We Put Drag Racing Slicks on Our 900 Horsepower NASCAR Truck!!! (IT HOOKS!)

13 aug 2020
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Bout time the Dale Truck gets some use, let's see how it handles these drag slicks!
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  • 12:28 *_WOAHHH. IS THAT A SUPRA?!_*

    JaybruhhJaybruhhMånad sedan
  • What size wheel/tire is on the front?

    Marc MiramontezMarc MiramontezMånad sedan
  • U need a head start and maybe u might pull a win

    LJ FLAMEZLJ FLAMEZ2 månader sedan
  • God that thing sounds like an animal!

    A Bloke on a TRXA Bloke on a TRX4 månader sedan
  • Let’s be honest who still has toast merch

    09 Shrimpboy09 Shrimpboy4 månader sedan
  • Let’s go man so happy to catch up I was in the hospital for 2 months and couldn’t watch any videos I’m out now and binge watching lol

    Chris MartinChris Martin4 månader sedan
  • That R8 is basically a Gallardo in a suit, so I mean....nothing to complain about there, that was damn impressive.

    Connar ComstockConnar Comstock4 månader sedan
  • Cleetus get in the race against Casey and Rabbit! FOR DALE!!

    Jon CJon C4 månader sedan
  • After watching the C8 against the R8. I can say I can’t wait for the Z06 or the ZR1/ZORA

    Dilawar LutfiDilawar Lutfi4 månader sedan
  • That scat shirt is sick especially with JH flying and all.

    DriftoDrifto5 månader sedan
  • Cleetus gets a new car First thing he does : *PUT THE HOOD DOWN*

    JockiezzJockiezz5 månader sedan
  • Monicaaaaaa!

    Canavaro_Canavaro_5 månader sedan
  • Dammit Garrett, one would think a guy taller than I am would get some LT and XLT long sleeve shirts. I hate long sleeves that make it look like I am wearing one of them 3/4 sleeve baseball shirts. C'mon.....lookout for us giraffes....

    ThePeopleVerseThePeopleVerse5 månader sedan
  • Its been nice seeing all the cars clean and shinny for a change lol

    John SmithJohn Smith5 månader sedan
  • would look sick with an adjustable anti drag spoiler.

    gingin5 månader sedan
  • That steering wheel is way too close to your chest

    Kareem BishopKareem Bishop5 månader sedan
  • What motor is In a nascar truck?

    Kade BradyKade Brady5 månader sedan

    nowr2runnowr2run5 månader sedan
  • Santiago Fernández y

    Santiago FernándezSantiago Fernández5 månader sedan
  • I’ll take a Ford GT

    wingnut8535wingnut85355 månader sedan
  • Put a hood on that dry fit and we in biz-nass!

    Marklar manMarklar man5 månader sedan
  • Really wish you chose the Galaxie for race week.

    T BT B5 månader sedan
  • Cleetus Mcyeetus

    MechnTech BeauMechnTech Beau5 månader sedan
  • The tire still looks mean lol

    Joe GiulianoJoe Giuliano5 månader sedan
  • i just got my tunnel ram set up for 68 pu with a stroked 454 in it . still has the stock trans 400 turbo that last 2 sec. but have a pro built 400 heavy duty trans to put in it pulled it out of a motor home then had it built the trans u start with makes a big different check out some motor homes they have killer engine and trans to start with saves a lot of money on the build most gm models have a 4 inch stroke on a 454 ho engine the trans has the over sized pump heavy clutch plate the engine i got steel crank with heavy rods only 10 to 1 need to bump it up to 13 to 1 for the tunnel ram no lower the 12 to 1 plus they have the high flow heads plus external trans cooler , oil cooler . power steering cooler helps with hydraulic ass. breaks and high quality lines best part the motor home was free with only 6000 miles on it because a tree fell on it then i just got another one for free but this one has 38,000 miles on it with a 79 cheyenne short box 4x4 in mint condition sat in a shop for years just had to clean the carb and new fuel pump and the filter full option truck 400 sb with 400 turbo low miles under 35,000 and even the paint is mint just an ugly color green but for free to bad ur not on the west coast i have a lot of rust free rigs i think about 30 pu's ford and chevy rust free just sitting not counting all the cars i have my own personal wrecking yard i have 2 perfect cabs for 67 to 72 chevy pu

    jeffrey hollenbeckjeffrey hollenbeck5 månader sedan
  • You guys should start ‘auctioning’ off old used parts. Put it back into the cars/track or even pick a charity...

    Chris McGrawChris McGraw5 månader sedan
  • Hey Cleeter you sure as hell arent gonna be comfortable going cross country but its nice to see the Dale truck getting more mods. Quick idea though, maybe have one of the boys, aka Cooper take the Galaxy for next year instead of sitting lavish in a new Mustang?......Just an idea.........

    Dakota LenziDakota Lenzi5 månader sedan
  • Paint that M/T Yellow!!!

    gerekappogerekappo5 månader sedan
  • What happen to the old Turner from profab?

