7.5 Second Twin Turbo Nova CALLS OUT Ruby!!! (Loser Sprints 5 Laps at the Freedom Factory)

6 dec 2020
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Ol Jackstand Jimmy called me out, let's see what Ruby can do!
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  • get you a girl that runs back to the trailer to give you congrats

    theGREEK7887theGREEK78876 dagar sedan
  • *_Try to add more boost so Ruby spins a little on the launch instead of hooking right away and pulling a huge wheelie!_*

    JaybruhhJaybruhh6 dagar sedan
  • A reason the boost keeps climbing could be the Position of the wastage Causing it not to function and allow the boost to keep climbing? Just a constructive thought

  • I came to the channel for the skids and the boost but I stayed for Maddi 😍

    Drapp EnnenDrapp Ennen9 dagar sedan
  • Maddy is straight gorgeous bro.

    VisualVelocityVisualVelocity19 dagar sedan
  • this guys parants for sure siblings

    marko stankovicmarko stankovic19 dagar sedan
  • Man you cut that tree like a Pro Tree Surgeon! .03 is NO joke! 🙌

    Yiannis IoannouYiannis Ioannou19 dagar sedan
  • no more night shifts i subbed

    Josh LovesJosh Loves20 dagar sedan
  • can you race hoonigan in his 1965mustang

    thisguy177thisguy17721 dag sedan
  • How did James lose with a faster time

    Vigilante PotatoVigilante Potato21 dag sedan
  • Hell of a run brother

    Brandon CuddBrandon Cudd22 dagar sedan
  • Ruby vs hoonicorn

    Luis MaciasLuis Macias23 dagar sedan
  • Can Ruby make the boost to get into the 7.0's as is, or will twin turbos be in the next version?

    Bill KoskieBill Koskie23 dagar sedan
  • Wow! What a hell of a pass brother and no wheelie excellent.👌🎉💪👏

    Serge BasqueSerge Basque23 dagar sedan
  • L

    Joey EthridgeJoey Ethridge24 dagar sedan
  • She's so bubbly oh, she has a great personality and seems very sweet! Where did you find her Cletus??? I need to find me a good woman like her!!! Does she have a twin sister? Lmao 😎👍 I don't know if you seen the comment I left on one of your other videos the day before yesterday, where I said I want to see you take Leroy and race against Ken Block's hoonigan car!! Which is now faster, Ruby or Leroy? I haven't been watching like I used to, because I've had a lot going on.

    Roy PattersonRoy Patterson24 dagar sedan

    MacdaddyMacdaddy24 dagar sedan

    MacdaddyMacdaddy24 dagar sedan
  • Your ex-girlfriend was a trophy wife. This one is an M&M (Marriage Material).

    machinismachinis24 dagar sedan

    Hong KieHong Kie25 dagar sedan
    • cleetus is using a 1000hp c6, ken block is using a 1400hp 1965 ford mustang. The hoonicorn weighs less, has more HP and is AWD, Ken block has been racing almost anything with wheels and even gives sports cars a head start and he still wins. at this point i wish Ken would race something close to his specs

      Phillip KraussPhillip Krauss22 dagar sedan
  • I don't know much about drag racing, but how at 14:40 did the losing car post a faster time?

    stig1782stig178225 dagar sedan
  • 16:09 is that a supra

    The buck wild Mountain crewThe buck wild Mountain crew26 dagar sedan
  • Dude, that RT was on point.

    andrewt248andrewt24826 dagar sedan
  • Clickbait !!

    Bret TrunzoBret Trunzo26 dagar sedan
  • Inconspicuous volvo 240 in the background 1:30

    Johannes van RossenJohannes van Rossen26 dagar sedan
  • Can you race against the hoonicorn

    Joshua PsalmJoshua Psalm26 dagar sedan
  • I need Ruby vs Hoonicorn.........or now the Nova vs Hoonicorn :D

    • Nahh. The track is jot prepped and Hoonicorn is 4 wheel drive which gives it the advantage. Ruby will spin the tires all the way.

