My First 3 Days of C8 Corvette Ownership Were Intense... *bald eagle screech*

3 aug 2020
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Time for some C8 shenanigans. Madi and I really enjoyed our first couple of days with this great car!
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  • Your girlfriend seems so nice man , lucky guy

    Guillaume BGuillaume B9 dagar sedan
  • ''super cool trooper" until he is beating and tazing you because you fit the description,

    Troll. Time.Troll. Time.2 månader sedan
  • 8:28 Cleetus completely misses the Fast & the Furious come back line!

    gmax876gmax8763 månader sedan
  • Family rules lol!

    MC ViegasMC Viegas4 månader sedan
  • She is Identical to Cameron Diaz

  • She is identical to Cameron Diaz

  • Its a penis extender for guys that need it.

    A VaporA Vapor4 månader sedan
  • ive developed a habit of rolling the window down if im leaving my vehicle running when i leave it

    Overdrive1587Overdrive15874 månader sedan
  • Cleetus get in the race against Casey and Rabbit! Let them use the track.

    Jon CJon C4 månader sedan
  • “You cainted your page” 😂

    Andrew ManisavanhAndrew Manisavanh4 månader sedan
  • It was nice that you shared the part with the dozer. I build those in Dubuque, Iowa. Really cool. Love the dogs!

    Jason ConiberJason Coniber4 månader sedan
  • I love the Jimmy Johns cups in a brand new car. My car is an 08 and I still don't eat or drink in it

    Bob McBobbersonBob McBobberson5 månader sedan
  • How the hell dis are looked the keys in the car , my car doesn't let you look it if the key is inside , not even manually

    Alex MartiAlex Marti5 månader sedan
  • Man its nice seeing not just your channel develop but also your life.

    DriftoDrifto5 månader sedan
  • it wasnt the blue vette, it was the blue eyes that got you that warning

    hatterhatter5 månader sedan
  • I am waiting for the lawsuits. Knee caps shattered in unsafe new c8s in low speed fender benders lol any man sized person can fart and smash their knees in that dash.

    Brandon ABrandon A5 månader sedan
  • You lost to a piece of shit minivan? Turn in that C8 right now! LMAO!! What kind of idiot puts 1000hp engine in a beat up old minivan?? Spend the money and get a nice car dude!

    stephen hamedlstephen hamedl5 månader sedan
  • Hey Cleetus just a word of caution! This could happen to you!

    J PolJ Pol5 månader sedan
  • 1st time on your channel, very cool!

    camille cartercamille carter5 månader sedan
  • this dudes just livin' the life of the mullet ..

    Andrew Halliday MusicAndrew Halliday Music5 månader sedan
  • I ordered my c8 waiting for that baby to be delivered to my door cannot wait for it I got it in yellow 💛

    Mansour Killuminati 101Mansour Killuminati 1015 månader sedan
  • I just got pulled for 75 in a 65 with my cruise on 66! Cop is all “we calibrate our radar everyday” Now I KNOW my truck speedo is right because of all those randomly placed speed signs with radars in them So it MUST BE every other radar is wrong and his the only properly calibrated Gun in the state of Texas. Really guys , go look for real issues instead of actually harassing people not doing anything wrong. Here’s my proof to y’all I had my ol’lady in the truck, (which is why I had the cruise set, so she wouldn’t bitch at me) Can’t win fer losin DAMN!

    HEAVYWALL 70HEAVYWALL 705 månader sedan
  • Someone likely said this but on my C6z I cannot lock my keys in very easily. I think there is a setting or something. I am glad to see you excersizing your American right to have a good time while many let it pass them by.

    NY Plantings Garden Designers & Landscape ContractorsNY Plantings Garden Designers & Landscape Contractors5 månader sedan
  • Why not just jack it up in the rear and let it just rack up the miles?

    Andrew McAllisterAndrew McAllister5 månader sedan
  • Why did you not call on star they would of open t for you

    Joe BanyasJoe Banyas5 månader sedan
  • Maddies says it coulda been a twitch. But i say it was a glitch lol i say this because when maddie was trying to show us and figure out how she locked the door it would glitch. Im not sure if yal did that on purpose or not. Im thinking you didnt cause why would you so that makes it weord to me. Maddies talking about a "glitch" in herself and the video has a glitch at the same time. Lol.

    clay mabryclay mabry5 månader sedan
  • Dayyyuuummnn she pretty. And pretty awesome too!

    Gregg BGregg B5 månader sedan
  • your wife smile look like cameron diaz

    name dayname day5 månader sedan
  • C2 Z06 Corvettes could come with a 35 gallon tank, fun fact.

    RatMaroRatMaro5 månader sedan
  • What has my life come too? I'm watching another grown man live his life.