    Rick GilbertRick Gilbert5 månader sedan
  • Am I the only one who wants to see the dale truck drifting

    RustyTunedRustyTuned5 månader sedan
  • Brother that steering wheel position looks so uncomfortable

    Ogreckner RyzaogOgreckner Ryzaog5 månader sedan
  • That steering wheel placement looks stupid uncomfortable

    kris joneskris jones5 månader sedan
  • Is that’s a SUPRA!?!? @12:29 ???

    Sam533Sam5335 månader sedan
  • Corvette, my favorite over any 'Supercar' I just love them.

    Cool NameCool Name5 månader sedan
  • That's it ? No time slips?

    GrimmNastyyGrimmNastyy5 månader sedan
  • Flattening that rear wing ought to be good for a couple of tenths too. Looking good boys!

    Bo MBo M5 månader sedan
  • Looks like Cooper needs some new glasses!

    Dave WynneDave Wynne5 månader sedan
  • Do it for DALE!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇲🇺🇸🇺🇲🇺🇸🇺🇲🇺🇸🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅

    Whitehorse2V _Whitehorse2V _5 månader sedan
  • dont talk it up Cleet the c8 is slow and you know it

    BrendonBrendon5 månader sedan
  • FFWD to 8:20 for truck content.

    Nick FayNick Fay5 månader sedan
  • I would love to see how Cleetus keeps a straight face trying to tell his insurance agent that his cars are stock!

    keith hendershottkeith hendershott5 månader sedan
  • I would make a way to have window's.

  • I bet when the c8z comes out it’ll beat the r8

    Alex FannAlex Fann5 månader sedan
  • JH lost some weight

    Luke AlecksonLuke Aleckson5 månader sedan
  • Please get into supercars.

    Andrew NadlerAndrew Nadler5 månader sedan
  • Damn dude, 1300 miles in that seat with your knees in your nose?

    Jake LakotaJake Lakota5 månader sedan
  • @12:29 "Is tHaT a SUPRA!?"

    SpiffyZSpiffyZ5 månader sedan
  • Add some exhaust cut outs to a muffler might enjoy ride more then

    tntrucker 598tntrucker 5985 månader sedan
  • James there's spider webs on the passenger side of the dale truck 🤯

    Richard PanekRichard Panek5 månader sedan
  • Poor Dale Truck ! Man, having spider webs ?? Ho no ! someone let George got this sick dust and webs out of that emblem !

    ForAl lMankindForAl lMankind5 månader sedan
  • You have to put a skinny on that thing

    like amanlike aman5 månader sedan
  • Was waiting for you to say "noooo Monica" at 3:50

    James AtkinsonJames Atkinson5 månader sedan
  • I remember having a model of the sale truck so it’s pretty freaking awesome to see this on the channel

    Carter DecampCarter Decamp5 månader sedan
  • I don’t understand why they don’t just run a thermostat in the Dale truck?? Or if they are already running one why it’s not doing it’s job of getting the truck up to temp?

    Drew SeibertDrew Seibert5 månader sedan
  • Chevy needed to put some more ass in that vette

    Chaz RuizChaz Ruiz5 månader sedan
  • Noooo Monica!

    Rey MegladonRey Megladon5 månader sedan
  • Also that Audi is a V10 all wheel drive.

    masskilla469masskilla4695 månader sedan
  • You dare sully the #3 Dale truck. Respect lost

    DJ SandmanDJ Sandman5 månader sedan
  • Steering wheels and shift knobs... brings me back to the days of my first DIY ‘upgrades’ as a teen.

    Jacob IgelJacob Igel5 månader sedan
  • God she sounds good.

    Amit SinghAmit Singh5 månader sedan
  • She looks great.

    Amit SinghAmit Singh5 månader sedan

    Jensen and VanessaJensen and Vanessa5 månader sedan
  • The C8 is awesome!!! What ppls don't ever mention about it is that it has a "heads up display" for the windshield!!!! W0o0o0o0oo0!!!! For those of you that don't know what a "heads up display" is; It's like a racing game's HUD that reflects off the windshield glass, and the effect is a holographic speedometer / tachometer that looks like its floating over the hood of your car!!! It doesn't sound like much but It's soooo cool!!!! (My Camaro has one) They really need to put that on more cars!!! The Future is now!!! :D

    Kill Joy DODKill Joy DOD5 månader sedan
    • Kill Joy DOD Ok.

      IcutmetalIcutmetal5 månader sedan
    • @Icutmetal "And?"? And it adds to safety!! You don't need to look down to see if you're going over 100Mph!!! W0o0o0o0oo00oo0!!!

      Kill Joy DODKill Joy DOD5 månader sedan
    • And?