      DriftoDrifto25 dagar sedan
  • Why does 7.599 beat 7.571 thought the lowest ET wins. I only been to the track 1 time years ago.

    TheMowertech1TheMowertech127 dagar sedan
  • If you watch closely at the lights changing to green he takes off at yellow right before it hits green it doesn’t count if he cheated, no one noticed cause the car fast af

    TheyHate NoLifeTheyHate NoLife27 dagar sedan
  • tree'd the hell out of him.

    Justin ParfreyJustin Parfrey28 dagar sedan
  • I have a stupid question. How could Cleetus win with 7.59 seconds, when the other guy had a faster time (7.57)? I found this video by accident, so I don't really understand this. Can someone explain this to me, please?

    Jecky's GamingJecky's Gaming28 dagar sedan
  • Man that TREE!

    ArturArtur29 dagar sedan
  • Hell ya Brother

    Xotiic RetakesXotiic Retakes29 dagar sedan
  • 14:45 for the race itself but u can see he takes off as the light turns yellow and the guy in the nova waits till its green but that gave him a major advantage to the take off i recon he could’ve won that it’s frustrates me

    BnamrusBnamrusMånad sedan
  • At first I thought he jumped but looked back and it’s perfect Timing

    Esecuh chrisEsecuh chrisMånad sedan
  • Idc ruby jumped that light

    Blake StobbBlake StobbMånad sedan
  • Is it just me or when he went it slowmo he jumps ?? But the thang get down

    Rami SaeedRami SaeedMånad sedan
  • Called out the car he built....lol

    STASTAMånad sedan
  • If you don’t marry her Garrett you are fu##ing up buddy She is toooooooo sweet

    Adam SpencerAdam SpencerMånad sedan
  • 1) Will you build YOUR kingdom and serve yourself as you prop yourself up. 2) Will you serve God and submit to His Kingdom. Serving others than yourself. Get to know Jesus before it is too late. 8)

    Jeremy RobbinsJeremy RobbinsMånad sedan
  • Ruby vs hoonicorn 🤪

    OneRandomOsuPlayerOneRandomOsuPlayerMånad sedan
  • Congratulation on that time. You have worked hard for that.

    Just Harry JohnsonJust Harry JohnsonMånad sedan
  • As you watch the run with the view back towards Cleetus and an over the back shoulder window view you can see the point where Cleetus pulled on him dropped him out of side view and we never saw him again. For your channel I think runs like this deserve a rear view cam aimed at catching behind the car and the opponent. Aimable left or right dependent on lane. Then inset bottom corner of edited footage. Like a space X rocket run front and rear cameras so you can see everything happening to the car ie exhaust indicating fuel burn, rubber patch indicating tire hook up etc.. as well as a shot of your car sweetly pulling away from your competitors.

    Rod HammackRod HammackMånad sedan
  • dude you need to race the hoonicorn

    Shaolin masterShaolin masterMånad sedan
  • You did not win because you was slower in the timeing so why celebrate

    tracey pottstracey pottsMånad sedan
  • Like I said elsewhere on the internet, Chevere Novia means "Cool Girlfriend" in Spanish.

    TM PTM PMånad sedan
  • he jumped it

    Hayden KapoorHayden KapoorMånad sedan
  • Drag races always confuse me for some reason. I guess I'm stuck thinking faster is the winner but it must not be that simple. 7.571 is faster than 7.599 but still loses? Enlighten me friends 😅

    EternalLibidoEternalLibidoMånad sedan
    • First to cross the line wins. Cleetus reacted faster so even though he took longer to go down the track he still finished first.

      Samuel W DrakeSamuel W DrakeMånad sedan
  • Please explain how a 7.59 beats a 7.57 not trying to be a dick I just dont understand. Nova even went faster 184 to a 179

    Richard CollinsRichard CollinsMånad sedan
    • Because your et clock doesnt start until you start to move. He would have won but cleet got the hit. If the guy in the nova didnt sleep at the light, he would have had it.