    Rudy TapiaRudy Tapia5 månader sedan
  • Red line changes Immediately bangs red line

    MrNailsMrNails5 månader sedan
  • was cleetus doing pulls before the break in period?

    kenester621kenester6215 månader sedan
  • Not a great Onstar advertisement.

    dustin ericksondustin erickson5 månader sedan
  • was the tpms sensor not working on a brand new car? 😂

    aLLRimmeDouTaLLRimmeDouT5 månader sedan
  • I'm not sure if It's worth mentioning but just in case: Do you turn off your traction and stability control? With those off there's more power directly to the wheels!!!

    Kill Joy DODKill Joy DOD5 månader sedan
  • I bet that mini van wouldn't have beat that 1,000 horsepower GTR

    Xavier EppsXavier Epps5 månader sedan
  • Motor sounds a bit clagged up. You sure you didn't buy it in California? 🤔🙂

    Roost SquidRoost Squid5 månader sedan
  • That new blue color is the hottest for 2021. Sounds amazing! Good luck and enjoy.

    Marlboro M2CMarlboro M2C5 månader sedan
  • what is the name of song at the end of this vid? thx nice ride!

    Moon 216Moon 2165 månader sedan
  • When do we get to go 182?

    ShalmaneserShalmaneser5 månader sedan
  • sell the slowvette c8. it lost to a VAN RIP

    bradley sweatbradley sweat5 månader sedan
  • if this one doest get pushy i could see Garret marryin this one. shes looks like mom material

    Shawnonsens3Shawnonsens35 månader sedan
  • you took it in stride.

    Joseph CollinsJoseph Collins5 månader sedan
  • With the car running you should NOT be able to lock the doors by pushing down on the button. Even my 2012 Toyota avalon, i cannot do that even if i try....

    Courageous DynastyCourageous Dynasty5 månader sedan
  • Yo girl has 🎂 check out her tiktok. @madison.lutz

    Brett BoothBrett Booth5 månader sedan
  • After watching the mini van kill that C8. Makes me want to ask my wife if I can make a few mods to he old mini van!

    Mark ButlerMark Butler5 månader sedan
  • Why can’t Chevy make it to where you can’t lock the keys in the 04 Volvo XC70 the doors automatically unlock when the key is left in the car as soon as they close they Auto Unlock....has saved my several

    David MyersDavid Myers5 månader sedan
  • Leave the keys in the car?

    Ryan HartRyan Hart5 månader sedan
  • Awesome showing people how to breakin the new C8

    KScotty WKScotty W5 månader sedan
  • 31 bucks for a fuel tank? Here in Belgium I pay almost 80 euro's for 55 liters, and the fuel here is cheap at the moment :'(

    Dylan AertsDylan Aerts5 månader sedan
  • 2020 and the car still locks with the key inside?

    Kuya AnthonyKuya Anthony5 månader sedan
  • I’m surprised after he said it hasn’t been broken in yet only 300miles that he didn’t put it on jack stands and set cruise control at 85mph and leave it while you sleep lol it would work and after 5hrs you’d have added 425miles but if you have 300miles already then you’d only need cruise control set at 50mph for 4hrs. Lol I only know this works because I bought a new bike and wouldn’t give full power till breakin so I ratcheted the rear end up underneath my nephews swing set and ran it at 65mph for 5hrs lol

    john martinjohn martin5 månader sedan
  • You know. With the new mustangs you can just download the Ford app and actually turn the car completely off so its unstealable, or unlock it. Don't have to call anyone. It just connects to the car, Ford is superior still

    AbombAbomb5 månader sedan
  • 12:55 Metal tracks AND air conditioning?!?!?!?! What's the point if you don't go deaf and eat 3 lbs of dust by lunch?

    TunäTunä5 månader sedan
  • 11:33 is why i love you Cleeter. I can't wait to show this to my pop he's gonna die laughing!

    TunäTunä5 månader sedan
  • This is why I roll the window down when I leave my car running and step out of it. Make that a habit. Also, after you set up On Star, download the Chevrolet app and you can unlock your car from a phone with the app key fob and a pin. That car looks AMAZING man!!! Let them eagles fly!

    Andrew HigginbothamAndrew Higginbotham5 månader sedan
  • Import Citroen C8 from Europe and make head to head comparison :)

    Riku PerryRiku Perry5 månader sedan
  • From 81 to 130mph damn 500 miles dose unlock HP

    froggers garagefroggers garage5 månader sedan
  • You guys know there's an app to unlock your car right?

    bicdaddybicdaddy5 månader sedan
  • Ya can't fix stupid.

    James StraitJames Strait5 månader sedan
  • I thought they taught cleetus how to do a good c8 burnout

    Steve rebuildsSteve rebuilds5 månader sedan
  • Well you said blueberry so I guess the name is " Terry the Blueberry "

    Fuel and FreedomFuel and Freedom5 månader sedan
  • Loses to the mini van - I need NOS , the big ones and I need it by tonight 🤘

    Fuel and FreedomFuel and Freedom5 månader sedan
  • You drove through Atlanta and didnt stop by do it with dans house

    Dustin OverholtDustin Overholt5 månader sedan
  • Whats the retail on that? More than you can afford. Like really mate? HA HA AHA HA.

