play 😎

    gammon 1gammon 14 månader sedan
  • Every time he says RG I think of a Cessna RG 😂

    Mitchell OseMitchell Ose4 månader sedan
  • No one named Cleetus should be flying airplanes period LMAO... just kidding... your a brave man!

    HeartStringsHeartStrings4 månader sedan
  • I found out if you spell CleetUSMCFarland like that is has USMC in it and that stands for United States Marine Corps. He's American Acts American Has American Cars and a American Name.

    Michelle HaugerudMichelle Haugerud4 månader sedan
  • Honestly I feel like I could do a little better than him. I have so many hours in to flight sim. But he's right it's so much different than the real think

    English FamEnglish Fam4 månader sedan
  • Scary letting you fly a plane when something is bound to break

    The MagThe Mag4 månader sedan
  • Cletus is out looking for a used G6

    william trojnorwilliam trojnor4 månader sedan
  • This video is bs

    RetroSoaringRetroSoaring4 månader sedan
  • Anybody can fly, hell they have autopilots that can fly. It is starting the thing or walking away from landing that is the trick.

    Nunya BidnezNunya Bidnez4 månader sedan
  • “Do I take off with full flaps?” had me dead I was like oh boy here we go

    Noah StablerNoah Stabler4 månader sedan
  • Flying is easier than driving a car.

    Bear LemleyBear Lemley4 månader sedan
  • Thumbs up if you think he's ready for a solo ;)

    droidomzdroidomz4 månader sedan
  • why no flaps for take off? you don't need or you can't ?

    ZipiliffZipiliff4 månader sedan
  • Him: I'm flying with no help Instructor: What am I? Cream cheese?

    William PhillipsWilliam Phillips4 månader sedan
  • Hardest part: landing 2nd hardest: taking off (but much easier than landing) Easiest part: flying

    tangomike15tangomike154 månader sedan
  • Hey Cleetus, what kind of watch is your buddy wearing?

    tabcobratabcobra4 månader sedan
  • Flying isn't the hard part, landing is.

    TheRealEddBoiTheRealEddBoi4 månader sedan
  • lmao gta experience, if gta is anything to go by, just jump on your bike and fly it inverted ahaha

    Sam FowlerSam Fowler4 månader sedan
  • Years ago I took an intro flight lesson and it was a lot like this. The instructor did not put his hands on the controls and he talked me through the take off, flight, and landing. He told me as long as I was doing it right he would let me do the whole thing! It was pretty cool!

    Uwe HeineUwe Heine4 månader sedan
  • Me: "Mom, i want a car can you help me get this?" Mom: "Yeah, sure, when Giraffes Fly" Me: "It's my lucky day!"

    DJ StatykDJ Statyk4 månader sedan
  • Holy fuck, there are a lot of tight-asses with some private licenses in the comments. From one pilot to one guy flying for the first time, congrats! Enjoy it. Take it up, it's a freeing experience to master.

    Travis OlanderTravis Olander4 månader sedan
  • True, takeoff isn’t really hard, and keeping it in the sky was pretty easy for me, landing I’m still having a little trouble with but I’m keeping the plane in the sky

    PhAsE OverseerPhAsE Overseer4 månader sedan
  • Good job for the first time...

    Charles HallCharles Hall4 månader sedan
  • I think cleetus is agressieve with the wheel because of his drag racing and having to make quick adjustments. He was also jerky on that speed boat😂

    Remy SternRemy Stern4 månader sedan
  • Next video title: RG's flight license got revoked!

    Demolition RepublicDemolition Republic4 månader sedan
  • I am extremely confident many flight simmers could get a 172 into the air with little to no help. I have zero confidence anyone could land one first try with no help.

    Batdude 2Batdude 24 månader sedan
  • The hardest thing about landing is the ground.

    Robert GreeneRobert Greene4 månader sedan
  • That was exactly how my first flying lesson went. This was definitely not "with NO HELP".

    David RectorDavid Rector4 månader sedan
  • Any other fellow pilots see this dude and immediately think of their ground lessons on hazardous attitudes? Cause I did and was nervous for him, the pilot, and the people in their flight path.