      Brutus ChapmanBrutus ChapmanMånad sedan
  • Try. To. Get. Eninge. At. The. Highest. Rpm,,,,,,,,,,,,',,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2 step

    Laurie RussettLaurie RussettMånad sedan
  • @5:24 That snap back to reality look he got just says it all when it comes to Ruby's power.

    Deloss92Deloss92Månad sedan
  • Poor Maddi, she was running laps back and forth this whole video xD

    BeepisBeepisMånad sedan
  • ruby or leeroy vs hoonicorn ken block, make it happen

    Rolly MoraRolly MoraMånad sedan
  • They must of had y'all parked in the weeds didn't even see y'all there

    captlucky 23captlucky 23Månad sedan
  • Can we get Maddie in a race car 👀👀

    GapahGapahMånad sedan
  • So many people not even 6ix feet just crazy🙄🖕🏼

    master of reviews #1master of reviews #1Månad sedan
  • You know you had a good reaction time when you cut a better tree than the lumberjack ol Jackstand Jim Bob

    kshepthedrummerkshepthedrummerMånad sedan
  • Best two out of three?

    akelkhunterakelkhunterMånad sedan
  • You jumped

    joshua trimblejoshua trimbleMånad sedan
  • Personally I totally disagree with taking power out to keep from doing wheelies. My approach would be to keep the power right at the limits of traction and deal with wheelies by optimizing shock rebound, ride height (lowering the car does a great job reducing wheelies), suspension geometry, CoG, etc. Ideally you want the tires at the limit of traction for as much of the run as possible, while the front tires are just touching the ground (just off the ground here and there). Does Rubie still have the battery in the trunk? Is there any weight you could remove from the rear?

    Slider68Slider68Månad sedan
  • “I don’t think it’s going to wheelie” Madi’s eyes roll in the back of her head 😂😂

    hoiy vinosahoiy vinosaMånad sedan
  • So cool to see the close circle of Cleet is always growing

    Chance HerriageChance HerriageMånad sedan
  • You have been killing that tree lately Cleet. Great job!!! LETTS GOOOOO!!!

    Jason HuxleyJason HuxleyMånad sedan
  • Does james not work for cletus now

    mexadankus !mexadankus !Månad sedan
  • Front left lug missing???

    Let's Talk RacecarLet's Talk RacecarMånad sedan
    • whole heartedly and having a blast making memories. So good bro. Sooooo good.

      hoiy vinosahoiy vinosaMånad sedan
  • LOL!!!!!!!

  • 5:25 he didnt even expect it to hook that well

    Donnie’s CommuteDonnie’s CommuteMånad sedan
  • We need a I ain’t yo bitch tshirt with Ruby barely off the floor

    el guerroel guerroMånad sedan
  • I miss coop. Why did he have to go create his own channel

    Jamm SpurginJamm SpurginMånad sedan
  • I love her... Her smile is so infectious!!! Good choice Cleet

    MichaelMichaelMånad sedan
  • 3:31... I can only hope someone was dropping a duce in the porta potty.

    Andrew WinterAndrew WinterMånad sedan
  • Cleetus: "Maddie, just put a safe A to B tune in her" Maddie: "All the fuel, All the timing, and ALL the boost, got it"

    miko foinmiko foinMånad sedan
  • She didn't even want to open that laptop 🤣🤣

    pocky 222pocky 222Månad sedan
  • What is that a flame retardant suit? And then no gloves? What's that all about? Wouldn't want to own those hands if he wrecks.

    GaryLordsWayMinistryGaryLordsWayMinistryMånad sedan
  • Now that was a good race! Cleetus you are really getting it down in Ruby!

    Jeff SchmittJeff SchmittMånad sedan
    • @miko foin he didn't jump, he just cut a damn good tree.

