Donnie Gets a Built Transmission, ROLL CAGE, Axles, Shifter, and More!!! Extreme LS Fest Prep!

11 sep 2020
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  • who else wants to see the elco build start? :D

    blake ganiereblake ganiere3 månader sedan
  • 9:30 is that a Supra?!?

    RickyTRickyT3 månader sedan
  • Eventually cleetus will have every gen of corvette

    Jack PleusJack Pleus3 månader sedan
  • What's that? a fire rescue fan boat?...

    Derick StarrDerick Starr3 månader sedan
  • Cleetus still little tip learn drift with out using all times that handbrake you will learn it fast how to keep gas and front brakes and transist streering in left to right fast way

    Broo_shBroo_sh4 månader sedan
  • Now based on being outgunned, when does Donnie get some turbskies ???? Maybe a 427 and actually fit the turbos under the hood? :)

    Tory M BlueTory M Blue4 månader sedan
  • Y'all should get a beat up C4 and enter a Le Mons race. Team Freedom Hell yeah brother!

    Z06RacerZ06Racer4 månader sedan
  • So do C5's not have drive shafts?

    Don HiginsonDon Higinson4 månader sedan
  • I’m sure RPM transmissions and Texas Speed keep a Cleetus Inventory on hand.

    MJM’s WorkshopMJM’s Workshop4 månader sedan
  • Let's just pretend rpm transmissions doesn't build spares for when Cleeter calls.

    Kenny KellyKenny Kelly4 månader sedan
  • I called it Ruby blew the tires off during race week because of the solid mounts

    Jason PhillipsJason Phillips4 månader sedan
  • And thanks to James for GETTIN IT DONE SON! yee yee

    k5ryannck5ryannc4 månader sedan
  • Just seeing how smooth that first couple shifts were made me smile haha

    Jonathan SittonJonathan Sitton4 månader sedan
  • make sure when you slide the forks in to the pallet that you go all the way in. you need to put that pallet tight against the back cage.

    T V RT V R4 månader sedan
  • Hell yeah brother

    Mikel EllsaesserMikel Ellsaesser4 månader sedan
  • This is my first comment and to tell you the truth brother i am a huge fan. I have "The Mullet Bullet" 1991 Pontiac Firebird and my dream is to one day meet you and send some eagles free 😎🦅🇺🇸💪

    Alex ChambersAlex Chambers4 månader sedan
  • if you own a Hyster and dont put that S on it to make it a Shyster, are you even an operator?

    CanuckCanuck4 månader sedan
  • What happened to the stacker trailer?

    BJ JongejanBJ Jongejan4 månader sedan
  • 3:19 "Is that a supra???"🤣🤣

    Jacob TJacob T4 månader sedan
  • legit though leroy was in the background at the start, flexing them bimmer rims

    H DH D4 månader sedan
  • 9:28 IS THAT A SUPRA!?!?

    StanceArmy JimmyStanceArmy Jimmy4 månader sedan
  • Please no more political ads

    Rick AndersonRick Anderson4 månader sedan
  • How you feeling? Better than that handbrake!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ryan StaceyRyan Stacey4 månader sedan
  • did ol cleeter get a new boat? thought he was selling everything? 9:17

    Daniel HouseDaniel House4 månader sedan
  • Cooper saying what we're all thinking when he says RPM saw Cleetus get Donnie and started gathering parts lol

    Matthew KirklandMatthew Kirkland4 månader sedan
  • I saw an East lake fire rescue hovercraft??

    Chrisp BaconChrisp Bacon4 månader sedan
  • There is an Aussie throwing you a challenge 1st 4 second pass Hell Yair Aussie Aussie Aussie Cheers Budgy Australia 🍻👍

    Paul EasterbrookPaul Easterbrook4 månader sedan
  • "While we got our boy Donnie apart, might as well put some axles in her.." Damn it, Cleeter! Assuming gender and can't even stick with one.

    Lee ManningLee Manning4 månader sedan
  • I don't know why you guys bother to buy cars. You know you eventually need to replace everything so why not just get all the parts and build a car. This way you will save a lot of space in the waste bin.

    FredricFFredricF4 månader sedan
  • Pulls on a tripod joint. "Hey it dislocated just from pulling on it!" Facedesk.

    Friend of the One-Eyed LadiesFriend of the One-Eyed Ladies4 månader sedan
  • Frickin donnie is RTB!

    Daniel WardDaniel Ward4 månader sedan
  • I have never really done anything to any cars other than doing oil and the basics. My turbo in my 2010 mini cooper s (I know not american but California doesn't like cars) went out and I had two options. pay 1300$ or 600$ and do it myself. I am now running my car after a month of not using it for the first with confidence that the car is working properly now. I had my uncle who works on euro cars take a look at it and said go for a test drive and see how it is. stressful times, but you guys gave me confidence that I can fix my car with the get her done mentality and it has helped me a lot.