    Gary LaaksGary Laaks5 månader sedan
  • cleet, you need to marry that girl

    taylor martintaylor martin5 månader sedan
  • See the dogs? Hey, this is not the Fasterproms-channel... ^_^

    UncleManuelUncleManuel5 månader sedan
  • 2:10 that still happens on a 2020 car? My 2004 golf doesnt allow that to happen lmfao

    UnknownUnknown5 månader sedan
  • Have to look up Corvette "tanker" it's a 1963 zo6 with I think a 40gallon tank? Someone will correct me if I'm wrong. But I'm sure that's the biggest tank in a Corvette.

    Z287899Z2878995 månader sedan
  • Never seen a Corvette level up before.

    BlackwaterBlackwater5 månader sedan
  • cleetus got himself a girl with botox lips lmfao

    brandon jacksonbrandon jackson5 månader sedan
  • As a St. Louis resident, you got lucky with that state boy. They don’t hand out warnings lol

    cory beckmanncory beckmann5 månader sedan
  • Maddy needs a Murica Hemit

    Bill BauerBill Bauer5 månader sedan
  • Wow! How typically American engineering. My 4 year old Corolla won't lock if the keys are even laying in the seat.

    robopamrobopam5 månader sedan
  • Awesome machine ! Chevrolet Corvette ! I want one too. 😀 👍

    72 Stroker Shovelhead72 Stroker Shovelhead5 månader sedan
  • Did anyone else hear “You kainted your page”?? When he saw the minivan

    TrackMuscle 320TrackMuscle 3205 månader sedan
  • My bad you answered the question for me after I watched a little

    Allen MessmerAllen Messmer5 månader sedan
  • Can't you just call OnStar and they unlock it for you ?

    Allen MessmerAllen Messmer5 månader sedan
  • minivan is hilarious, but it looks like when the boost comes on he instantly finds himself on the chip. Maybe taller gearing if he has that much power.

    ortcloud99ortcloud995 månader sedan
  • I’m surprised the average gas mileage

    Michael HoffmanMichael Hoffman5 månader sedan
  • 7.42 he said he "cainted the page" who else caught that?

    RickeyRickey5 månader sedan
  • uh oh

    Loud Mike MediaLoud Mike Media5 månader sedan
  • Hey Fin, we're waiting for the test of the kevlar shorts!

    ryfish5ryfish55 månader sedan
  • Madi is absolutely perfect for you. Happy you found her brother!

    TERA NATIONTERA NATION5 månader sedan
  • Should have just called the onboard GM on star. They would have unlocked the doors without you have to damage the car.

    RichBoy572RichBoy5725 månader sedan
  • Say bruhh, let me get a pair of those glasses youre always wearing, sonny?!!

    Terrell ChapmanTerrell Chapman5 månader sedan
  • Fin yellow Camaro vs cletus's blue C8 Corvette give it some likes if we should make it happen

    Dana BestDana Best5 månader sedan
  • One of your tires must be missing according to the pressure indicators. LOL

    Lori MastLori Mast5 månader sedan
  • I like it how Finn said " It's today the day?" hahahaha

    driojaldriojal5 månader sedan
  • Maddy seems like a natural for the camera lol

    Herbie FPVHerbie FPV5 månader sedan
  • Seems like you and boosted boys are getting the political adds not cool ,Love your content very much. Wish political adds could stay away from youall.

    Thomas WaldorfThomas Waldorf5 månader sedan
  • I gotta say in Maddie’s defense. That lock button looks like it is too easy to accidentally hit.

    Toni ColesToni Coles5 månader sedan
  • A smart developed car, can not get locked if the key is in the car. lol

    Tor the tame badgerTor the tame badger5 månader sedan
  • Your gf is gonna bring the best content I can see it already... "First C8 on fire in a carwash" 😂

    Coach DeonCoach Deon5 månader sedan
  • so official name of the C8 is "Blueberry" nice!!!

    Chad BarnettChad Barnett5 månader sedan
  • Man I wrecked my 350z today fin hydroplaned

    bennett thomasbennett thomas5 månader sedan
    • Totaled gonna try and pull the engine put it into a chassy

      bennett thomasbennett thomas5 månader sedan
  • Luke Bryan making an appearance at 1:00

    ZRBIKESZRBIKES5 månader sedan
  • y don't u just call onstar

    Tim CroweTim Crowe5 månader sedan
  • Honda/ Honda Van's are literally your kryptonite

  • Nothing but looks ,and it hardly has that !!! SMH!!!!!

    joe frojoe fro5 månader sedan