      IcutmetalIcutmetal5 månader sedan
  • spray paint yelow the logos on the drag tires

    thiago lopesthiago lopes5 månader sedan
  • So hear me out. 8 to 1 on the c8

    Nate DeitchlerNate Deitchler5 månader sedan
  • Gotta love Cletter yelling, "c'mon c8"

    Eric SamuelsonEric Samuelson5 månader sedan
  • Gonna need some spare axles clet

    AxeO SteelAxeO Steel5 månader sedan
  • wish my fat ass could fit in a c8 lol

    Rich AllisonRich Allison5 månader sedan
  • Need to get in there with a death wheel and the welding machine and get that stearing wheel out of your lap...lol....looks like a real pain for your tall ass to drive.

    Lance KitchenLance Kitchen5 månader sedan
  • Wonder how many HP those custom racing Cob webs at to the Dale Truck.

    BC FireVidsBC FireVids5 månader sedan
  • The retro shirt looks great!

    Caleb RyanCaleb Ryan5 månader sedan
  • I’m guessing at a 9:40

    Andrew MackayAndrew Mackay5 månader sedan
  • How he get so rich

    Tyler KingsmoreTyler Kingsmore5 månader sedan
    • By becoming popular on SEworld.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 25 månader sedan
  • You should take your cars and race team Memphis Street outlaws

    Bichard MorenoBichard Moreno5 månader sedan
  • F.cking A mate dale truck got some real shoes . Should hook and book send it .

    Jared THISDELLEJared THISDELLE5 månader sedan
  • okay.. those edits at the beginning were good as hell😂😂

    Trenton KimbroughTrenton Kimbrough5 månader sedan
  • That C8 is very impressive...

    David OutlawDavid Outlaw5 månader sedan
  • The C8 should be named Sadie.

    Bryan ConnerBryan Conner5 månader sedan
  • Nice Transitions lol

    Christopher TrahanChristopher Trahan5 månader sedan
  • I think you shoulda done the galaxie. NASCAR's are for turning, but the galaxie is something you don't see everyday

    StutterPunkStutterPunk5 månader sedan
  • MPI, that's a Max Papis steering wheel! Cleetus and Mad Max together!

    Allen LAllen L5 månader sedan
  • I've always thought that the word "NASCAR" referred to the sanctioning body, not the actual vehicles. Aren't they called stock cars, or stockers, or Craftsman trucks, or Nationwide cars, or ?

    Miles RainsMiles Rains5 månader sedan
    • and you'd be correct.. it's just "stock cars", and "trucks" given the truck series never started in a stock form like the stock cars did pre 1990's.

      sirmonkeysirmonkey5 månader sedan
  • when we gonna get more sunglasses options!?

    Devon GentryDevon Gentry5 månader sedan
  • Tried to order some shirts 2 days later and they are out of stock. What the hell BROTHER! hahahah

    driojaldriojal5 månader sedan
    • When they're advertised on the channel, they sell out quick.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 25 månader sedan
  • Just add a little power to the c8

    Michael HaigMichael Haig5 månader sedan
  • Tell that 88 that chase is his daddy.Lets go 9

    markdaforthmarkdaforth5 månader sedan
  • just block off that rad with a file folder, works every time.

    GasdrinkerGasdrinker5 månader sedan
  • Well hell I think you need to get rid of that new car cause that new c8 corvette isn't that fast it got beat by a Audi r8 and got beat by a Honda minivan

    Nick FreemanNick Freeman5 månader sedan
  • people have been breaking axles on the c8. So you beef up the axles so they don't break, but wouldn't that just make something further up the power train break? Are there even transmission options for that yet?

    matthew andersonmatthew anderson5 månader sedan
  • The nascar truck looks tough with the drag tires 👌👌

    Josh KendallJosh Kendall5 månader sedan
  • love your c8!! perfect color, i need one in my life!

    Brittany ReillyBrittany Reilly5 månader sedan
  • We need Cleetus masks and neck gaiters.

    Rob AscherRob Ascher5 månader sedan
  • cleetus shirts are gay

    AA5 månader sedan
  • Rwd will never beat awd haha

    Psilo CapPsilo Cap5 månader sedan
  • Dale truck road racing would be nice to see too

    xXKRYRXxxXKRYRXx5 månader sedan
  • C8 did pretty well against a car double it’s price!

    nick stuartnick stuart5 månader sedan
  • Man that thing would be so cool ripping on circle and road tracks. Why drag race it lol

    Psychedelic CodesPsychedelic Codes5 månader sedan
    • You do realize this is the man who drifts hovercrafts across the lawn, right ??? He crosses over everything man!

      Phillip GPhillip G5 månader sedan
  • Toast is in a game? Did you know? Burnout masters! Yep!

    Kent MarlettKent Marlett5 månader sedan
    • Yes. Cleetus mentioned it before they went to Summernats.

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 25 månader sedan
  • that truck sounds great ,dam it son ..get out the way we are laying down some rubber today...

    Buddy StringerBuddy Stringer5 månader sedan
  • Fix to swedish textning on your videos!

    Robin FribergRobin Friberg5 månader sedan