    MrPharmacyManMrPharmacyMan4 månader sedan
  • Feel all tingly inside every time I see Donnies crunched hood❤

    Scott SavageScott Savage4 månader sedan
  • I hate to tell you this but that is not really a real drift cage. Thata a drag cage. I already saw the LS fest vids and I'm surprised they let you run tandems with that. Most pro am go by real close to FD pro 2 specs. Dual door bars either parralel or X bar. Halo and a pillar bars also. That won't pass tech at any NJ event fir tandems or many I go to in PA MD WV NY. Just giving you the heads up! Rock on Donnie. But get that cage right.

    jason birchjason birch4 månader sedan
  • 9:27 - Nothing to see here, everyone just ignore the R33 in the background...

    DerMetzgerDerMetzger4 månader sedan

    ill96ill964 månader sedan
  • why not get an fd spec cage?

    Sam RippySam Rippy4 månader sedan
  • Who’s the CTSV3 for that’s always at the shop?

    Alex AcostaAlex Acosta4 månader sedan
  • I don't get the drive train geometry, how is there no drive shaft?

    Billy O'ConnorBilly O'Connor4 månader sedan
    • There is a drive shaft between the flywheel/clutch and the transmission. (Inside what's called a torque tube) Here's a cutaway of a C6 Corvette chassis:

      Flat4Buggy 2Flat4Buggy 24 månader sedan
  • 9:17 Fire and Rescue boat? Looks like Cleetus spoiled the jet boat... Why else would there be a fire rescue boat at the shop?

    Rhett KrecicRhett Krecic4 månader sedan
  • George from MGW FTW!

    Austin MaynardAustin Maynard4 månader sedan
  • Fasterproms Landscaping...........epic!

    Cj RiderCj Rider4 månader sedan
  • Pricing??

    jon larsenjon larsen4 månader sedan
  • These guys are definitely capable of the world record fastest c5 transmission swap

    Will SchnakenbergWill Schnakenberg4 månader sedan
  • 2.25 million subscribers . He’ll yeah brother

    forrester paigeforrester paige4 månader sedan
  • You guys really need to clean that shop!!!

    Jean-FrancoisJean-Francois4 månader sedan
  • Hell Yeah Brother!! 🤘🏼🤘🏼 I mostly like drifting, but I do like drag racing. Drag racing is what brought me to this channel and Cleetus and the guys are what made me stay. Now you guys have drifting on the channel as well. It's the best of both worlds for me.

    Big D FitnessBig D Fitness4 månader sedan
  • The supras and r33? 9:29

    Dominick PickettDominick Pickett4 månader sedan
  • Anyone else see the giant hovercraft/boat thing at @9:16

    92w250rebuild92w250rebuild4 månader sedan
  • Did you buy yet another air boat cleet. Lol

    Jeremy GrayJeremy Gray4 månader sedan
  • Friendly advice: When plugging companies like RPM, get a nice 2 second full screen of their logo ; )

    socaliguy81socaliguy814 månader sedan
  • Ol cleet riding james HARD lately! Lmao

    blawsonblblawsonbl4 månader sedan
  • Thats a pretty big hoverboat you have yourself there cleeter :P @ 9:17

    Cory LoyerCory Loyer4 månader sedan
  • For the real german deal it needs to say schyster

    Jasper VanwijkJasper Vanwijk4 månader sedan
  • Just seen ruby and the dale truck fixing to go through Little Rock AR

    kenro rollinkenro rollin4 månader sedan
  • 19 seconds in... is that some new artwork on Leroy's cage?

    Lyndon WortleyLyndon Wortley4 månader sedan
  • Wouldn’t a c6 ZR1 diff work better in Donnie than a c5? We all know how many c5 diffs Leroy went through.

    Erik KarlonasErik Karlonas4 månader sedan
  • Why are you spending stupid money on all these rubbish cars, its a drift car! its not your forte drag racing is, spend the money on leroy aerodynamics or stronger components for that car.

    Jason SwiftJason Swift4 månader sedan
  • What was the fire rescue air boat in the driveway Cleetus?

    Reece LinesReece Lines4 månader sedan
  • Smells like??? ......FREEDOM 🦅 all my cars have that smell of hp lol

    Barb StefanikBarb Stefanik4 månader sedan
  • How long until someone rolls the forklift?

    DugefrshautomotiveDugefrshautomotive4 månader sedan
  • Changed the gearbox but not the clutch? 🤦‍♂️ 😅

    Simon SaysSimon Says4 månader sedan
  • If yall still got the supercharger and adapter from Leroys original build you should put it on Donnie.

    Jacob SimsJacob Sims4 månader sedan
  • Is that a supra!?

    vpvp4 månader sedan
  • Can someone elaborate on the stages of "built"?