      Jeff SchmittJeff SchmittMånad sedan
    • Did anyone else see Cleetus jump or is it chase is a race?

      miko foinmiko foinMånad sedan
  • So did James and Cooper go on their own, leave Cleetus? Seems like his gf is the only one always there now.

    jjmunozjrjjmunozjrMånad sedan
    • Cooper did, but James didn't.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 2Månad sedan
  • Damn good race!! And good job on that tune Cleeter seater alt belt eater!!

    Euro ShaneEuro ShaneMånad sedan
  • 12:45 Maddy has that sun glowing around her looking down on Cleeter and smiling like she's some kinda angel. You guys really are livin the dream, supporting one another whole heartedly and having a blast making memories. So good bro. Sooooo good.

    Torq Hub MediaTorq Hub MediaMånad sedan
  • Coop doesn't look happy

    Patrick McManusPatrick McManusMånad sedan
  • Imagine taking a dump and ruby hits two step 😂😂😂

    dhomevideosdhomevideosMånad sedan
  • D.t. helmet mod was on point

    Michaels_WorldMichaels_WorldMånad sedan
  • Maddie = keeper

    Kelly GreenhoeKelly GreenhoeMånad sedan
  • lol

    charles bryantcharles bryantMånad sedan
  • “12lbs a boost a little more then I wanted so.....we’re just gonna leave it there” lmaooo love it, keep on keepin on brother! 🤙🏼🤙🏼💪🏼💪🏼

    tspectuningtspectuningMånad sedan
  • Cleetus has been working on his reaction time as we can all see in the video

    chris girardchris girardMånad sedan
  • Thats the wheelies i was talking about at 14.30 , that the hight you need your wheely bar to hit the ground

    derek boivinderek boivinMånad sedan
  • success you two can share. Also this race was such a win win. Whenever 'Ol Cleeter and James race, it doesn't matter who finishes first, it's a win for both, and for the viewer

    pida siouypida siouyMånad sedan
  • Cleet jumped strait up James won that all day man

    Patrick OlbergPatrick OlbergMånad sedan
  • Bro you lost you jumped your a cheater

    Patrick OlbergPatrick OlbergMånad sedan
    • No he's not: seworld.info/will/q2mYutS2Zoqpmnk/video

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 2Månad sedan
  • Did anyone else see Cleetus jump or is it chase is a race?

    matthew dollmatthew dollMånad sedan
    • @Flat4Buggy 2 Gotcha, forgot this was track racing and not street racing lol

      matthew dollmatthew dollMånad sedan
    • You're allowed to go before green. As long as you don't break the start beam (Which is a few inches away from the staging beams) before the light turns green.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 2Månad sedan
    • Put on wheelie bars!!

      pida siouypida siouyMånad sedan
  • See you in January at the world street nationals

    Robert RichardRobert RichardMånad sedan
  • Maddie's support and excitement looking at Cleeters time slip is so lovely!

    ratykatratykatMånad sedan
  • Why is James in another car been gone for a while?

    Gerald KlumpGerald KlumpMånad sedan
    • Leroy is down right now, (Waiting on a new transmission) Cleetus was racing Ruby and There wasn't a no time class for James to race his 240 in.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 2Månad sedan
  • “i ain’t no bitch” lol this is the first time i hear him curse

    EJ RPKEJ RPKMånad sedan
  • Tell the doc I subscribed but to keep the job. Merica

    Kevin HensdillKevin HensdillMånad sedan
  • Get that tree cleet

    hagerhog118hagerhog118Månad sedan
  • Maddie the moped. New shop toy. Talk to that dude with the other dyno channel, you know that dude with ricer miata

    hagerhog118hagerhog118Månad sedan
  • Cleet!!! Your a G. Pulling face shield down half track

    hagerhog118hagerhog118Månad sedan
  • Treed his ass. 🏎💨💨💨💨💨💨

    Douglas TurnerDouglas TurnerMånad sedan
  • You could've put that box of Mountain Dew down in front of that radiator and it will serve two purposes, it will greatly help keep that front end down on the launch and also cool the air down to the point that could indeed freeze that intake. lol ;-)

    Andrew OsborneAndrew OsborneMånad sedan