    David RemediosDavid Remedios4 månader sedan
    • Nahiyan Haq absolutely. I also think there was a bit of impulsivity demonstrated as well. He seemed to be more concerned with “just doing it” rather than listening to his CFI and doing it safely.

      David RemediosDavid Remedios4 månader sedan
    • David Remedios hahaha this was my exact though as I watched the video. In CFI ground school, this is known as macho. You need to teach a student like this by intensity and effect, and have a heart to hear conversation about his behaviour. I guess I remember something from that CFI rating 🤣✈️👨🏽‍✈️

      Nahiyan HaqNahiyan Haq4 månader sedan
  • Flying is all about landing

    Tim CrossTim Cross4 månader sedan
  • Taking off is easy. Landing. Not so much.

    GediSpockGediSpock4 månader sedan
  • Description is is such a lie.let me be honest with you if you had done it with no help you would have taken off stalled and spiral dived to the ground!

    BergflyerBergflyer4 månader sedan
  • Flying is really easy, but you don't realize how sensitive it actually is. And little change to the stick, can be a massive amount of movement

    LumiaYTLumiaYT4 månader sedan
  • yo ..your name is really cleetus

    CURTIS StapletonCURTIS Stapleton4 månader sedan
  • The loook on his face when they landed😂😂😂. Man was relived big Time 😂😂😂

    Lil danteLil dante4 månader sedan
  • I think he goes for his license now. What a great friend and mentor.

    Timothy ViardTimothy Viard4 månader sedan
  • "a few more laps" me: CIRCUITS

    Luke SchultinkLuke Schultink4 månader sedan
  • Anyone can do anything while constantly being instructed...

    James WardJames Ward4 månader sedan
  • Sorry... no way! I’ve been flying my whole life (ATP, fly professionally). In the hands of a competent pilot it appears as if the airplane lands itself! Nothing could be farther from the truth! A successful landing is difficult enough that it must be taught and practiced many times with the help of a CFI fixing things enough to keep you from killing yourself while you learn what not to do. If completely left to yourself- as in, no one else in the airplane- there’s a 90% chance the best case scenario is a badly damaged airplane and the worst case scenario is you are going to learn what a stall/spin accident is, which would be the last act completed in your lifetime.

    Michael GrayMichael Gray4 månader sedan
  • All those expensive headsets and no way for you to record any of the real GA audio. Tsk tsk lol. Glad i don't have a name brand, and i have pass though.

    Casey CappoenCasey Cappoen4 månader sedan
  • Much much harder than it looks.

    James WrightJames Wright4 månader sedan
  • Video says no help. Immediately requires help. Albeit he did quite well and it looked like a great time.

    jbaz007jbaz0074 månader sedan
  • I like how everyone in the comments is a pilot

    Calvin BrewsterCalvin Brewster4 månader sedan
  • Lol that first landing was a little scary. When you hear the horn STOP PULLING BACK

    Ridge HouseRidge House4 månader sedan
  • His issue is...he was over thinking the aircraft too much. In turn being way too agressive with controls. I was taught for both landing and take-off to use no more then 15 degree's of flaps though. Maybe the newer models don't need that much any more. All he had to do was guide the plane where he wanted it to go. Small movements. No jerking the yoke around.

    fightingfalconfanfightingfalconfan4 månader sedan
  • 3-point landing on your second landing. Good job bro!

    lsmeteorlsmeteor4 månader sedan
  • Instructor..."O so you say you can fly with no help huh...let's see how you handle an engine failure". I'm no pilot, but most people can barley handle a car when it stalls...panic sets in....let alone trying to figure things out while your at the controls of an aircraft and the ground is rapidly approaching...lol

    The BrainThe Brain4 månader sedan
  • So you are an idiot. He told you everything

    Patrick EPatrick E4 månader sedan
  • RG looks bored.