    Luna KatLuna Kat4 månader sedan
  • Hand grease you say James?! I'm not gonna ask where you use hand grease at,but I can use my imagination! LOL 😁

    Pitmaster4LyfePitmaster4Lyfe4 månader sedan
  • “Predirty... before it even gets installed.”

    The Angry Italian Scotty Piffin1The Angry Italian Scotty Piffin14 månader sedan
  • Coop immediately grabbing the trans out of reaction to make sure James didn’t let it fall ! Awesome alertness

    The Angry Italian Scotty Piffin1The Angry Italian Scotty Piffin14 månader sedan

    The Angry Italian Scotty Piffin1The Angry Italian Scotty Piffin14 månader sedan
  • For the month of October can you please do Dracula voices?! LOL seriously though.

    Chuck DenhamChuck Denham4 månader sedan
  • Turbo it and add fat rear tires

    Elias KanohoElias Kanoho4 månader sedan
  • It took me a few minutes to uderatand the fasterproms landscaping banner lol

    Cyril PerryCyril Perry4 månader sedan
  • Thank you cleetus. You make my day

    Brian BeilmannBrian Beilmann4 månader sedan
  • Cleetus sweatin boy.

    JakeJake4 månader sedan
  • I remember Donny was going to be sold, now you're putting a trans in it. What did I miss?

    pizzamon 79pizzamon 794 månader sedan
  • He named the car donnie a nickname for mr donald trump. Love you garret

    XxmrsnipesxXXxmrsnipesxX4 månader sedan
    • Or any donald but

      XxmrsnipesxXXxmrsnipesxX4 månader sedan
  • Do you think the wheel impact when drifting cracked the trans/diff then the continued use finally broke the input shaft?

    young11984young119844 månader sedan
  • When u say do it for dale don’t mean dale earnhart

    Elin TrinidadElin Trinidad4 månader sedan
  • Donnie gets a built transmission, and an 80% burnt up clutch! Haha. Only kidding guys, great stuff as usual.

    Spac8Spac84 månader sedan
  • Six tyres in Jeremy’s Holden. It could also fit many cases of beer

    pelicansincorporatedpelicansincorporated4 månader sedan
  • Is that a supra ???

    JasonJason4 månader sedan
  • Just be careful on those bank transitions at the track when you're drifting - they are going to continue to beat on the trans/diff/axle setup, no matter how beefy, when hitting them sideways at speed. When watching the last video, you can literally see when it blows, going from the low track to the banked outer track while sliding sideways.

    L TL T4 månader sedan
  • Anyone else see the massive fire company airboat?

    Casey DrachCasey Drach4 månader sedan
  • LMAO jeremy's sticker on the caprice 🤣🤣

    based_willbased_will4 månader sedan
  • 9:16 now Garret has a fire fan boat lol

    Made YouLookMade YouLook4 månader sedan
  • Garrett you're a college educated guy you should know that the term shyster is as anti-semitic As It Gets. Why not just start wearing brown shirts and putting swastikas on the side of your cars.

    CRUD VADERCRUD VADER4 månader sedan
  • What was James “double tapping”?

    Caleb DornCaleb Dorn4 månader sedan
  • Fasterproms landscaping. Bahahahaha

    WesWes4 månader sedan
  • Anyone gonna talk about the hover craft @ 9:15

    Logan RamosLogan Ramos4 månader sedan
  • I got an MGW in my blue Donnie as well. Love it. Feel like I’ve got a bit of a Leroy experience every time I drive it. 🇺🇸🤘🏻🦅

    Bayer-Z28Bayer-Z284 månader sedan
  • Dude. Ben is awesome!, def a badass guy to have around! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅🤘🏻🇺🇸🤘🏻

    Bayer-Z28Bayer-Z284 månader sedan
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    Big RedBig Red4 månader sedan
  • Are we gonna just ignore the fact that 9:29 is an epic garage. Multiple Supra's, an R33, and a 240sx.

    Michael SeidenMichael Seiden4 månader sedan
  • Was that a new boat they drove by?

    Pops SmithPops Smith4 månader sedan
  • @ 9:15 Notice the giant boat.

    Loudvic_281Loudvic_2814 månader sedan
  • It's not Shyster, It's called Hyster Meister :)

    TheBazzterd U'r Average GamerTheBazzterd U'r Average Gamer4 månader sedan
  • YEE! YEE!

    stevengary1989stevengary19894 månader sedan
  • Really wondering if what started that break was getting the wheel tap from t.r. I mean if he hit it hard enough to bend his wheel what else could it have broke

    Backwoods Legends PhotographyBackwoods Legends Photography4 månader sedan
  • Why the political ads?

    Keaton MartinKeaton Martin4 månader sedan
  • Lmao, I love how at the end in the background the smart car is parked on top of Jeremy's truck, that man will need to use a can opener to get in.... lol , good luck fella's keep it up..

    Jason LanningJason Lanning4 månader sedan