    MD TidwellMD Tidwell4 månader sedan
  • Good to hear your humility to admit that RG needed to help you. I could research all the applicable info like max rate of accent/decent etc and still crash. When doing RC Airplanes, the hardest thing was learning to use the rudder rather than the ailerons when landing especially. You cannot do it without a teacher unless your life depended on it of course.

    HighFlyin PatriotHighFlyin Patriot4 månader sedan
  • Amazon plugs? Yikes. There is nothing less American. You selling Chinese flags in your Merch store?

    David SpottsDavid Spotts4 månader sedan
  • Thats amazing. What a thrill that must be the first time.

    Mike SmithMike Smith4 månader sedan
  • Im on pilot training flying a Cessna like that isn't hard with little training

    Mr. Spazzy CMr. Spazzy C4 månader sedan
  • Dude you getting Ahead of yourself. You were hopeless. Maintain center line with mild cross wind maintaining approach speed. . You would have crashed proper.

    Paul MendoncaPaul Mendonca4 månader sedan
  • He was hard on the rudder during the takeoff. The answer is no, you would have crashed on takeoff.

    Scooby's ScoopScooby's Scoop4 månader sedan
  • A 172 "is kinda a big unit". No... It's the Ford Escort of aircraft. Solid, reliable, easy to handle. Big, though? No. He thinks he can fly with no help, but before he's even off the ground, he has to ask where the flaps are. That's called help. "Do you have those on full when you takeoff and land?" More help. "RG was walking me through landing process, which was much more helpful than vids I have seen lol." Sorry? RG was full of what, again? Help, did you say? But let's be real. The entire purpose of the video can be summed up in two words. Click. Bait. It looked like a good first lesson. What's wrong with calling it that? Dude: I still think I could have landed it myself first try. RG: No. I'll give him props for the honest assessment in the voice-over of how much he overestimated the ease of flying. Good on him for that. But if he decides to take up flying, he'll need to learn some realistic self assessment or he'll get killed. "Hey, can spinning a Cessna really be any different than spinning an RC Extra 300?"

    Evan WindomEvan Windom4 månader sedan
    • I bet you're fun at parties.

      The WarriorsThe Warriors3 månader sedan
  • Take offs are optional, landing is mandatory. Flying is easy, it's the beginning & the ending that take all the skill.

    Larry BelitskyLarry Belitsky4 månader sedan
  • so you flew with an experienced pilot at your side how is it you think every pilot since the wright guys have flown? golly gee holy smokes

    John NewmanJohn Newman4 månader sedan
  • “no help”

    Ricky StaffordRicky Stafford4 månader sedan
  • Bro take the L and admit you need help flying

    GaryDX25GaryDX254 månader sedan
  • Damn he touched your stick.....wtf. aviation is no longer what it used to be 😂🤣😂😆

    SR22SIMPILOTSR22SIMPILOT4 månader sedan
  • "fly with no help". meanwhile the pilot starts, taxi's and has to in put....... but you still did good. was this KCLW?

    FlyBoy TroyFlyBoy Troy4 månader sedan
  • Grabbing the yoke like the steering wheel of a car.... lol... without him, you would have crashed

    CaptainRon1913CaptainRon19134 månader sedan
  • with no help?? there’s literally a guy there helping you. no help would be you stealing an airplane and crashing it and we would be watching it on the news with the title florida man thinks he can fly an airplane and crashes.

    goodtogoacegoodtogoace4 månader sedan
  • Look at the wrinkly ass leather on those old seats plus dull paint job plane looks ready for the junkyard

    bobby ray of the family smithbobby ray of the family smith4 månader sedan
  • 2:23 UMM WHAT NOW?

    FookFook4 månader sedan
  • Now if he had jumped into the aircraft without anyone else and took off flew a circuit, then landed, that would be ‘with no help, or maybe steeling a plane.

    cptK737cptK7374 månader sedan
  • haven't watched yet, but I'm laughing already. Goo for itttt

    ken Laneken Lane4 månader sedan
  • You should try and start writing a description in the description box.

    K sweeneyK sweeney4 månader sedan
  • As a pilot, I need to see a 500 shot of NOS in a 172.

    GoldWingGoldWing4 månader sedan